25 Romantic Names From The Mediterranean All Moms Instantly Love

The Mediterranean is made up of many different countries and cultures, each with more charm and beauty than the last. Its history extends thousands of years and it has been the cradle of western civilization. Millions have travelled the sea's waters which has inspired countless works of art and literature.

When a woman first gets pregnant she has a long nine months of choosing a name. That is, if she hasn't been dreaming of one already. There are so many beautiful names to choose from that no matter her heritage, culture, or family background, there will be that one name that just clicks. Right then and there she'll decide, “ This is the name,” and it just flows perfectly. It sounds quite simple, but she is in fact picking a name that will be with the child for the rest of their life. Thankfully there are books and websites where she can look for names until she finds “the one” that gives her the option to see the meaning and origin of the name. Here are some really beautiful names for all moms and dads out there looking for a beautifully flowing and sophisticated name from the mediterranean.

25 Callista

Callista is a name that originates from Roman mythology and it means “she is the most beautiful”, it is perfect for a little princess awaiting her new, unique name.

The name originally derived from a partner of the Greek god Zeus, Callisto, a huntress from the myth of Callisto.

The fourth Galilean moon of Juiter (Zeus) was also named after the nymph Callisto. It can also be linked as the Latin word for two different flower genus', heather and orchids. These two flowers are equally beautiful and delicate, just like the meaning of the name Callista. According to babycenter.com it is ranked number 2,238 on the list of most popular girls names for 2018. It reached its peak, in 1999, of 77 babies with the name for every 1,000,000 babies born. Callista is a name that radiates sophistication. It's three syllables are rhythmical, poetic, and romantic.vAs for pairing it with a suitable middle name, it would go best with a one syllable middle name so that it doesn't take the attention off of the most beautiful name, Callista. It can be used as both a first name and middle name. Calli is a commonly nickname used to shorten the name.

24 Philippa


The perfect name for anyone with a love for horses and the intention of encouraging their child to join in on horseback riding later on in life, the meaning of Philippa is “friend of horses” or “lover of horses”. The name Philippa is made up of the two greek words, “philein” and “hippos” which mean “to love” and “horse”.

Alexander the Great’s father was an ancient Greek king whose name was Philip II of Macedon and also a horse lover who inspired the name Philippa.

It was ranked number 2,547 on the list of popular names for 2018 and in 1995 it reached a high of 68 babies per million. Pippa, Pippy, and Pip are common nicknames used to shorten the name Philippa. The name was brought back into popularity in 2011, as the Duchess of Cambridge's sister Philippa became a topic of discussion after the royal wedding. Other notable people with this three syllable name are Saint Philippa, a 3rd century saint and martyr, Philippa of England and Queen of Sweden, Denmark, and Norway in 1406 to 1430, and Philippa Gregory, the well known author of the book "The Other Boleyn Girl" and "The White Queen" a book that was adapted by BBC One into a television series in 2013.

23 Zafer

Turkey, another country located in the mediterranean filled with culture and vibrant colors, has a long list of names that flow off the tongue melodically.

Zafer, the Turkish form of Zafar, meaning “victorious” or “victor”, in particular is a strong, sophisticated name for a baby boy.

The word victorious means triumphant or having won a victory.   It has Turkish and Arabic origins and is rated 93 out of the top 100 popular Turkish names. On August 30th, Zafer Bayramlar, is a national holiday in the country of Turkey. It is a day of commemoration of the victory and the end of the Turkish War of Independence in 1922. Just as the given name Zafer, the word Zafer from the national holiday means victory. Zafer has two syllables and would best be paired with a one syllable middle name to ensure that the name flows silkily. Inspire your child to aspire to be great, strong, and successful by picking this name that will set them apart from all others. A name beginning with Z is original enough on its own, but the name Zafer specifically will definitely make them stand out because so few people have heard of it before.

22 Daliah

In Hebrew Dahlia means “flowering branch”, it’s not exactly something that you would want to name your child after, but thankfully the alternative meaning in Israeli is “the gentle one”. However, the meaning "flowering branch" is a sign of new life.

This name sounds of grace and poise, characteristics you would want to teach your child.

"Dahlia" written by Barbara McClintock, is the name of a children's book, written about a little girl who receives a new, Victorian doll dressed in the finest lace and silk, named Dahlia, from her aunt. The little girl, Charlotte, is not the typical Edwardian little girl and enjoys climbing trees and playing in the mud, a tomboy. Much to her surprise Dahlia enjoys it too. The doll in the book is a juxtaposition of the actual meaning of her name and is a great story to save for when your little doll is all grown up. In addition, the name Dahlia is also a particularly beautiful flower that is named after the Swedish botanist, Anders Dahl and it is often referred to as a valley flower as "Dal" translates into valley in Swedish. Additionally, the Dahlia flower is the national flower of Mexico. There are several ways to spell Dahlia including Dalia and Daliya.

21 Mara

When you look at your own child’s face for the first time and even before you meet them, you know they will be the most beautiful human that you have ever seen.

The name Mara originates from the greek language, meaning “eternally beautiful”.

How perfect, a name to express how you feel about your child that has a unique flair to it. Mara is a feminine name that is used as a given name throughout the world. Since the late 1800s the name has had its fair share of popularity and in the United Kingdom, Mara, is a relatively common name according to babyndb.co.uk. Mara is often used as a nickname derived from the name Margaret. The name has been given to many notable people including Mara Gaye, a former Rockette at the Radio City Hall in New York City during the 1940s through the 1960s, Rooney Mara, a well known American actress, and the famous Bulgarian revolutionary, Mara Buneva, know as a heroine for the assassination of the Serbian official Velimir Prelić during the 20th Century. It's also a more modern-sounding, unique take on the traditional name Mary. So for parents who want a classic, timeless sound but not a name they've heard over and over, this is perfect.

20 Massimo

Massimo is another form of the name Maximus, an Italian, Latin name for males. The meaning of Massimo is “most excellent” or “the greatest”. I find that this is very fitting for a child to grow into. In 2015, it ranked very highly at number 74 for the top 100 baby names for Italy.

The name Massimo dates back to the middle ages as it was the last name of an aristocratic, noble family who had a large influence on the politics, church, the city, and they were celebrated patrons of the arts.

They encouraged and kept German printers safe as they printed the first books in Italy at the Massimo Palace. You could say that this name is quite sophisticated and has a long history of great people. More notable people with the name Massimo include; Massimo Ambrosini, a former soccer star in Italy, Massimo Stanzione, a notable Italian boroque painter during the Renaissance time period, Massimo Bottura, a reknown chef featured on the the Netflix series "Chef's Table" and artist who mixes his love for food and art. An alternative nickname for Massimo is Mimo, a cute shortened name for your little bundle of joy and new little bambino.

19 Safiya

A name fit for a sweet little girl, Safiya, meaning “one who is pure” is of Arabic/Egyptian origin. The definition of the word pure, according to Dictionary.com, means "free from anything of a different, inferior, or contaminating kind". You would literally be setting your child a part from all other children and gifting them with a name that is the definition of special. It made an appearance during the medieval times, spelt differently as Safiyya, was the name of one of the wives of the prophet Mohammed in the Islamic religion.

During the late 1800s to mid 1900s it was the name of a political activist and daughter of a former Prime Minister in Egypt.

If any of you readers are a fan of youtube, there is also a youtube content creator and former buzzfeed employee named Safiya Nygaard. I have always found her name very interesting and beautiful, as well as her nickname “Saf” and it can also be shortened to “Safi”. In 1992, it was at its most popular with 102 babies named Safiya per 1,000,000 babies born, according to babycenter.com. There are many alternative spellings of the name Safiya, for example Saffiyah, Safiyyah, and Safya. With all of the different ways that you could spell the name, the meaning stays the same.

18 Bast

Bast originates from Egyptian mythology, as there was a goddess of fertility, cats, and the sun with the name Bast, she was frequently portrayed as a lioness or house cat and protector of the Nile Delta, as well as many other things.

In Egyptian it means “fire, heat” and “ointment jar”, two very different meanings. Fire and heat are both fierce and beautiful, which makes for a strong name. In Greek mythology fire was given to mankind by Prometheus, in this instance fire means knowledge and opportunity. The opportunity being protection, light, the ability to cook, and create. Fire also represents light which has been illuminating our world for thousands of years. Both fire and heat can not only be beautiful, but also dangerous and destructive. However, when you choose to name your child it is to be assumed that you are naming them after the positive connotation of the name. In modern day Bast is a distinctive gender neutral name which is ideal for a first or middle name and it flows beautifully with a two, three, and even four syllable middle name. The one syllable name is seriously sophisticated and would fit any deserving baby girl or baby boy. There is little to no information on the popularity of the name in 2018. Your child will surely be the only one with the name "Bast" in his class, if not the whole school, that is way better then blending in anyways.

17 Franciscus

This strongly masculine name originated from the late Roman times, it is the original form of the name Francis (French) and Franco (Italian). This name emulates authoritarian and patriarchal vibes, which are two strong qualities you’d want to have in the male line of the family and to carry on to their kin. During the Middle Ages, in Latin the name Franciscus was a common sobriquet for “Frenchman” or “the Frank”.

This was popularized during the 13th century, when naming your child after a saint was a custom, by Saint Francis of Assisi who was dubbed Francisco by his father during childhood.

The direct meaning in French is “free man” or “Frenchman”. Franciscus Sylvius, a noteworthy German scientist during the 1600s, and Franciscus Xaverius know as Saint Francis Xavier, a Roman Catholic Saint beatified in 1916 are both well known people that carried the name Franciscus. Frans, Franco, and Francis are names that have been repeatedly used to shorten the name since it was first used. This name is old and classic, with many potential nicknames, and has already proven that it will never go out of style. Even parents who aren't part of the Franciscan religion, or from San Francisco, this name still carries special significance and an ancient, sophisticated air.

16 Valentina

Valentina is the female version of Valentine, derived from the Roman name Valentinus, which is originated from the Latin word “valens”. In English this translates into strong and vigorous. It is a very popularized name throughout the world, and it is even topping the charts in Italy for baby names at number 18. It is a four syllable name that is destined to be given to a new little lady who is strong and vigorous like the name suggests.

This name not only sounds poetic and romantic but it was also familiarized by the well known Saint Valentine (the inspirer of Valentine’s Day), an advocate for love, happy marriages, and the youth.

The actress Salma Hayek named her daughter Valentina in 2007 resulting in a wave of popularity throughout the United States of America. Other famous bearers of the name are Valentina Tereshkova, the first woman to visit Space in the 1960s, Valentina Nicholaevna Sanina Schlee, also known as "Valentina" was a famous fashion designer and costume designer who dressed some of the most famous actresses of her time from 1928 until the late 1950s, and Valentina Stepanova, one of the first female pilots for the Soviet Union and awarded Hero of the Soviet Union and Hero of the Socialist Labor.

15 Vincenzo

Both in Latin and Italian, the masculine name Vincenzo means “prevailing” and it is the Italian form of the name Vincent, a very popular name in Sweden and other Nordic countries.

According to Dictionary.com, one of the definitions of the word prevailing is "having superior influence or power", this definitely sounds like a promising future you would want your child to have bestowed upon them. It also sets a standard for your child to literally live up to their name. Vincenzo has been used in Italy since the Renaissance and even ranked in 1427 at number 145. It is a strong name with a long lineage of notable people who have prevailed throughout history, including Vincenzo Galilei (the father of the well known astronomer Galileo during the 16th century), Vincenzo Bellini (an italian opera composer during the early 19th century), if you follow the series "It's Alive" on youtube, then you would have heard Brad (the bon apetit kitchen manager) mention his camra man Vinny or Vincenzo many times, and Vincenzo Cuccia (an olympic gold and bronze medal winner in 1924 ). Alternatively, nicknames for the name Vincenzo are Vinny, Vince, Vinnie, Enzo, and Chenzo. No matter how you say "Vincenzo" it sounds like a melody.

14 Franco

Franco, meaning “Frank” or “free”, a nickname for Francis, is popularly used in the Spanish and Italian speaking countries surrounding the Mediterranean. This is an under-rated, melodic name that is most present in Italy.

The root name Francis is a popular religious name and has a similar history to the name Franciscus. All roots of this name link back to the same time period and the same person, Saint Francis of Assisi. He first made the name popular when it was desirable to name your children after saints. There is a very long list of notable people with the name Francis including kings of France during the late 1400s through the late 1500s, as well as prince Francis Joseph of Braganza, the air of the throne in Portugal during 1878, the current Pope of 2018, Pope Francis who was born in 1936, and the list goes on. There is so much might and sophistication behind the name due to the vast amount of royal and notable people who have had this name gifted to them. It was made undesirable in 1939 due to the Spanish dictator, Francisco Franco. It is mostly seen as a surname but it is not uncommonly used as a first name. According to nameberry.com it ranks at 728 in the United States in 2017. The perfect fit for a little bambino to be.

13 Lola

Lola, meaning “sorrows”, originates from the Spanish name Dolores, one of the many nicknames given to the Virgin Mary and popular the devout Catholics all over the world. The Virgin Mary is know as Our Lady of Sorrows due to the seven sorrows that were foretold to her before the events actually happened. Each "sorrow" represents a sword, usually depicted in a illustration of Mary with her heart in front of her and seven swords  piercing through.

Even though it doesn’t have the best name meaning, it is an internationally popular name for females with many references throughout the arts.

“Whatever Lola wants, Lola gets” a song from the musical Damn Yankees, “Lola” by the Kinks, and Lola Montez, a famous 19th Century actress and Spanish dancer. Chris Rock, Kelly Ripa, Charlie Sheen, Annie Lennox, Denise Richards, and Carnie Wilson, to name a few, are all proud parents to daughters with the name Lola. The most common nickname for Lola is Lolita, which is often associated with the book, “Lolita” written by Vladamir Nobokov. It ranked at 237 for most popular name in The United States in 2018 and reaching its peak in 1904 with 2,266 babies per million babies born.

12 Noor


The name Noor translated into Arabic, meaning “light”.

It is a gender neutral name used all over the world and is popular in Arabic-speaking countries.

Many things that are connected with light are fire, the sun, and heat. Light is a necessary thing that helps us find our way in the dark or to give us protection. Fire represents beauty, the beauty we see from the light coming off of it. The sun literally brightens our day and helps us transition from the night into day. Heat is usually a bi-product of light from the sun and the warmth from fire, the beautiful flames devouring the wood into nothing but ash. Light represents strength, power, and security.  The meaning is truly beautiful because when you have a child, they are in fact a light in your life, brightening your morning with their smile, and warming you with their touch. There are several meanings for this name, so be sure to do your research and choose the right one for you. Nor, Noor, Nur, and Nour are all different ways to spell this name. Its intense meanings and the fact that it's a striking, one-syllable name make it a modern classic.

11 Apollo

The greek meaning of Apollo is “manly” and it originates from Greek Mythology. Accoriding to Dictionary.com the word Apollo means "a strikingly handsome youth", it is additionally a classification of a beautiful European/Asian mountain butterfly, Parnassius apollo.

Apollo, the god of music, art, plague, poetry, archery, sun, oracles, light, and knowledge, was the name of one of the many gods that lived on Mount Olympus according to ancient Greek religion.

You might also recognize the name Apollo from the first successful manned space mission in 1968 on the spaceship “Apollo 5”. This name is every father's wish upon his son, to be manly. He will have may years to fill out his name meaning but in the mean time it is a sweet and sophisticated name for your little guy. It's a powerful name with an intense history but also a modern significance, due to its relevance to space exploration. The Apollo 11 was the first to bring humans to the moon, when Neil Armstrong made his historic walk. This is an especially great name because everyone who hears or sees this name will instantly know how to write and pronounce it, and will automatically think of strength, intelligence, and legendary feats.

10 Iliana

Ranking in the top 1,000 names in America since 1989, Iliana is derived from the word “Illium” the poetic name given to the city Troy and it also means “bright” in Greek.

The word bright is often associated with the sun and fire due to the light that the project onto us. We have relied on fire and the sun for light and a feeling of protection for a very long time. In some ways the meaning of the name offers a feeling of protection. The four syllables that are found in the name project sheer sophistication and glorious vibes. Bright can also mean smart or intelligent depending on the way that you analyze the word. This feminine given name has a few different variations of spellings such as Ileana and Ilieana. These are all the feminine forms of the masculine name Elijah. The name Elijah is a biblical name and in Hebrew it means "my God is Yaweh". The man in the bible, Elijah, was said to have been carried away in a flaming chariot, which is where the word "bright" comes into play. Well known people with the name Iliana are Iliana Ivanova, a Bulgarian economist and politician, Iliana Nikolova, a 1970s Bulgarian sprint competitor for the Olympics, and Iliana Biridakis, an Olympic archer from Jordan in 1988.

9 Lorenzo

An interesting fact about the name Lorenzo is that it is known to have originated in an ancient Roman city called Laurentum which stems from the latin word “laurus”. The actual meaning of the name is “crowned with laurels”.

Laurels or “laurus” are a type of flower that represent wisdom and achievement. In ancient Roman times a crown of laurels was given to people who were truly remarkable in their attainment of goals and knowledge. So you are essentially crowning your child with high hopes and dreams of achievement for their future. Enzo, Renzo, and Ren are shortened versions of the name that can be used. It is easily pronounced, even to a person who speaks a foreign language. It is also the sophisticated, Italian form of the English name Lawrence. One of the first well known "Lorenzos" is Lorenzo de' Medici, the Duke of Urbino and ruler of Florence during the middle ages. He was also known as Lorenzo the Magnificent. Another notable person named Lorenzo is Lorenzo Da Ponte, a celebrated opera librettist who wrote three of Motzart's most celebrated Operas Don Giovanni, The marriage of Figaro, and Cosi fan tutte. These two men are great examples of wisdom and achievement and people that your little one can be proud to share a name with.

8 Pia

“Pious”, “devout”, “prayerful”, and in Latin “from Mount Olympus” are just some of the meanings of Pia.

Pious directly translates to religious which is very similar to the other meanings that the name holds. Not only is it a given name, it is a common second name as well and in Italy it is associated with the devout Catholic believers and reached its peak in 1971 . It is owned by many notable people including Pia Mia (Pop Singer), Maria Pia of Savoy Queen of Portugal, Princess Maria Pia of Bourbon-Two Sicilies during the 1800s, and so many more. You could say it’s a name fit for a queen or a little princess. It is still widely used throughout the world today, but still considered unique as it is not highly ranked. According to babynamescience.com, the name was given to 1 in every 22,082 babies in 2012. It is a two syllable name with poetic vibes that flows nicely with almost any middle name ending with the letter "a". It's a short, simple to spell name that is instantly striking and memorable to anyone who meets its bearer. Such an ancient name has power that will hopefully bring luck to mom and dad's little girl.

7 Giuseppe

The Italian version of the name Joseph is Giuseppe.

It is a favoured name in Italy for males and according to behindthename.com it was given to 1.4 percent of the newborns in Italy. It is also considered to be a religious name, translated into Hebrew it means “he will add”, Joseph was also the name of Jesus’s adoptive father. As you may have noticed, a lot of the names from Italy have survived through the ages due to the strong religious views in “the Boot”. Typical epithets for Giuseppe are Peppi and Pepino. There are many notable Giuseppe's throughout history, the famous baseball player Joe DiMaggio (born Giuseppe Paolo DiMaggio), Giuseppe Garibaldi (one of the men who lead the Unification of Italy in the 19th century), and Giuseppe “Peppino” Meazza, a famous soccer player during the 1930s. It's an exotic, mediterranean twist on the extremely traditional and simple name Joseph. So, like Mara, it's perfect for parents who want to embrace tradition with a classic name that everyone knows, but also want their little one's name to make a mark in the memory of anyone who meets them. Mara and Giuseppe naturally go together, and would be the perfect pair of names for siblings of any family who wants to honor tradition.

6 Constanza

The Italian and Spanish meanings of the name Constanza are relatively similar.

In Spanish it means “constant” and in Italian it means “steadfast” and “constancy”. It has a similar meaning in Latin, "constant". The definition of the word steadfast is resolutely or dutifully firm and unwavering.

It is the feminine form of the name Constantine. The name Constanza's three syllables make the name poetic and somewhat romantic, which is seen often with Italian and Spanish names. Constanza has many different spellings and epithets. Other spelling options include Constansa, Constance, Constanzia, and Konstanza. Commonly used epithets for the name Constanza are Connie, Coco, and Stanza. In the Dominican Republic there is actually a city named Constanza, it is located in the beautiful Caribbean ocean. A great trip to take your child on when they get older, if you decide to name them after the beautiful Caribbean town. Constanza was also the name of the famous Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's wife, Constanza Mozart. This name is sophisticated, beautiful, and radiant and It can be used both as a given name and middle name. Your little bundle will be able to grow into her name, but until then you can most definitely use one of the short and sweet nicknames mentioned above.

5 Romeo

The most well known Romeo that you may have heard of is from the famous play written by Shakespeare, “Romeo and Juliet”, which actually takes place in Verona, Italy during the Renaissance.

Romeo, from the play "Romeo and Juliet", was one of the star crossed lovers who ended up taking a poison because he believed the love of his life, Juliet, to be gone forever. The origin of the name comes from Italian and means “pilgrim to Rome”, it also has a similar meaning in Latin, “of the Romas”. The name was originally used to describe a certain type of people coming from Rome. David Beckham and Victoria Beckham popularized the name in 2002 when their second son was born. As of 2018 it is currently ranked at number 324 according to babycenter.com. It's one of few names in the world that have instant meaning to anyone who hears it. It automatically conjures up thoughts of romance, love, and youthful passion. In fact, it's even a noun or title on its own. It's used as a synonym for someone who easily charms women, which is why it can be the perfect name for a young man.

4 Zayn

The name Zayn is of Arabic and Hebrew origin and means “beauty” or “grace”, the exact thought that comes into mind when you look at your new child.

The definition of beauty is "a particularly graceful, ornamental, or excellent quality" which is quality that you gift your child when you use this name. There are a few other spelling alternatives for the Zayn such as Zain, Zane, and Zayne. According to Ohbabynames.com they all have the same meaning and are all derivatives from the seventh letter in the Hebrew alphabet, later taken by the Greeks to form their own letter (Zeta or Z). A notable person holding this name is Zayn Malik from the band One Direction and in 2016 it was one of the fastest rising names on the list of popular names. As of 2017 it sits at 341 on nameberry.com’s list of popular names. It's such a short name, with only one syllable, but it has a ton of personality and will set a baby off to the best possible start in life. Despite all its personality, the name Zayn is not wacky or silly. It's still sophisticated and cultured, and one of the most popular names of this list.

3 Amar

This gender-neutral name, deriving from Arabic, is one worth living for, as its meaning suggests, “immortal” or “forever”.

The alternative spelling for the name Amar is also Ammar. There is no difference in the definition of the name. According to Dictionary.com there are a few different definitions for the word immortal one of them is "remembered or celebrated through all time" and another one is "imperishable and everlasting".  Its popularity is not very present and it does not currently rank in the top 1,000 most favored names. However, it does have charm and the meaning is beautiful, as any parent would want their legacy to live on forever. With only four letters and two syllables it's a short name with a lot of punch and history. Since the meanings are "immortal" and "forever", children named Amar could have great memories and interests in history and the past. Interests like that are important for a child to be sophisticated and cultured, which an Amar is sure to be. Not only that, but they would certainly stand out among their classmates because there's no way that their school will be overwhelmed with kids named Amar, unlike some other names that have all become popular at the same time.

2 Lina

In Greece the name Lina means “olive crown” which was the wreath used to crown the victor and conqueror. It is the feminine form of the name Linas, a common name used in Lithuania for little boys, and Linus.

There are many meanings for the name Lina and it's popularity has been present in countries like Germany, Sweden, Russia, Estonia, Latvia, and it has roots in China and France.

In Chinese, broken down, it means "pretty and elegant". In Arabic it refers to a young palm and the direct meaning is “tender” or “tenderness”. When you hold your sweet little Lina your heart will most likely be tender and filled with love. Lina is also used as a shortened name for feminine names ending in “l-i-n-a” for example Carolina and Paulina. It is used widely throughout Germany, as there are many names ending in "l-i-n-a".  Lina Tsaldari (a greek politician and the first female prime minister in 1952) and Lina Marengo (an Italian actress from 1938-1943) are just a few of many well known people to behold the name. In the book "The City of Ember" , one of the main characters is called Lina Mayfleet. She is adventurous and courageous in leading the entire city to safety by finding a way out of their underground world. It has a spot at 498 on the babycenter.com most popular name chart.

1 Asher

Happy and blessed are the feelings of holding your new, sweet addition to the family. The name Asher is a hebrew name that means “blessed” or “happy” and is the son of Jacob in the Bible.

As the name is biblical, it is very popular with the Jewish and Christian communities as a middle name and as a given name.

In the Torah, the Hebrew bible, the name Asher is thought to be derived from the words "osher" and "beoshri" which translates to "in my good fortune". From the early 2000s until 2018 the name Asher has shot up to one of the most favored names in the States. It is ranked highly at 44 and as of 2018 there have been 3,030 babes per million born with the name. It is such a beautiful name and great first present to give your child on their day of birth. One of the more known people to have this name is an American rapper, Asher Roth, best known for his song "I Love College" released in 2009. A common name used to shorten the name Asher is Ash which is easily pronounced and equally sophisticated.

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