25 Rugged Boy Names That Are Actually Super Cute

When a mama finds out she is pregnant she may already have that perfect name picked out. Some mamas on the other hand are stuck on a name and search baby books and ask their mom friends for some advice. We think rugged baby boy names are extra cute, manly and perfect for a soon-to-be baby boy. We compiled a list of 25 rugged boy names that all moms expecting a little boy with just adore. Some people go for the sweet names that make their kids sound like sweet little angels, but we think a rugged name is best for a little boy soon to be covered in dirt, playing rough and acting like a little boy. The names below are strong, manly, and perfect for a little boy that will turn into a man. These are names that will make everyone say, “why didn’t I think of that?!” We know picking a name can be rough, but we took all the stress away by narrowing it down to the names that are the best of the best. They say little boys are made of frogs’ snails and puppy-dogs’ tails. They love to rough and tumble and also act bad to the bone. Of course, these boys all have a sweet side, but we think giving a boy that will some day be a man a manly and strong name is crucial to help them shape their identity as a man. Some of these names have great meanings while others have awesome nick names. Which of these do you love the most?

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25 Ace

Ace is a name that we cannot resist. This is a bad to the bone name that has become noticed by the public more as Jessica Simpson named her son this cool name. Ace simply means unity and is at #268 in popularity. Although this name is not in the top 50, this is a name we guarantee will impress. This is a cool and creative name that will fit any boy. Ace would be the perfect name for any profession: an artist, an insurance broker, a doctor or even a professional athlete. The ace is the playing card with the highest face value, and that is a super cool coincidence. Your Ace could grow up to be a smarty-pants or a successful man. This rugged name may be short, but it packs a punch.

24 Damon

Damon means to tame and is a much edgier version of the name Damien. Many mama’s have loved the vampire Damon Salvatore in the famous show the “Vampire Diaries.” Damon is yet another name on this list that is not too popular at the moment. Damon has risen in popularity a bit since 2016 but is still pretty low at #471 in popularity. This can be a good thing for mama’s who want their handsome little man to have a name that not everyone in the classroom has. If you love the name Damon but want another option with spelling, Daymon is a really cool way to spell this already cool name. Damon is another name that is rugged yet oh-so adorable for your little boy.

23 Zane

The name Zane has bumped up in popularity quite a bit from 2016 leaving it at #156 in popularity as 2017 comes to a close. This name is one we guarantee will continue to climb up the charts. Zane is another manly man’s name that is super easy to pronounce with a ton of “tough guy” appeal behind it. Zane can also be spelled Zain or Zayne. This name means God is gracious, and could be a great fit for those mama’s looking for a rugged yet biblical name. Z names are hard to come by, although we all know of the popular name Zachary. This makes this name super cool and unique. Zane is a Hebrew name that has a hipster and celebrity like feel to it.

22 Hunter

If you are on the search for an outdoorsy name that is plan and simple- Hunter is a great option. This masculine name is very common and loved by man and currently is in the top 50 boy names for 2017. Maybe it is the masculinity of the name, or the way it rolls off the tongue so effortlessly, but this name is here to stay for a while. When we think of a boy with the name Hunter, we think of a born leader and someone who strives for greatness. The name Hunter means simply that, Hunter. This is a great option if you and your family are people who love the outdoors or if you just love a name that sounds rugged and tough.

21 Gage

If you like the simple one syllable names, Gage is a perfect fit. The meaning of Gage is oath, or pledge, and this may be perfect for your little guy who will be loyal to his family. We think of someone named Gage as being someone who is loyal to their word, confident, tough, and lovable. This name is not overly popular being well below the top 100 in popularity in the year 2017. Gage can also be spelled Gaige or Gauge- whichever you think fits your soon-to-be little man. We think the nickname Gager is the cutest for this little boy’s name. Gage is a manly man’s name with a lot of spunk behind it. Gage will be a great baby boys name and also a great teenager/adults name as he grows up.

20 Knox

The name Knox is a name of Old English origin and means from the hill top. Knox is a name that dates back to at least the thirteenth century, but has not been overly popular. Knox is a little below the top 200 popular baby boy names in 2017. When we think of the name Knox we think of a confident, cool, and tough (but oh so sweet) little boy. Knox is a name that goes well with most last names too. This can also be a great name for your little boy to carry on as a family name when he gets older. This edgy name has so much potential and we believe that this name will climb up the charts in no time when more people catch onto this super cool name.

19 Daxton


One of the many reasons we love the name Daxton is that it is super easy to pronounce. This is a name that rolls right off of the tongue. Daxton is a very edgy name with a rock star cool feel to it. Daxton is not an overly popular name being that it #344 in popularity. This name is currently the most popular in Ohio, but the least popular in Utah. Not only is Daxton a super cool name, we think the nick name Dax is just as cool. The name Daxton is a reference to a French town. Although the meaning is not super cool, the name makes up for it in coolness. Some great middle names for Daxton can be: Daxton Thomas, Daxton Anthony or even Daxton Reign.

18 Xander

This Greek name just screams rugged and irresistible. Xander (also spelled Zander) means defender of man, or warrior. This meaning is perfect for a little boy. This name is growing in popularity each year and currently as at #123 in popularity. A cool nickname for Xander is Xan and will be adorable yet very boyish for your future little boy. This name is very manly, and we picture this name perfect for a little boy who takes beef from no one. This is a great choice if you love the name Alexander, but that is too old fashion for your liking. This modern name is one that goes well with many middle names such as: Xander Riley, Xander Cade, Xander Joseph or even Xander James.

17 Ryker

Ryker is a great option if you or someone you know is looking for a baby boys name with personality. Ryker means strong power, or to become rich. Most parents want their children to become financially successful in their future, and this baby name could hopefully give their son a boost at becoming such. We picture someone named Ryker to be successful, intelligent and motivated. Ryker is name that grows great as a boy ages to a man. Ryker of course has the adorable nickname Ry. At the moment, Ryker is at #164 in popularity meaning that although it is not overly popular, it has a possibility to stay unique or work its way up. Ryker can also be spelled Riker depending on what you prefer.

16 Gunner

The name Gunner sounds super cool and the meaning behind it is even cooler. Gunner means either warrior or battle strong. This name is perfect for a future little boy who maybe has a desire to achieve power and status in the world. Celebs Heidi and Spencer Pratt recently had a little boy and named him Gunner, and we believe because of that this name will be on the rise. As of now, Gunner sits at #279 in popularity in the United States as of 2017. Gunner is super easy to pronounce and rolls off of the tongue. The name Gunner falls under several categories such as war hero names, occupational names, English names and cowboy names. We believe this name gives a little boy a good edge in life, and it is super cute!

15 Levi


The name Levi is currently #29 in popularity for 2017, which is a few spots higher than 2016. Levi is a name with Biblical routes and is of Hebrew origin. Levi means joined in harmony. Although this name has a sweet meaning, we think this name is rugged, wild-west like and super cool. This is a short and simple name that we think has a ton of personality and attitude behind it. This may be a trendy name, but this masculine and edgy sounding name is one that sticks around for a reason. Famous people such as Sheryl Crow have named their son Levi. We have all heard of Levi jeans, and for a fashion loving mama that make this name an even better choice.

14 Maximus

If you are on the lookout for a name that has the greatest meaning, where else to turn but the name Maximus, which actually means greatest. This name has a very strong and classic sound and meaning and would be perfect for any baby boy. This is another name that will grow with a little boy into a man. Maximus used to be a Latin title of honor given to successful military commanders. There is history behind this name that can add to how great your little boy will be. Many people have seen the movie Gladiator, where the character Maximus is a very powerful character in the film. The name Maximus will likely get shorted to Max by his peers, which is also a super cute and fun nick name.

13 Tate

The name Tate is short, manly, and perfect for a little rugged boy. Tate means cheerful, happy which is a great name meaning for any kiddo. Tate is currently not overly popular at #447 in popularity, but we believe this name will keep moving its way up. If you love one syllable names, Tate is a perfect choice. Tate is strong, unmistakable and super masculine. This name gives off hipster and modern vibes and may be perfect for a little boy who will be a bundle of energy someday. Some may have heard this name in the famous television series American Horror Story. Stuck on a middle name for Tate? Some ideas are: Tate Michael, Tate Gregory, Tate Carter or even Tate Oliver! Tate can also be spelled Tayte if you are looking for a different way to spell this cool name.

12 Axel

If Axel does not scream rugged and cool, we don’t know what does. Axel is a Hebrew name that means father of peace Axel is at #139 in popularity which is 42 spots higher than the previous year. This name is gaining some attention and we see why. We see a future Axel to be a hard worker who enjoys the simplicity in life. We also see an Axel to be someone who is confident and does not back down from anyone. This name has biblical ties and is just too darn cute to pass up. We think this little boy will have a rascally spirit but not too overly rebellious. Some think this has a heavy metal rock name sort of feel while others think this name has a tough guy vibe.

11 Aaron

Aaron is a name that means mountain of strength, exalted or high mountain. Aaron has biblical ties and has a ton of different ways to be spelled (such as Aaren, Arron, Aren, and Ayron to name a few.) Aaron is in the top 100 baby boy names and has continued to grow in popularity. Aaron means exalted and strong which are great characteristics for any boy growing into a man. This is an excellent name for a baby boy with such a strong manly feel and powerful meaning behind it. The singer Aaron Carter may come to mind when hearing this name or the television producer Aaron Spelling. Aaron goes well with many middle names such as: Aaron Lucas, Aaron Reid, Aaron Felix or even Aaron Joshua.

10 Talon

If you want a name for your sweet little boy that stands out and makes a bold statement, Talon is a great choice. This name is tough, tenacious, powerful and very manly. This is a name that is modern and not commonly used and is primarily a name used in the States. Talon means a large claw of a bird of prey. Talon is #999 in popularity in the year 2017, which makes it far from popular at the moment. Talon is a commonly used name in sci-fi and science fiction books. Alternate ways of spelled Talon are Tallon as well as Talan. This name is unique and has a very strong and masculine feel that will not blend into the crowd of the typical names. We picture a boy named Talon loving the outdoors and being a man with a tough attitude but a heart of gold.

9 Blake

Blake is a short but sweet name that is also rugged and manly at the same time. Blake is a uni-sex name, but when giving it to a boy it is a very tough and cool name. Blake is not too popular and is #135 in popularity in 2017. The name Blake means black, pale, white. This was originally a nickname for someone with hair or skin that was either very dark or very light. This name became popular in the 1980’s due the character Blake Carrington in the television series” Dynasty.” We picture a Blake as someone who will grow up to be very handsome with a heart of gold. This name will sound great being screamed by you across a soccer field or being called during their college graduation. This is a name that will fit any little boy.

8 Trevor

Trevor is a name that is not overly popular, but it is too darn cute to pass up. At #352 in popularity, Trevor is not a commonly used name. Trevor means a large farmstead or wise. This name is a transferred use of a Welsh surname. This name was much more popular in the 1990’s and slipped off of the top 100 list by 2004. We like the name Trevor due how cool it sounds. This is a simple yet sophisticated name that works great for any little boy. This is a strong male name that is far from boring or common. We think Trevor is the perfect name for your soon-to-be little boy if you like rugged, easy to pronounce, and cool names! Trevor makes us think of a handsome young man with a rebellious nature but is a big mama’s boy with a heart of gold.

7 Jeffrey

Jeffrey has many meanings such as peaceful gift in Anglo-Saxon, God's peace in American, divine peace in French and peaceful pledge or traveler in German. This is a name with many meanings depending where you are from and what your culture and background is. We love Jeffrey because it is a tough, masculine man's name that is super cute for a baby boy. We love the nicknames Jeff and Jeffy. Geffrey can also be spelled Jeffery or Geoffrey depending on your preference. This name is #479 in popularity and was much more popular in the 80’s and 90’s. This is a name that never seems to go away, and it is clear why. This name is sweet, rugged, and perfect for a baby boy.

6 Brock

Brock is a name that sounds tough, strong and super cool. When we picture a Brock, we picture someone who does not take being pushed around from anyone and who will be a leader. The name Brock simply means badger, which is not as cool of a meaning as many on this list, but it makes up for it in other ways. Currently Brock is #741 in popularity which means it is super rare. Those who are into YouTube may have heard of the popular ShayTards family who have a son named Brock. If you like a name with only one syllable, this is a great option. Brock sounds like a future football star or even leader of the debate club. This is a name that stands out and will make your little boy noticed.

5 Vincent

The name Vincent means conqueror or victor. This Latin name is #114 in popularity and is a name with history. Vincent has been a favorite of Roman Catholic families for a long time. We like Vincent because of the nickname Vinny. Vinny sounds like a macho man's name and is super cool and classic. This is a stylish name that we picture belonging to the class clown who everyone loves and adores. We think a little Vinny will be rugged, tough and at the same time full of love and respect for his parents. This is a name that will never go out of style. Vincent is a name that would flow nicely with any middle name such as: Vincent Anthony, Vincent Michael, Vincent Thomas or even Vincent Alexander.

4 Dustin

Dustin is a name that is perfect for a mama who loved rugged baby boy names. Not only does it mean a fighter, but it is a strong name that is perfect for a little boy growing into a man. This name has been around for a while and has fluctuated in popularity. Currently Dustin is at #584 on the popularity list. This name was much more popular in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s. This is not a new name, but it is one that never seems to go away. Dustin sounds very masculine, strong, and rugged. Dustin is also a very sophisticated name and the nickname Dusty is pretty cute for a little boy. This is a really cute boys name that is not as overused as the name Justin, so if you are looking for a name that ends in “ustin” but are fearful of the popularity of Justin, Dustin is a perfect fit.

3 Eli

Eli is #44 in popularity in 2017 and means my god or elevated. This is a biblical name that we think has a lot of spirit and personality behind it. Eli can be a shortened form of Elliot, Elias or even Elijah. When we think of an Eli we think of a rugged little boy with scraped knees and an attitude to go with it. Some may know the name Eli from the character Eli Goldsworthy from Degrassi. Eli is a name that can match the personality of any soon-to-be baby boy. Eli is a great name that grows with a child into a man. We picture an Eli to be anything he aspires- an actor, a scientist, a salesman or even an inventor. This is a perfect choice for any mama to pick for her baby boy, we don't think she will regret it.

2 Emmett

The name Emmett is a name that will give any little boy some edge and coolness. The name Emmett is #141 in popularity in 2017 which means the name is not overly popular if you enjoy more unique names. When you hear the name Emmett, you may think of the movie Twilight where there is a character named Emmett Cullen. Emmett means powerful, which is a perfect meaning if you are looking for a rugged and cool baby name. Maybe this little boy will live up to his name and become a great world leader some day or have powerful influences on those around him. Emmett is also a good name for someone who has a daughter named Emma or Emily. Emma and Emmett, how great does that sound together!

1 Andrew

Andrew means strong and manly and is a perfect name for your little one. This rugged boy name is a classic and is certainly not new on the charts. Drew or Andy are great nicknames for your little Andrew. Andrew is another rugged name that has biblical routes. Whether you are in the market for a biblical name, a name that stands the test of time, or a name that is manly and rugged- Andrew is just plain perfect. We love Andrew due to its ability to be cute yet manly at the same time. Andrew is also a name that goes well with many middle and last names as well. Some great middle name options for Andrew are: Andrew Thomas, Andrew Christopher, or even Andrew Ryan.

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