25 Russian Names That Are Insanely Cute

Most Eastern European names are easily distinguished thanks to their strength and different pronunciation compared to names from other origins. Russian names are simply unique and are full of substance. For many, these names cane seem a little too strong for a newborn, however there are many beautiful Russian names that are insanely cute. Many of them are hidden gems and below are 25 of the most beautiful Russian names that have cuteness overload and have also been under the radar.

The evolution of Russian names date back centuries. The most popular names came from saints which are known as ‘calendar names’. There are many other areas that Russian names originated from including Ancient Slavic, Old Russian, Soviet-era and names borrowed from other languages. Russian names are full of eclectic tones that are unique and easily identifiable to its origin. With so many wonderful names from this Eastern European country, there are many choices that should definitely be considered for a little boy or little girl. Standing out from the crowd in an English speaking country, these names will definitely turn heads for all the right reasons. The passion and unique tones cannot be underestimated from these beautiful Russian names.

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25 Sasha

Meaning ‘defender of mankind’, Sasha is diminutive of the name Alexander. Originally a nickname, it has found prominence as a stand alone name since the 20th century. Mainly used as a Russian masculine name, it has found popularity as a feminine name choice for girl’s in the English speaking world. Sasha is a name full of energetic tones which fills the room with radiance when said aloud. With its strong tones thanks to its meaning, it is a perfect name for any little boy or girl. Thanks to its characteristics, it is undeniably a cute name choice which should definitely be considered.

24 Tatiana

Deriving from the Latin name Tatius, this Russian beauty is a chic variation. Since it became a namesake within the third century, it has been used within Eastern Europe as a common feminine name choice. Also used within royalty, Tatiana was the name of the Grand Duchess Tatiana Romanova, the daughter of the last Tsar of Russia, Nicholas the Second. Along with it association with royalty and religious beliefs, Tatiana was also a loved name of Shakespeare, used within his play A Midsummer’s Night Dream. Used throughout history, this delicate name has all the right tones for any little girl, and this Russian beauty should not be underestimated.

23 Misha

To many people in the English speaking world, Misha may sound like a name preferential to a female. However, to many people’s surprise this is originally a male Russian name, which is known as a diminutive of the name Mikhail. A rare feminine name used in Eastern European, countries including America took a liking of Misha as a female choice thanks the television actress Mischa Barton. Although the spelling may be a little different, it has found relevance and popularity in the English speaking world. With its presence as a female name, Misha is still a very cute masculine name that should not be forgotten. If you are looking for a name with Eastern European flare, this is a lovely unisex name.

22 Irina

Pronounced ih-REEN-a, this is the Russian version of the well known English name Irene. With a lot of flare and exotic tones, this is a beautiful choice for anyone looking for a point of difference compared to the English version. Along with it’s beautiful meaning ‘peace’, this is a fitting feminine name that will be loved by many people when said aloud. With emphasis put on the second syllable, you cannot deny its Eastern European beauty that is undeniably a lovely name choice for any parent looking for a name with these characteristics. This is another Russian name that is insanely cute yet a hidden gem.

21 Mikhail


This Russian variation of the name Michael is a cute choice and a great option if you are looking for something that has Eastern European flare. Meaning ‘who is like God’, its religious associations have been a hit with many families. This name not only has cute vibes to the name, it also has strong connotations and tones thanks to its pronunciation. It is a breath of fresh air from the well known name Michael. Providing a point of difference, Mikhail is extremely loveable. Parents will fall in love with this name instantly, and would have wished they thought of this name for their little boy.

20 Anastasia

Thanks to the beautiful Russian pronunciation of this name u-nu-stu-SEE-ya, how can you not fall in love with this adorable name? Associated with Russian history, you cannot underestimate its beauty thanks to its regal tones. Known as the name of the ‘lost’ daughter of the last Emperor of Russia, Nicholas the second, this story has been retold throughout history, giving this name huge coverage. This gorgeous name has found remerging popularity throughout English speaking countries perfect for any little princess. In Russia, Anastasia was the most popular name in the country for many years, thanks to its undeniable beauty and elegance.

19 Katerina

Known as the Russian form of the English name Katherine, Katerina brings a beautiful spark to the name thanks to its origin. Also a name used in Greece, Macedonia and Bulgaria, Katerina has an Eastern European flare that is adorable and will be loved instantly by anyone who hears the name. Ending in ‘ina’ makes it a cute name that simultaneously has substance that cannot be denied. It is a beautiful name for any little girl which also grows with them throughout their life. Along with its pretty tones, Katerina has a fun nature and is an all round beautiful name for any little girl.

18 Maxim

Pronounced muk-SEEM, this masculine Russian name is insanely cute for any little boy. Derived from the Latin family name Maximus meaning ‘the greatest’, Maxim is a powerful name that is a perfect choice for any little boy. Known as the second most popular name in Moscow in 2015, its presence is powerful in Russia and continues to be a well known name used throughout the country. With its cute, yet powerful characteristics, Maxim has also been spelt Maksim, and no matter what way you prefer to spell it, it is an adorable choice that should definitely be considered by families in western countries. It is a name that turns heads whenever said aloud.

17 Feliks

A completely adorable name, Feliks brightens up the room instantaneously. Its happy tones make it extremely adorable for any little boy and has been a favourite Russian name for decades. Its energetic and up beat tones have made it a perfect choice for the modern era, simultaneously keeping its Eastern European association. Just like the vibe of this name, Feliks’ meaning ‘happy’ makes it a favourable European name in English speaking countries. There is no denying the fun and joy this name brings. It is definitely a boy’s name that is cute and loveable that should be considered by any parent look for an insanely cute Russian name.

16 Nikolay

This Russian version of Nicholas, pronounced ni-ku-LIE, is full of beauty and exotic tones. Meaning, ‘people of victory’, it is a strong masculine name that is still absolutely adorable for any little boy. Known as the name of two Russian emperors, Nikolay the first and Nikolay the second, it has strong associations with history and royalty. With its regal associations, this name cannot be underestimated and has been loved by so many Russians thanks to social status and regal tones. Thanks to the substance that fuels this name, this is definitely a beautiful name choice for little boys all over the world.

15 Savva

This mystical name has been a masculine Russian name for centuries, and it has been a common choice thanks to its association with religious beliefs. Known as the name sake of the patron saint of Serbia, many have chosen this name for their baby boys thanks to its religious associations. Savva is a very unique name and when heard aloud in English speaking countries, many people will be intrigued with its distinctive beauty. Although it is very rare to hear this name in English speaking countries, we cannot underestimate its beauty and the love we will have with this name when heard more frequently.

14 Violetta

A name common in many other European countries, it is its pronunciation, vi-u-LET-ta, that makes it a sweet name choice for a little girl. A beautiful version of the English name Violet, ‘Violetta’ will definitely turn heads when said aloud. With its exotic tones, it brings the English version to life filling a child with so much beauty. This four syllable feminine name choice is perfect for any parent looking for a cute name that has European flare but does not step out of the box too much. Its soft tones provides a sense of warmth and love, perfect for a feminine name.

13 Andrey

Pronounced un-DRAY, you cannot deny the exotic tone of this masculine beauty. A very common name throughout many countries of Eastern Europe including Bulgaria and Romania, you cannot underestimate the beauty of this masculine name choice. Commonly known as Andrew in English speaking countries, this Eastern European version provides an exotic tone that is extremely cute for any little boy who is lucky enough to be given this name choice. Although it is an insanely cute name choice, its meaning ‘strong and manly’ gives it substance and an appealing version of the name Andrew. Thanks to its substance, it has been a common choice on the Russian mainland.

12 Elvira

When said aloud, this name is simply sweet and soft. There is a beautiful calming nature of this name that cannot be underestimated, and without a doubt, it will be loved by many parents throughout the world. Pronounced el-VEE-ra, this feminine beauty is cute and full of pretty tones. It instantly draws you in and provides a beautiful atmosphere when this three syllable word is said out loud. This is a beautiful Russian name choice that has been welcome by many countries including Portugal, Italy and Spain. Many European countries have taken a liking to this name which will also have an effect on English speaking countries more and more.

11 Valentin

This mystical name has a been a popular choice not only in Russia but also many other European countries including Germany and France. Meaning ‘strength and health’ this name has a deeper connection to love and affection. Thanks to its association with one of the most famous saints in English speaking countries, Saint Valentine, this Russian variation has been a popular masculine choice in the US, ranking within the top 1000 names in the country. Pronounced va-lin-TEEN, it is a cute and romantic name choice that gives it a point of difference compared to its close relatives Valentine, Valentino and the feminine version Valentina.

10 Yuri

Known as a Russian variation of the name George, Yuri is a very common masculine choice within the country. Pronounced YOO-ree, it has a very well known name bearer that has been considered a Russian hero. Yuri Gagarin, was a Soviet cosmonaut who was the first person in space and the first human to orbit the Earth. Thanks to its association back in 1961, it has become a household name that has been in-scripted into Russian history. This is a beautiful name choice that is insanely cute, giving any little boy the possibility to dream big as the sky will definitely be their limit!

9 Timofei

Variation of the name Timothy, this is an insanely cute name, and with cuteness overload, Timofei brings a unique twist to the vintage English version. Although a very common name in Russia, it has the potential to be a great choice for little boys all over the world. The name is sweet and cute which is fitting for any little newborn, however, it is a name that will undeniably grow with any little boy into a strong masculine name. With its tones full of substance and Eastern European class, this name will turn heads when said aloud and fill the room with masculinity and beauty all at once.

8 Yana

This simple, yet sweet name is a cute choice for any little girl. Providing a soft tone, it is an adorable name choice beginning with the letter ‘Y’. Not a very common letter used as a first name in the English speaking world, it give this name a point of difference, fitting beautifully into any country beyond its native origin. With a simple pronunciation, ‘YA-na’, it is an insanely cute name that will be easy for any little girl to say and spell. No need to think of an elaborate name to stand out from the crowd, this two syllable name has just as much substance than a longer feminine choice.

7 Klara

Beginning with the letter ‘K’ gives it a unique twist to the common version which is usually spelt with the letter ‘C’. With ‘K’ being a popular starting letter of many Russian names, it showcases its origin allowing us to differentiate the name to the common English version. Proving a point of difference, this Russian beauty is an insanely cute name choice for any little girl. It is also a fitting choice that provides a Kardashian-esque vibe, using their favourite letter of the alphabet. Pronounced KLA-ra, it is a simple name with attractive tones, that fills the room with positive light and happiness.

6 Snezhana

Known as a very common name in Eastern Europe including Bulgaria and Macedonia, Snezhana has attractive tones that are breathtaking. This Russian beauty is a unique name that would definitely turn heads in English speaking countries. Pronounced SNE-SH-A-NAH, it may be a tongue twister when you first try to pronounce this name, however, once you have learnt how to say it, you will not get enough of it. Known as one of the most popular female names in Russia and many other Eastern European countries, it is a common traditional name that fits beautifully in the modern era. Although it is a very exotic name choice, it is insanely cute, fitting for any little girl.

5 Sabina

This vintage name has all the right tones to be a beautiful name choice in the modern era. This Russian beauty has had presence in many other countries throughout Europe and has also found sustainability within English speaking countries. Pronounced ‘sa-BEE-na’ this is a sleek name that is a perfect choice for any little girl. This free flowing name has a lovely vibe that is also insanely cute. Any parent looking for an Russian name that is classy and full of sass has found the perfect name. Sabina is a name choice that is undeniably friendly and loving, and has all the right characteristics, perfect for a little girl.

4 Aleksey

Associated with Russian royalty, this is a strong name choice that has been popular throughout the country. Known as the name of the 17th century tsar of Russia, it has strength and substance that is important in a name. Meaning ‘defender’, this three syllable name is full of life and masculinity. Although it is a robust name with strong tones, its pronunciation ‘u-li-KSAY’ is insanely cute and will make anyone fall in love with it instantly. Full of uniqueness thanks to its origin and regal tones, this is the perfect name choice for any parent looking for a name for their gorgeous little prince.

3 Stepan

A variation of the common English name Stephen, Stepan has a unique pronunciation that makes it very appealing to people in foreign countries. Pronounced ‘sti-PAN’, it is a chic masculine choice that is a beautiful variation of the English version. This masculine name oozes class and sophistication, which allows it to grow with a little boy into an adult. Although it has strong tones, it is still an insanely cute name choice especially when associated with little boys. Stepan is a versatile name that has the strength to be loved by people outside the borders of its native country.

2 Kira

A popular name in the US, many would be surprised to know that it is a Russian feminine name. Pronounced KEE-ra, there is no denying how cute this name is. It is a sweet and simple name that has a beautiful tone, making it a perfect choice for any little girl. Only two syllables long, Kira is known as the Russian feminine variation of the name Cyrus. Meaning ‘throne’ it is a cute name choice that also has a regal tone. Already a popular choice in English speaking countries, this insanely cute name will continue to be a popular feminine choice that parents will love and adore for years to come.

1 Rafail

Known as the Russian version of the name Raphael, this name has just as much prominence as the English spelling of the name. The Russian version gives this cute name a point of difference and should not be underestimated. In our modern era, parents are looking for names that are unique and provide individualistic tones, and this name definitely provides that thanks to its spelling and diverse pronunciation. Meaning ‘God heals’, this is a beautiful and sweet name choice for parents who have a connection with religious beliefs, however, the characteristics of the name are enough to make you fall in love with this Russian variation instantly.

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