Darya or Daria? Here's another name that really depends on personal preference. While Daria is the more common American spelling, Darya would be the more European/Russian form, but either is pretty in their own way.

The interesting part about this name is that as it's already short, the traditional Russian nickname

would actually be a slightly different name considered a more affectionate form: Dasha. Although rarely used, Dolly has also been considered another nickname for Darya.

Although now considered a Russian name, Darya is also considered a Persian royal name and technically, used to be the feminine version of Darius. Those with the name Darya are said to have inherent leadership qualities with unparalleled charisma. In recent years, Darya has been rising in popularity as a baby girl name, but it's still not a name that you would expect to hear a lot.

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