25 Sassy Baby Girl Names With Attitude

If mom knows that she's expecting a baby girl, she's probably already begun going through a massive list in her mind about potential baby names. She likely wants something that’s going to make a statement without being too out-there, and one that is also going to have a lot of personality and originality.

If mom wants a name that shows off her baby girl’s attitude and will inspire them to own their sassiness and fierceness, then this is the right list. We’ve come up with 25 of the sassiest names that any mom could potentially name her baby girl. Some of these monikers were inspired by characters in pop culture or celebrities that are known for their Diva-ish ways. Other names are ones that we can only imagine being fit for a Queen B.

If a mom names her daughter any of these gorgeous names, then she’s bound to have a big personality and a great sense of humour. Everyone wishes they could be a little bit sassier (because, who doesn’t love the sassy friend?), so set the little one up for a greatness with a name that is destined to make them into a little sassy pants (in the best way possible, of course)!

25 Vada

If you were a ‘90s child, then you definitely saw the hit movie My Girl, featuring Anna Chlumsky and Macaulay Culkin.

The movie helped popularize the name Vada (which was the moniker of the titular character). So, whenever we hear this name, we can’t help but think about the sassy little girl who’s first love was a young Macaulay Culkin.

The name Vada has multiple meanings. In German, it translates to ‘famous ruler,’ to you’ll be happy knowing your baby’s name has royal connotations. In Lithuanian, Vada means ‘ghost.’ And, Vada also refers to a type of snack food in India.

24 Roxy

It’s the dawn of a new era if you call your baby girl Roxy- literally! Roxy translates to mean ‘she glows like dawn,’ which is the perfect name for your little one if you want her to stand out in the crowd.

Although Roxy has a feminine meaning, it does have an edgy flare to it. When you hear the name, ‘rock n’ roll’ instantly comes to mind, making this the perfect moniker if you want a little musical magic worked into your mini me’s name.

We can only imagine that anyone with the name Roxy will be as talented, strong headed, and feisty as the name sounds!

23 Venus

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Obviously, the first thing that might come to your mind when you hear the unique name Venus is the planet. And, if you’re into galaxies far, far away, then this name might be perfect for your little girl.

But there may be something (or, should we say, someone) else that comes to your mind when you hear ‘Venus’… famous tennis player Venus Williams! If you want your daughter to sport a name that belongs to a strong, successful female, then this is a name you’ll definitely want to consider.

And, just think of the cute nicknames you could create from Venus… Vee, Vivi, Veni- the list can go on!

22 Milan

Milan is another city that’s being used as both a boy and girl name (Shakira’s son is named Milan!). This is the perfect moniker if you want your little one to have a special connection to their Italian heritage, or if you want to pay homage to one of the fashion capitals in the world.

Even better, Milan isn’t as popular as other country and city names, so your kid will definitely stand out (for all the right reasons).

21 Vivi

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Vivi has traditionally been used as a nickname for longer names, like Vivien, Viveca, or Veronica. But, if you really want your child’s name to have a lot of attitude, then we dare you to use it as their first name.

Like all three or four letter names, Vivi rolls off the tongue easily, and it’s repetition gives it an edgy flare. It’s one of those names that will stick in someone’s mind long after they hear it.

Vivi, which translates to mean ‘life,’ has been used in various literary references, so it’s also great option if you or your partner is a reading buff.

20 Kimora

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You’ve probably heard this name in passing at least once before thanks to famous model-designer Kimora Lee Simmons! Despite it being a celeb’s name, this moniker is very underrated.

The exact meaning of Kimora is unknown. All that is known about this unique name is that it’s of modern origin, meaning very few people have it (and Kimora Lee Simmons’ parents may have made it up!).

Still, it’s a fresh upgrade on the classic names Kim or Kimberly, without making your kid sounds like a Kardashian wannabe. That sounds like a win in our books!

19 Darcy

When we think of the name Darcy, words like ‘fiery,’ ‘spunky’ and ‘filled with attitude’ come to our mind. Someone with the name Darcy is bound to be a leader and take control of any situation. They’ll be assertive, strong minded, and have even stronger convictions.

Darcy, which is Irish in origin, translates to mean ‘dark’ or ‘from the forest,’ so it’s a great moniker looking for someone to give their baby girl’s name an edgy flare (or celebrate their Irish heritage, too!). Better yet, Darcy can also be used as a boy’s name, so don’t feel that you only have to keep this on your list of potential girl names.

18 Pippa

The name Pippa has been popularized in recent years thanks to it being the name of Duchess Catherine Middleton’s younger sister! But, even if this name didn’t belong to a celebrity, we can understand why people love it.

Pippa is a name with a lot of attitude, but one that hasn’t been overly used in pop culture. This traditionally female name is of English origin, and has a ridiculously cute meaning – ‘Lover of Horses.’ So, if you or your partner adores horses, then this might be the perfect name for your baby girl. Or, you can at least expect her to grow up to love horseback riding.

17 Cleo

Chloe is an extremely popular girl’s name nowadays. If you’ve always found yourself being pulled to the name but still want something a bit more unique, then perhaps naming your daughter Cleo is the next best thing.

Cleo is a variation of the uber-popular Chloe, and has an even more beautiful meaning. Cleo is often thought to be a short variation for the famous name Cleopatra, which itself means ‘glory and fame.’ You can be sure your little girl will have a bright (and likely famous) future with a moniker as important as this one.

16 Georgina

Gossip Girl fans will recognize that name Georgina as Michelle Tratchenberg’s unforgettable character, Georgina Sparks. And if her portrayal of anti-hero is any indication, your baby girl is bound to be spirited, strong-willed, and of course sassy if you give her this spunk name.

Georgina, which is obviously the feminized version of George, has English roots, and is believed to translate to ‘farmer.’ But, given how boujee characters in pop culture who sport this name are, we feel this name is meant for more of a Diva than someone down-to-Earth.

Expect a little sassy pants if you call your baby Georgina!

15 Phoebe

If you’re a Friends fan, then you’ll love this name!

Phoebe is a name that often reminds people of creativity, energy, and laughter. That might only be because Phoebe Buffay is hands-down one of the best TV characters of all time, or it could be something all people with this unique name share.

Phoebe is originally a Greek name that means ‘radiant’ or ‘shining one.’ With a name that special, you can be sure your little one is on to great things. Or, at the very least, with a name that bold, you can be sure they’ll always leave a lasting impression.

14 Gia

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Why is that three-letter names always pack the most punch?

Gia instantly feels sassy just in the way that it rolls of your tongue. We can imagine a Queen B or top-tier businesswoman owning this name, so anyone with this adorable moniker is destined for greatness. This name originates from Italian and has a beautiful meaning- ‘God’s gracious gift.’ Who doesn’t feel that their baby is a gift from God?!

Gia is the perfect nickname for a long line of gorgeous, longer names, like Gianna or Giovanna. We guess that’s why Snooki’s baby girl sports this adorable moniker!

13 Tasha

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via epicinfo.com

If you like the popular name Natasha, then why not consider this cute variation of it! Tasha as a first name (as opposed to a nickname) is gaining tons of popularity, probably thanks to the character of the same name in Netflix’s hit show Orange Is The New Black.

Both Tasha and Natasha originate from the Russia name Natalya, which translates to mean ‘Birthday of the Lord.’ So, you shouldn’t be surprised if your little one grows up to be a sassy pants with this name considering that it stems from royalty.

12 Naomi

When we hear the word Naomi, we immediately think of the Queen Bee in the 90210 reboot of the same name. Thus we’re sure that any little girl who grows up with this beautiful name is going to have a lot of sass to follow with it.

The name Naomi, which originated in Hebrew, has a stunning meaning behind it- ‘pleasantness’ and ‘sweetness.’ With a name as gorgeous as this, your baby girl will likely have an incredible personality (and fingers crossed will be an easy baby).

Naomi is also a name from the bible, so it’s a great option if you’re looking to give your child’s a religious connection.

11 Beatrix

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Harry Potter fans will love this name thanks to Helena Bonham-Carter’s character of the same name! Or, even if you’re just a fan of the classic name Beatrice, then you’ll probably love this edgy variation.

Beatrix is of Latin origin, and beautifully means ‘she who brings happiness.’ You can bet your baby girl will radiate happiness with a name as stunning as this. The ‘x’ on the end adds an edgy flare to the name and a pop of uniqueness. Let’s just say, we’re betting no other kid on the playground is going to have this gorgeous moniker.

10 Mila

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You probably recognize this name thanks to acclaimed actress Mila Kunis (who’s full name is Milena), who also happens to be married to her That 70s Show co-star Ashton Kutcher.

Mila is a millennial name that’s a variation of longer names like Amelia or Emeline, but it’s now becoming common as a first name, too. This feminine-sounding name is often believed to be Russian in origin.

Though Mila’s exact meaning is unknown, many people say that it has the same meaning as Amelia- which means ‘to work.’ Your baby will have a strong work ethic if she’s given this gorgeous name!

9 Sierra

Unlike some of the other names on this list, Sierra is actually a pretty common name! Especially in the early 2000s, many moms and dads were giving their little girls this feminine sounding moniker.

The name Sierra has Spanish origins, and in Spanish roughly translates to mean ‘saw’ or also ‘from the jagged mountain range.’ There are tons of famous celebrities out there with variations of this spunky moniker, including pop singer Ciara and YouTuber Sierra Furtado.

If you want to make sure your baby girl has a lot of personality without giving her a name that’s too out-there, then we highly suggest considering this cute name.

8 Brittany

It’s Brittany, B****!

There are tons of popular celebrities with the first name Brittany, but there’s none as famous as Miss Brittany Spears herself. The iconic pop star has always been full of energy and spunk, and we’re guessing a bit of that would translate to your little girl if you have her the same name. Unsurprisingly, the name Brittany originated in Britain, and literally translates to mean ‘she was born on the island of Britain.’

So, whether you want to honour your British heritage, name your kid after a pop star, or just like the sound of the name Brittany, this is definitely one name that should be on your list of options.

7 Sabrina

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If you’re a fan of Sabrina The Teenage Witch, then you’re probably considered using the name of the lead character for your own baby. Sabrina is one of those names that you can’t imagine someone having without being beautiful, sociable, and successful.

Interestingly, Sabrina first originated in Celtic Mythology, as it was the Latin name for the River Severn. And, like we already mentioned, this name has a lot of references in pop culture. Variations of this sassy name can include Serena and Sabina.

6 Paris

Of course we couldn’t leave out the name that belongs to one of the sassiest reality stars in history- Paris Hilton.

If you really want to make a statement with your baby’s name, then consider the famous first name Paris, which will likely always make people think of the blonde socialite. Paris is also a great option if you’re a fan of Parisian culture, or want to Honor a French heritage, considering that Paris is the capital city of France.

Paris has also been used in pop culture as a boy’s name, so it’s perfect if you’re also looking for something unisex.

5 Xena

Considering that Xena the Warrior Princess is famous for having this name, you can totally expect your little girl to grow up to be bad a** with a name as eclectic and strong as this one.

Xena is of Greek origin and simply means ‘guest.’ It can also be spelt as ‘Zena,’ though many feel that the ‘x’ in the front adds an edgier element to the name. Ppular variations of Xena include Tina, Athena, or Jena.

Could you imagine yelling this fierce name across the playground?

4 Veronica

If you’re a fan of Archie Comics or the current CW show Riverdale, then you know the name Veronica will always belong to someone with a strong-willed personality, sarcastic sense of humour, and amazing sense of style. And who doesn’t want that for their baby girl?!

Veronica originates from the Latin name Berenice, and translates to mean ‘she who brings victory; true image.’ With a meaning like that, you’ll be sure that your daughter will be a total Girl Boss when she grows up.

Plus, if you want to give this popular name a twist, variations of it include Veronique, Verohnica, Veranica, Vera, or Ronni.

3 Amber

For whatever reason (blame pop culture!), most people associate the name Amber with the popular girl, who’s beautiful, has tons of friends, and is always successful.

Whether that stereotype for people with this gem-inspired name is true, we can all say we want our daughter to grow happy and outgoing, so perhaps this is the name for you. Amber originates in English to describe fossilized tree resin, which is often made into jewellery due to its beautiful, rich colour.

Variations of this name include Ember, Umber, Amberly, or Auburn.

2 Lola

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Lola is one of those names that always makes you imagine the person as having a ton of spunk and energy. So, we’re betting any baby girl who grows up with this beautiful name will also have a healthy dose of sassiness.

Lola is originally Spanish, and originates from the name Dolores. Though Dolores itself has been a popular name, especially in past decades, it doesn’t have the happiness meaning. It translates to mean ‘Lady of Sorrow.’

However, you can’t help but feel happy with the way this name rolls off the tongue, so we wouldn’t let the gloomy meaning stop you from picking this name.

1 Whitney

Hands-down the most well known Whitney has got to be the late Whitney Houston, who graced the world with her impeccable voice for decades. If you want your child to have a name as iconic as hers- and perhaps even a voice as loud as hers- then you’ve got to consider the name Whitney for your little Diva!

Whitney started out as an English surname, which literally translated to mean ‘White Island.’ But for decades this name has been used as an attractive first name for girls, and sometimes even for boys. We can think of tons of cute nicknames you could create from Whitney, too, including Whit and NeNe.

Sources: NameBerry.com

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