25 Spanish Words That Make Unique And Exquisite Names

Spain is one of Europe’s most beautiful and visited countries with more than 60 million international tourists who travel there each year. A lot of people fall in love with the culture, the food, the ocean, the architecture, the fashion, the music, and lastly, the gorgeous Spanish language. Tourists who visit their favourite countries and fall in love with everything that country has to offer will always have words they love to say in that specific language. In this case, let’s talk to all those who adore the Spanish nation and language, who want to call their child after their favourite Spanish word. Not only is using this tactic very original, but it also makes any parent remember about the great time and amazing memories they had in their favourite country. Also, at least if someone forgets the whole language they learned in their favourite country, they will always remember at least one word due to their child’s name!

In this article, some of the coolest and most unique Spanish words will be given as amazing baby name ideas. No one on the block will have or be called after any of these names which make the selection very original and depending on the name, never before heard. Happy reading!

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Let’s start off with the beautiful baby girl name Avellana which means hazelnut once translated into the English language. For any Nutella lovers out there, this is the perfect name to choose for a newly born baby girl. The name Avellana means "abundance" and

"wealth". Anything little Avellana puts her mind into, she will succeed greatly! Her hard work and dedication will bring her anywhere she wants to go and all of her hard work will make her wealthy in both the materialistic world and the intellectual world. Her name also signifies family happiness which will further entail that she will be in a constant search to find and create a happy family as well as do anything she can to make her loved ones happy.



For any parents who are into learning everything about the galaxy we live in and their favourite shows are alien and galaxy-related this next name is perfect to choose! Galaxia is a gorgeous sounding baby girl name which means "galaxy" once translated to English. Individuals with this name tend to be very different from others and their amount of self-confidence always catches the eye of everyone around them. Little Galaxia will persevere in everything she puts her mind into and she will definitely achieve it. She will also find it very easy to meet and communicate with many people due to her self-confidence which will always bring her joy and constantly add on to her contact list. Party at Galaxia’s, anyone?



Another baby boy name that has made this list is the modern name, Indio. This name, once translated into the English language, means "India" or the color "blue". Little Indio will most probably grow up to be one of the smartest students in his class if not one of the smartest students. He will learn to like certain subjects in school and the ones he enjoys the most, he will then most likely score better in those! Individuals with this name are great thinkers. They enjoy analyzing and thinking about the results and solutions to certain issues and problems with the world and with certain communities.

22 ARO


Aro is a short baby boy name that means a hoop when it is translated into the English language. The meaning of the name is ‘High Mountain’ and ‘mountain of strength’. Little Aro will grow up to be very ambitious in all of the tasks he sets up for himself and/or is given by others. His constant motivation and ambition will drive him towards success. Individuals with this name tend to have difficulties expressing themselves verbally however; writing will be the best options for them to express themselves. Aro will also grow up to be very idealistic and sensitive with his emotions.


The baby girl name Cadena means "chain" once it gets translated into the English language. The meaning of this gorgeous name is also rhythmic. Little Cadena will constantly prefer quietness over noise and her goal will be to understand and analyze the world she lives in and why humanity exists. She will become a leader due to her way of thinking and analyzing which will make her plan and initiate many events. The way she leads will draw many followers towards her however she will never become a follower herself. Lastly, she will constantly be focused on achieving her own goals.



Make room for the queen! Reina is a baby girl name which means "queen" once translated into the English language. Little Reina will be glamourous in everything she does, and she will be in a constant search to find a stable and loving partner or prince charming, in order to build a stable and loving family of her own. She will also depend on the appreciation of others to keep moving forward with her work. She will always be thinking of her prince charming due to her high amount of imagination. Reina will grow up to have a lot of potential however if she does not get appreciated, she might misuse her potential negatively becoming an evil queen!


This next baby boy name means "nice" once translated to the English language. Since names definitely have an influence on the individual’s traits and characteristics, little Majo will certainly be the nicest little boy and man anyone comes across. Little Majo will have a sensitive side which will be very present to everyone he meets and girls will swoon over this trait. Nice, sensitive, this name sounds pretty good so far however, there’s more! Individuals with this name tend to find beauty wherever they go; whether it’s in nature, music, art, and/or literature. They find the good in everything, which might bring people to take advantage of them.



This next baby girl name means a "lark" once translated into the English language which is a small songbird that has brown streaky feathers, elongated hind claws, and which sings while it is in flight. The bird sings when it flies because it is free. Alondra will grow up to be very independent and she will definitely seek freedom like the bird. Little Alondra will also grow up to be very protective about what and who she cares for since her name also means the defender of mankind. She will constantly supervise everyone and will sometimes be seen as the mother figure due to her protective features.


Let’s begin by describing the next baby name which is a baby boy name, and it signifies a "cedar tree". Trees signify growth which is a beautiful description of a baby which grows her/his whole life; and they not only grow physically but they also grow mentally. A direct translation of the name Cedro to English is a strong gift. Little Cedro will become inspired and he will grow a deep desire to inspire others to join a higher cause. He will go after this cause with an abundance of emotions and he will constantly motivate others to speak out and say what their views are.


Want a newborn baby to become a star? The right name to call this newborn baby girl is Estrella which literally means "star" once translated to the English language. She will shine with beauty and talent! Estrella will be interested in targeting the great causes in her community or even as far as in the whole world. She will make sure to share her strong views and opinions at all times and by doing so, many people will look up to her. She will definitely inspire her followers and many people who surround her. Individuals with the name Estrella also tend to become visionaries since they are highly idealistic. Make room for the star!



Valletta is a tiny capital of the Mediterranean nation of Malta. This next baby girl name means a "brave individual". Little Valletta will have the drive and perseverance to get what she wants and the amount of work she has to get done to get there will not trouble her. She will constantly inspire others with the work she gets done; which will attract many followers to her. Valletta will definitely be a dreamer and if she does not succeed, she will become more of a dreamer than ever! She will constantly seek the truth in everything when she grows up as well.



Any parent(s) who want their son to have ambition and dreams as large as the sky would want to name their newborn baby boy Cielo. This beautiful baby boy name means "sky" once translated into the English language and like all of the names on this list, the sound of the name is amazing to hear. Little Cielo will grow up to be a dreamer; he will constantly be daydreaming and thinking about what he wants to become in the future. He will also have loads of imagination and creativity. He will be the sweetest little boy anyone ever meets!



The name Paloma is used for newborn baby girls and it is derived from the Latin word, “palumbus” which means "dove". There is nothing more freeing and beautiful than having a name that literally signifies dove once translated to the English language. Little Paloma’s name also means peace therefore she may or may not grow up to embrace every single object which brings her to a Zen state of mind. She will be seen as a healer and someone who anyone can speak their heart out to. Due to her peaceful allure, little Paloma will grow up to be a leader and she will be the type of individual to start a revolution to an existing cause or to a new cause.


Calling the goddess of the moon to earth! Luna is a very pretty baby girl name which means "moon" and the "goddess of the moon" once translated into the English language. Little Luna will have a very uncommon and original way of creating different projects. She will also enjoy having everything from what she owns, to her relationships, to herself, in order! She will highly depend on organization to clear her mind. Individuals with this name are also excellent at expressing themselves whether in writing or verbal expression. They are also extremely drawn to art and everything regarding the art world.



Freedom is what every single parent wants for their child. No one wants their child to feel locked up from the world. This next baby girl name means "freedom" once translated into the English language. The meaning of the name is so symbolic to many individuals who have possibly felt trapped in their lives or in their own countries. This baby girl name holds a lot of power and the little baby girl with this name will definitely feel free. Individuals with this name have a strong opinion and they make sure to always be heard by the people they are surrounded by. Their strong voice and opinion makes them gain many followers which they become the leader to.


Reno is a baby boy name which means "reindeer" once translated into English. The reindeer symbolizes an animal that can survive in any brutal environment. Basically, little Reno will be able to adapt to every environment he gets put into or puts himself into. It may be difficult at first, however, individuals with this name enjoy challenges and overcoming challenges which will make them eventually adapt very easily. Reno will be great at analyzing, understanding, and learning about any situation and everything he wants to put those three traits to work for. When he is faced with an issue, he will not get overwhelmed with the tiny details but he will look at the larger details which will bring him to the finish line.



The little seed of the universe; the baby girl name Semilla means "seed" once translated into the English language. This name is a beautiful symbolic meaning of growth. The little seed will grow into an amazing woman with both intelligence and beauty. Individuals with this name are always inspired by nature and by the things they enjoy. They need inspiration to continue moving forward in life. Little Semilla will be very loving to those that she enjoys spending time with and she will always show love to nature. Her calm aura will draw many people and new friends to her that she will be happy to stay around.


Jacinto is a gorgeous sounding Spanish name which will make everyone want to call this little boy by his full name every minute of the day! Once Jacinto is translated into the English language it means the "hyacinth plant". This beautiful plant means serenity and getting back to the baby boy name, he will grow up to be very passionate and compassionate in everything he does. He will also grow up to be very romantic with the one he loves most and will make any boy or girl swoon over his magnetic personality! Individuals with this name are also very broadminded, and generous with what they do on a daily basis.



The next baby girl name is Loa which originally has a Hawaiian origin which means long. However once this Spanish word is translated to the English language it means praise. Little Loa will fight like a warrior in everything she puts her mind into which will give her a lot of praise. She will constantly want to travel and learn about many different languages and cultures. She is driven by adventure and this trait will make her a daredevil. She will be curious about many things and she will most likely be willing to try everything and anything. Individuals with this trait are also very independent which makes them extremely untraditional since they go at life at their own pace.


The gorgeous meaning of the name Zafiro when translated to English means "sapphire". A baby boy with this name will literally be shining from the inside and outside! The sapphire is one of the most precious and valuable gemstones in the world so it is definitely safe to say that little Zafiro will be both precious and valuable to not only his parents, family, and friends but also to his selected domain of work and his community. Individuals with this name are very creative and artistic and they tend to be happiest when they are expressing themselves artistically. Zafiro will also sometimes be shy and quiet since he will enjoy using mostly art to express himself.



We’ve all heard the saying that life is a beautiful thing. A newborn baby means new life; so why not call her Vida? This baby girl name means "life" and "vitality". In different cultures like the Scottish culture and the Hebrew culture, the name Vida is seen differently. In more than one language and culture, the name Vida means beloved. Individuals with this name tend to be extremely passionate about everything they enjoy and they are also naturally intuitive and having this trait will help them discover many solutions to certain problems in their lives by just using their emotions and intuition as a guide. Little Vida’s magnetic personality will attract many individuals to her which will make her a great leader in the future.



Tierra is a baby girl name that means ‘the earth’ once translated into the English language. Little Tierra will be full of emotion. If she is angry she will erupt like a volcano and if she is sad she will cause a tsunami of tears! Her large amount of emotions will make it very easy for her to express herself both written and verbally. When she grows up, she will be in a search to find a very stable and loving partner to grow old with and to grow a loving family with. Her large amount of imagination will enable her to think of her perfect soulmate!


The baby boy name Lienzo definitely sounds Italian however it is a Spanish word which means "linen" or a "piece of linen" once translated into the English language. By reading the name, the meaning of the word sounds somewhat odd however the gorgeous name Lienzo means much more than that. Little Lienzo will grow up to have a large ability to lead anyone and everyone who wants to follow his own footsteps. He will also be very independent especially when it comes to making his own decisions. He will be driven by adventure and excitement. Everything he enjoys doing, will only increase his motivation and ambition in the long run.


Who wants cinnamon buns? This next baby girl name will have everyone thinking of freshly cooked cinnamon buns since it literally means "cinnamon" once translated into the English language. Little Canela will grow up to have a very strong character which will make some individuals scared of her strength. Her strong opinions about her own beliefs might inspire individuals to look up to her and get inspired. The cinnamon spice is also used for protection in some cultures therefore someone with the name Canela, will be a protector of everyone and everything she likes and loves. Make room for the protective cinnamon bun!



The direct translation to English of this baby girl name Aleta might not sound super attractive to parents looking for names since it means an "animal fin" or "wing", however, baby Aleta might become a pro swimmer or as free as a bird just by having this name! The Greek meaning of the name Aleta is the "goddess of truth". Doesn’t that sound more pleasant! Individuals with this name have a large desire to understand and analyze the whole world around them and basically to find out the meaning as to why humankind exists. The goddess of truth not only tells the truth, but she also discovers the truth which is exactly what little Aleta will be doing.

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