25 Special Names That Are Absolutely Breathtaking

Looking for that special name? Something that is a little different? A name that can be called across the playground without attracting the attention of 20 other children?

Finding the perfect and unique name can be a bit of a challenge. Just as parents think they have found something that is easy to spell and pronounce, they discover that someone they know has chosen that name before them. So it’s back to square one. Can mom and dad find an absolutely breathtaking name that all the family will like? Can they find an amazing moniker for their little person? A suitably incredible name for their incredible little person? The baby will be the centre of the world and the most important person ever. So it is vital that they find a name that is equally amazing. But finding that special name amidst a sea of over-used and super popular names can be difficult.

It’s a challenge. So when naming the baby, try thinking outside of the box. Look to other countries, traditions or ages to find some inspiration. In this list readers will find names old and new, from all around the world. But all of these names have something important in common; they are all special names that are absolutely breathtaking.

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25 Camille

Camille is an absolutely stunning French name. It means noble, or free-born, indicating that Camille is a special lady with a glowing future. Camille loves to be appreciated, even though she is a quiet and introvert person. Although girls with this name tend to be quite solitary, they love to be around family and to be part of a stable community. Camille can be a super stylish unisex name and according to nameberry.com, it is ranked at number 251.

24 Delaney

This rare and lilting name rolls off the tongue and is a great name for your boy or girl. It is one of those names that has graduated from surname to given name, from the Gaelic Irish surname ‘O'Dubhshláine’. It has various meanings, including the Irish ‘black river’, from ‘Dubh’ meaning ‘black’ and ‘Slaine’ for the River Slaine. It is also said to be ‘from the alder grove’ in English, and, most worryingly the Gaelic language has it as ‘child of dark defiance’!

23 Alexi

Alexi is a lovely shortening of Alexandra or Alexis, which in turn is the female form of Alexandra. Alexandra is an ancient Greek name which means ‘defender’, but Alexi is a more modern and trendy version of this. Although it has never ranked in the top 1000 USA baby names, it is a gorgeous name that is waiting to be used more! Girls with this name search for peace and harmony and aim to have a balanced and peaceful life.

22 Emerson

Emerson is a masculine name that has different translations around the world. If you are in Germany, this name is simply a statement that you are Emery’s son. However, if you are in America, you are a brave or powerful man. Ralpho Waldo Emerson, the American philosopher, shows us that this name has its roots in being a family name, but it is now becoming a more popular first name, as in Emerson Fittipaldi, the legendary race car driver. Actress Teri Hatcher has shown us that the name can be unisex after naming her daughter with this special name.

21 Margaux

Shall we choose Margaret? Marguerite? Maybe the lovely Margot? No, let’s go with this super chic French spelling of the same name - Margaux. Popularised by the American model and granddaughter of Ernest Hemingway - Margaux Hemingway - it is a truly special name that takes your breath away. This Margaux changed the spelling of her name to that of the French wine Chateaux Margaux, which her parents used to drink. This was the 967th most popular name in England in 2016 and means ‘pearl’ or ‘daisy’ depending on what country you are in.

20 Ines

One of the top 10 French names, this beautiful girls’ name is pronounced ‘in-EZ’. A version of the name Agnes, it translates as ‘pure and chaste’. Girls with this name are known for being romantic and affectionate. Their magnetic personalities make them great friends and work colleagues. They love to work with others and serve humanity but don’t like to be ruled by tradition. Ines loves adventure and will seek an exciting lifestyle. January 21st marks the feast day of St Agnes, a 3rd-century saint.

19 Solomon

This lovely biblical name comes from the Hebrew language, meaning ‘peace’. Solomon even has his own book in the Bible, named ‘Song of Solomon’, written by King Solomon of Israel. It is currently the 547th most popular boy’s name and is even used for girls at times, although this is extremely rare. Solomon is a practical person who likes to share his creative skills with others. They like to lead an orderly life, devoted to serving others and spreading knowledge.

18 Cailin

Although some people pronounce this as ‘Colleen’, it is actually a different name, pronounced as it looks - ‘KAY-lin’. This is the Gaelic word for ‘girl’. Variations include Caleigh, Kaila, Kaley and Keila. Around the world, you will find this name as

Katica in Croatia, Kaisa in Finland, Katerina in Greece and Kasia in Poland. The Urban Dictionary tells us that Cailin is a girl who is never wrong and is full of beauty and sophistication. She is a perfect girl that you would not want to be without.

17 Emlyn

If the Latin version ‘Aemilianus’ is a bit of a mouthful, then go for the Welsh version ‘Emlyn’ instead. Meaning ‘industrious’, Emlyn is a name that is cute for a baby but grows well into adulthood too. Sometimes this name is spelt as Emelyn or Emilyn and is the male version of Emily. Boys with this name shy away from traditions and like to do their own thing. Emlyn loves to travel and find adventures. He will surround himself with beauty and strive for peace and harmony in his life.

16 Orla

This beautiful Irish name comes from the Gaelic elements of ‘ór’ meaning ‘gold’ and ‘fhlaith’ meaning prince. So Orla, or in its original form Órla, Órlaith, or Orlagh, is interpreted as ‘golden princess’. You may recognise the name from the ‘Harry Potter’ series, where Orla Quirk is a pupil, or from the actress Orla Brady. Other famous Orlas include Orla Kiely, the fashion designer, and the opera singer Orla Fallon. Hugely popular in the Middle Ages, Orla is still in the top 100 in Ireland and Scotland.

15 Nunzio

This fantastic Latin name comes from the super long version ‘Annunziata’, and is a little funkier and easier to pronounce. Meaning ‘messenger’, Nunzio loves to be in charge and can be quick-tempered and even aggressive when he feels out of his depth. However, despite his somewhat brisk and impatient manner, he is at heart, an affectionate and tender soul, who responds well to order and regularity in his lifestyle. Nunzio has fallen in popularity over the last century and is currently ranked at number 8,427.

14 Una

Most popular in Scotland and Finland, Una is pronounced as ‘OO-na’. The name has two distinct meanings, coming from the Latin for ‘one’ and the Irish ‘uan’ for ‘lamb’. Una can be found throughout history as the wife of finnbheara and queen of the Irish mythological fairies and as the wife of Finn McCool, who beat the mythical giant Bennandonner. It is also to be found in modern popular culture with British actress Una Stubbs and ‘The Saturdays’ pop star Una Healy.

13 Carrigan

Here is an amazing name that used to be a surname and is now fast becoming a popular first name. It is of Irish origin, from the family name ‘Ó Corragáin’. The ‘corr’ in this name means ‘pointed’ and represents a spear. Whilst the film ‘Casper, the Friendly Ghost’ has increased the number of children with this name, it is still very unusual and has never reached the top 1000 USA baby names list. Alternative spellings include Kerrigan and Carygan.

12 Keeva

Originally spelt ‘caomh’, this special Irish name means ‘gentle’, beautiful or precious’. This anglicized version is somewhat easier to spell and pronounce, but the original remains in the top 20 Irish baby girl names. Actress Alyson Hannigan recently chose this name for her daughter, so with the celebrity stamp of approval, this name is sure to rise in popularity quickly. Keeva is also a form of the Hebrew name ‘Akiva’, or ‘Adiva’, with the male versions being Keein or Kevin.

11 Rocco

Popular in the Victorian era, this name enjoyed a sudden spike in popularity this century after Madonna named her son Rocco in 2000. Well used in Italy, the elements of the name actually originated in Germany. It either comes from ‘rohon’ meaning ‘roar or battle cry’, or from ‘hrok’, meaning ‘rest or repose’. Rocco tends to be intuitive and multi-talented, with a desire to make the world a better place. With variations including Roch, Rochus, Roccuzo and Rocky, this boy's’ name is sure to endure.

10 Lizbeth

According to the Urban Dictionary, Lizbeth is a quiet and shy girl with long brown hair, who you’d be happy to have as a friend. Whilst this is quite a specific description, it may be worth knowing that Lizbeth is actually a Hebrew name meaning ‘God is satisfaction’. It is a cute and modern version of Elizabeth, Elisheba or Bethia and has other versions such as Bethany. Girls with this name love adventuring, travelling and seeing the world. Like their name, they are unique and creative people.

9 Kiernan

This masculine Irish name is a nod to nobility, meaning ‘son of a lord’. Other translations have it as ‘dark-skinned’. For boys this name has not even reached the top 5000, meaning that this would make a unique name for your son. A great alternative to the much more common Kieran, Kiernan can be linked back as the family name to 33 ancient Irish chieftains. Notable Kiernans include Kiernan Jarryd Forbes aka AKA, South African rapper and the English footballer Kiernan Peter Hughes-Mason.

8 Mariko

Mariko is a beautiful Japanese name, with multiple meanings. In Japan, the meaning of names depends on which ‘Kanji’, or Chinese characters, are used to write it. These can change the whole feel or theme of a name. Mariko commonly translates as ‘the truth’, ‘ten thousand miles’, ‘ten thousand pears’, ‘true worth’, or even ‘jasmine’. So be careful in your Japanese spelling with this name. A great and rare name for your little girl, Mariko has yet to reach the top 1000 names list.

7 Jacques

This name is so French that you just can’t help but say it with an exaggerated accent. The French version of James or Jacob, it means ‘supplanter’ or ‘he who grasps the heel’, but as it sounds so good you probably don’t need to worry about the translation. Jacques tends to be a charismatic person who loves to lead others. He is successful in all he does and follows the noble values of truth, justice and discipline. Jacques loves to share his talents with others.

6 Eliana

Eliana is such a pretty name that it deserves to be well-used. Since the 1960’s it has shot up in popularity and is now the 228th most popular girls’ name. It is originally from the Hebrew language and means ‘God has answered’, meaning that this child is a prayer answered. However, Eliana could also stem from the Greek word ‘elios’, meaning ‘sun’, and so changing the translation to ‘daughter of the sun’. With nicknames such as Elly, Lia, Lana, or Anna, this is a flexible and special name.

5 Constantine

This special and ancient Latin name is derived from the word ‘constans’, meaning ‘constant, or steadfast’. Name analysis tells us that Constantine is capable of gaining great power and wealth, and this is borne out by the fact that many Roman and Byzantine Emperors had this name, including Constantine the Great, the Christian emperor who made Christianity the official religion of the Roman Empire. Whilst they enjoy being surrounded by beauty, they often neglect their personal lives in favour of business.

4 Aitana

This unusual name comes from the beautiful Spanish town of Alicante, where there is a mountain called Sierra de Aitana. Spanish poet Rafael Alberti is responsible for taking this name from mountain to girl after naming his daughter after it. It is said to be his last view of Spain after he was exiled after the Civil War. According to behindthename.com, it could be Iberian, named after the Edetani tribe that used to live in that area, who named the mountain Edetana.

3 Amya

Not Am-ya or even A-my, this is a variation of Amaya and so pronounced ‘A-MY-ah’. Whilst some say this is just a made up American name with no meaning, others look to other parts of the world for an explanation. If you are in Japan this name means ‘Night Rain’, but in Hebrew, it means ‘Of the Gods’. The original Cherokee Indian meaning is perhaps the cutest, translating as ‘Sweet Dreams’. If you can put up with the constant mispronunciations, this spelling might be a winner for you.

2 Ariadne

A classic name from Greek mythology, Ariadne is pronounced as ‘ar-ee-AD-nee’ and is a gorgeous choice for any little girl. Ariadne was the daughter of King Minos. Falling in love with Theseus, she helped him to escape from the Minotaur and the Labyrinth but went on to marry Dionysus after Theseus dumped her. Translating as ‘most holy’, it is a chic name that will grow well into adulthood. Variations around the world include Arijana in Croatia and Arianne in Italy.

1 Etienne

Another magnificent French boys’ name, Etienne is a form of Stephen but sounds so much more majestic and glamorous. An archaic version is ‘Estienne’, which fell out of favour in the 17th century, to be replaced with Etienne. Meaning ‘the crown’ or ‘garland’, Etienne is currently ranked at number 4,099. It is occasionally used for girls too, but is so rare that it is only the 12,000th most popular name!

Passionate and romantic, people will be drawn to Etienne and he will always have friends.

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