25 Spectacular Baby Girl Names Doctors Have Only Heard Once

Midwives and doctors definitely see it all in the delivery room. Babies arrive in all sorts of ways and parents can act pretty strangely during the process. But the birth certificate can also contain some surprises in the name section. Naming a new baby daughter is such an important event and parents want to get the little beauty's title just right. While some parents mull over names for months, others are content to go with their gut once they set eyes on their newest bundle of joy.

Everyone knows celebrities are unafraid to get extreme when selecting names for their baby girls. Some of those names start trends when parents decide they like what they hear. Other baby names go viral—but for all the wrong reasons. Celebrities aren’t the only new parents who shock the doctor filling out the birth certificate, however.

Unbound by tradition, or in looking for ways to re-imagine tradition in novel ways, modern parents are getting more creative than ever before in crafting truly unbelievable names. Sometimes parents throw tradition completely out the window and give birth to a one of a kind name to go with their one of a kind baby girl. Here are 25 Spectacular Baby Girl Names Doctors Have Only Heard Once.

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25 Bright Nebula

Via: @arocha_21

The Social Security Administration noted that the name Nebula was only given to ten babies across the entire U.S. in 2017. So, it’s a fair bet that your doctor probably has not seen this baby girl name yet. While astronomy doesn’t appeal to everyone, this rare baby girl name calls to mind ethereal images of swirling colors and clouds in interstellar space. Nebula isn’t the first celestially-inspired name to make it to a birth certificate, but it’s a fresh new take most people haven’t seen yet.

24 Lucretia The Heroine

Once a much more common name, Lucretia is extremely rare these days but is a name that is loaded with meaning. For some, Lucretia may be a family name from deep in the past belonging to a great-great grandma. History buffs might know the name Lucretia as a patron of ancient Rome. Shakespeare also honored the historical Lucretia, according to Britannica. Lucretia is an elegant old-world name that is very uncommon now, but it may increase in popularity as some parents look for more names that hearken back to yesteryear.

23 Charming Harleyann

Harleyann only made an appearance on birth certificates seven times last year, according to the Social Security Administration, so she’s a rare but sweet name for a rare but sweet baby girl. It’s so unusual a name that Harleyann didn’t even appear in Baby Center records in 2015. In fact, Harleyann doesn’t even crack the top 10,000 names despite how easily it rolls off the tongue. We think combining Harley and Ann has a nice sounding flow to it that will be unique but won’t raise any eyebrows.

22 OK Keaghan

Via: Pinterest

We think that despite its rarity, this name will grow on parents looking for original baby girl names. While never a very common name, this is one that once belonged to the realm of boys’ names but is ripe for the crossover. Celtic in origin according to Every Day Family, it’s a sure bet that the doctor hasn’t seen Keaghan before but will probably remember it long after baby has gone home. We think Keaghan sounds smart and cheerful for a baby girl name.

21 Sweet Country Dusti

Via: @laytenbrooks.dylaneverly

We can’t help but think of Rock And Roll Hall of Fame’s Dusty Springfield and her iconic voice when we see the name Dusti. The name Dusti recalls the ‘60s styles and sounds but adds a modern twist by changing the ‘y’ for an ‘i.’ Kylie Jenner recently famously made the same vowel swap in naming her daughter Stormi. Dusti might call up the same imagery of weather patterns as Stormi for some, but other parents might like the quaint nostalgia. The Bump ranks this name outside the top 10,000.

20 Io: Short And Sweet

Via: Pinterest

In Greek mythology, Io is the mother of Zeus and a princess of the Argives according to Theoi. Her descendants eventually gave rise to the House of Thebes—an important city in ancient Greece—and her myth is often associated with the Egyptian goddess Isis. From her name, we also get names like Iona and the Ionian Sea, and the name Io is pronounced “eye-oh.” While an extremely short name isn’t for everyone, parents might love the rich mythology attached to this ancient Greek name.

19 Biblical Ahlai

This name is somewhat more common in Middle Eastern countries though still not a commonplace name. Ahlai is a rare beauty in the U.S. According to Biblical Baby Names, Ahlai means ornamental and is mentioned as a name twice in the Old Testament of The Bible. Parents might be looking for a name directly out of The Bible that is also unique and melodic, and Ahlai most certainly fits the bill. Ahlai is pronounced “Ah-lay” and is Hebrew in origin.

18 Bravery In Action

Some might call a baby name like Bravery risky, but it’s hard to deny the active feeling this name inspires. A parent who names a baby girl Bravery must have one eye on the future. Bravery is such an unheard of name that the Social Security Administration only listed six births under that name. In Merriam-Webster, bravery is the mental strength to withstand difficulties, and carrying a name like Bravery could lend a girl that strength as she grows into such an auspicious name.

17 Lovely Lavender

Via: @mumma_of_grace

Color names like Violet, Hazel, and even Blu are jumping in popularity. Lavender is rising in the ranks quickly as well—according to Baby Center—but it is still rare enough that chances are your doctor hasn’t seen it more than once. One famous Lavender that Millennials grew up with is Lavender Brown, listed in Pottermore as a minor character in the fictional Harry Potter book and movie series. Evoking both a beautiful color and a lovely scent, Lavender is a more unique flowery name for a baby girl.

16 Little Lilabeth

Via: @morejamesgirone

Somehow Lilabeth manages to sound old-fashioned and delicate while remaining unusual and fresh. Lilabeth is a combination of Lily or Lila and Beth. The fact that Lilabeth is a combination name makes it extremely versatile, allowing for easy nicknames. Baby Name Institute calculates that Lilabeth is the 14,025 most popular baby girl name, so parents who really want a name that nobody has ever seen before can rest assured that their baby girl Lilabeth will be one of a kind.

15 As Deep As The Oceane

Via: Pinterest

Only one letter difference from the word ocean makes this a standout name that conveys vast and unfathomable depth and beauty. These are definitely qualities parents might hope to discover in their baby girl over time. Oceane was only recorded six times last year by the Social Security Administration, making this name rarer than a fine pearl. It is more popular in France—according to NameBerry—and while its popularity hasn‘t translated overseas yet, it may only be a matter of time.

14 Amazing NoraGrace

Golden Glitter Party Dress with Bow

Combining names is a common way of creating a new name. This combo is just so elegant it begs to be spoken. NoraGrace could be honoring a couple of family names, or it could be a totally new name that uses timeless and classic names but follows no tradition at all. While parents can gift a baby girl with as many names as they want, combining NoraGrace as a first name is a great way to squeeze in a middle name without crowding the name field of the birth certificate.

13 Pheeling Pheona

Via: Pinterest

Possibly the rarest name we’ve seen so far, Pheona is a charming alternate spelling for Fiona that is still easy to read and pronounce. It does not seem to have any other origin. Baby Center ranks Pheona at number 16,553 in 2016 in popularity, and the Social Security Administration listed only six Pheonas in 2017. So, parents can rest assured that this spectacular little name will probably be unique throughout their daughter’s life. A name like Pheona with a familiar sound can really take on a new life with an alternate spelling.

12 Elegant Estephania

Estephania had a modestly higher ranking in the early 1990s and has dropped in popularity significantly since then, according to Baby Name Science. This five-syllable name is a delightful variation on the far more common Stephanie yet ties in with the current trend of beginning girls names with an A or E. In recent years, less than ten baby girls every year have been born into the name Estephania, so parents can rest easy that their Estephania probably won’t be meeting another Estephania anytime soon.

11 Reminisce About The Past

Via: Pinterest

A new baby girl for most parents is a new beginning and sparks dreams for the future. Reminisce might seem like a heavy name for a little girl to carry, but it has the potential for some cute nicknames like Remi. The Social Security Administration showed that baby girls were given this name only ten times last year. Parents might be prompted to think back to that special day in the delivery room every time they say their daughter’s name.

10 Fashionable Fynley

The more popular version Finley is already an anglicized version of Fionnlagh—according to Baby Name Wizard—and changing the ‘i’ to a ‘y’ is a sassy alternative. The baby girl named Fynley is playful and new. It’s a safe bet that most people will be surprised and intrigued to hear the name Fynley. It also lends itself easily to nicknames like Fyn or Lee while the baby girl is young. She can grow into the recognizable but unique Fynley over time, making it all her own.

9 Reaching the Summit

Via: Pinterest

Summit might seem a very unusual choice for a baby name at first, but outdoor baby names are trending, according to We Have Kids. Summit is gender-neutral, and many parents are more interested in names that don’t directly imply a gender association. It is certainly an inspirational name with a lot of positive connotations. A rare choice like Summit is a wonderful way to take inspiration from the trend of using natural world words without risking that other baby girls will share the same name.

8 Literary Audre

Via: Pinterest

Although the name Audre is the namesake of the famous author Audre Lorde, the name has not been a common choice for baby girls in recent years. But this past year has seen a huge surge in interest in strong and intelligent women. Parents may be inspired by Audre Lorde—an American feminist poet and writer—according to The Poetry Foundation. Doctors only filled this name out last year ten times nationwide, as per the Social Security Administration, so this literary choice will be a novel one.

7 Langston For The Ladies

Via: Pinterest

Langston has spiked in popularity for boys in recent years, although still short of the top 1000 names, according to The Bump. Langston was a common boy’s name in the early 1900s, fell out mid-century, and is now slowly coming back. Recently the name has begun to cross over to girls and has recently received this loaded appellation. Gender-neutral names have a niche amongst parents looking to give their baby girls an original start and Langston occurred twelve times last year, as per the Social Security Administration.

6 Angel Charlea

Here’s a visually stunning way to spell a name we’re all familiar with. Charlea is a beautiful but functional name for a baby girl that will travel well while remaining completely unique. In The Golden Girls, the character Rose was once married to a man named Charlie. In one episode it’s revealed that her granddaughter also carries this moniker. Passing the name to a daughter with the creative new spelling in Charlea is a fantastic way to honor a loved one while making the name personal.

5 Themis, Goddess of Justice

Via: Pinterest

Once a great Titan goddess of divine law in Greek mythology, Themis was a prophetess and taught the most important rules of morality to humankind, according to Theoi. Such a wise and important personage can provide a learned and respectable name to a baby girl, and no one else is likely to have it. Her very name conveys order and custom divinely inspired and therefore more perfect than human-created. Themis is a stunningly simple name with a wonderful meaning that will inspire everyone who learns about it.

4 A Flower Like Xochitl

In most parts of the U.S., Xochitl is so rare that most people probably aren’t sure how to pronounce it. Xochitl is a Nahuatl word meaning “flower,” according to Baby Name Science. This makes it an extremely appropriate name for girls since people have been using flower words to name baby girls for hundreds of years. It is pronounced “So-Chee” with a very soft stop at the end of the ee sound and is an exotic and unusual flower name.

3 As American As Sojourner

So many baby girl names are names that accompanied immigrants from all over the world, but Sojourner is uniquely American. Isabella Baumfree, who later came to be known as Sojourner Truth, created her name to help communicate her abolitionist and feminist views as she traveled around speaking and working to help people of color and women. Baby Names indicates that Sojourner is so rare as a baby girl name that it is not currently ranked, but this is a name that still rings true even 175 years later.

2 A Vision Of Aisling

The Irish name Aisling is relatively common in Gaelic speaking areas of the world but is more than a little uncommon in the US. Aisling is pronounced “Ash-leen” and means ‘dream or vision,” as per The Bump. YouTube has a short video which can help in mastering the pronunciation if one is interested. Since the traditional spelling of Aisling has barely cracked the top 5000 most popular names, any little Aisling born in the US is going to be a rare vision, indeed.

1 So Very Veronique

Via: Pinterest

There is just no way to say Veronique without thinking of pure elegance and all things lovely and French. This variation on Veronica is super feminine and also incredibly and surprisingly rare in the US, according to the Social Security Administration. NameBerry explains that Veronique means “true image.” Romantic names like Veronique are in style no matter how rare and this is a lovely baby girl name that is hardly ever seen by doctors but should be poised to make a come back.

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