25 Striking Baby Girl Names That Are So Uncommon

It's the biggest decision of all. Ice-cream cravings and adjustable waistbands might feel like a permanent deal during pregnancy, but they're just the buildup. The minute that baby girl is born, everything changes (and "thinking about a name another time" just isn't a reality).

Baby names aren't what they used to be. 2019 moms are looking for a name that says it all. Something unique. Something so utterly beautiful, the other girls in class will be jealous. Ultimately, they're looking for something "uncommon."

Common baby names are popular for a reason. They're beautiful. Olivia, Sophia, Emma, Ava, and Amelia all featured as the most-chosen baby girl names of 2018. While these are already way more adventurous than 80s or 90s names, the hunt isn't over.

"Uncommon" is actually a pretty hard one to perfect. While celebrities like Kylie Jenner and Cardi B have chosen Stormi and Kulture for their girls, not every mother is ready to leap that far. After all, being named Kulture in a regular school is going to get a girl noticed a little more than she might want.

Angelina Jolie did something interesting with her girls. Shiloh-Nouvel got a #Statement, but her twins showed a little more variety. While one is named Knox, the other is named Vivienne.

This one is for any mother who's eyeing up a striking and uncommon girl's name. Here are 25 of them.


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Talk about a striking name. Cadeau is the French for "gift" or "present." While it's a word that little girls in France jump and down with glee over, it's actually also a name. With the signature "eau" ending that whacks on a ton of class (and a crisp sound to balance it out), Cadeau is the kind of name that only the classiest girl will pull off. That doesn't mean living in Paris or being a Kardashian, though. Cadeau is stunning, plus it could shorten to Caddie.


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Paquita is mostly known for being a famous ballet– it's less famous than Swan Lake, though. As to the name, Paquita is a Spanish diminutive of Frances, but you'd never know. Mommies are definitely eyeing up names with the letter "q," but Paquita is way less common than Raquel or Quinn. There's a stable sound to Paquita. Almost like a rhythm (probably why it's a ballet). For a stunning, super-uncommon, and super-striking girl's name, Paquita is one to consider.


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There's a beauty to the name Fleur that works a bit like this: One kid in the class has it (and everyone wants it). Fleur is the French for "flower." Floral names are super on-trend right now, but not in the way that sees names like Rosie or Petal shooting up charts. Fleur is also one of those French words that everyone kind of knows. With Fleur Delacour in Harry Potter, this name is now on everybody's radar, but it still isn't getting picked that much. #Stunning


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Suki is definitely a name we're seeing now that Robert Pattinson is dating Suki Waterhouse. At the same time, every time you see a headline regarding these two, your eye stays stuck on the page. Why? Because the super-snappy, super-perky Suki just stands out. This Japanese name turns even more beautiful when you learn that the meaning is "loved one." If she's going to be loved and you can see something a little out of the ordinary with her, go with Suki.


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"K" names are literally everywhere right now. While the Kardashian-Jenners have five of them covered (Kim, Kourtney, Khloe, Kendall, and Kylie), Kestrel isn't one that they seem to have picked up on. This gender-neutral name actually works for either a girl or a boy. With soft sounds, open vowels, and an earthy sound, Kestrel even has bird origins. This Old English name might be the girl equivalent to Falcon for a boy, but it's got all the stunning characteristics of a #RareBeauty name.


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Striking names can be super-long and long-winded. Or, like Lilo, they can be itsy-bitsy. With just four letters (and two of the same one), Lilo is the upbeat, slightly cheeky girl's name that's perfect for a baby with a twinkle in her eye. Names that end in "o" generally have a fun feel, but finding one that's unusual can be tricky. Pronounced "Lee-loh" (or any way you like), this name actually means "generous one"– who knew? Lilo has Hawaiian origins. Definitely uncommon.


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Tons of names start with the letter "e." On the whole, they tend to be fairly common. Emma, Ella, Elsa, and Erica are all lovely names, but they don't wind up making people gasp. Eunice is especially unusual. With two vowels for an opener and a soft "c" that feels Italian, Eunice actually has Greek origins. "Good victory" is the meaning of this name. Saying it out loud (and realizing how soft it sounds) though, you'd never guess the powerful meaning behind it.


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If 2019 mommies want anything, it's something fresh, right? Aster is one of those Old English names that's so uncommon, you'd never guess that it dates back to historic Britain. "Star" is the meaning is this girl's name. Unlike Estrella or Stella though, Aster puts the emphasis on the opening sounds. The effect is pretty neat. You end up with a really strong opener (hint: she's going to have a personality), but the name doesn't rattle on forever to finish. Aster is perfect for 2019, and we love it.


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This name is absolutely gorgeous. Sylvie is the elegant, French name that turned into a bit of a celebrity name with the world's most famous ballerina, Sylvie Guillem. You're also looking at someone who's met her, so take it from us, the sheer grace and daintiness of this name really reflect on the person with it. "From the forest" is the meaning of this French variation of the Latin Sylvia. While Sylvie can feel festive or wintery, it's got evergreen beauty (and definitely an uncommon streak).


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Dominique is going to fit a girl with class, poise, and a touch of cheekiness. With European charm, that signature, sleek ending, and a gender-neutral nature that works with both boys or girl, Dominique is the trend-setting name to watch. Over in Europe, kids are often named Monique or Patrique. 007 James Bond has had a Dominique, and we've even seen the name in the Harry Potter series. It's uncommon, oh-so-striking, and probably worth grabbing before someone else does.


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Finding a striking name that still feels like it would work in the regular world is pretty tough. New mommies actually end up pretty bewildered– names tend to be either "super-normal" or "super-wacky." Sheridan is the stunning baby name that's pretty big in the UK, but the rest of the world has yet to discover it. "Searcher" is the meaning of this Irish name, and it's even gender-neutral! While Desperate Housewives' Nicolette Sheridan has it as a last name, the British actress, Sheridan Smith has it for a first.


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With Khloe Kardashian's fame, the name Khloe might not feel uncommon, but as far as classroom lists go, not many girls actually have this name. Chloe with a "c" is far more common, but there's a chic vibe to replacing that letter with a "k." Khloe might only have four letters, but it's got as much meaning as it has elegance– "young green shoot" is the meaning of this super-fresh name. Something about Khloe just feels 2019-ready. The name shot up charts in 2017 and 2018, and we can see why.


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Anastasia is the name that every girl wishes she had. With fairytale princess imagery, a rich Russian heritage, and a beautifully laid-out string of "a" letters, this name manages to pull off striking, uncommon, and classic all at once. "Resurrection" is the meaning of this name, and the links stretch from ancient Greece and Ireland all the way through to Russia. Cinderella, Battlestar Galactica, and "Yes, Anastasia" by Tori Amos have all used the beauty of this name. It's a winner.


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One-syllable names are all the rage right now. With Kim K's North and Christina Aguilera's Rain, we're seeing a huge shift away from longer, more old-fashioned names. If you still want a touch of the worldly vibe for your baby girl, Blair is definitely a name to consider. Once stuffy (but now the complete opposite), Blair is the gender-neutral name that comes with Scottish origins, a meaning of "dweller on the plain," and tons of pop culture references. Gossip Girl should be a good reminder of how well Blair works.


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A tiny part of us wonders if Dove Cameron is as famous as she is because of that stunning name. Bird-like names have a delicate beauty to them that's hard to match. If Birdie sounds too kitschy, but you're looking for that purity and daintiness, it's time consider Dove. Gender-neutral, one-syllable, and utterly perfect for a tiny baby, Dove is a nature name that takes the symbol of goodness and life and puts it into a name. Striking, uncommon, and perfect.


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Trust us– name that baby girl Waverly, and everyone will be jealous. While some ocean-inspired names dance around the wave concept, Waverly goes straight for it. That's before you learn that the "meadow of quivering aspens" meaning adds earthy vibes. The name Waverly is actually gender-neutral, although many mothers prefer it for girls. Its three syllables manage to carry flow perfectly. The Princess Bride chose it, and everyone knows Wizards of Waverly Place. At the same time though, Waverly remains totally uncommon.


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A girly name with a girly ring is something we've seen before. Millie, Billie, and Lily all take a stab at the cute, girly ring. Tilly is the cute-as-a-button baby girl's name that comes with a little something different. "Battle-mighty" is the unexpectedly strong meaning behind the light letters, plus the name is shortened version of Matilda. Tilly and Friends more than picked up on this name, but for the most part, it's still super-rare. If a short, cute, but powerful name is something you're after, Tilly might just be it.


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"Her name is Noelle..." The opening lyrics to Wheatus' "Teenage Dirtbag" song might come with a questionable title, but the beauty is right there in the opening. Noelle is the wintery, Christmas-centric girl's name that takes the French for winter and adds a classy "elle" ending. Kim Kardashian's middle name is Noel. Super-feminine without sounding OTT, Noelle has sophistication in every letter, chic vibes, and you can guarantee that nobody else will have it. If Ella is one of the most popular girl's names, Noelle is the uncommon equivalent.


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It isn't easy to pull of Ancient Greek origins in 2019. Ophelia is the wide-vowel, whimsical name that was prestigious enough for Shakespeare's Hamlet (but stays fresh enough for today). "Help" is the meaning of this name, although people tend not to pay much attention to meanings. Ophelia is unusual from the start. Not many names begin with "o," and the ones that do (like Olivia) are already very common. Ariana Grande even named her dog Ophelia, while Dave Grohl picked it for his baby girl.


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Everything is getting turned on its head in 2019. Once a bit of a stuffy, "housewife-ey" name, Margot is now the trending baby name that gives a little high-five to the actress, Margot Robbie. Think a little deeper about Margot though, and you'll see it. The ballerina, Margot Fonteyn had this name. There's a silent "t" ending, but the "o" pronunciation balances that out with a bouncy ring. Margot is the variant of Margaret that's way punchier, way more unusual, and 100% ticks the box for uncommon.


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"What a beautiful name!" That was the reaction from someone we know who casually mentioned knowing a Clarissa. As the elaboration of the much shorter Clara, Clarissa takes just a few more letters and uses each one to add a touch of sparkle. "Bright, clear" is the meaning of this girl's name, although the "issa" ending definitely gives it an Italian-sounding edge. As one of the few longer girl's names that still manages to sound dainty, Clarissa is the #UncommonName that's too beautiful to ignore.


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"Sky" is the meaning of this name. As bountiful, beautiful, and free as it would suggest, Ciel is the wide-open baby name that takes French chic, nature, and soft sounds and puts them into a package. With a "see-EL" pronunciation, Ciel is said as simply as it's spelled, but there's nothing basic about this name. When Kylie Jenner chose Stormi, she admitted to looking at weather names. With Ciel, it can rain or shine. You'll still have the beauty of the sky (and the guarantee that her name is strikingly uncommon).


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Plenty of names play on the concept of an angel. We see it with Angelina Jolie, plus names like Angelica, Angelique, and the simple Angel. Evangeline takes the beauty of this angelic name and adds the much-needed #Different. The Lost actress, Evangeline Lily made the name famous, but this is an A-Lister name that remains remarkably uncommon. Evangeline shortens perfectly to Eva or Evie, but it's the unusual "e" opening that's got everyone's eye. "Bearer of good news" is the meaning (and the origin is Greek).


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Harper wasn't on anyone's radar until Victoria Beckham chose Harper Seven for her baby girl. This Old English name now comes as the super-trendy, gender-neutral name that feels nowhere near as old as it is– the Old English "harp player" meaning has 100% been revamped by the trendsetter feel and Hollywood links. At the same time, Harper isn't so "Hollywood" that people will be raising an eyebrow. Wizards of Waverly Place, The 100, and Two and a Half Men have all had a Harper.


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It's almost like saving the best 'til last. Mila is the ultimate girly-girl name. With Mila Kunis and Mila Jovovich both having this name, Mila definitely calls to its East European origins, but the name totally works in any part of the world. The diminutive of Milena is much shorter and cuter, and it joins the list of popular "m" names (with a twist). Unlike Melissa, Melanie, Miley, or Maddie, Mila just isn't a name that's picked all that much. Four letters, all stunning, and 100% worth considering.

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