25 Striking Boy Names That Will Guarantee He'll Be One Of A Kind

Names reveal more about people than most think. It is not without reason that parents take a long time to decide what they should name their babies. Choosing a child’s name is a huge decision - after all, he will be walking around with it for the rest of his life. It is very normal for people to judge others by their name.

As your child gets older, his name will also reflect on him. When your child is about to go in for a meeting or an interview, the panelist would have already have formed a rough picture of your child from his name alone. Therefore, a lot of factors have to be taken into consideration when you name your child.

According to Laura Wattenberg, author of The Baby Name Wizard, “The name doesn’t belong to you--you are making the decision because your child can’t do it for himself-- but what you choose does say a lot about your personality and it will influence the child's as well".

It is important for the parents to see it from the child’s point of view and how he will have to live with it. If the parents keep these basic guidelines in mind, it will make their job a lot easier. Today’s parents want their kids to stand out and some are in the race to be more distinctive than the rest.

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25 Zeke

The name Zeke is a boy’s name of Hebrew origin meaning “God strengthens" and "strength of God”. Zeke is a casual form of the name Ezekiel, an important prophet from the Old Testament. It could be a cooler alternative to Zack as well. In most countries all around the world, Zeke is a name given to boys.

 Zeke is of Hebrew and Aramaic origins and is used in more than one countries and different languages of the world, especially English speaking countries, Hebrew speaking countries amongst others.  Zeke is a 1 syllable word and is pronounced Ziy-K as per the details listed in babynamespedia.com.

From its Aramaic roots, it also means “Shooting Star, Spark”. Zeke is also an English and Hebrew diminutive of Zachary. Other variants of this name include Zeak, Zeake, Zeek and so on.

24 Yavin

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This two-syllable baby boy name Yavin is pronounced Yaa-VIY-N. Yavin has its origins in the Hebrew language and it is also used largely in Hebrew. The meaning of Yavin is “He will understand”. Yavin is a variant transcription of Yarin (English) and Jabin.

Yavin’s popularity is listed out in ourbabynamer.com which states that this uncommon name would be a striking name choice. It had its highest popularity ranking of #7389 in the year 2000. Mostly unused for a number of years now, this name has shown a steady increase in popularity, that trend could still continue.

23 Axel

The name Axel was introduced in the United States by Scandinavian immigrants. This two-syllable baby boy name is pronounced AH-KS-eyL. Axel is an English, German and Scandinavian name of Hebrew and Old Greek origin and its usage is in Danish, Swedish, Norwegian and German.

From its Hebrew origins this name means “God the father is peace” and from its Ancient Greek origins it means “Defender of men”.

According to Nameberry, Axel is the perfect heavy metal rock name, thanks to ‘Guns N’ Roses star Axl Rose. Axel is a popular Scandinavian form of the biblical Absalom who was a son of King David. This name is quite popular in Scandinavia, Germany, and France.

22 Xander

The name Xander is a boys name of Greek origin that means “Defending men”. One of the newer short forms of Alexander, Xander is a spelling that first saw the limelight in Buffy The Vampire Slayer and then as Vin Diesel’s character in XXX. This two-syllable name is pronounced in English as ZAEN-DahR or in Dutch as KSAAN-DahR. Xander is largely used in Dutch, English, German and Greek.

The different variants of this name are listed out in behindthename.com and they include Alex, Lex, Sander (Dutch), Al, Alec, Alex, Sandy and Zander (English). The feminine forms of this name include Alexandra (Dutch), Alexandrea and Alexandria (English). This popular name Xander is favored by many parents and it had a highest ranking of #163 in 2017.

21 Vihaan


The baby boy name Vihaan is of Sanskrit origin and is extensively used in English and Hindi speaking countries. It is a two-syllable name that is pronounced VEE-han. Vihaan literary means “The first ray of the Sun”. This name has an expression number 1 which denotes that these children are born leaders.

Expert opinion in nameberry.com states that this name is from the Sanskrit word denoting the dawn, but has the symbolic meaning of the beginning of a new age, making Vihaan a wonderful choice for the first baby in a family’s next generation. The popularity trend of VIhaan has been soaring upward for some time and this name still has a solid footing.

20 Tarquin

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Tarquin is a two-syllable baby boy name that is pronounced TAAR-KwihN. This name is derived from the Roman name Tarquinius which is of unknown meaning, possibly Etruscan in origin, to be precise from the Etruscan city Tarquinii from which this name was derived.

Nameberry points out that this name is one of the few ancient Roman names that doesn't end in ‘us’, the rarely heard Tarquin has a decidedly creative and a dramatic flair which could appeal to a new parent looking for a strikingly original name. Tarquin has some literary cred as well, appearing in a Shakespeare's poem about Lucrece.

19 Duane

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The name Duane is of Celtic and Gaelic origin and it is used mainly in English speaking countries including Ireland. This two-syllable baby boy name is sometimes used for girls as well.

This name has the meaning of “The little dark one, Descendant of Dubhan, Descendant of the little dark one”. Anglicized from the Gaelic Dubhan, which itself was originally a byname formed from the element ‘dubh’ (meaning dark black) and a diminutive suffix.

Duane has 17 variants that are used in the different languages including English as per babynamespedia.com. A few of those are Dawayne, Deune, Dewain, Duain (English), Dwain, Dwane (Irish) and Dubhan (Irish variant). The name Duana is a female variant of Duane.

18 Santino

Santino means ‘little saint’ in Italian. This is a three-syllable baby boy name which is pronounced SaenTIY-Now, San-TEE-no. It is mainly used in the Italian and English languages and it is of Latin origin. The English meaning of Santino is “Sacred”.

Santino is a pet form of the Italian and Spanish name Santo. Ourbabynamer.com reports that Santino was ranked 600th most popular baby boy’s name in 2017. This name still has a solid footing and is at its highest popularity.

This name is also great as a middle name. Santino’s have an expression number 11 which denotes that they are exceptionally intuitive and insightful.

17 Bailey

The two-syllable name Bailey is used for both boys and girls, with the latter form being much more common and it is pronounced BAY-lee. This name is predominantly used in English and German and its origins are Old English. From the elements ‘baili’ meaning ‘bailiff’, ‘baiulus’ meaning ‘porter, messenger’; ‘beg’ meaning ‘berry’ and ‘leah’ meaning ‘wood, clearing, meadow’.

The meaning of Bailey is ‘law enforcer, bailiff’. The personal name is derived from an Old English family name who was working as a bailiff or porter. This was a regular name for boys in the 19th century but was later popularised as a girl’s name by the female character Bailey Quarters in comedy sitcom ‘WKRP in Cincinnati’. 

As listed in babynamespedia.com, Bailey has 24 variants and those include names like Bailea, Baili, Bayli, Bail and Bayly.

16 Garrett

Garrett is a two-syllable baby boy’s name that is pronounced GAYR-it. The name is of Celtic - Gaelic origin and is used mostly in countries which speaks English. This name is extensively used and has 32 variant transcriptions. Behindthename.com states that Garrett is associated with strength, safety, security, and intelligence.

The name has Old English and Old Norse origins and it means “A mighty warrior with a spear”. It was believed that Garrett guarded garrisons and they were the Spartans of their time. The safety and security of the castles were in the ‘keep’ and above this was a room known as ‘The Garrett’ where spears and weapons were stored.

From the purpose of the castles Garrett, the name became synonymous with safety, security, and protection. Nowadays there is a new definition for this name which is ‘rule by spear’.

15 Reynard

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Reynard is a two-syllable baby boy name that is pronounced RAY-nahrd, Ren-H-ERD. This name is derived from German, French and Teutonic origins and is largely used in English, French and German-speaking countries.

Reynard is derived from the elements ‘Ragin’ meaning counsel, advice and ‘hart’ meaning brave, hardy. From its French origins, it means a’As the fox’, from its German origins it means ‘Bold or courageous’ and from its Teutonic origins, it means ‘Bravery of the fox.

This name was popular among the Norman French who later introduced this name to the English. Reynard could also come from the French word for fox, which is ‘Renard’. The nicknames and variations for this name is listed in nameberry.com and it includes Reinard, Ranard, Rey, Reynardo, Rennard and so on. With its association to the cunning fox in Medieval European animal tales, Reynard can make an unusual choice for a boy’s name.

14 Nereus

The face of a sleeping newborn baby in white bedding

The three-syllable name Nereus is a masculine name of Old Greek origin that is pronounced as NEER-oos or NEER-ee-us. This Biblical name is derived from the element ‘Nereis’ which means sea nymph.

Its usage is in Greek mythology, Ancient Greek, Biblical, Biblical Latin and Biblical Greek. Derived from the Greek ‘Neros’ this name means "water".

From behindthename.com we know that in Greek mythology, Nereus was the name of a God of the sea, the father of the Nereids. This is briefly mentioned in the New Testament. This was also the name of a Roman saint of the 1st century Saint Nereus. Nereida (English and Spanish) and Nerina (Hungarian and Italian) are the feminine versions of Nereus.

13 Eugene

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Eugene has its origins in Greek and is extensively used in English and French-speaking countries. This two-syllable baby boy name is pronounced yu-JEEN or ou-ZHEN. This name is derived from the elements ‘eugenes’ which means wellborn, noble. Eugene was ranked in the top 50’s from 1880 to 1940 and there were four Popes by this name.

Babynamespedia.com informs us that Eugenios (Old Greek) and Eugenius (Latin) are older forms of this name. Eugenia is the feminine form of this name in English, French, German, Greek, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian and Spanish. This widely popular name has 54 variants that are used in different languages including English.

12 Lazarus

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The name Lazarus is a masculine name of Hebrew origin which means ‘God is my helper’. This Biblical name is found in the New Testament where there are two people named Lazarus, one being the brother of Mary and Martha of Bethany whom Jesus raised from the dead and the other was the poor man in one of the parables, who went to heaven.

This three-syllable name is pronounced LAEZ-ahR-ahS. Older forms of this name include Eleazar, Eliezer (Hebrew), Lazar (Aramaic), Lazaros (Old Greek) and Lazarus (Latin). Ourbabynamer.com states that Lazarus would be a standout, distinctive name selection. While its highest position was attained in 1882 where it was placed at #1023, its popularity has been on the upward trend for a while now.

11 Aldrich

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Aldrich is a form of the English Eldridge. This two-syllable baby boy name Aldrich is pronounced AELDRiy-CH or Al-dreech, it has German origins and is used in English and German. This name means ‘Old and powerful ruler, Long time ruler’. This widely used name has around 26 variant forms that are used in various languages including English. Some of the English forms are Al, Aldric, Aldrik, and Aldridge, French Audric and Lettish Uldric.

Ourbabynamer.com informs us that Aldrich has an expression number 1. Individuals having this number are born leaders, they are self-confident and self-reliant. These individuals are naturally creative and very independent which serves them well when they are facing tough situations.

10 Jagger

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This two-syllable baby boy name is pronounced JHAEG-er, Jag-er. Jagger has a North English origin and it is used mainly in English. This name means to ‘carry things in a cart’. The various transcriptions of this name include Gagger, Jagar, Jaggir and Jaggy are a few.

The meaning and history of Jagger are explained well by behindthename.com, which states that this name is from the traditionally English occupational surname meaning carter, peddler. Jagger also has ‘huntsman’ as a meaning.

The rise in popularity of this name is likely due to the popularity of English pop star Mick Jagger, the lead vocalist and founding member of the legendary rock and roll band The Rolling Stones.

9 Hadwyn

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The name Hadwyn is of English origin and is extensively used in English speaking countries. This two-syllable baby boy name is pronounced HAED-Wihn and its meaning is ‘Friend during wartime’.

Ourbabynamer.com says that Hadwyn is a great choice as a name for parents looking for a unique name and that it fits a child full of majesty and distinction. These individuals have an expression number 3 and they love to talk.

They are outgoing, social and creative and they love to perform. Their energy and optimism will inspire and motivate those around them. Variants of the name include Hadwin and Haethowine.

8 Cassius

The name Cassius is a boy’s name of Latin origin which means ‘hollow’ and is used mostly in English speaking countries. This three-syllable masculine name is pronounced as KAES-IY-ahs or KAE-SH-ahS in English. The Latin Cassius is one of the surnames of the oldest families of Rome. This name was borne by several early saints.

As stated in babynamespedia.com, this name has 19 variants that are used in different languages. Some of the English variants include Cach, Cache, and Cassia. The short form Cass and the pet forms Cassie are other English variants. Cassius had its highest popularity ranking of #430 which was in 1880. This name is currently having an upward trend for some time now

7 Gunner

The name Gunner is of English, Old Norse origins and is extensively used in English speaking countries. This two-syllable baby boy name is pronounced Gun-ur or GOO-ner. Behindthename.com explains well on Gunner’s meaning and history.

From an English surname which can be derived from the Old Norse feminine gave name Gunvor or possibly the masculine Gunnar and in other cases, could be an occupational surname for someone who operated a canon.

Use of this name may also be influenced by the English word Gunner, that means ‘Gunman’. Gunner had a highest ranking of #235 in 2014. Of late, in continuing with the upward trend, the number of parents selecting the name Gunner for their baby is on the rise.

6 Frasier

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The name Frasier is a masculine name with American, Celtic-Gaelic and Scottish origins, the meaning of this name has more than 1 different etymologies. The American meaning of this name is the name of a psychologist/radio personality, the Celtic-Gaelic meaning is strawberry and the Scottish meaning is curly hair.

Experts in ourbabynamer.com state that Frasier is a unique, sophisticated, sweet and an auspicious name. This name is mostly unused and it had achieved a highest ranking of #6565 in 1994. This name has an expression number 4, which means that a boy with the name Frasier is sure to be organized, methodical, practical, reliable and honest.

5 Asher

The name Asher is a boy’s name of Hebrew origin meaning ‘fortunate, blessed, happy one’. In the Bible, Asher was one of Jacob’s twelve sons who gave their names to the tribes of Israel.

This two-syllable baby boy name that is pronounced AE-shaHr is also used as a girl’s name at times but is more commonly used for boys. This name has an Old English origin and is used extensively in English and Hebrew languages.

A detailed list of variant forms of this name is listed in babynamespedia.com. Asher is a pet form of the name Ashley. Akela (English and Hawaiian), Ash (English), Ashar, Ashir, Ashur (English and Hebrew), Ashyr, Asser (German) and Osher (Hebrew) are all variants of this name.

4 Keely

The name Keely is of Irish origin and it means beauty. It is also of English origin where it means ‘slender’. Kelly is a two-syllable baby boy name that is pronounced ‘KIY-LIY’ or KEE-Lee and it is occasionally used for girls with the latter form being much more common.

Ourbabynamer.com states that this great little girl name has a natural spirit. This name has an expression number 22 and is referred to as the master builder. Individuals with this expression number are capable of achieving great success, especially through the number of expectations placed upon them.

This rare name had once achieved the highest rating of 455 in 1997. Currently, it is on a downward journey and this distinctive name is losing its shine.

3 Roman

This name is derived from the late Latin name Romanus which meant Roman. Its usage is in Russian, Polish, Czech, Slovak, Ukrainian, Slovene, Croatian and German. This two-syllable baby boy name is sometimes used as a feminine name as well and is pronounced in Polish as RAW-man and in English as ROW-min.

This name was borne by a number of early saints. The name Romana (Czech, German, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian and Slavic) is the female equivalent of Roman.

This name has an expression number 7 which describes him as an inquisitive and a curious child. Ourbabynamer.com goes on to say that these individuals want to seek out the truth around them.

2 Nakoa

Nakoa’s language of origin is Hawaiian and it is also used largely in the Hawaiian language. It is a three-syllable baby boy’s name that is pronounced as Na-KOWAH. The meaning of this name is ‘’brave’.

Ourbabynamer.com experts state that Nakoa is a sophisticated and a daring name. Nakoa is a probable choice for parents seeking a more suitable name. This rare name was ranked #3149th Most Popular Boy’s name in 2017.

Nakoa has an expression number 6 that denotes these individuals to own a helping heart. They are highly responsible from a young age and are extremely conscious of the activities in which they are involved.

1 Marcelo

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Marcelo is a baby boy’s name that has Portuguese, Latin and Spanish origins and is widely used in English, Portuguese, Italian and Spanish speaking countries. This three-syllable name is pronounced in Spanish as Maar-THEH-Low or in Spanish Latin American as Maar-SEH-Low. The Latin, Portuguese and Spanish meaning of Marcelo is ‘Little Marcus’ and the Italian meaning is ‘warlike’.

Marcelo’s popularity is explained in ourbabynamer.com, it reached its highest popularity ranking of #586 in 2017. Marcelo has an expression number 4 and these individuals are honest and reliable from a very young age. They are down to earth individuals and have the intelligence and perseverance to take on difficult tasks.

References: babynamespedia.com, ourbabynamer.com, nameberry.com, behindthename.com

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