25 Strong Baby Boy Names That Make A Statement

Making a statement is everything. Although, there are many ways to interpret what that actually means. Ultimately, it's about leaving a lasting impact that everyone will remember. Names are a great way to keep someone hooked. They can invade one's mind and intertwine with their thoughts to the point that they just keep repeating it over and over again. This is one of the reasons why moms and dads want to find strong names for their baby boys that make this kind of statement. They want everyone they come in contact with to remember them; whether it's their colleagues, teachers, friends, family, or romantic partners. Thanks to our trusty pal Nameberry, we've compiled a list of some of the most exciting and engaging names that are sure to make a real statement.

These names all sound strong. Some feel strong because of the associations we make thanks to their connection to media, literature, and modern entertainment. But others are strong because they sound unique and intelligent. And, we all have to admit that knowledge can be far more powerful than brute strength. Whatever one's angle is when picking a strong name, there should be a couple on this list for everybody. Without further ado, here are 25 strong baby boy names that are sure to make a statement.

25 Thor

Avengers fans know precisely why this Norse name leaves such an impact on the people who hear it. Obviously, Chris Hemsworth's Thor is very strong, but in the later films in the series, his character has left a lasting impression for things like his wit, oddness, and level of fun he can have. These things feel stronger than just his physical abilities. But still, Thor is a name that is deeply tied to strength thanks to the mythology that goes far beyond the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

24 Cliff

Yeah, this name is a bit old-school. There's no doubt about it. But that doesn't mean it doesn't leave an impact. This is definitely a statement name and always has been. It was used a lot in England over the past sixty years but also became popular in America. However, in recent years, very few people have this name. Any name that's chosen to reflect an environment just feels strong. In this case, you are naming your kid after a jagged rock formation that juts out from the earth and hangs above the water or and bottomless chasm.

23 Adriano

Romantic names can certainly sound strong. After all, this name, which comes from Italy, means "man from Adria" which appears as mysterious as it is powerful. Adriano is a very masculine name, even though it comes from a very gender-neutral name, Adrien. Equal parts dashing and strong, this name is sure to leave a lasting impression on those who hear it. Additionally, the name is also sure to breed a level of unparalleled confidence in the boy who is lucky enough to claim it.

22 Walker

Of course, we'd include a name that sounds like it's from Star Wars. Of course, Luke and Anakin Skywalker (and maybe Rey Skywalker?) are prominent figures in the Star Wars universe. Each of them is strong in their own way, but their names are a tad to science-fiction to be used in real life. However, Walker is a nice compromise. It's also the name of Chuck Norris' character in Texas Ranger. And you definitely don't get much stronger than Chuck Norris. In short, this is a great name.

21 Elkan

Names that are homages to animals are also a very good choice for strong and impactful names that make a statement. Of course, you have to be careful of which animal you choose to name your kid as not every animal has the same reputation. Additionally, some animals, such as the snake, have strong ties to literature, religion, and symbology that may not always be positive. But the elk is not one of these creatures. It is a strong, mysterious and majestic creature that is a great base for a name. Elkan is actually a Hebrew name and translates to "he belongs to God", which sound pretty cool.

20 Cruz

Okay, don't let Tom sour this name for you. Cruz, as a first name, actually has deep Christian roots, although is totally transferable to any religion, culture, or lack thereof. It's the name Victoria and David Beckham chose for one of their boys. This is because it sounds very polished and cool, but also kind of edgy and fun. All of these traits make it seem very strong. This is why it may be a good choice for your child if you want him to make a statement that is.

19 Reed

Reed is a name that was originally a surname and was usually connected to those who had red hair in Scotland and in England. However, the Western world has also clung onto this name which dates back hundreds of years. Reed is the name of a leader. Someone who wants to inspire others while still have a level of personal independence which makes them somewhat mysterious and almost magical. This is a great name to leave a statement. It has a real impact but also sounds quite beautiful.

18 Osiris

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If you name a child after a god, it almost always leaves a long-lasting impact on others. Osiris is one of the most unique-sounding names on this list because it's one of the most unique names for a God in the mythology and ancient religions of Egypt. The name translates to "with strong eyesight", which is a trait that strong people have. Those who have power truly see things and people for who and what they are. A more practical reason for choosing this name has to the near-endless nicknames that could be chosen such as "Oz" or "Cyrus".

17 Laurent

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Laurent is a name that seems far less stereotypical than the rest on this list because it sounds less strong in the physical sense of the word. Instead, this name, which comes from France, has a bit of tenderness to it that makes us feel kind of attracted to it. This is the main reason why it makes a statement. Additionally, it's the name of someone who is very cultured and intelligent, therefore they too are absolutely powerful. Of course, we also think of Yves Saint Laurent. Without a doubt, this is the name of someone who is both a lover and a fighter.

16 Tyrion

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And in comes a Game of Thrones name for you. But instead of choosing a name of a character from the show that is notorious for being strong, such as Jon, Jaime, or The Mountain, we went for someone who shows strength in different ways. Tyrion is a character who found a way past the hand that life dealt him. He is someone who has embraced these qualities and wore them like a badge of honor while out-thinking and out-strategizing the vast majority of those he comes into contact with. But of Tyrion's origins, this is the name of someone who truly makes a statement.

15 Cassian

Fans of Star Wars and The Chronicles of Narnia know this name pretty well, but Cassian, which has a Latin origin, is a name that people who don't consider themselves to be nerds also like. This is because this strong name is very flexible to nicknames. It's also the name of a group of Saints in and fourth and fifth century that some may want to honor. But most of all, this name just sounds so frigging cool that it's almost ridiculous. Seriously, only cool people would have this name and thus it's bound to leave a long-lasting impact.

14 Maynard

Okay, so maybe Maynard leaves some impression because of the candy company that shares the same name. But put that aside for a minute. The name was popular for far longer than the candies. It comes from Germany and feels pretty trendy. And the name actually means "hardy, brave, and strong", which obviously means that it's appropriate for this list. But, like Laurent, Maynard sounds sophisticated and intelligent. And these traits, to us at least, leave far more of a statement than just a name that feels like it belongs to a WWE wrestler.

13 Lucien

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Speaking of sophisticated and intelligent, Lucien is a wonderful name. It seems like a name that only the most influential would have. It's the name of a man who can pull strings from behind-the-scenes and without anybody knowing. It's the name of a man who everyone wants to tell their deepest thoughts to. It's a trustworthy name, but at the same time, can feel quite edgy. This is why we think this name is perfect for moms who want their boy to seem strong and make a statement.

12 Horatio

Sorry, but no name on this list may make as much of a statement as Horatio. Perhaps it's because this name hasn't been popular for a very long time and thus will catch people off-guard. Although, the main character on C.S.I.: Miami had this name and he constantly made an impact whenever he took off or put on his sunglasses. The name was used in Shakespeare's masterpiece, Hamlet, by the loyal friend of the titular character. But it sounds like the name of someone who would take center-stage.

11 Lazar

You could pronounce this way in two distinctive ways. On one hand, you could say "Lay-zer", which sounds strong for obvious reasons. On the other, you could say, "Lah-zar", which is closer to "Eleazar", which is of Hebrew origin. It's also similar to "Lazarus" which comes from Greece and has connections to everlasting life. Either way you go, the name does sound distinctively strong and will almost definitely leave an impact. Besides, it's one of those names that not everybody has nowadays. It's fun to be a bit different.

10 Edric

Edric is a totally charming name for a bay boy. It's a cross between names like "Eric", "Cedrick", and also "Derick". But it sounds far more modern, even though it traces back to history in England. Edric translates to "wealthy ruler". Both of those words are traits that many moms want their kid to have. They want them to be strong enough to lead and intelligent and lucky enough to make money. So, Edric is a regal name but also is a name that sounds soft as it rolls off of the tongue.

9 Omri

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Unlike Omar, Omri is not one of the most common names in the world. Omar has Arabic roots and is used by countless individuals. Luckily for them, the name is pretty nice sounding and almost definitely strong. However, Omri, which is actually a Hebrew name, sounds far more multi-dimensional. It shares the same strength of the name that's so similar but seems to have far more tenderness and understanding. It translates to "my sheaf". For those who don't know, a sheaf is a bundle of grain stalks that are tied together after reaping. This makes us think that this is the name of a man who is solid but also who provided nutrients and positivity to those around him.

8 Jupiter

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Name your son after an entire planet; it's a sure-fire way of making him seem strong and leave an impact on others. But the name Jupiter isn't just an homage to our solar system's largest planet. The name Jupiter actually comes from a supreme Roman deity, which gives it a level of grandiose suitable for any strong individual. Space names are always a good way of leaving a lasting impact on others. But Jupiter may just be the coolest. That's because it's one of the few names that successfully uses two strong-sounding consonants, "J" and "P."

7 Ronan

Fans of Guardians of the Galaxy and the rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe will probably dislike this name almost as much as Thanos. Well, maybe not quite as much. However, this name, which comes from Ireland, actually a meaning that makes it seem far less strong than it sounds. It means, "little seal." This dichotomy makes the name far more approachable and yet it still keeps its strength. It's a name that's tied to may great literary figures as well as the intrepid journalist, Ronan Farrow.

6 Ace

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"Unity" is the meaning of this name which has Angle-Saxon roots. It was once only used as a nickname given to those who had excelled in a certain area. This is one of the reasons why it has started to become a more trendy name for baby boys. It's almost as if their parents are trying to set them up for success by legally calling them this name. Ace could be a name that could sound a tad ostentatious, but if used with the right surname, it could sound pretty cool and certainly make a statement.

5 Kit

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Okay, one more strong Game of Thrones name for you. Although this one isn't directly from the popular HBO show and series of novels by George R.R. Martin. It's actually the first name of the actor who plays the show's hero, Jon Snow (AKA... SPOILER ALERT... Aegon Targaryen). But Kit is far more normal than "Aegon" and far less dull than "Jon". It's the name of a strong, creative individual who leaves a positive impression on everyone he comes into contact with.

4 Romulus

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In Latin, Romulus means "citizen of Rome", which doesn't sound all that cool unless you know a bit of history. Romulus, as well as his brother, Remus (yes... like Remus Lupin), discovered the city. Although Romulus did end up turning on his brother and taking all the credit for himself. Still, the name isn't just suitable for a brilliant and yet diabolical baddie. It's also perfect for a cool, slightly aloof individual who everybody either wants to be with or emulate. Either way, it certainly sounds strong and definitely makes a statement.

3 Xavier

Donnie Wahlberg and Tilda Swinton, as well as their partners, sure latched onto this cool name. It's doubtful that they called their boys this name purely because it's the name of the leader of the X-Men. For those who know their comics, as well as comic book movies, Charlies Xavier is one of, if not the most, powerful mutant in the entire universe. But he's so strong because of the capabilities of his mind, not his body. After all, he's confined to a wheelchair. Regardless of the X-Men, Xavier is the name of someone who is equally talented as they are engaging, like the film director, Xavier Dolan.

2 Zale

Okay, so Zale is a very cool name. Most Z-names are. They're trendy for a reason. But Zale sounds distinctively edgy. It's a strong and domineering name from Greece. It translates to "sea-strength". And, as most of us know, there's no stronger force on earth than the ocean. Unlike most Z-names, Zale is pretty easy to pronounce which will help it leave a long-lasting impact on those who utter it. They won't be battling to pronounce it. Instead, they will just be impressed by how cool, intelligent, and brawny this name truly is.

1 Maddock

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt helped to popularize the name Maddox, but Maddock is slightly less common. It still has all the implications of strength and edginess that Maddox has but it's not connected to Brangelina; which may be a positive thing for some people. Both names actually come from Wales, and not from the celebrity couple. Although it's spelled very different in their language, it means "fortunate" and "good". Any boy who is named this will certainly seem strong and make a statement, but hopefully, they'll also live up to their names meaning.

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