25 Stunning Baby Boy Names That'll Make Mom Say, "That's It"

As soon as a woman discovers she's pregnant, in addition to the joy and excitement of knowing she's about to bring a new human being into the world, she starts thinking of what to call her bundle of joy. Most young people who don't have kids yet usually never think about how hard it can be to come up with a name for a baby. Parents have to be very careful not to give their baby a name that sounds too old for them, or a name that is so cute people will find it weird calling their newborn when he or she will be in his or her 40s.

Furthermore, most parents want to give their children names that everyone around them will appreciate, including their baby after he or she is grown. Therefore, since there's so much to consider, the work of choosing a name for a newborn is indeed very hard, even though parents these days make it appear as if it's so easy, thanks to lists like this one.

For parents who are not looking to give their soon to be born baby boy a boring name, or a popular name that is not too weird, they have to do their homework. These parents have to go through numerous name libraries in search of a name that will appeal to them. Here are 25 stunning baby boy names that will make any mom say, "That’s it." A mom who does not have an idea as to what name to give her son will surely find a great name here.

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25 Keegan

Via: pinterest.com

This stunning boy’s name is an Anglicized Irish surname that means fire. Keegan’s use in the United States dates back to the 1970s. This name's popularity has been on the rise since then, though fewer parents are giving it to their baby boys in the 21st century. Although this is a boy's name, a few parents have given it to their daughters, meaning in the near future it's sure to be a gender-neutral name.

Celebrities who go by this name include American actor Keegan Allen, American golfer Keegan Bradley and pastry chef Keegan Gerhard. This name is perfect for a mom who is searching for a name that sounds fresh and amazing for her baby boy.

24 Wade

Via: crzybulkreviews.com

Wade is a superb masculine name of Anglo-Saxon English origin meaning to go or ford. It has been in use since the 19th century despite enjoying moderate success in the 20th century. Currently, it is not so popular making it a great sounding unique name for a baby boy. Most people consider this name to be a surname though it is slowly catching on as a first name as well.

This name is lively, bubbly, and energetic; any mom will definitely love it and her son will love it even more. A few notable bearers of this name include American baseball player Wade Anthony Boggs, American football player Wade Leon Smith, and American actor Wade Andrew Williams among others.

23 Kai

Via: bishopandholland.com

This short and remarkable name is of Hawaiian origin meaning sea. Kai is one of those stunning names moms will hardly continue with their name search after coming across it. Since people began using this name, hardly has any generation overused it, including this one, and this makes it the perfect name for a baby boy.

Owing to its uniqueness and appeal, actress Jennifer Connelly chose this name for her son. Other famous people who go by this name include German journalist Kai Diekmann, American musician Kai Altair, American radio journalist Kai Ryssdal, and American actor Kai Caster among others.

22 Hutton

Via: popsugar.com

Hutton is a beautiful and unique masculine name that most people consider the perfect surname, though this has not stopped many parents from giving it to their sons as a first name. It is of Old English origin meaning a settlement on the bluff. Many Americans took note of this name in 2015 and since then the name has continued to be a favorite among many.

Currently, American actress Beverly Mitchell’s son is likely to be the only Hutton in his school, but this name has the potential to catch on. Any mom who comes across this name will just say that’s it! A few celebrities who go by this name include Actor Timothy Hutton, his father Jim Hutton, and British writer Will Hutton.

21 Kenji

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Kenji is a Japanese given name for boys. The name has several meanings depending on the giver of the name and the character used. Notable bearers of this name include Japanese actor Kenji Anan, American soccer defender Kenji Treschuk, Japanese politician Kenji Eda, and American filmmaker and violinist Kenji William.

This name is so catchy that it is a popular character name in films and Television shows. This name is popular in the United States and even more parents are embracing it. Moms will fall in love with it because it has a simple nickname, Ken. Kenji is a strong and adorable option.

20 Terrence

Via: mpasho.co.ke

Terrence is an adorable name that is clearly a variation of the name Terence. This name has roots in Latin, and it means smoothly polished or instigator. Terrence has been in use in the United States since the 19th century but took a while before making it to the name popularity charts. It is not particularly common today but it will surely become very popular in the near future.

Famous people who go by the name include American actor and singer Terrence Howard, Canadian film producer Terence McKenna, and American football player Terence Newman. Terence is bold and perfect for a mom who wants to contribute to this name making a comeback and at the same time wants her son to stand out wherever he goes.

19 Logan

This adorable boy’s name has roots in the Scottish Gaelic language and it means little hollow. People started using this name in the mid-1970s and became even more popular in the United States in 2017. This name is super popular in Scotland, and although it is a boy’s name, a few parents have also given it to their baby girls.

Famous bearers of this name include American actor Logan Wade Lerman, Belgian football player Logan Bailly, American actor Logan Miller, and Australian baseball player Logan Wade. The fictional character Wolverine, who also goes by the name Logan in the X-Men movies and comics, has made this name even more popular among fans of comics and superhero films.

18 Yeshaya

Yeshaya is without a doubt, a cool and fresh name. This name is from the Hebrew language and it means God lends or salvation of God. It also has a very close connection with the Hebrew name Isaiah. It is yet to make its way to the name popularity charts in the United States, and this makes it perfect for parents looking for a rare name for their sons. Yeshaya has variations like Yeshaia and Yeshaiah.

Some common nicknames for the name include Haya, Yeshy, Yaya, and Yesh. Because it's unique and different most moms who encounter it will say they are done searching for a name for their son because they've found it.

17 Zenith

Via: thebump.com

This splendid name will make heads turn when people hear it for the first time. Zenith is a word from the English language meaning the highest point or the very top. Although the name is perfect as it is, it also has adorable nicknames such as Zen and Zeni.

Zenith is cute and you will hardly come across many other babies with this name, and this is a huge plus. Zenith will be the final choice for most moms because of its meaning; every mom wants her son to be at the very top in everything that he will do. Currently, there are no famous bearers to this remarkable name.

16 Caelan

Via: pinterest.com

Caelan is a stunning Irish and Gaelic masculine name with several meanings but the most common ones are a powerful warrior, child, and slender. It has several variations like Caelen, Keelan, Celan, and Kelan. Caelan has never appeared in the top 1000 boy names in the United States which means that it's not an overused name.

One Famous bearer of the name is Caelan Michael Biehn, the son of American actor Michael Biehn. Caelan will be perfect for moms who don’t want their little boy to have to share his name in the classroom or at the playground. The baby boy will also grow up loving his name dearly.

15 Liam

Via: pikstagram.com

Liam is a splendid choice for any soon-to-be mom waiting for the birth of her little bundle of joy. Liam is the Irish version of William and a popular nickname for the name as well. This name means protector, guardian, or valiant. Liam is one of those names people have continued to love since the 1990s.

Northern Ireland born actor Liam Neeson has arguably contributed greatly towards making this name as popular as it is, owing to his success and prominence in Hollywood. Other famous bearers include Australian actor Liam Hemsworth, English singer and songwriter Liam Payne, and American author Liam Callanan. This name is short and stunning and any mom would we happy to give it to her son.

14 Oswald

Via: pinterest.com

This amazing German name means divine power or God’s rule. This name is cool and it sounds great, any boy that will receive it will be very proud of it. Famous people called Oswald include Canadian-American medical scientist Oswald Avery and German painter Oswald Achenbach. Its Spanish version Oswaldo is also quite popular.

Oswald has been in use since the ancient times, despite disappearing for a while and making a comeback in the 19th century. However, despite the success of boys' names beginning with O, Oswald is yet to live up to its potential. Oswald is surely a stunning name that any mom and her little boy will love.

13 Corey

This beautiful name is of Irish origin and it means from the hollow or seething pool. Although this name has traditionally been a boy's name, some parents have started giving it to their baby girls. Corey has variations like Cory, Corrie, Corie, and Korey. Teen actors Corey Haim and Corey Feldman greatly contributed to the name’s popularity back in the 1980s.

However, these days Corey’s popularity is stable since it does not appear to be increasing or decreasing. Famous Coreys include TV personality Corey Gamble, American actor Corey Scott Feldman, and Canadian singer Corey Mitchell Hart. Any mom will easily fall in love with this name's simplicity.

12 Nathan

Via: thestir.cafemom.com

Nathan is a super sweet name and is perfect for a little boy. Nathan is a Hebrew given name meaning gave and in Jewish culture, it means he has given. In the United States, the name has been quite popular for over a century and does not show any signs of slowing down. Nathan has two nicknames Nat and Nate to choose from.

There’s no doubt that the name is so popular thanks to the celebrities who go by it. Three great examples include British actor Nathan Stewart-Jarret, Israeli poet Nathan Zach, and American actor Nathan Lawrence. Nathan is a beautiful name that any mom would love to give to her baby boy.

11 Baxter

Via: pinterest.com

Baxter is a wonderful name that most moms love because of the adorable nicknames like Bax and Baxie it has. Baxter is an Anglo-Saxon and Scottish name meaning baker. People started using this name in the 1880s and by the 1920s; it had reached its peak popularity. It's highly likely that this name will soon have a comeback since names with the letter X are very fashionable.

Singer Ian Dury chose this name for his son, Baxter Dury. Other celebrities with this name include American film actor Alain Baxter, American poet Baxter Black, and American actress Meredith Baxter. Baxter will be a great choice for moms looking for a vintage name.

10 Legend

Via: today.com

Legend is one of those breath-taking names that are undeniably adorable and timeless. It's of English origin and means story or to be read. However, in recent times, a legend is also an individual with extraordinary achievements in life. Any mom would want her son to grow up to be an extraordinary man, so this name is perfect for all moms. Furthermore, not too many people have this name.

One of the most popular celebrities with this name is American singer and songwriter John Legend, who is arguably the reason why this name is so popular today. Actor Donald Glover and mixed martial artist Josh Burkman chose this name for their sons.

9 Tate

Via: inst4gram.com

Tate is a sweet and adorable name of Old English origin that means cheerful or happy. As a surname, Tate dates back to the 13th and 14th centuries but from the 1970s people started using it more as a given name. The 1991 film Little Man Tate revived its usage with its popularity increasing drastically. Currently, not too many people go by this name, and this makes it a unique name option for a newborn.

American actor Tate Donovan, American singer Tate Stevens, and American politician Tate Reeves are prominent bearers of this name. English singer Emma Lee Bunton also picked it for her son. Moms will probably go for this name because the baby boy is sure to bring a lot of cheer in their lives.

8 Wilder

Via: pikstagram.com

Wilder is one of those beautiful masculine names that always attract the attention of people whenever someone mentions it. It’s a Germanic name which means hunter. Wilder is a boy's name, although some parents are giving it to their daughters. This name has been in use since the 19th century, and although it was a popular surname many parents are now using it as a given name.

One of this name's most interesting spelling variations is Wylder. American actor Gene Wilder arguably made the name famous when he starred as Willy Wonka in a film back in 1971. Other Notable Wilders include American actress Jo Wilder and actor Bates Wilder. Wilder is a name moms-to-be should add to their list of possibilities.

7 Shane

Via: nationalseizuredisordersfoundation.org

Shane is a stunning boy's name of Irish origin and has multiple spelling variations like Shayne, Shaine, and Sean. Shane means graced by God. Its usage began in the 19thcentury but currently, it is more popular in Ireland than in the United States. Shane is cool and trendy perfect for a little prince.

Back in 1949, the name became popular through the novel Shane by Jack Schaefer, and its subsequent movie thereafter. American actor Kevin Sorbo and Singer Siobhan O’Connor chose this remarkable name for their sons. Any mom who hears this name and its meaning will burst with joy for finding a perfect name for her son.

6 Troy

Via: sometag.org

Troy is an amazing name for a boy. This name is originally from Ireland and it means foot soldier. A few bearers of the name include American football player Troy Aikman, American actor Troy Baker, British composer Troy Donockley, and Australian politician Troy Grant.

The 2004 war film Troy starring Brad Pitt is arguably responsible for making this name so popular. Troy’s heyday was in the 1960s but it is still quite popular in the United States today. This name is easy to pronounce and since it's short and catchy, it doesn’t need a nickname. Troy is a great choice for moms looking for a simple and uncommon name for their little boy.

5 Colin

Via: gramcik.com

Colin is a stunning name that has several origins. The French consider Colin to be a pet form of the name Nicholas, which in turn means the victory of the people and in Scottish Gaelic; it means young one or cub. Colin has been competing with many of its spelling variations such as Collin, Collen, and Cullen, which are all amazing in their own ways.

Famous people going by this name include the former African-American Secretary of State Colin Powell, British actor Colin Baker, Irish actor Colin Farrell, and Scottish football player Colin Hendry, just to name a few. Colin has been in use in the United States for over a century now and it is still growing in popularity. Moms will be happy with this name choice.

4 Rylan

Via: pintaram.com

Rylan is a modern boy’s name of English origin meaning island meadow or where rye is grown. This name is a variation of the name Ryan, which is also a really cool name. Rylan gained recognition in 1997 and although most people consider it a boy’s name, it would also be a wonderful name for a baby girl. One of the things that make this name so great is its uniqueness.

Sons of actor Eric Mabius and TV personality Kayla Jordan, and daughter of Singer Chris Davis all go by this name. Other famous Rylans include British singer Ross Richard Rylan Clark and actor Rylan Miller. Rylan is a great choice for moms seeking an alternate choice to the overused name Ryan.

3 Kyrie

Via: thestir.cafemom.com

This stunning name is of Greek origin meaning The Lord. It’s a perfect name for moms looking for a religious name for their sons. Kyrie appeared on the charts for the first time in 1991 but not many boys went by it making Kyrie an extremely rare name. Furthermore, this name is effortlessly cool and sounds lovely.

Australian-American pro basketball player Kyrie Irving is arguably one of the people who made this name to be as popular as it is today. Kyrie is also a name in a Christian prayer meaning Lord have mercy. Other bearers of this name include actress Kyrie Capri and social media star Kyrie Maezumi. Popular YouTube video bloggers Damien Prince and Biannca Raines gave this name to their son.

2 Brody

Via: pinterest.com

Brody is an incredible name that is both a given name and surname derived from the Ukrainian city of Brody. It is of Scottish Gaelic origin and it means uncertain. Brody’s common spelling variant is Brodie. It first appeared in charts in the 1970s but people started using it even more in the 1990s.

Popular Brodys include Australian-American singer Brody Dalle, American TV personality Brody Jenner, and American actor Brody Hutzler. American football player Kyle Boller and baseball player Trevor Hoffman chose this adorable name for their sons. Brody has never been trendy or overused and will make a great choice for moms looking for the perfect name for their sons.

1 Austin

Via: picdeer.com

Austin is a great name choice for a baby boy. In English, this name means the great one and in Latin, it means majestic. Many people consider Austin to be a diminutive of the name Augustine. Austin was famous as a surname before gaining even more popularity as a given name. Austin is a great name that many moms will love because it sounds great and has a wonderful meaning.

Austin was a popular choice among celebrity parents with the likes of Nathaniel Brown, Paula Zahn, and Tomy Lee giving it to their sons. Other bearers of this name include American football player Austin Allen, American basketball player Austin Carr, and Irish politician Austin Currie just to name a few.

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