25 Stunning Baby Girl Names Making A Comeback This Year

One of the most exciting parts (at least initially!) about having a baby is finding out his or her gender. Once that's known, the fun begins — paint colors, toys, tiny outfits, and, most importantly, a name. Many moms feel the pressure when it comes to picking out the perfect name for their little girl because let's face it, that's a name they're going to be known as forever. While there can be a bit intimidating, it's also an incredible and wholesome experience to provide an identity to the growing baby girl inside the womb.

Once a name is picked out, everything seems to simply fall into place from that point on. The tricky part, however, is arriving at that final decision. There are an endless string of names to choose from, each with their own meaning and sound. So how does mom wade through all of the perfect options out there? By reading articles like this, of course!

We've gone ahead and looked far and low to find the most stunning names that are definitely making a comeback, just for new moms. Each of these names is unique as far as the era they were first used, as well as the meaning behind them, and we're sure that every mom will love them just as much as we do.

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25 Elowen


The name Elowen evokes fairy-like images and medieval romances like something from a work of Arthurian literature. While this name might sound old-timey, it's quite beautiful and rarely ever heard anymore. Your baby girl will feel like a true fairy princess when she introduces herself with a name that's so attention-grabbing. It's elegant and graceful, stemming from the Cornish language meaning 'elm.' It's truly rooted in the theme of nature and has a long history along with plenty of cute nicknames that can accompany it.

24 Larissa


Larissa is a name that has yet to reach peak popularity which is surprising considering how beautiful it truly is. In Europe, the name is pronounced La-ree-sa, adding emphasis on the 'e' sound rather than the 'i' sound. Either way that it's pronounced, it's still a gorgeous name for a little girl. Hailing from Greece, this name is rooted deeply in mythology and was the name of one of Neptune's lovers, and is also the name of a moon that orbits the planet which shares his name. It's also the name of a well-known city in Greece.

23 Serena


Whether you're a fan of anime or just a fan of pretty names, Serena is a winner for sure. Shared by the iconic heroine Sailor Moon, Serena is a name with a meaning that's just as beautiful as its pronunciation. The name itself means 'calm' or 'peaceful' which comes from the term 'serenus.' This angelic name is said to have first been given to a Christian saint adding to its overall tranquil nature. Cute nicknames for this elegant namesake are 'Rini' and 'Sera,' both just as beautiful shortened as the full name is.

22 Raina


This name is an interesting one because it actually has four different meanings. It's unique in the sense that is has cycled through many different cultures without changing in pronunciation. In Tahiti, the name means 'peaceful sky,' in the US, the meaning is 'strong,' in Germany its meaning is 'mighty army.' A majority of these meanings all stand for a strong nature but the name itself is quite beautiful and simplistic. It's overwhelmingly loved by those who go by it and draws plenty of attention due to its lack of popularity (until now!)

21 May


The name May has a surprisingly long history for such a short name. It's undoubtedly pretty in sound and comes from the name for the month of May, 'Maius.' The month was named after the goddess who shared a similar name who also happened to be the goddess of increase. This is perhaps why we associate the month of May with the transition from spring to summer along with the growth of plant life and fauna, as well as animal life and, well, babies! May is a stunning name for a little girl and would make a perfect middle name.

20 Velvet


This mysterious name peaked in popularity in the 1960s with roughly 22 million girls sharing the name, according to Baby Name Wizard. It's rarely heard today if ever but we're thinking that will likely change soon enough. The name Velvet is unique and showstopping, almost rebellious in its lack of usage in today's day and age. There's no specific meaning (other than the actual velvet material) but despite this, it's still a creative and inspiring name for a little girl. It's a confidence-booster as well and people will inevitably be drawn to the individuality of the name.

19 Marina


For lovers of the sea, this nautical-inspired name is just perfect. Coming from Spain, Marina means 'a mariner,' clearly becoming transformatively feminine as a namesake. Surprisingly, it's far less popular in the US than it is overseas, as many more girls share the name there. Despite its lack of popularity in the US and in Canada, it's still a beautiful name for any little girl, especially one who will grow up near or on the water. It sounds lovely when pronounced and will surely capture the hearts of any who hear it.

18 Lorelei


The name Lorelei is definitely gaining in popularity but reached its peak in 2011, which was not so long ago. The unique beauty of this name is undeniable but so is its origin. In Germany, there's a legend that claims the name was shared with a siren, who sung to sailors only to cause their ships to wreck as they tried to locate the harmonious sound. Its dark nature does not cloud how gorgeous the name is, though, as it still comes across sounding strong and heroic with its roots in such a strong country.

17 Anastasia


This name is a strong one for a strong-willed girl. It originated in Greece, where it became the derivative of 'anastasis' or 'resurrection.' Although it was first popular in the beautiful seaside country, it's most notably known for being the name of the daughter of Czar Nicholas II. The name is seen in various works of literature as well as in film but decreased in popularity after 2005. The nicknames Ana, Stasia, and Stacie are only a few creative ways of shortening this regal namesake.

16 Aurora


We're not talking about Princess Aurora but if you're a fan of Sleeping Beauty, then that's even better! Although that's where everyone seems to know this name from, that's not where it originated. The name itself comes from Europe and was first given to the Goddess of Dawn, hence the use in the popular fairy tale about a girl who wakes from a temporary slumber. The name is also part of the scientific name aurora borealis, otherwise known as the 'northern lights.' Talk about beauty in spades!

15 Seraphina


The name Seraphina is one that has never reached peak popularity which is interesting considering how striking and strong of a name it is. Its meaning is a bold one and comes from the name 'Seraphinus,' which was used to describe the highest order of God's angels. Specifically, they were known for their strength in love, making this name that much more powerful. It's unlikely a girl would run into another sharing this name and it's certainly fitting of one who is truly loved in every way possible.

14 Nola


The name Nola has an interesting history as it actually shares an origin with several cultures. First, it's a variant of the name Leonor, a name that's popular in Spain. Additionally, it's believed to have been seen in Greece as well, meaning 'light' or 'torch.' Lastly, this name is suspected to have roots in Germany with a meaning of 'brave lionheart.' While it's obviously a long-derived, shortened version of longer names, it's still pretty and simple all on its own and can be pronounced several ways.

13 Eliana


Many names have originated in Spain and it's easily understood because it's the original Romance language. In fact, we get many of our own words from this language, and the name Eliana is no different. Originally 'Aeliana,' having a meaning similar to that of 'the sun,' this name is bright, fresh, and unique in nature. It's a gorgeous name for those who love the shortened name of Ana and would fit any little girl. Its alternate meaning is "God's gift,'' which truly speaks for itself.

12 Gwyneth


The name Gwyneth sounds as though it belongs in a fairy tale and that's because it comes to us from England. Its meaning is quite fitting of a fairy tale as well, as the name stands for being 'fair' or 'blessed.' There are plenty of cute nicknames for this name but we love it just the way it is. It's a statement namesake for sure, denoting such peaceful imagery with an edge of royalty. Any girl bearing the name Gwyneth will surely be a princess in her own right.

11 Evangeline


The name Evangeline sounds just as angelic as it truly is. It means 'good news' or 'the Gospel,' making it a wonderful name for those who are faithful. A girl bearing this name will undoubtedly bring joy to whomever she's around and will always be able to share a smile with someone. It also has an origin in Greece meaning 'bearer of good news,' which is something we all hope to hear. This gorgeous name is unbeatable as far as beauty and a bold choice for parents who don't mind a longer name.

10 Blythe


It's feminine without being too 'girly' and a strong choice for parents who don't mind a little rough-houser. The name Blythe is gender neutral and quite literally means 'carefree.' It's the perfect name for a little girl who is free-spirited and playful. It's chic and sophisticated, earning a place in a little girl's life far beyond her years. This is a name that she can grow into and will be proud to have something so unique and rare. While it might be popular in England, it's still a rarity in the US.

9 Caroline


Although it seems like this name has been used far more than it actually has, the name Caroline is somewhat old-fashioned... And that's exactly why it's making a comeback! This southern belle of a name is sweet yet mature but also playful and fun. Its popularity peaked in the 1880s, making it just as Victorian as you can get. The name itself has five different meanings in five countries, all of them meaning 'beautiful' and 'song.' It's perfectly fitting for those who want to give their baby girl with something unique yet pretty.

8 Scarlet


Similar to the name Velvet, the name Scarlet is not often used as a name. It's most well-known from Gone With the Wind, as the main character also shared this gorgeous name. It's dramatic, stunning, and showstopping, all things that make a girl's name truly unique and memorable. The name itself is held in high regard in England as it's somewhat regal in nature. There are various ways to spell it and while there aren't too many nicknames, a name this gorgeous needs little shortening or embellishment.

7 Rhiannon


Just like the Fleetwood Mac song, Rhiannon is mysterious and strong. This is a classic '90s baby name which also happened to be when it peaked in popularity. Just like it sounds, this name originated in Ireland and has deep roots in with the Celts. Its meaning quite literally means "Divine queen" and let's face it... It's quite deserving of a queen to bear it. There's no denying that this name is beautiful in nature and in sound and while it's not popular (yet), we could definitely see it making a comeback for a generation of queens.

6 Gaia


The name Gaia is stunning. It's a head-turner and will surely draw attention to all those who hear it. It's very earth-based and essentially means 'earth goddess' according to the mythology that comes to us from Greece. It's perfect for families who truly value Mother Nature and all that she offers and would be a great name for a little girl, period. It's short enough to be simple yet still intricate to keep from becoming boring. Gaia is so pretty on its own and needs no nickname to be 'cute' or 'trendy.'

5 Talia


This hip and chic name is one that was again popular in the early '00s but slowly fizzled out as other names began to take its place. It still holds a special place in our heart, however, as it comes from the Hebrew name 'Tal,' meaning 'dew from Heaven.' It's incredibly pretty in nature but also sounds super sophisticated when spoken out loud, providing the best of both worlds for the lucky girl who owns this name. It can be shortened with a few cute nicknames and will unlikely be the name of another girl in her class.

4 Adele


Made popular by the British singer, the name Adele has actually been around for quite some time now. In fact, it was first noted as being used in the year 1062! It comes from the longer, more formal name of Adelheid, which means 'nobility.' It's perfectly fitting of an honorable and noble name for a little girl. Surprisingly, this name is seen around Europe in many different forms, with meanings all varying slightly according to the culture that shares the name. It's rising in popularity, likely due to its resurfacing in such a prominent way.

3 Iris


Floral names will likely never go out of style and are very popular as middle names, but serve as a pretty first name for any little girl. The meaning is just as you'd suspect, standing for the flower that also bears its name. Additionally, in Greece, the name is shared by the goddess of the rainbow, making it that much more special. This secret meaning is one that not many know and it only adds to the uniqueness of this rarely-heard name. Iris is a stand-alone statement namesake, one that any girl will grow to love and cherish.

2 Louisa


For those who are seeking a name for their baby girl with a bit more style and flair, look no further than the name Louisa. It's formal yet fun and is rarely heard outside of movies and TV shows. It's yet another Victorian name, peaking in popularity in the 1880s, making this name truly special. It's the feminine form of the masculine Louis and has a compound meaning. The words 'famous' and 'war' are both drawn from it, making it bold and strong in a way that many would never guess.

1 Catherine


There are many spellings of this name just as there are many nicknames to go with it. On its own, Catherine is elegant and mature. It peaked in popularity in the second decade of the 1900s as a classy, well-loved name for a girl. Its meaning is rooted in Greece and stands for 'pure' or 'untouched.' This name has also made itself known via the various saints as well as heroines who have sported it, giving it a long history and an air of legendary nature.

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