25 Stunning Baby Girl Names That Teachers Have Only Heard Once

It's the most important decision of all. While mothers will eventually fuss over strollers, bibs, and just how much Frozen it's okay to watch in one afternoon, the biggest decision is still picking that baby name. In many ways, it's a lot to decide in very little time. That birth certificate can't stay blank forever, and friends and family are going to want to know who they're welcoming.

When newborns lie there, the sheer emotion can be enough to leave a new mommy completely blank. The 9 months of pregnancy and labor are finally over. That little girl is genetically, scientifically, and in every other way 100% unique. The only thing left to do is pick a unique name for her.

Some traditional girl's names include Olivia, Jennifer, Samantha, Sarah, and Christina.  This list isn't looking at the common names, though. In fact, it's doing the exact opposite.

The classroom days will come. They may seem far off, but a teacher will eventually call a girls's name out during daily registration. In many ways, teachers are a great frame of reference for names. There will be names that they've seen a thousand times over. Then again, there are names that they'll have only heard once.

Not too wacky, but definitely not ordinary, here are 25 stunning baby girl names that teachers have only heard once.

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Cleo– it even sounds stunning. This super-short, super-gorgeous girl's name isn't one that the teachers will have read out before. At the same time, it isn't one of those names that they'll have no clue how to pronounce. The meaning of Cleo is "glory." Amazingly, despite sounding ultra-modern, Cleo has ancient Greek origins. Perfect for a 2018 or 2019-born girl who will pull off classic elegance.

Cleo was also the fish in Pinocchio (but don't go putting ideas in her head).


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Tilly is a cute, girly name with a fiercely strong meaning. The diminutive of Matilda has a meaning of "battle-mighty," but saying it out loud, all you hear is cuteness. Names that end with "illy" have a fresh, feminine lightness to them– with Tilly, they'll be a rock-solid foundation underneath it. The celebrity chef, Gordon Ramsay chose this name for this daughter. The name also features in the kids TV show, Tilly and Friends. Of course, you can always choose Matilda for her official name (and call her Tilly for short).


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Something about names that begin with "E" are just so elegant, right? Esme is the French and Persian name that has a double-whammy of beautiful meanings– it means both "emerald" and "esteemed, beloved." While this letter wouldn't put her at the top of any alphabetical class lists, you can guarantee that she'll be outshining the other girls (before she's even met them). With so much sophistication and a Twilight Saga feature, Esme is one to stick on the list. #Stunning


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From someone who was nearly called Fleur, trust us. Skip this name, and you may find your own daughter turning around in 10 years time, saying: "I really wish you'd picked Fleur." This elegant French name has a meaning of "flower." Fleur is one of those French words that virtually everybody knows. Like "bonjour" (except you wouldn't really name your kid that). Harry Potter had Fleur Delacour. The Hunchback of Notre Dame had a Fleur, too. Definitely unique, definitely stunning.


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Arya is the gender-neutral name that ranked 135th as the most chosen baby girl's name of 2017. Amazing, right? Before you start thinking of Ariana Grande, know that Arya has Sanskrit origins. It is an alternate spelling of the name Aria. If you don't know much about opera (but think that classical music is soothing), an aria is the main melody from an opera song. The meaning of Arya is therefore less of a surprise– "noble" and "air/song" make this name stunning.


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Fresh, outdoorsy, floaty, and fun, Piper is a name that has shot up the charts in recent years. By 2017, this gender-neutral name ranked 78th as the most chosen baby name. With a meaning of "pipe or flute player," this is one for any mommy who can feel that kicking baby is going to be musical. Piper became famous in the 90s, on the TV show Charmed.

If you're wondering why it sounds so familiar, but can't put your finger on it, Orange Is The New Black has a Piper.


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Russian names will forever be beautiful and elegant. Svetlana is the Russian girl's name that seems to have turned many little girls in that country into superstars. Svetlana Beriosova and Svetlana Zakharova both became glittering ballerina stars. The name itself means "star." Of course, a name that beautiful is going to work its way into the US. The Sims had Svetlana Baker, while Shameless had Svetlana Fisher (not that the TV show name should put you off). Put it this way– who else in the class will be named Svetlana?


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Nicole Richie named her daughter Harlow. This celeb mom likely saw the old-school, 1930s glamor of the name– Jean Harlow was one of the era's greatest stars. The pros? Harlow isn't a name that the teacher won't be able to pronounce. It also won't be a name that anyone else will have. Harlow has Old English origins and a meaning of "army," so it's also an incredibly powerful name. The supermodel, Shalom Harlow has this for a last name (but you should totally consider it for a first name).


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Calista is one of those incredibly feminine, beautiful names that just rolls off your tongue. Mommies-to-be looking for girly names often get lumped with lists that suggest Sophie or Anna. While these are beautiful names, you can't say that the teacher will be doing a double-take. Calista has Greek origins and a meaning of "most beautiful"– note, not just beautiful, "most" beautiful. The name became mega-famous with the Ally McBeal actress, Calista Flockhart. So there you go. The teacher will have heard it once (but not more).


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Suri Cruise is probably the most famous kid in Hollywood. While this girl's wardrobes may turn heads, it's her name that's making her a legacy. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes definitely chose an unusual name for their daughter, but Suri is beautiful. It also has many meanings in many different languages. In Sanskrit, Suri means "the sun." In Persian, it means "rose." It's even a title used for Jain monks. Zen and trendy. Hard to match.

Suri has Hebrew origins and a meaning of "princess."


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People generally can't name more than three of four deserts, but the Sahara Desert is definitely one that they'll know. Sahara is a nature-centric power name that still manages to sound feminine and beautiful. The origins are Arabic, and yes, the meaning is "desert." Not many girls we know are called Sahara, and this stunning name somehow continues to find itself overlooked on baby name lists. Teachers will have heard of the desert, but they'll be blown away (literally) by the name.


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Short, but with beauty in every letter is the Scandinavian, Italian, and Portuguese name of Ines. This variant of Agnes is way more modern, and names that begin with "I" have gotten hugely popular. Blake Lively has chosen another alternate spelling (Inez) for her daughter. With a meaning of "pure," this name has been around since the ancient kings and queens of Portugal. Legend has it that Prince Peter fell in love with a beautiful Ines (perhaps her name was the first step!).


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There's one place in the world where a teacher will have heard the name Manon more than once– France. In the US, UK, Canada and other countries, Manon is still a rare name. This French name is also the name of the Manon ballet– the story tells of a rich aristocrat who falls in love with a peasant girl. The Homeland and Billions actor, Damian Lewis chose this name for his baby girl. Over in French culture, hugely famous books and movies like Manon des Sources see this name shine.


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With the world-famous actress, Mila Kunis having this name, Mila is one that's been heard once (but not much more). Mila is the shortened Russian version of Milena. Russian names like Ekaterina and Anastasia tend to be quite long, so Mila really stands out for having beauty in every letter. Mila sounds floaty, it feels feminine, and you can almost see it working before she's born. If you're a Skyrim fan, you'll have seen the name. The teachers? They'll probably have only heard it once.


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With Brianne, Brianna, Brie, and Bryanne, so many mommies are choosing girl's names that open with "Br." This stunning sound really softens a name, but not many of these names also have the "Y" ending. Bryony is actually a Latin flower name. It means "to sprout." If anything represents growth and blossoming, it's a tiny new baby. She'll have her entire life ahead of her, and you'll grow as a person alongside her. Bryony first started getting popular in the UK. Now, US moms are eyeing it up.


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Tamsin is the Old English girl's name that is classic, refined, and offbeat all at once. It's the shortened form of Thomasina (which can feel a little old-fashioned), but Tamsin works perfectly for 2018 or 2019. Amazingly, the meaning of this name is "twin," although it's the beauty that's making us do a double-take. If you've watched the US comedy, Episodes, you'll recognize this name from the actress, Tamsin Greig. Doctor Who and Lost Girl also had a Tamsin. So unusual, but so stunning.


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You can't get more worldly than Keira. At the same time, this deep, classy, and graceful name manages to steer well clear of #Pretentious. The Pirates of the Caribbean actress, Keira Knightley was named this (by mistake, though). With a meaning of "little dark one," this Irish name might have a playful edge, but say it out loud and you'll realize the most she'll ever do is try on your shoes.

Keira Knightley's name is actually a typo! Her mother meant to choose Kiera, but it was written down incorrectly.


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Noelle can't help but make us think of the festive season. This French name actually means "Christmas." It's also Kim Kardashian's middle name (although Kris Jenner chose the spelling Noel). Noelle might work perfectly for a baby girl born around Christmas, but this name is stunning enough for a girl born any time of year. That double "L" gives this name the classic French charm, the sound is distinctly European, but nobody will have difficulty pronouncing it. If you're due soon, definitely stick this one on the list.


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Darcey is the bouncy, beautiful, and grounded girl's name that'll be perfect for a girl whose personality shines in many ways. The British prima ballerina, Darcey Bussell made this name world-famous over in the UK. She is currently a judge on Strictly Come Dancing (the British version of Dancing With The Stars). With a double meaning of "dark one" or "being from Arcy," Darcey has links to both a French place name and a playful personality. Ultimately though, it's a fabulous name that's just too beautiful to ignore.


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Some names are just breath-taking to say out loud. Anoushka is one of them. This Russian name often surprises people– who would've thought that something so exotic-sounding could be a diminutive of Ann? The meaning of this name is "grace." For a universal symbol of peace and kindness with an international edge, Anoushka is the name to consider. It's also a pet name in Russian for wearing the traditional "baboushka" scarf. The teacher will be blown away by this name, and so will the other girls.


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Ingrid is the Norse name that went from little-known to world-famous thanks to the Casablanca actress, Ingrid Bergman. A Norse name in itself is unusual. Add on the meaning of "fair, beautiful" though, and you've got so many more reasons to name her Ingrid. This luminous name has sophistication from its "I" opening, old-world grandeur from the movie vibes, plus it's hugely popular in Scandinavia. Spy Kids, White Oleander and the Resident Evil series all have a character named Ingrid.


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You're already picturing that checked dress and the yellow brick road, right? Dorothy was the name The Wizard of Oz chose for a kind-hearted girl who accompanied the lion and Tin Man on fairytale adventures. The meaning of Dorothy is very powerful, though. "Gift of God" is the meaning, while the origins are Greek. Ranking 601st in 2017 for girls, you can see that Dorothy was chosen here and there, but it's hardly common.

Scarlett Johansson chose Dorothy for her daughter's middle name.



Lorelai just isn't one of those names that the teacher is likely to have heard more than once. While Gilmore Girls had Lorelai for Lauren Graham's character, this stunning name has stayed low-key enough to remain unique. The alternate spelling of Lorelei, this name has German origins and a meaning of "alluring, temptress." The innocent and gentle letters balance the meaning out, though. Lorelai turns especially beautiful when you learn that it has German legend links and shipwreck imagery. Marilyn Monroe even played a character named Lorelei.


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With a river-like flow, a meaning of "great ruler," and traditional Welsh origins, Meredith is the girl's name to watch. This stunning name was well-picked by producers on Grey's Anatomy– Meredith Grey is now an international household name. At the same time, not that many girls actually have this name. Meredith sounds soft, it has length without sounding cluttered, and it can be shortened to "Meri." Taylor Swift even chose to name her cat Meredith! The Parent Trap and The Family Stone also have a Meredith.


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It's the time of year when those first snowflakes may just start to fall. With a meaning of "snow," and so much brightness, Lumi is the millennial-loved name that's short, powerful, and bright as a ray of light. Lumi actually has Finnish origins. Over in Finland, it ranks in the top 50 most-chosen baby girl's names. In other parts of the world though, this name feels brand new. If Kylie Jenner's Stormi sounds a bit too much (but you like the "I" ending), take a second look at Lumi.

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