25 Super Cute Baby Names That Are Now Totally Out Of Style

Whenever future parents are thinking about naming their baby, they always, for the most part, want to use a name that they themselves love and cherish - however, they have to consider many factors. And these factors go beyond the possibility of the name being so unique that the child could be picked on at school.

What about the fact that mom and dad could be choosing a name that was popular at the time that they went to school but now, they are not even hearing the name used anymore. A name that was popular in the 1990's or even in the early 2000's may be completely out of style. That said if your child has a name that was in the top 100 in the 1980's but has fallen off the charts now, they could be picked on by their classmates due to the fact that they have an old name.

In fact, my mother did that to me. She loves Biblical names but could have given me a name that was more fashionable like Rachel or Rebecca (my middle name is Rachel and I legally changed it because my old middle name was so horrible I have the need to wash my eyes out after just reading it). I never liked my name only for that reason- because it was old and completely out of style. That is why I gave my kids names that were in the top 100 but definitely not in the top 10. So let's check out 25 of the most unfashionable names out there for nowadays!

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25 Katie

The name Katie is usually a nickname for Katherine, though I actually went to school with a girl named Katie- and that was her first name. Her name was not Katherine or Catherine. It was Katie. According to Nameberry, Katherine is of Greek origin and it means pure.

Katie was highly popular at one time which was in the top 100, and even top 10 during sometime in the last century. However, according to the same source, in 2017 it fell all the way down to #409. Though, ironically, Nameberry also had indicated that the name Katherine on its own sits at #105 which shows that the full name itself is a lot more fashionable than the nickname.

It is possible that the name Katherine is still somewhat popular because of the influence from Kate Middleton. But Katie has lost its popularity due to the fact that the name is associated with the unpopular right-winged columnist, Katie Hopkins. That was the opinion noted on Refinery 29 anyway.

Since the name Katie itself has dropped significantly, this could possibly mean that the name Katherine will end up declining as well at some point due to the fact that Katie is basically a diminutive of that name.

24 Christian

It seems like it was just this year when the name Christian, for boys has been dropping and losing its popularity, according to Baby Center. The name literally means the follower of Christ. And even though this name has been used for boys, it has been used for girls too. Especially in 17th and 18th century Scotland.

There are plenty of celebrities with this name such as Christian Bale as well as Christian Slater. The designers Christian Dior and Christian Louboutin have also made the name popular at one time. Though, recently, these celebrities don't really have such an effect anymore.

According to an opinion that was stated on Refinery 29, it is believed that the name is dropping in popularity because of the fact it is too religious sounding- and may be offensive to those who don't practice the Christian faith. Though I personally cannot see why that would be an issue and I am not even Christian. The names Christina and Christopher still seem to be relatively fashionable and those names pretty much have the same meaning.

It is more like that the reason the name is dropping in popularity is due to that Fifty Shades of Grey protagonist Christian Grey! It is no coincidence that the name has been used less ever since Grey came into the picture!

23 Samantha

There is a good chance that you went to school with a girl named Samantha, and there is also a good chance that if your kids are school-aged, that they also have classmates named Samantha. Or, you may be named Samantha, or you named your daughter that. Either way, since the late 1960's, it was incredibly popular- thanks to the show Bewitched.

According to Nameberry, Samantha is a feminine version of Samuel, which is Hebrew for told by God.

The name has been used in English speaking countries since the 18th century and has been known to go down in popularity at certain times.

However, nowadays, the name, believe it or not, is becoming unfashionable, thanks to the bombshell robot! Samantha may be an intelligent robot, and she may be more than just a  doll since she asks Google questions, checks the home security, and goes into sleep and analysis mode. The creators of Samantha the robot did a great job of combining beauty with brains!

However, she is still a robot and parents today are associating that name with this creation. Therefore, the name's popularity is being affected and will be for a long time anyway!

22 Nathaniel

I always thought the name Nathaniel was a nice name for a boy, but my husband did not like it so we did not end up using it. And, the name Nathaniel is of Hebrew origin meaning gift of God. It was highly popular in the middle of the last century according to Nameberry. However, it started to drop out of the top 100 in 1977. And, in the 1990's, the name Nathaniel had a slight resurgence but only for a short time according to The List.

Nathaniel is out of the top 100 for good and is definitely a name that is considered to be quite unfashionable. There are no known reasons as to why the name has dropped. Sometimes there aren't any reasons, and popularity of names can go in cycles. That also means at some point in the future, the name Nathaniel will be hot again- but no one knows for how long.

There are many known instances of the usage of the name and it goes all the way back to Shakespearean times (and because it is Biblical, even before that). Think about Sir Nathaniel in Shakespeare's Love's Labour's Lost as an example of that. The name may have been popular during that time but there is no way to really verify that.

21 Ashley

Chances are, you had at least one classmate named Ashley while were you in elementary school (or high school, or college). I had a great friend named Ashley as well, or maybe your name is Ashley! If so, chances are you have met many others with the same name.

Yes, the name Ashley for girls was really hot in the 1980's, 1990's and in the early 2000's. According to Nameberry, the name Ashley is of English origin, and it means dweller near the ash tree meadow. In fact, according to the same source, the name hit #1 in 1991.

However, before the 1960's, this name was strictly a boys name and the popularity of it for a boy ended when the use of it for girls was spiking. However, nowadays, you won't be seeing it anywhere near the top 100 of names anymore. There is not a reason for it. It is just a name that has been overused and you know what happens to anything that has been in style for a long time! It simply dies down.

In fact, Nameberry stated this exact quote: If you hear the name Ashley in a playground today, it's more likely to be the mom than the little girl.

20 Caleb

Caleb has been a popular name for boys for many decades now, and according to Nameberry, the name is Hebrew for devotion to God. I personally don't know anyone named Caleb but I remember not wanting to use that name before I had kids, if I had a boy. The reason for that was not because I didn't like it- it's not a bad name. However, it was just way too popular.

However, it is starting to wane in popularity because again, it was extremely popular for a long time. Anything that is in style eventually goes out.

However, according to an opinion that was shared on The List, because Cale is the nickname for Caleb- it is possible its popularity started to die down by the time the food kale is falling out of favor as a snack or part of a meal that was trendy.

Of course, there is no evidence to back that up! However, we know all the jokes about those who eat kale and if there is a relation to the fact it is losing its popularity- then that would certainly explain it. Though, personally, I think it is just one of those names that were so popular and ended up burning out.

19 Alexa

The name Alexa was incredibly popular for the longest time, and it is a diminutive of Alexandra which is Greek for defending men, according to Nameberry. According to the same source, it has been popular since 1973 and has been quite popular for decades after that.

However, Alexa has been going out of style for several years now. Chances are there are several reasons for this fact. One reason is obviously that anything that is popular for a long time eventually burns out which has already been mentioned a few times. But it is likely that the bigger reason for the popularity of Alexa to dip is due to the fact that Amazon Echo responds to the name Alexa.

According to The List, a good point was brought out about this fact. Parents are not going to be wanting that Echo activated everytime they say their baby's name! I never intended to use Alexa for any daughter that I would have. And, I even felt that way before Echo was even a thought. However, who really wants to have their daughter's name associated with a robot? Even though Alexa is a regular robot without the provocative quality as Samantha, Harmony, and Solana!

18 Jonathan

I went to school with many boys named Jonathan, and my brother also has a friend with that name. But, it is not common to see very young boys with that name, and in a moment I will tell you why! According to Nameberry, Jonathan is an Old Testament name, and it is Hebrew for a gift of Jehovah.

Apparently, the name became popular in the later part of the 1950's, to replace John. Because Jonathan has more of a youthful and playful ring to it than John does. According to the same source, Jonathan sounds more modern than John too. And, it was fashionable for decades after that.

And, apparently in the 1980's, for a short time, the name Jonathan was used for girls but that did not last long. You have to wonder how many girls named Jonathan ended up legally changing their names to something else like to the feminine version, Joanna- or something completely different. I am quite sure at least some did because Jonathan is really a masculine name and has always meant to be!

But, like I have said before many times- nothing stays fashionable forever and Jonathan has lost its charm for the time being anyway.

17 Harmony

There is a good chance that unlike Samantha, you did not go to school with a girl named Harmony but maybe your child has! Or, maybe you loved the name and used it for your daughter. Afterall it is a word name that means peace and is of Greek origin. It wasn't used as a name all that often until the popularity of Buffy The Vampire Slayer became a hit according to Nameberry.

Thanks to that, parents were inspired to name their daughters Harmony because of the character on that show, Harmony Kendall.

Additionally, it is a peaceful name which has been a motivating factor as well.

Though, the popularity of the name Harmony has declined this year, thanks to another sex robot like Samantha! The difference is that Harmony sounds a little more X-rated than even her friend Samantha. That said, instead of parents being inspired to name their daughters a peaceful sounding name- and the name of a popular character from a well-liked television show, they are put off from using it! Thanks to the fact that a sex robot had to be named such a calming and musical name. At the same time, a sex robot would not be given an unflattering name either.

16 Kevin

We just talked about the fact that the name Gavin has lost its spark. The same applies to the name Kevin. In fact, like it was already mentioned, Gavin at one time was replacing Kevin! Now, both are out of style.

According to Nameberry, Kevin is Irish for handsome and has fallen out of the top 100 of names since the Truman administration in 2017.

Initially, the name Kevin was popular ever since the seventh century because of Saint Kevin, who had established a scholastic monastery close to Dublin, Ireland. Therefore, Saint Kevin was considered to be one of Dublin's patron saints. It likely dropped in popularity here and there over the course of centuries.

However, nowadays, it is rare to see a little boy name Kevin- especially one that is a year old or less than that. In fact, it is now a name that is more fitting for a dad than a little boy. Think about Kevin Spacey, Kevin James, Kevin Costner and Kevin Bacon. I had a few classmates with that name as well. And, my daughter did have a classmate with that name in her kindergarten class.

The name may have still been somewhat popular then, but the little boy was Korean and it was possible Kevin was just an Anglicized name that the parents used.

15 Isabelle

You may have known some girls back at school named Isabelle, and in fact, I went to a tutor named Isabelle for many years during my early grades. The tutor was not young back then, which makes her a lot older now! So that said, this name has been used for a very long time.

According to Nameberry, the name is of French origin and it means a pledge to God. The name is most definitely considered to be quite elegant and sophisticated. However, like other names that have been highly popular at one time, the popularity of Isabelle is dying down.

In fact, the variation of Isabelle, Isabella is still somewhat popular and has been replacing Isabelle quite often. And that has been stated on The List. They even said that if you end up having a girl and like the name Isabelle, then you are better off naming her Isabella instead. Otherwise, she will be the only kid in her class that is named Isabelle. It is one thing to have a unique name because it is simply unique. But it is another to have a name that is not used anymore because it is not fashionable. In many ways that can create more of a risk for your child to be picked up by having a name that has faded into obscurity.

14 Parker

I remember the television show Parker Lewis Can't Lose in the 1990's, that starred Corin Nemec who played the character of Parker. And, I really liked that show. That is what I think of whenever I hear the name Parker, even to this day. According to Nameberry, the name is an occupational name and it is English for park keeper.

It is a surname that has become popular over the last few decades as a name for boys. And, at times, girls were named Parker as well.

The usage of the name Parker is declining mostly for boys. It was appealing for a long time, but now the spark has been lost. However, according to an opinion that was stated on The List, even though the name is dropping in popularity for boys, it seems to be still used fairly often for girls. Though, the statistics on Nameberry don't correlate with that opinion considering that Parker for girls has ranked at number 206 in 2017.

Any name that is no longer in the top 100 is unfashionable, and Parker is most definitely not fashionable for boys and for girls anymore. However, it may end up spiking again at some point down the road like so many other names do.

13 Kaylee

I remember going to school with a few girls named Kaylee, and I also babysat a girl with that name. According to Nameberry, Kaylee is a modern version of Kayla which is Hebrew or Arabic for crown.

It was quite hot in the 1980's especially, but it was another name that started to fade into obscurity because of the fact it was overused so much. Kaylee's original variation on Kayla has also lost its popularity and at one point, according to the same source, Kaylee even surpassed Kayla on the charts in the 1980's. However, I have personally heard of some couples naming their babies Kayla.

So, therefore, maybe Kayla is still unfashionable but also used- maybe because of honoring family members that are either deceased or are respected. In my husband's case, he has a cousin named Kayla who was named that because they wanted to honor his aunt who was named Kayla.

My daughter also had a friend for a long time named Kayla, so I really don't think Kayla is considered to be truly unfashionable but it is not used often- But Kaylee definitely is because it has burned out, which is why so many other names that were popular at one time end up going out of style!

12 Tyler

The name Tyler is an occupational surname which means the maker of tiles. It was rarely used as a first name for boys and for girls until the latter part of the 20th century.

According to Nameberry, the popularity of Tyler rose for boys in the late 1980's and early 1990's. And, it was used for girls more just a little after that. Even though you have heard of some baby boys have that name in the 2000's, the popularity of it is definitely dying down like it is expected when it comes to fashionable names. The truth is that nothing stays popular forever and Tyler is an example of that.

That said, you will be seeing college students with that name, as well as young parents who are taking their babies to the park. Just like the name Ashley, if you hear someone call out Tyler, then there is a good chance that the mom or dad to the toddler playing in the sand is being called.

In fact, I was talking to someone about this name not all that long ago. I forgot why it came up but she had said if she were to ever use that name, she would use it for her dog instead of her kid. She did not say she didn't like the name, but it is becoming quite uncool now.

11 Hilary

The name Hilary literally means happy and cheerful in Latin, according to Nameberry.

For the longest time, Hilary was incredibly popular among girls. When I took my daughter to a baby class, there was another baby named Hilary there so it was even popular over a decade ago. The name has also been used as a boys name as well, and it is unknown about how popular it was for boys- but for girls, it certainly was for a long time. However, thanks again to the presidential campaigns that happened just a few years ago, Hilary began to decline. Even among those who supported Hilary Clinton would probably not end up using the name Hilary for their future kids. Even the other spelling of the name which is Hillary would not be fashionable either. That being said, it really would not be a good idea to use the name Hilary or Hillary for your daughter only because it could turn her into a bully-magnet. As I said before, unfashionable names are more likely to be the cause for kids who have them to be picked on than simply unique names. Plenty of kids nowadays have names that are quite different and are not picked on because of it.

10 Gavin

You probably remember how common the name Gavin was, and according to Nameberry, it was the most popular in 2008 as it hit number 30. The popularity of the name started to rise in the 1950's. The name Gavin is Celtic for white hawk, and was replacing Kevin for a while. The popularity stuck around because of the Bush lead singer Gavin Rossdale, and the singer Gavin DeGraw.

Though, just over the last few years, according to The List, Gavin has already died out of England and Ireland and is declining quickly in Canada as well. Therefore, it is declining in the US and Australia too.

That is honestly a shame because I have always thought of the name Gavin as kind of a soft name for a gentleman. But given the fact that it was in the spotlight for a long time, it was guaranteed to lose its power at some point- and that time seems to be now. I would not be surprised if it climbed back into the top 100 list of names at some point. There are many little boys name Gavin (that is a guarantee since it was highly popular in 2008). Some of them will become stars and will be the reason to cause Gavin to become a popular name again.

9 Lauren

I remember I had a few classmates named Lauren, and I remember babysitting a few girls with that name as well. That means the popularity of the name surged in the 1980's and 1990's. It was also popular in the early 2000's somewhat. According to Nameberry, the name Lauren is English for Bay Laurel (not Bay Yanny).

In fact, according to the same site, the name was introduced in 1944 because of Lauren Bacall (who was originally named Betty, but she changed her name). And, after that, the name began to increase in popularity. Therefore, in the later part of the 20th century, the name was extremely fashionable. And it stayed that way just until this year.

The name Lauren is losing its popularity and is slowly becoming unfashionable. According to an opinion stated on Refinery 29, the reason for that is due to the fact that the name Lauren is associated with the reality TV stars on shows such as on TOWIE and Geordie Shore. Therefore, it is becoming more apparent that parents do not want their daughters to be associated with those stars.

So Lauren may be on the outs, but due to the recent Laurel and Yanny craze- will this score points for Laurel? Only time will tell.

8 Harvey

I remember when I was really small I had a stuffed dog that I named Harvey. I have no idea why I used that as a name, but I did. And, according to Nameberry, the name Harvey is a boy name, and is of French origin and means being battle-worthy.

According to the same source, a while back the name became popular in England, and the US picked up on it.

However, after the disgraceful acts that the film producer Harvey Weinstein ended up doing last year, the name is incredibly unfashionable nowadays. And, it probably will not be fashionable for a very long time- if it ever is again!

Though at one time long before Harvey Weinstein was even a thought, the name had some popularity in the US. It stayed in the top 100 for baby names during the late 19th century until the early part of the 20th century. At that point onward, the name had a nerdy reputation. But, it is better to have a nerdy reputation than a reputation that a person like Harvey Weinstein has!

That is why this name will likely remain unfashionable for so many years to come, and like I said before- it may stay that way for good!

7 Felicia

You would think the name Felicia would always be in fashion considering it literally means lucky in Latin. In fact, it is a name that has been highly popular in the Hispanic community according to NameBerry. However, who would have thought that a movie called Friday which was out in 1995 would be the reason behind the name going down in popularity?

In fact, in that movie, the name was spelled Felisha instead of Felicia, and it was intended to mean for anyone to get out of your face. And, even for those who did not see the film (which included me), the term Bye Felicia was gaining popularity. And, the term spiked in popularity in 2014 when VH1 started to air a show called Bye Felicia. Additionally, R&B singer Jordin Sparks released a mixtape that was called #ByeFelicia.

As a result, the term is used more than ever. For instance, if you see someone announcing in a Facebook group that they are leaving, well no one cares and the response is always Bye Felicia. You also see the same response to those who don't like a Facebook page and announce that they are unfollowing. There are plenty of memes mocking this kind of thing with that phrase on it.

So, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to find out why the name Felicia is quite unfashionable and any girl with that name will not be considered lucky!

6 Taylor

Whenever you think of the name Taylor, you probably think about Taylor Swift. The name is of English origin which literally means tailor. It is a name that is an English surname that had been given to boys for a long time and then had been used for girls in the later part of the 20'th century.

In fact, according to Nameberry, the name Taylor was in the top 10 for girls for a good part of the 1990's. And I believe it was not all that popular before that since the only Taylor I knew of when I was a kid was the singer, Taylor Dayne- whose name is really Leslie Wunderman.

However, according to Nameberry, the reason that the name Taylor is dying off is that it is considered to be so nineties! Though, the opinion from The List is different. It is believed that because Taylor Swift has gone edgy instead of sweet like she was in the early years- parents don't want to associate their daughters (or sons) with that.

Taylor has fallen out of the top 100 for girls, however, for boys, it has ranked in the 500's meaning that the name is even more obscure for boys nowadays.

5 Stan

When I was younger, I always thought the name Stan had a geeky feel to it. That was until I saw The Revenge Of The Nerds when the actor Ted McGinley played the role of Stan Gable who was the nasty jock that bullied the triple-Lambda frat house.

According to Nameberry, the name Stan is short for Stanley and it means near the stony meadow.

That was a popular name during the middle of the 20th century. However, due to the fact that the name is the shorthand for a "stalker fan", as it was indicated through that Eminem and Dido hit- that is a name that parents prefer to avoid like the plague.

The last thing they want to do is cause their son to become a bully magnet where other kids will call him a stalker fan. That would be incredibly cruel. It is hard to say if the name Stanley will be fashionable at some point again. It might, but not for a very long time. Boys with that name will want to change it when they are legally allowed to once they find out what Stan really means. And, who can really blame them if they do end up doing that?

4 Solana

If you live in or near Hispanic communities, then there is a good chance you have encountered girls and women name Solana. And, the name is Spanish for sunshine according to Nameberry. So, that said, who would not want to use a warm and sunny name like that? The name has also been used among parents who are not of Spanish origin because it really does have a pretty ring.

However, there is one major issue with the name Solana nowadays! Just like Samantha and Harmony, Solana is another sex robot that made her debut early this year. And the difference between Solana and the other robots is that this one has a removable face which has been noted in several sources. And, you have to wonder why that is even necessary. But apparently, you could take the fact that she has off and sticks a new one on her. That is what apparently makes Solana the robot unique from the others.

Since Solana has been in the news and is now known as a customizable sex robot with a removable face- parents who are expecting girls will not likely adding Solana to the list of possible baby names to use!

3 Richard

I actually like the name Richard, and I even considered using it for a son but my husband brought up a good point. He asked me if I liked the idea of him being given the nickname that is not so complimentary for guys- only because it really is a nickname for Richard!

But, there was something else I was not considering in regards to the name Richard- is that it is quite old! According to Nameberry, Richard is German for the dominant ruler and was highly popular for thousands of years, and still remained popular in the early to mid parts of the 20th century. In fact, in 1925, Richard was the sixth most popular name in the US, and in 1950, it was at number eight! But now, it is nowhere near the top 100.

Whenever I think about it, when I think about the name Richard, I think of King Richard III from the Medieval times, Antarctic explorer Richard E. Byrd, President Richard Nixon who passed away at the age of 81 in 1994. That said when I was thinking about wanting to use that for a name of a son- I did not even consider the fact that it is extremely old considering that these men have been gone for the longest time.

2 Caitlyn

Caitlyn is an Irish variation of Catherine, which again means pure, according to Nameberry. And, the name Caitlyn, along with other spelling variations such as Caitlin, Kaitlin, Katelyn, and Kaitlyn has been used quite often for the past three decades. The popularity of this name started heating up from the 1980's to the early 2000's. And I have even heard that some parents have used the spelling K8lyn as well, and if that was true- it is not surprising.

It is certainly a creative way to spell a name that has been used too much.

However, this past decade, the name's popularity began to dip down simply because of it being overused and it needs a rest. However, because of the introduction of Caitlyn Jenner, who was formerly Bruce back in 2015- that in itself killed the name's popularity. The name was already starting to die down because of it being overused for so long, but Jenner just sped up the process. That said, from 2016 onward, all variations of the name went far away from the top 100 of names used for girls. Therefore, it is unlikely that you will be seeing other little girls with that name that are at your child's preschool!

1 Donald

If you want to think about a highly unfashionable name, you probably did think of Donald- whether you support the president of the United States or not! According to Nameberry, Donald is Scottish for proud chief and has been used for centuries in Scotland. That is where Macdonald originated from, of course, and there were also six Scottish kings that were named Donald.

During the early part of the 20th century, Donald stayed in the top 20 for boys names. Though, the decline of its popularity started in the mid-1930's once Donald Duck emerged which did not leave the best image for the name. Since then, the name was also becoming very old. I will also say this much. I never knew any guys named Donald, but I knew a guy named Don. His name was Donovan!

However, during the campaign, according to the same source- the name Donald was already below 400 as far as baby names go. It fell almost 50 more points due to the campaign alone. Therefore, the name has been out of style for a long time. It will be a mystery as to when it will ever even go near the top 100 again- if it ever does!

References: TheList.com, Nameberry.com, BabyCenter.com, Refinery29.co.uk

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