25 Super Cute Boy Names We're Totally Obsessed With

Here is a list of adorable baby boy names we just can't get enough of!

There are a lot of baby boy names that we are totally obsessed with, some of them are older names and some are really new that were made out of common names that we already love. Perhaps some mom’s want a name that they really love and are totally head over heels for because they heard it somewhere. There many names for a baby boy, and it’s really just up to the parents based off of what name they want for their little bundle of joy.

Some moms-to-be have their baby’s name picked out from the moment that they find out what the gender of their baby is going to be. Then, there are those moms who really can’t make up their mind about what the baby’s first name should be. And there are also some moms who promised a relative that has passed on that they would name their first born after them, but deep down they didn’t mean it. This list is also for mom’s that are on the fence and just not sure, these names would be great for her baby boy.

But whatever your story is as a mom, make sure you look at this list of boy’s names that we are totally obsessed with. Then you can add so more names to that list, but this list will be the best names for mommy’s little sweetheart to be to carry with him for life. This is a list of all the amazing baby boy names to obsess over. Some of these names are really easy to pronounce. So, let’s check out this list now!


This is a really cool first name for mommy’s little bundle of joy to have, Jayden. What does mom think about this name? Is she totally obsessed with it as much as we are? Well, mom, if you are it's really time to start thinking about choosing this name! Can mom see herself and Jayden watching some really cool movie that he loves a lot? Or maybe Jayden and she are playing in the backyard on the slide or on the swing set since he loves both of them. Then maybe he can help mom bake his favorite cookies that he loves so much with her. They both sit back as mommy reads his favorite book to him while he takes a little nap.

Can mom see any of these things happen with her little sweetie pie? The name Jayden is a twenty-first-century mash-up of the names Jay and Hayden. Its origin is from, American English.


Leo is one of the strong names for mommy’s strong little boy. It is totally a name worth obsessing over, even with other mothers around the world. So, is this the baby’s name for the new moms-to-be out there? It should be on the list that mom is making. Mom, just think about how the baby will fit this name. With the looks he’ll get from both mom and dad, and that great family life with his parents by his sides. Yes, this is the name for mom’s son, Leo. Can you picture what the baby is going to look like, this name is the one!

The meaning of this name is lion, and the origin is from Latin. So, what are we waiting for, let’s bring this name to the very top of the list and name that sweet cutie pie, Leo. It really does fit him to a tee, and mom can picture that cute smile her son has with those dimples. Wow!


Wyatt is definitely a name to obsess over and is rising in popularity. Mom will just love this name for her little bundle of joy. She will love reading him his bedtime stories, and she will also love the great time he has during bath time when he is playing in the bubbles, and playing with the tub toys and splashing in the water. He even loves going to the swimming pool and he is a great swimmer because he learned to swim when he was just a little baby, and he still loves water as he continues to grow. Mom and Wyatt love taking trips that have water around or really close to the place that they are staying. He loves going to the aquatic zoo and watching the fish swim. And also watching the seals play, along with the dolphins jumping in the water.

The meaning of this name is hardy, strong, war and brave, and its origins are from the English. Wyatt and mom love spending time in the kitchen making cookies. It is his favorite snack to eat with some milk.


Now here is a name totally worth getting obsessed about, Grayson. What do the mom’s think of this name? It’s great, isn’t it? Mom can just picture her cute little baby boy, looking very handsome in his blue onesie. Grayson will be the hit of the nursery at the hospital. With all the nurses and visiting, guests look through the window at all of the babies and commenting on what a great name Grayson is. Mom will be feeling very blessed at all the fuss over her son.

The meaning of the name Grayson is a son of the grey-haired one, and the origin of the name is English. The both of you will love playing in the sandbox in the backyard and going down the slide. Grayson loves it when mommy reads him is nightly bedtime story, and the little song mommy sign to him at night.


This is a great name for a boy, there is also a song with this name. The song is Daniel and the singer of this is Elton John. We are totally obsessed with this name; the little boy will love it. What do you think of this name mom? It is very easy to say and easy for the little one to write when he is older. Mom and little Daniel will be playing in the park and swinging on the swings. How does this all sound to you, mom, so far? The son and the mother reading stories at bedtime as he slowly goes to sleep, asking mom please read it one more time.

The name of Daniel has the meaning of God is my judge and this is of Hebrew origin. Can mom see her and her little bundle of joy rocking in a chair and mom singing a little lullaby as he goes to sleep?


Jaxon loves his mommy, and she loves him from the minute she laid her eyes on his sweet little face. The bond is great between the both of them from the very beginning. Mom watches her little boy grow more and more every day. Soon the both of you will be playing in the backyard on the swings and going down the slide with mommy’s little boy sitting right in front of her. As the years go on, Jaxon has a lot of friends and is doing very well with school and his after-school events. Mom is wondering where the time went, one minute he was in her arms and the next he is off to college.

Jaxon meaning is the son of Jack, god has been gracious, and he shows favor, and the origin is from American English. So, always remember the great times that the both of you had when he was mommy’s sweet little boy with that handsome face.


Little Mason will melt mom’s heart the first time she sees him. Mom will never want to let him go, the first hug, smell, touch, kiss that she gives him after he is born will melt into mommy’s mind and she forgets all about the birth. Mason will be all that she is thinking about. Should we say the apple of her eye? They will have so much fun as she watches him grow. They will play with the building blocks, building some tall towers and let's not forget the houses too.

The meaning of Mason’s name is stoneworker, the origin it comes from is English and Scottish. Maybe when he grows up he can build his mom a beautiful house so she can live the rest of her days there happy and healthy watching her son’s child play with those same building blocks.


Mother’s sweet little boy Julian, is her little angel. Mom sits in the rocking chair singing him a little lullaby her mother use to sing to her when she was Julian’s age. Mom’s little angel loves hearing his mommy sing to him at night just before bed, right after story time. He goes to sleep like that every night, so peacefully. Mom and her little boy love going out in their neighborhood and visiting all of their friends and playing at the park. She always makes a great dinner every night and sometimes he even gets to help, he loves cooking with mama.

The meaning of this name is youthful, and child’s love, and the origin of this name is English, and Roman. Julian is a definitely a name worth obsessing over for mom’s little angel to have. It is very easy to say, and spell.


Mommy’s sweet little boy Caleb, what a great name for a little bundle of joy. This name is becoming very popular for little boys, and it’s worth obsessing over, and most of us can see why. Caleb is a beautiful name for a boy, can we just picture what he is going to look like. With the kind of smile that just lights up the place, and those big beautiful eyes, just looking back at us, he is really a handsome baby boy. Mom loves to read to him before he goes to bed, and he really enjoys the stories and sometimes ask to hear it one more time. Please, he is just too cute. In the morning, he loves to watch is favorite tv show right after breakfast.

The meaning of this name is devotion to God, and the origin comes from Hebrew. Caleb will be a great son, and an even better man when he gets older, right now he just enjoy the little things and always remember to laugh, love and be happy with the little one. Time does fly by quick.


This is another name worth obsessing over! Isaiah is really a great cute name for a sweet little boy. He will be so adorable his whole life long, mommy will just love his little cute face. Isaiah will be the apple of everyone’s eye that he meets along the way, people will always give him really great compliments on his name too. Mom will read him bedtime stories every night. They both will laugh and play in the yard and around town while running errands, people will love his name while they are both out. And let’s not forget the beautiful smile that he gives everyone.

The meaning of his name is salvation of the lord, and the origin is from the Hebrews. This meaning is very nice for mom’s child to have. Isaiah and mommy will go to the park and play tag out in the open, he also loves the merry-go-round, so mom pushes him on that as well.


Brayden is the perfect name for any little boy that is worth obsessing over. It’s really cute when we hear it spoken. What do the mothers out there think about it? We think it is a great name for mom’s little bundle of joy. Brayden will have a handsome face, with a great smile. He will melt a lot of girl’s hearts when he gets older. Mom will rock him to sleep with a little lullaby that she is signing just for him, as he goes off to night-night land. Brayden will love to play outside with his friends and of course his mom. Mom will love taking lots of pictures of Brayden since he is growing up so fast.

The meaning of this name is broad, brave, and wise, and the origin is from the English. Brayden also got his love of taking pictures from his mom, and they travel to find so great shots.


This name is rising in popularity and is definitely worth obsessing over. Jace is a name that one would think of as a heartbreaker kind of guy. But he’s totally handsome, with the best smile that a girl has ever seen, with those adorable dimples. So Jace, as a little baby will also be a knockout child, with the best looks anyone can ask for. Mom will really have her hands full with this child. Everyone is going to want play dates and to go to school with Jace. Can mom see her son with this name? But he will love playing in the backyard with mom and dad, and story time with the both of them. He also really loves helping mommy in the kitchen. He loves the taste of her food and all that good stuff she makes.

The meaning of this name is the Lord is salvation, and the origin comes from the English. Mom, make sure that the both of you are enjoying all the great times that the both of you will have together. Jace will be a great son and will always be in your heart forever.


Mommy’s little boy Aiden, she will love with all of her heart. He will be the little boy that takes his mother's life by surprise with all the things he does. Sometimes mom does not quite know what to do with all of his energy and things he brings to her. He is the little boy that is always on the run and has a lot of friends over to play in the backyard. They will play football, basketball, swim, run around on the path he made with things to jump and slide off of. The best thing is taking time to eat the cookies mommy made for them, it’s the only time he stays still.

The meaning of his name is little and fiery, and the origin that it is of Irish origins. That’s right mom, Aiden will be the love of your life and in return, you with be his loving mom. He loves the time he spends with mom reading and tasting all of her cooking!


Carter, what a cute name for a beautiful little boy. Can we all see a little boy with this name for the son that mom is having? Just imagine what that sweet little cutie pie will look like. Right after mom gives birth she will be holding little Carter in her arms, looking at that gorgeous face. The face of her beautiful son, the apple of her eye; what a lucky little boy in will be. Mom reading bedtime stories to him until he falls asleep in his race car bed. The next morning mom will be making him breakfast before he goes off to his first day of school. What great times he will have, at home and in school with all of his little friends.

The meaning of the name Carter is the last name used by a cart driver, and the origin this name is from Irish, Scottish, and English. Wow, Carter will be every loved and liked by everyone he knows. His first day of school was the best, and he told his mommy all about it when she picked him up.


Mom’s little Liam will be her sunshine, he will light up her life in a lot of different ways, and always with a smile on his face. They both will love the time spent together playing and reading those books that he really loves. Let’s not forget the movies that they will watch together and then little Liam will want a toy from that movie, maybe even a birthday like a movie he watched with his mommy.

The meaning of the name Liam is the helmet of will, and this name is of Irish origins. This is also a shortened name for William. So, mom in a way you can think of little Liam as a one of a kind protector with based off of the meaning for his name. He will always make sure he keeps his mommy safe and very happy so she can keep on smiling right along with him.


Hunter is one of those great names for a little boy, it is very easy to say and only two syllables. Mom’s little cutie Hunter will be very busy with all of his playdates. He has a very loveable face, and let’s not forget those dimples. Way too cute. Hunter loves to sit down and watch his tv shows with his mom. He even tells her he wants his birthday party to look like his favorite superhero that he watches all the time. Hunter loves to help mommy in the kitchen when she is cooking up some great food for him. He loves playing rocket man with his daddy, and when mommy reads him his bedtime books.

The meaning of this name is one who hunts, and it origins comes from the English. Hunter is a name to be totally obsessed about.


This is a really great name for a little boy, Landon, it is totally cute and really easy to say. This name is on the totally worth obsessing over as well. We can see why, how about all the moms out there, can you? Landon is one of those really cutie pie boys who loves to smile and laugh a lot. He will melt his mommy’s heart the first time she looks into his eyes and sees that smile. He will be mom’s little baker, because he loves to help and cook in the kitchen with mom. Landon love to build tall buildings with his Lego blocks, and then knock them over when he is done.

The meaning of this name is long hill or ridge, and it origins are from the English. Landon love when it is time to go to bed because he is read all his favorite stories. He also loves his mommy with all of his heart.


Mommy’s little Matthew, can mom picture him in her mind? Does he have mommy’s hair and daddy's eyes, or is it the other way around. Still, in all, he is a sweet little cutie, and mommy is really head over heels for him. From the very first time she sees him, she knows that this is the best name for her son. She can even nickname him Matt. Mom reads little Matt his first bedtime story, and she just wants to keep on holding him in her arms forever and watch him sleep. She makes him his favorite cake for his first birthday. He gets the cake all over his little face and has a big a smile on it.

The meaning of the name Matthew is a gift from God, and its origin is from the Hebrews. Mom does see her little Matt as a gift and she will love him always


Owen is another name totally worth obsessing over for mom’s little sweet cutie pie to have. Can we all see just how handsome Owen will be as a little boy? Mom will fall head over heels for her bouncing baby boy. She can just picture what her little Owen will look like, and how great things will be. Mom and her little one playing in the backyard with the with a basketball and a hoop that he just loves. His little puppy right there with them playing ball and running around after one another. Owen is one happy little boy. They all come in for lunch and Owen helps mom put the peanut butter on his bread. Laughing and so happy mommy let him help with lunch today.

The meaning of the name Owen is young warrior, well born, and noble, the origin of this name is Celtic. As he grows, lots of his school friends come over to play and pet the doggie. They always have a great time.


Mommy’s little boy Lincoln is a name on the rise to totally obsess over for a cute little boy. It is a cool, yet down to earth name for any little one to have. Mom will love calling her son by this name. Mommy and her little bundle of joy will have loads of fun while he is growing up. They will love drawing and painting with the finger paints. Mom hangs his artwork on the wall to show daddy when he gets home. They dig in the dirt to plant a little garden for fresh veggies to eat. Lincoln loves playing in the dirt!

The meaning of this name is Roman colony settlement by the pool, and the origin is Celtic. Just think about all the things mom’s little Lincoln will do with his life. He will make his mama very proud of him.


Little Lucas will be that sparkle in his mommy’s eye, which will always be shining bright. Lucas will give his mom a great joy and many great memories for them both. He will be happy and well-loved all his life, for his mom will always be there to give him a helping hand when it is needed. They will enjoy doing a lot of swimming and camping, along with the backyard adventures that he will take. Mom will read him bedtime stories and tell some tall tales about the latest adventure of someplace far away. Lucas will fall fast asleep with a big smile on his face

The meaning of the name Lucas is light giving or illumination, the origin of this name is Latin. Yes, Lucas will illuminate mommy’s life every day, they will have lots of great times and lots of love in their lives. They will both enjoy the adventures that come and that brings joy into their world, with smiles that light up life always.


This could be a great name to obsess over, Adam, just like on the music show that we watch on TV with Adam Levine. Mom’s son could grow up to play and sing music one day. Wouldn’t that be cool? Can you just see it now, Adam gets a drum set when he is two and learns to play it, then moves on to other instruments and learns to play them to. Let’s not forget that great smile that he has, and he can charm anyone with that. Adam can be anything that he wants to be when he grows up. But for now, he is mommy’s sweet little bundle of joy, that she loves with all her heart.

The meaning of this name is red earth, and the origin is from the Hebrews. So, mom, are we really thinking about how great this name will be for that sweet smiling boy that you held in your arms very close to your heart?


Jonathan is a really great name for the sweet little bundle of joy that mom loves so much. This is a totally obsessed name too. Can mommy see her sweet little cutie pie with this name? His smile with those dimples, and those big eyes, just too cute! Jonathan will be a great name for him. Mom can even nickname him Jon if she would like, it’s cute too, but not as cute as he is. Can you see rocking him good night and singing him a little lullaby as he goes to sleep in your arms. He can also help out mama when she is making him cookies for a snack, he does love to help mom.

The meaning of this name is god is gracious, and its origin comes from the Hebrews. This is a great name for any son! Little Jonathan can play catch in the backyard or maybe in the pool, he is a great swimmer thanks to you, mom!


Connor is such a cute and adorable name for a baby boy. Don’t the moms out there think so too? It is no surprise that this name is worth obsessing over for little boys. All moms-to-be out there must put this on the list of all-time great names for their little boy. Can mom just picture holding little Connor in her arms and considering that cute little face and just see him smiling back at mom. It’s a very special time for the both of you, the baby and mom meet after a long nine months. The first time you hold him in your arms it’s going to melt your heart, and he will keep on doing that for a lifetime, every time mom will see Connor face, she will think back to that moment.

The meaning of this name is wise, and it origin comes from the Scottish. Can mom picture little Connor yet? See his smile and his little gorgeous face lighting up, and those beautiful eyes of his.


Xavier is such an adorable name that is worth getting obsessed about. This is a cool name for any little boy with cool parents. Xavier will enjoy his life with that great smile with the dimples that he has. Moms, can we picture his face? Does he look like mom or dad or maybe a little bit of the both of you? Isn’t that a great looking little boy, with that smile that lights up a room. He will love to hear his goodnight books that are read to him at night. Soon he can recall the books and tell what’s going to happen next.

The meaning of this name is new house or bright, and it is of Basque descent. This is a cool name that starts with the X, this is easy to say also. Moms will love this as a first name for their son. Are you going to love this name too?


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