Serenity is the name of the spaceship from the show, Firefly, and the movie made from that show. Also, it’s the feeling of being at peace with the world: There is nothing to fight, and the universe is sending its love to you. As a girl’s name, it has been

creeping up the charts steadily ever since the 1990s, coming up to number 48 as of 2018.

Aside from being the name of a highly-rated movie and a feeling everyone is striving for, where does this name come from? Malcolm Renner had to pick it up from somewhere, after all. Well, ultimately it comes from the Latin word serenitatem, which meant ‘clearness’ as well as what we think of as peacefulness. A similar word was used as a title for Roman emperors and popes. The French changed it to sérénité and used it to describe peaceful weather in the 1530s. They started applying the word to people in the 1590s and the English picked it up as a name for a girl. Now you, too, can join the tradition if you give this name to your baby girl.

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