25 Supermodel Baby Names That Everyone Loves

Just like names, supermodels have a resurgence, making a statement like they once did in the ’70s, '80s, and '90s. Supermodels don’t have to be twenty years old to be on the cover of a magazine or strut down a catwalk. There are many feminine names that have seen so much love throughout the ages, however thanks to famous supermodel name bearers, many of these names now have a new edge.

When parents are looking for a baby name, many look for something that is not only sweet but also has the strength to be loved for years to come. With supermodels providing a sense of class and sophistication, it is inevitable that parents will fall in love with their names instantly.

From exotic European names to modern and chic names, there are so many wonderful options that are available. Along with many feminine names having wonderful meanings, many associated with supermodels have a great deal of charisma. Below are 25 supermodel baby names that everyone loves. Thanks to their beautiful tones, these names definitely deserve to be on the catwalk.

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25 Alessandra

There is no way you can miss the exotic tones of this stunning feminine name. Known as an Italian and Spanish variation of Alexandra, Alessandra has been given new life thanks to its presence in the world of fashion. Brazilian model Alessandra Ambrosio brings her Latin flair to the name making it one of the hottest names that is commonly used in Europe.

Meaning ‘defending men’ it is not only an exotic name choice, but it is also full of strength that makes this name more enticing. Living in a society where girl power is on the rise, this is a name that parents love whether or not they choose this name for their daughter.

24 Kate

Thanks to its English origin, Kate is a great stand-alone alternative to the name Katherine. Meaning ‘pure’ this one syllable name is a great name choice that is sweet, yet full of strength, perfect for the modern era. With many well-known celebrities bearing this name including Kate Winslet, Kate Hudson, and Kate Spade, it is the supermodel Kate Moss that gives it so much class and charisma.

Used within the Middle Ages and even in Shakespeare’s comedy ‘Taming of the Shrew’, it still sounds current and modern, fitting perfectly in the 21st century. You simply cannot help fall in love with this name instantaneously.

23 Gisele

Pronounced jiz-ELLE, you can instantly hear the European tones this feminine beauty possesses. Deriving from German origin, it has been commonly used as a French and English modern feminine name. Made famous by Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen, she has given this name a reason for parents to fall in love with it instantly.

Whether you spell this name with one or two ‘l’s,’ Gisele is a beautiful name that is not overused but is accepted in our modern era continuing to rise in the baby naming charts. Whether it is the supermodel associations or the unique tones this stunning name has parents, will no doubt love this name for years to come?

22 Natalia

A beautiful exotic version of the name Natalie, many parents are loving the tones that this name possesses. With its point of difference, it is a name that is still easy to pronounce wherever you are from. Deriving from Latin origin, meaning ‘birthday of the Lord’, this name was originally given to baby girl’s born around Christmas time. However, its popularity has grown and it is now used all year round.

Known as the name of a new age Russian supermodel Natalia Vodianova, this supermodel has made headlines on and off the catwalk. Founding her modeling fame in the 21st century, she is also a philanthropist, who has been praised for her work in helping children with special needs and their families. Thanks to the beautiful background of this strong model, you cannot help love this name even more.

21 Kendall

Deriving from English origin meaning ‘valley of the river Kent’, this feminine name has received most of its attention in the 21st century. Thanks to the reality television show Keeping Up With The Kardashians, we were introduced to Kim Kardashian’s half-sister Kendall Jenner. From the show, Kendall has risen to fame as one of the hottest models to hit the catwalk.

Making her debut in the Victoria’s Secret fashion show in 2015, she has since taken the world by storm. Climbing the baby naming charts very quickly thanks to Kendall Jenner’s rise to fame, there is no denying the love parents have for it, whether or not you are a Kardashian fan.

20 Lily

One of the most popular botanical names, Lily has lasted throughout the ages. Seen as a beautiful feminine name choice for any little girl, you cannot help hear the elegance and vintage tones of the name. Ranking 33 on the baby naming charts of 2018, Lily has seen most of its popularity in Scotland, England, and Wales.

Besides a symbol of purity, one of its famous name bearers is Victoria Secret Angel, Lily Aldridge. This American supermodel has given this name new life and giving it more acceptance in the United States of America. This old English name will continue to find a presence in the modern era and parents will always find a place in their heart to love this name.

19 Rosie

Diminutive of Rose, Rosie has now been accepted as a stand-alone name. With its sweet tones, you cannot help but fall in love with this name instantly. Although a more modern version of the name Rose, it has been used as a given name since the middle of the 20th century and has continued to be a name that has not lost its popularity.

Still sounding modern in the 21st century this is a beautiful name choice for any little girl that will grow with them into an adult. Name to famous English supermodel Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, this name is full of glamour and class you cannot deny.

18 Tyra

Derived from Scandinavian origin, Tyra has seen most of its popularity since the turn of the century. American supermodel, television personality, businesswoman and author Tyra Banks has given this name worldwide fame as a name that parents are loving more and more. With Banks being the first African American woman to be on the covers of Sports Illustrated Magazine and GQ, this stunning supermodel has put this name on the world stage seeing a surge in popularity. It is a unique and attractive name that is filled with confidence and strength, which are perfect attributes for any parent looking for a name for their precious little girl.

17 Miranda

Deriving from the Latin word ‘mirandus’ meaning ‘wonderful’ and ‘marvellous’, Shakespeare has transformed this into a feminine name for a character in his play ‘The Tempest’. Although Miranda was first used in his playback in the 1600s, it did not find popularity until the 20th century.

Used as the name of many characters in television shows and movies, it has found most of its popularity thanks to Australian supermodel Miranda Kerr. Known as the first Australian to walk the Victoria’s Secret catwalk, Miranda Kerr gives this name confidence and sophistication. The sweet charisma and beautiful nature she possesses also gives the name a gorgeous touch.

16 Adriana

With its exotic tones, you can help falling in love with this name instantly. Known as the Latin feminine variation of Adrian, meaning ‘man of Adria’, it has soft tones that also possess strength. Known as great characteristics of a feminine name, Adriana has found love worldwide. With so much beauty, it is a beautiful name choice beginning with the first letter of the alphabet, gaining instant attention when said out loud.

Name to Brazilian supermodel Adriana Lima, she has taken the world by storm and given this name elegance and poise, gaining a great deal of attraction it truly deserves. This feminine beauty will definitely be a name that will be around for many years to come.

15 Cara

Strong but sweet, this gorgeous feminine name has all the right tones for any little girl. With its exotic tones, Cara has a range of origins including Latin, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Irish. Meaning ‘friend’ and ‘face’, it is also an Italian term of endearment, making Cara a stunning name choice that lights up the room whenever it is said out loud. Besides its several meanings, it has also found further popularity thanks to supermodel Cara Delevingne.

Winning ‘model of the year’ at the British Fashion Awards back in 2012, this English born model has given this name acceptance in the modern era and it does not look like it is going to lose popularity any time soon.

14 Helena

Meaning ‘bright’ and ‘shining light’, there is no other feminine name that will light up the room like this one. Known as the Latinate form go the Greek name Helen, Helena provides a delicate touch to a strong name.

A favorite name to William Shakespeare, he has used it in two of his comedies, All’s Well That Ends Well and A Midsummer’s Night Dream. With this name standing the test of time, Helena has found new fame in the modern era. Thanks to Danish model Helena Christensen, we have seen a reassurance in the name and its beauty continues to shine brightly within the 21st century.

13 Milla

Known as the Polish short form of Camilla, we have currently seen a trend in short feminine names. Pronounced MEEL-lah, it has been widely accepted as a stand-alone name that many parents are loving for their little bundle of joy. With its sweet tones, you cannot help fall in love with this name instantly.

Ukranian born actress and supermodel Milla Jovovich has bought this name across the waters of Europe allowing the whole world to enjoy. It has also gained attention in Hollywood thanks to Mila Kunis. With her birth name Milena, she has taken on the gorgeous feminine version spelled with one ‘l’. Whichever way you want to spell this name there is no denying the beauty it possesses.

12 Irina

Pronounced ih-REEN-a, this is a stunning Russian name that has recently found acceptance throughout the world. Its exotic tones and European flair make this feminine beauty stand out from the crowd. Turning heads whenever said out loud, it is not only its tones that make it a beautiful name choice.

Thanks to its meaning ‘peace’, it has provided another wonderful reason why this name should be used more often. Russian supermodel Irina Shayk, has given this Russian beauty a platform for the whole world to enjoy. With its unique sounds, Irina may not be found in the top baby naming charts but it is loved by anyone who hears it out loud.

11 Karolina

Bringing European flair to the name Caroline, this feminine name provides an alternative that has sweet, free-flowing tones. Deriving from Czech origin, it has seen great popularity in Eastern Europe. Czech supermodel Karolina Kurkova has given this name worldwide attention thanks to her first appearance in the 2000 Victoria’s Secret Show.

Putting this name on the world stage, Karolina may not have as much attention as other four-syllable names, however, it is loved by some many parents when they hear it for the first time. A beautiful alternative to the well known Caroline, many parents will have wished they thought of this name before their bundle of joy was born.

10 Chanel

There is so much to love about this name. Pronounced sha-NELL, many would know this name thanks to French fashion house Coco Chanel. Deriving from French origin, many parents may not have originally considered this as a given name, however in the 21st century, it has found acceptance as a name for a little girl.

Along with its fashion influences, it is also the namesake of one our younger supermodel’s on the list, Chanel Iman. Thanks to this American born supermodel, Chanel has gained more acceptance in the western world even though it has had prominence since the early 1900’s thanks to its fashion associations.

9 Candice

South African supermodel Candice Swanepoel, has helped this beautiful name make it on the list. Although it is usually spelled Candace, this feminine name has all the right tones to make it a great name choice for any little girl in the modern era. Deriving from Latin origin, meaning ‘white’, ‘pure’ and ‘sincere’, it has wonderful meanings to make it more enticing for any parent searching for that perfect name their bundle of joy.

Used since the biblical era, Candice was the title of a dynasty of Ethiopian queens. With its strength and regal tones dating back to the biblical era, it has found a resurgence and a modern spelling that parents love.

8 Karlie

Filled with strength thanks to this name beginning with ‘k’, it has a sweet ending making it an enticing feminine name. Usually spelled Carly, this modern spelling has found popularity thanks to Supermodel Karlie Kloss. Giving this name new style and class, you cannot help love how this well-known name has been given a modern twist giving it a new life.

With many parents loving unique names but not having the courage to be bold, the diverse spelling could make all the difference in finding that perfect name. Whether you love this name thanks to the American supermodel or just thanks to its subtle point of difference, everyone is loving this name.

7 Elle

Elle is a beautiful one syllable name that is filled with sophistication and class. Deriving from French origin, meaning ‘she’, you cannot help fall in love with the exotic flare of this name. Making a statement on the catwalk thanks to supermodel Elle McPherson, it has found popularity with parents all over the world.

Its sophistication and charm have undeniably stolen the hearts of many. Thanks to this simple yet stunning name, it has paved the way for many other names including Giselle and Isabelle. Whether you are loving long or short names, Elle gives you the best of both worlds.

6 Naomi

This ancient Hebrew name has stood the test of time since the biblical era and does not look like it is slowing down any time soon. Charting within the top 100 girl’s names of 2018, we can thank English supermodel Naomi Campbell for the continued love this name has.

Along with its association with this stunning supermodel, its meaning ‘pleasantness’ gives this name more love. This is one of the few ancient names that has continued to gain immense popularity thousands of years on. If you are looking for a name that will not go out of style, this may just be the name you are searching for.

5 Claudia

Seen as a popular name choice in ancient Rome, it originally gained popularity in the 16th century and has never really gone out of fashion since. With exotic tones, Claudia is a beautiful feminine name that fills the room with a European flare whenever it is said out loud. Besides its association to European class, supermodel Claudia Schiffer has brought glamour to the name. Rising to fame in the early ’90s, this German supermodel, who has been compared to Brigitte Bardot, has provided a sense of charisma and sophistication to the name, giving it a reason for many people to love it more and more.

4 Gigi

Deriving from French origin, it has recently been accepted as a stand-alone name. Compared to names such as Fifi and Coco, Gigi provides a fun alternative to the more conventional and vintage names that have been around for centuries. Thanks to supermodel Gigi Hadid, this feminine beauty has gained more and more acceptance with parents not being afraid to use a name that is unique.

Originally seen as the diminutive of feminine names including Georgine and Virginie, Gigi provides a modern twist that is chic and cool. Pronounced ZHEE-XHEE, this will definitely be a name that will light up the room whenever said out loud.

3 Chrissy

Diminutive of Christine and Christina, this is a sweet alternative that has been accepted as a stand-alone name. It’s ‘y’ provides the sweet tones that are perfect for any little girl, which is also a name that will grow with them as an adult. Thanks to supermodel Chrissy Teigen, she has given this name more acceptance in the modern era.

With her fun, flirty and charismatic personality, Chrissy is a standout name that is perfect for the 21st century. If you are not game enough to use it as a stand-alone name on your daughter’s birth certificate, choosing Christine or Christina will allow you to still use Chrissy as a nickname.

2 Heidi

Deriving from the German diminutive of Adelheid, this is a beautiful twist that has been used throughout history. Popular at the end of the 1800’s thanks to the book and Shirley Temple’s movie, Heidi, it has gained popularity in the English speaking world. Lasting throughout the ages, it has seen an increase in popularity in the late 20th century thanks to German supermodel Heidi Klum.

Meaning ‘of noble birth’ there is definitely a touch of regal flair to this feminine name and whether it is the meaning or association with modern supermodels, parents are loving this name just as much as they did in the 1800s.

1 Victoria

With one of the most watched catwalk shows every year, fashion brand Victoria’s Secret has given Victoria a new edge. With its regal tones and vintage flair, being the name to long-reigning British queen, this feminine beauty has been given new life in the 21st century. Powerful and traditional, Victoria is charted within the top 20 girl’s names of 2018 and does not look like its popularity will decline any time soon.

Although it is not a name to a specific supermodel, we cannot forget one of the most famous bearers of this name, Victoria Beckham. How can we miss her fashion presence and glamor as she is another reason to love this name.

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