25 Sweet-Sounding Baby Names For Mommy’s Little Boy

For Moms who are looking for a sweet sounding baby boy’s name to suit her little angel, we have put together some of our current favorites. The only girl who will ever be good enough for these young men will be someone who their mother approves of. And, that’s just the way we like it!

When a mother has a baby boy, it changes everything. It doesn't take long before she is playing toy trucks and kicking a ball around the back yard. A mother and son have a bond like no other, and even the girliest girl will find herself making mud pies and having water pistol fights just to make her son smile. She will learn about Ninja Turtles, dragons and pirates and become a master of washing grass stains off clothing.

So, what is the right name for a baby boy with a heart of gold and a mother who adores him? We have come up with 15 ideas which will help start the process of choosing the right name. After all, it will stick with him for life.

From popular baby name choices to those which are far less common, what ties this list together is a sweetness which will help to shape his personality. Every name has a different meaning and is unique in its own way. One thing is for sure, these are all equally adorable.

Boys are loads of fun and have a lot of love to give. What will our number one sweet boy’s name be? Read on to find out more…

25 Liam

Origin: German / Irish

When a little man is given a name like Liam, he will be set for big things. Just look at movie star Liam Hemsworth! Not only is he talented (and gorgeous) but he is often snapped in photos giving a big hug to his mom. Liam is a name which has the advantage of being both sweet and strong. It is common enough that it is easily pronounced, but not so common that every other boy in his class will answer to it.

This name is increasing in popularity and can be used as a nickname for William, just in case there is any trouble deciding between the two. It is little wonder boys with this charming baby name have a strong bond with their mothers, it has the meaning “Strong Protector”.

Calista Flockhart and Harrison Ford named their son Liam Flockhart, he was born back in 2001. Lauren Conrad named her son William "Liam" James in August 2017.

24 Noah

Origin: Hebrew

In the Old Testament, Noah built an ark and saved mankind from a massive flood. He is still popular because of it. This is now a unisex name, and one of the most picked baby names from the last few years. It means “Wandering”.

Even if you aren’t religious, it is still a gentle name which gives the air of a calmness and strength. At only four letters Noah does not require a nickname but pet names may include "No" or "Noey". Noah Wile is our celebrity pick, he’s tall dark and handsome and played a doctor in the old television series, E.R.

Michael Buble and his wife Luisana Lopilato have a son named Noah. He recently had a battle with liver cancer but is reportedly doing well after undergoing intensive treatment.

23 Cooper

Origin: British

Cooper is a charming yet cool boys name which has the meaning of “Barrel Maker”. When a baby boy is given the name Cooper, he is likely to gain the nickname of “Coop”, “Coops” or “Coo” which are all very catchy.

There are a few celebs with this as a surname, including actor Bradley Cooper and rock star singer Alice Cooper. While there isn’t a huge list of famous people who use it as a first name, there are some professional football stars among them.

All young boys love superheroes, so this little man will be excited to see his name appearing in cartoon Ben 10 as Cooper Daniels, one of the main star’s sidekicks.

In 2003, Cooper Alexander was born to parents Phillip Seymour Hoffman and Mimi O’Donnell.

22 Milo

There are very few names quite as sweet sounding as Milo, and it has an interesting heritage. There are two explanations for the origin of this name. The German is taken from Miles, while the Greek version is based on an ancient wrestler who was the son of Croton. Both loosely translate to “Uncertain” or “Soldier”. This endearing name can be switched to Miles when a “cool kid” type of nickname is desired.

As for celebrities with the same name, Milo Ventimiglia played Jess in Gilmore Girls. We are still stuck playing old episodes on repeat, so that has to be our favourite highlight from his career to date.

Alyssa Milano named her son Milo Thomas Bugliari, he was born in 2011. Another mother we admire is Liv Tyler, and her son Milo William Langdon was born in 2004.

21 Samuel

Origin: Hebrew

Last but not least, there is Samuel. One of the sweetest names of all, it can be shortened to “Sam” or “Sammy”. The meaning behind it is “Asked of God” and in the Old Testament, Samuel was a prophet.

If the name Sam is a favourite but Samuel doesn’t click, the alternative is Samson.

For celebrities who influenced the name, there is Samuel L Jackson who has been in more hit movies than we can count. Sam Smith is the singer with a voice like no other, and Sam Trammell was the shape shifting bar owner and all round good guy in True Blood. This is a name which is increasing in popularity, and it will remain a classic for years to come.

Golden girl Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck had a son named Samuel Garner Affleck, he was born in 2012.

20 Nathaniel

Origin: Hebrew

Another sweet sounding baby boy’s name with a Hebrew origin is Nathaniel. It means “Gift from God” and has been around since way back when. It is a name which is slowly making a comeback and has an intellectual ring to it.

Back in the ‘80s, we saw Jonathon as a trending baby boys name, and Nathaniel has a similar meaning but has overtaken it in popularity. Possible nicknames include "Nate" and "Nat", which both suits Mommy’s little sweetheart. Fans of Gossip Girl and Kingdom will be familiar with "Nate”, both characters are young men with a lot going for them. There is the option for an alternative spelling with Nathanael.

This hasn’t become a celebrity favourite just yet, but stay tuned as it is sure to be a hit!

19 Benjamin

Origin: Hebrew

Here is another classic name which has a sensitivity to it. It is a biblical name and it is certainly not going out of style anytime soon. This is a name which wouldn’t be said in anger too often, because there is no way a boy called Benjamin could ever be naughty and stress out his dear mom. It is a sweet name for a sweet boy.

The meaning is “Son of” or “Son of the Right Hand” and that can be interpreted in a variety of different ways. "Ben", "Benji", "Beno" or "Benny" are all potential nicknames for a baby boy named Benjamin. Celebrities include Batman Ben Affleck and the cute and quirky Ben Stiller.

Model Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady named their son Benjamin Rein Brady. He was born in 2009.

18 Theodore

Origin: Greek

The sweetest, cuddliest, cutest Chipmunk was given the name Theodore for good reason! Those are cheeks which are asking to be squeezed. This name can be affectionately shortened to “Teddy”, “Theo” or Ted” or any of these alternatives can be used on their own. Edward can even be shortened to Teddy if a shorter name is preferred.

Theodore means “Divine Gift” or “Gift of God” and is fitting because every baby should be seen as a blessing. This is one of those old school names which is still relevant today. One of the most famous people to answer to it was Theodore Roosevelt. For an extra fun fact, he is where the teddy bear first got its name.

In 2007, Bryce Dallas Howard and Seth Gabel named their son Theodore Norman Howard Gabel.

17 Aaron

Origin: Hebrew

Aaron is a name which may go up and down in popularity but never really goes out of style. It is from the Old Testament as Aaron was Moses’ wise older brother. This is a name which would suit a baby boy with big eyes and an old soul.

The name Aaron means “Enlightened” or “High Mountain” and has alternate spellings of Aaryn, Aron, Arun and Arran. Elvis Presley had the middle name of Aaron, and another celebrity who bears the title is actor Aaron Eckhart. Just like Sawyer, there isn’t really a preferred nickname for Aaron, but a simple “A”, “Az” or “Azza” is often given to young men on the football field.

In August 2017, Sanya Richards-Ross and Aaron Ross named their son Aaron Jermaine Ross II.

16 Phoenix

Origin: Greek

Phoenix is a unisex name, but we do think it suits a son who is adored by his mother. It was once just a surname, and readers may be familiar with River and Joaquin Phoenix which is probably where the modern trend began. It is slowly becoming more common as a first name but is still quite unique.

The name means “Dark Crimson” and it is also a type of bird and a place. In ancient mythology, the bird is said to have a beautiful voice. These types of stories make this name even more interesting. For those looking for a nickname, this may be shortened to “Phi” or “Nix”.

Nick Lachey and Vanessa Lachey named their baby boy Phoenix Robert at the end of 2016. He was born the day before Christmas.

15 Owen

Origin: Welsh

Here at number three, we have Owen. It is a traditional name which means “Noble Warrior” and that just sounds like he will grow into a strong man with good morals. Owen is in the top 50 of trending baby names, and this is probably due to every mom’s crush, actor Clive Owen. While this is technically his surname, it surely has had some influence.

As a celebrity first name, let’s look to funny man Owen Wilson who makes us laugh but somehow suits those romantic comedy gigs on the big screen. It is hard to choose a nickname for Owen besides the obvious "O", but with a bit of a stretch, you may arrive at "Wen" or "Owey". A simple yet sweet name, how could a mother not be proud of her Owen?

Noah Wyle Tracy Warbin had a son named Owen Strausser Wyle in 2002.

14 Archer

Origin: Latin

Cupid is aiming straight for the heart with his teeny tiny little arrow because the name Archer could not be any cuter. It can be shortened to "Archie", and it is hard to choose which version is better. Not surprisingly, this powerful boys name means “Bowman” and his favourite character is likely to be Robin Hood. If you feel as though you want to mix it up, the name Arrow is similar yet different.

Looking at celebrities, actor Archie Kao played Archie Johnson in CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. They obviously loved his name so much that they decided to use it for his character

In 2008, Amy Poehler and Will Arnett named their baby Archie William Emerson Arnett. Ok, in this case, Archie is short for Archibald, but the shortened nickname has already stuck.

13 Elijah

Origin: Hebrew

For a boy’s name with a biblical background, look no further than Elijah. This is a beautiful name for a beautiful son and comes from the name of a prophet. The meaning reflects its bible beginnings and is “Yahweh is God”.

While this sweet baby name is still quite unique, one celebrity who has made it famous is Elijah Wood. Most popular for his role in “Lord of the Rings”, he has a face any mother would love. Elijah is one of those names which doesn’t need to be shortened. However, he may be referred to as "Eli", although Eli can be a name in itself. "EJ" is another common nickname which he may like to use.

Karen Fairchild and Jim Westbrook named their son Elijah Dylan Westbrook, he was born in 2010.

12 Logan

Origin: Gaelic

As one of the top baby boy’s names, there is no way there could be a list without Logan. A hit with mothers, Logan was once a surname but has graduated to be a first name too. This may have been fuelled by a generation of The Bold and the Beautiful viewers (Brooke Logan anyone?), or more likely its appeal comes from its sweetness. It means “Small Hollow” and can be alternatively spelt as “Logen”.

The fictional Marvel character Wolverine is also known as Logan, and beneath his unshaven exterior, he is a big softy at heart. Logan may be shortened to “Logi” or “Lo” but it is already cute enough just the way it is.

Cassidy Boesch and Sam Page named their baby boy Logan, he was born in 2016.

11 Jesse

Origin: Hebrew

Everyone wishes they had Jesse’s girl, but his number one girl will surely be his mom. Jesse is a sweet sounding name which means “Gift” and would suit a boy with bright eyes and a big smile. Jesse can be either a boy’s or a girl’s name with a shortening of "Jess". There are a number of celebrity men called Jesse, but we do like the fun Jesse Tyler Ferguson who plays Mitchell Pritchett on Modern Family.

A boy who can make you laugh is worth his weight in gold. Then, there is the character Jesse Pinkman from Breaking Bad might not be the son a mother always wanted, but as a show with such a strong following, this has surely influenced the popularity of the name. If Jesse Metcalfe is more your style, the John Tucker Must Die star has a look which would melt his mother’s heart.

We are predicting there will be more celebrities naming their baby Jesse in the near future.

10 Elliot

Origin: Hebrew

The name Elliot is influenced by Elijah and means “The Lord is God”. It can be spelt Elliot or Elliott, and the most common nickname is "Eli". The lead character of television series Mr Robot is Elliot Alderson. If you have watched it you will know that despite his flaws there is a real kindness about him. Even though it is wrapped up within his technology savvy and split personality.

Elliot is a name which has a sensitive side, and even though it can be unisex it isn’t overwhelmingly feminine. It is unique but not uncommon, which is perfect for those looking for something different but still easy to pronounce and spell.

Robert Henry De Niro Jnr and Grace Hightower had a son in 1998 called Elliot De Niro.

9 Fletcher

Origin: British

Fletcher is a masculine yet charismatic name which means “Arrow Maker”. Once again we have a name which can be a first or last name. There are various options for nicknames, the most common are “Fletch” or “Finn”.

This is a boy who will look forward to the end of the day where he can cuddle up with his mom and listen to a story. With tales of superheroes and adventure, he will be sure to have a good imagination.

While there aren’t many celebrities with this name, Fletcher Henderson was a musician and bandleader in the late 1800s who had a fascinating life. He played an important role in the shaping of big band jazz music.

Samantha Bee and Jason Jones named their son Fletcher Bee-Jones back in 2008.

8 Henry

Origin: German

Henry is a caring yet regal baby name choice and there have been many kings who have gone by this name. Henry means “Household Ruler” and he will be the centre of the family. For a son who deserves to be treated like royalty, this sweetheart will treat his mother like a Queen.

Fittingly, British actor Henry William Dalgliesh Cavill appeared in the movie The Count of Monte Cristo. It really can’t get more royal than that, now can it?

This is a name which has always had a place, but over the last few years it has become more and more common. "Harry" is actually a nickname for Henry, and "Hank" is another possible option.

The empowered single mom Minnie Driver has a son named Henry Story Driver in 2008, his father is Timothy J Lea.

7 Baxter

Origin: British

Baxter may not be a common name, but it sure does have a sweet ring to it. Big in the 1800’s, the meaning behind it is “Baker”. As it is rare, this is a boy who will always stand out and be remembered.

There is a Dr Baxter Stockman who appears in Ninja Turtles, he may be a mad scientist but that’s kind of cool. Or, for fans of indie music, there is Baxter Dury, the son of Ian Dury. Alternate spellings include Bakster, Baxstar and Baxster. This can be shortened to "Bax", which is a nice twist to the more widely used Max.

Trying to find a celebrity baby who goes by this name is not an easy task, but it is due for a resurgence so you heard it here first.

6 Sawyer

Origin: British

Sawyer has traditionally been a surname but has now been adapted to be used as a first name. This trend really took off when the TV show Lost had its reign, and the misunderstood Sawyer stole the hearts of viewers. The meaning of this name is literal as “Cuts Timber”. We must admit there is something adorable about having a young handyman. Sawyer is unisex and can be used for either a baby boy or a baby girl.

It could be potentially shortened to "Saw" (pronounced soy), but it is generally left as is. If a name without a nickname is preferred, Sawyer is definitely an option for any sweetie pie.

Steven Spielberg and Kate Capshaw have a son named Sawyer Avery Spielberg who was born in 1992.

5 Harry

Origin: German

Oh Harry, with a meaning like “Ruler of the Home”, he will surely be a lovable chap. You don’t have to look far for a famous example as this is a name often associated with royal bloodlines. Prince Harry is the fun yet affectionate royal we all can’t help but love.

There is one woman who has become a millionaire from her (fictional) son, she goes by the name of J.K Rowling. Yes, it’s Harry Potter and his caring, brave and intelligent nature pretty much sums up this name. Harry Styles has a sweet demeanour and a cult following of screaming teenage fans. Harry can be short for Harold, Harrison or Henry, but it can be used on its own.

In 2003 David Letterman had a son called Harry Joseph Letterman.

4 Jack

Origin: British

Jack is a classic name which means “God is Gracious”. It is a traditional name but comes with the alternative of Jackson. Jack is a nice name but is it also a strong name, and this type of boy is going to be good to his mama.

Jack Black, Jack Nicholson and Jack Johnson are all celebrities who bear this name, but in this case, the fictional characters are worth mentioning. There is Jack and the Beanstalk and Jack and Jill which come straight out of a fairy tale. Poor Rose (Kate Winslet) may have had to let Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio) go in Titanic, but the name lives on. However, for a boy named Jack, his hero is more likely to be Captain Jack Sparrow from The Pirates of the Caribbean.

Maya Rudolph and Paul Thomas Anderson named their son Jack Anderson in 2011.

3 Hugh

Origin: German

With just one syllable, Hugh is short and sweet and it means “Soulful Intellect”. He may be reserved, but he is kind and smarter than the next guy.

While only subtly popular, there are a few well known celebrities who go by the name of Hugh. There is romantic comedy typecast Hugh Grant, the ruggedly dishevelled Hugh Laurie from House, and the Aussie favorite Hugh Jackman.

"Huey", "Hugo" and "Hew" are all suitable nicknames for this tiny bundle of joy. Due to the length, it would also make a good middle name to break up something more complicated.

This name is uncommon and it is hard to pinpoint a celebrity who has chosen it as a baby name in recent times. This is a chance to be unique and choose Hugh as a baby boy’s name.

2 Flynn

Origin: Irish

Flynn is a unisex name that is very close to Finn, or Fynn. It has an Irish background and means “Red” or “Red Complexion”. Sweet yet powerful, those who go by this name are said to have the characteristics of a high achiever.

For those of an Irish descent, this is particularly fitting and suits a surname which starts with an O’. Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair, yes, there is a Disney Tangled reference in here. Flynn Rider is the long locked beauty’s love interest in the much loved children’s film. As an already short name, there are few possible nicknames to choose from. However, "Fly" or "Fy" are two possible options.

Model Miranda Kerr and actor Orlando Bloom had a son back in 2011 called Flynn Christopher Copeland Bloom.

1 Morgan

Origin: Welsh

The names just keep getting cuter and cuter, don’t they? Any mom will be proud to introduce her baby boy called Morgan to the world. It comes from the name Morgen and is another unisex addition to the list. The meaning is “Sea Born” and this young sailor will likely be an imaginative and ocean loving explorer.

One of the most famous celebrities of this name has to be Morgan Freeman, who has an extensive career in the movie biz. Now in his 80’s, The Shawshank Redemption and Million Dollar Baby were two of his career highlights (so far!). Morgan has long been a surname, and potential nicknames could include "Morgs", "Morg" and "Morgy".

In 2005 Neal McDonough and Ruve McDonough had a son named Morgan Patrick McDonough.

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