25 Timeless Baby Names That Would Suit Any Little Girl

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful phases of a woman's life. This is also a time where mom daydreams about possible names for the unborn angel. Although she will get numerous suggestions of names to choose from, choosing a beautiful name for one’s child is one of the most difficult things for the parents to do. Most parents want their child’s name to be perfect and that's no small pressure.

A beautiful and meaningful name is the best gift that mom can present to the child. However, many parents always want their child’s name to be unique. But sometimes they end up giving their child an unusual name that draws negative attention or it becomes a subject of laughter. Therefore, it is essential to be very careful while one names their child. Check into the meaning of the names and the various pronunciations. For instance, Anas is an Arabic baby name with the meanings: affection, love. But chances of it being pronounced a different way is quite high. So, do think twice about various possibilities concerning the chosen name.

Timeless names, the ones that have endured over the centuries and still remain in popular use, are safe choices to name a baby girl. Here are 25 of the most elegant names that have adorned many and have stood the test of time. 

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25 Sharon

Sharon is another timeless name that you can give to your baby. In Biblical times, Sharon was a coastal and fertile plain in Palestine area where oak and rose trees grew in plenty. The Hebrew meaning of the name Sharon is a ‘plain and flat area’.

There are several female celebrities with the name Sharon, for example, Sharon Tate, Sharon Creech, Sharon Osborne, Sharon Jones, Sharon Needles, and others. Sharon has also been a fictional character in several stories, movies, and plays. An indeed meaningful name, Sharon can be nicknamed for Shar, Shari, Shazz, Shan, Shay, Sharie, and others.

24 Ruby

The name Ruby has got a deeper meaning. Being taken from the name of a deep colored red gem, the name Ruby is actually derived from Latin Rubeus which mean reddish in Old French. Girls with the name Ruby are very artistic and compassionate. It is quite a girly and cute name which you can give to your child.

Bee, Red, Goobie / Gooby, Rhubarb, Roob, Rob, Roober are some of the coolest nicknames for Ruby. There are several actresses and famous supermodels with the name Ruby, including names like Ruby Dee, Ruby Aldridge, Ruby Catherine Stevens, and Ruby Megan Henson.

23 Sandra

Sandra sounds like a bold and strong name for your daughter. A short form of Cassandra or Alexandra, Alessandra, Sandra is now commonly given as an independent name to the newborn infant. Sandy is one of the beautiful nicknames for Sandra.

Sandra Bullock and Sandra Dee are the two famous actresses based on whom you can name your child. Also, Sandra was the name of a famous women's rights activist, Sandra Fluke. Sandra could also be written as Xandra. Doesn’t Sandra sound like a strong, stylish and smart name for your child?

22 Joan

The name Joan is an English name. In English, the significance of the name Joan is: God is gracious. Ladylike type of John Famous Bearers: Legendary Pope Joan, who was a lady taking on the appearance of a man; French courageous woman Joan of Arc (Jeanne d'Arc).

Several actresses and other performing artists with the name Joan like Joan Fontaine, Joan Crawford, and Joan Collins has made their significant contributions in their own field. Feel proud to name your child as Joan as the name itself has a lot of significance. Girls named Joan tend to be tomboys, bold and daring.

21 Grace

Motivated by elegance and expressiveness or eloquence, Grace is derived from the Latin word 'gratia' meaning 'support, favor, and thankfulness'. The name was made prevalent by seventeenth-century Puritans, who offered it in reference to God's support and love toward humanity.

Grace Margaret Wahlberg, Grace Avery Costner, Grace Isabella Garciaparra are some of the famous names related to the music and film industry. Indeed Grace is a wonderful name which sounds divine and soulful. Gracie, G, and Ace are some of the famous nicknames you could give to your child, Grace.

20 Sally

The name Sally is a Hebrew infant name. In Hebrew, the meaning of the name Sally is 'Princess'. Sal, Ally, Sall, Allie, Aly are some of the famous nicknames for your baby Sally. Girls named Sally have great entrepreneurial skills and make good business women.

There are several famous personalities named Sally including Sally Jones, a British broadcaster and journalist, the first woman who went for broadcasting sports for the BBC, Sally Fields, an actress, and Sally Ride, an astronaut who was the first American woman to be in space. This pretty name has also been used as a fictional character in various movies and stories and songs. 

19 Mary

Mary is the anglicized version of Maria, which is mainly derived from the Hebrew Miryām (sea of sorrow ). There has been much discussion over the meaning and significance of the name. While "sea of sorrow" does account to be the most plausible, a few sources give the alternative meanings of "disobedience", and "sea of bitterness", as well

Despite its meaning Mary is a much sought after name with people considering the name to be holy and graceful. The name, borne in the Bible by the mother of Jesus, has turned out to be a standout amongst the most enduringly prominent names in the Christian world. Several personalities including authors, actresses and musicians are named Mary.

18 Sarah

The name is mainly derived from the Hebrew name sārāh which also means 'princess'. The name is borne in the Bible by the spouse of the patriarch Abraham and mother of Isaac. Sarah is a reliably famous given name all across North America and Europe, and also in the Middle East.

The name Sarah is used as the first female name by the Christians, Jews, and Muslims alike. It still remains prevalent among the non-religious individuals from societies impacted by these religions. One of the most creative and sophisticated names around, Sarah is a great name to give your little princess.

17 Sophie

A name borrowed from the Greeks, Sophie is straightforwardly derived from Sophia who stands for prudence, aptitude, skill, and wisdom. The name is very popular in England since the seventeenth century, when it was presented to the newborn child girl of James I.

A charming, lovable name Sophie suits any girl who grows up to be a fine and an excellent grown-up individual. This name is completely awesome for your child. Soph, Sophie-bear, Sophers, Slow-phie, Phee are some of the cute nicknames for your sweetheart daughter. Actresses like Sophie Tucker, Sophie Turner has been named the same.

16 Mercy

With various meanings including kindness, empathy, absolution, and pity, the name Mercy is derived from the Latin word ‘merces’ which means to reward or to compensate. The name was famous among the Puritans in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries but at present, the name is quite uncommon.

One of the most graceful names, Mercy has also remained a popular character in various stories and songs. The popular nicknames for Mercy could be Merry, MerMer and Merce which would sound pleasant when being called upon. Mercy James and Mercy Otis Warren are celebrities with this elegant and timeless name.

15 Phoebe


Phoebe is the feminine name of the Greek Phoibos (splendid one), which is taken from the word phoibos which means brilliant. The name Phoebe is found in Greek folklore as a name for Artemis, the moon goddess. In popular verse, Phoebe is the personified version of the moon.

A quite uncommon name, this divine name can enhance your daughter’s personality. Actresses and singers with the name such as Phoebe Snow and Phoebe Tonkin have made their own identity iacross the globe. Fifi, Beebee, Bee, Phoebs/Pheebs, Pheob/Feeb are some of the cutest nicknames for your baby Phoebe.

14 Olivia

Olivia is a  baby girl name based on the olive tree. We all know that the olive leaf symbolizes peace. Profoundly canny, excellent, imaginative, refined, and overall serene - all these are characteristics that define the name, Olivia. This popular name was even used by the great English playwright William Shakespeare as the name of the heiress in his famous play ‘The Twelfth Night.’ 

Some of the popular nicknames for Olivia include Lily, Libby, Livia, Liddy, Viv, Vivia, Vee, and others. Olivia Wild, Olivia Newton, Olivia Ward Bush, Olivia Munn are some of the famous personalities with the name Olivia. This would be indeed a beautiful name for your princess.

13 Marion

Marion is actually derived from the French name Maries which is again derived from the Hebrew name Miriyam. It means 'to go against.' Won’t it be amazing to gift your child with this meaningful name? This name is also considered a variant of the name Marie and hence it also has the meaning 'sorrowful', but many people prefer to interpret this as having a solemn and calm demeanor.

Most of the parents might think this name seems like the name of an old lady but it is nothing like that. It is a beautiful name with a beautiful meaning. Popular personalities like Marion Davies, Marion Jones, Marion Ross, have made their mark in their respective industry. In different screenplays, stories and songs the name Marion has been used frequently.

12 Matilda

The baby girl name Matilda is taken from the Old High German name Mahthilda, which means a great fighter. Matilda is a compound name made out of the elements ‘maht’ which means power, might, and control and ‘hiltia’ which means battle. The full meaning of the name Matilda is 'the strength in the battlefield'.

Matilda has also remained a popular character in several fictions, stories, and movies. Popular personalities with the same name include the 19th century feminist Matilda Joslyn Gage, Mathilda Gelhaar, the Swedish opera singer and Matilda Coxe Stevenson, the author and ethnologist.

11 Jane

Jane is an English name that is related to the French names Jehanne and Jeanne. These names are the feminine form of Jean, which is related to John and means 'God is generousl. Jane was the name of the protagonist in Charlotte Brontë's famous novel ‘Jane Eyre’ (1847).

The name came around in the sixteenth century and is often compared with the name Joan. The name Jane is quite a historical name that would really sound pleasant and classic for your baby. Jane also means ‘God’s Grace.’ Jae, Jana, Jay, Janie, Jan are some of the popular nicknames for Jane. Jane Carson, Jane Asher, Jane Austen, Jane Seymour are some of the famous women with the same name.

10 Roxanne

Roxanne is derived from the Greek name Roxanē. The meaning of the name Roxanne stands for Persian Roschana which means the dawn of the day. The name was borne by the Bactrian spouse of Alexander the Great, which appears to substantiate the name's foundations.

Roxanne was also the name of Alexander’s wife. The name Roxanne was also used in different songs and movies which make the name quite a popular one. Doesn’t Roxanne sound a bold and pleasant name for your daughter? Roxy, Rocky, Foxy, Rox are some of the cute nicknames that you can provide your beautiful daughter Roxanne.

9 Vivian

Vivian is derived from the Latin name Vivianus which was derived from the Latin term "alive". Holy person Vivian was a French priest who gave protection amid the Visigoth attack of the fifth century. In the Arthurian legend, Vivian was the name of the Lady of the Lake, a magician who was the courtesan of Merlin. 

Vivian was actually used as an English masculine name in the Middle Ages. The substitute spelling Vivien is considered a female name. But now, both spelling variations of the name are considered feminine names. Vivian Green, Vivian Joseph are the popular personalities with the same name.

8 Victoria

Victoria is the Latin word which means victory. Signifies "triumph" in Latin, being borne by the Roman goddess of triumph. It is additionally a feminine form of VICTORIUS. This name was borne by a fourth-century holy person and saint from North Africa. Victoria Justice, Victoria Moors, Victoria Principal, Victoria Ruffo are some of the popular personalities.

One of the most popular names, Victoria has remained a significant character in several movies, songs, and television series. Victoria is surely an exquisite name choice for your beautiful child.

7 Gwen

Gwen is a Welsh name signifying "white, blessed". It is said to be an abbreviated type of names such as Gwendolen, Gwenhwÿfar (Guinevere), Gwenllian and other similar names. In the King Arthur legends, Queen Gwendolyn, a fictionalized warrior lady of antiquated Briton, was deified by Geoffrey of Monmouth in the Middle Ages.

Gwen Stefani, Gwen Guthrie, Gwenyth Verdon are some of the famous personalities with the same name. With meanings like white and blessed, surely Gwen is an adorable name for an angelic girl baby. A short and sweet name like Gwen would be everyone’s favorite. Girls named Gwen are fun-loving and are curious about everything. They have a compassionate nature and like helping people.

6 Freya

Freya is the female version of Frey which means 'ruler or he who is prominent'. Freya has the definition "womanly and noble." In Norse folklore, Freya was the goddess of richness and fertility. Daughter of Njord and a sister of Frey, Freya was the most beautiful of all the goddesses.

Love, destiny, beauty, war, fertility, and mortality are some of the terms that describe Freya. The famous people named Freya include dame Freya Madeline Stark who was a British travel writer and explorer, Freya Van Den Bossche, a Belgian politician and Freya North, a British writer. Women named Freya make great business managers as they are good planners who know how to get the action done.

5 Alice

The baby girl name Alice is derived from the Old French name Aalis, a short form of the Germanic name Adalheidis, which was made out of the elements like adal "honorable" and heid "type". Alice was a prevalent name in both France and Britain in the twelfth century.

Alice also comes from the old Greek word 'alethéia' which signifies 'truth'. That is the reason Alice implies the honest one. Alice name is also found in popular culture and stories which make the name more popular and cute. Some of the famous personalities with the same name are Alice Munro, Alice Walker, Alice Neel, and others.

4 Jessica

Jessica is a baby girl name of Hebrew origin with the meanings 'gift' or 'God beholds'.  Jessica is also considered to be an elaboration of Jessie, the feminine form of Jesse, which in turn is derived from the Hebrew name yīshai (blessing). 

Jessica was first used as a first name in the by Shakespeare play 'The Merchant of Venice' for the daughter of Shylock.  Shakespeare is said to have based it on the biblical name ISCAH, (spelled Jesca in his time).

Jessica Alba and Jessica Simpson are two popular celebrity names you must have heard of. the name Jessica has also been heard in several songs and movies. It would be lovely to provide your daughter, your very own gift from God, with such a delicate and timeless name.

3 Linda

Linda basically comes from the Spanish word 'linda' meaning lovely/beautiful. It is also considered to be a short type of various Germanic names containing the element 'Lind' which usually signify the meanings delicate, delicate, and frail. It is Teutonic (Old German) for 'serpent' or 'agile as a serpent'. In Afrikaans, it signifies 'pause'. In Kiswahili, it intends to monitor, secure or shield.

Then again, Linda is the short name for Belinda, which is a name of indeterminate origin. Having a beautiful name like Linda is something every girl must be proud of when they get older. Linda is easy to speak, easy to spell. It shouldn't come as a surprise that Linda is a girl of many talents.

2 Susan

Susan is one of the prettiest names that you name your child. The Hebrew meaning of Susan is ‘Graceful Lily.’ It is the English version of Suzanna. It is said that women with the name Susan have greater learning ability and are introspective. They tend to be quite artistic.

There are several celebrities with the name Susan. For instance, we have several actresses like Susan B. Anthony, Susan George, Susan Hayward, and others. The use of the name Susan can also be seen in several stories, song and on screen, thus making it one of the most beautiful yet popular names.

1 Chloe

Chloe is taken from the Greek name Khloē which stands for blooming and verdant. Chloe is one of the most popular names across the globe and many people don't even realize that it is actually an old-fashioned name. The name was utilized as a late spring epithet of Demeter, the Greek goddess of fertility and agriculture.

Clo, CoCo, Chlo-Chlo, Coca, Chlo-mo, Clover, are some of the popular nicknames for the name Chloe. Chloe Lukasiak, the popular cast of Lifetime's Dance Moms; Chloe Grace Moretz, Chloe Sevigny, Chloe Webb, are the popular actresses who have entertained us with their acting prowess. Chloe would be a lovely name for your little munchkin.

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