25 Totally Stunning Baby Names That Will Make Classmates Jealous One Day

Picking a baby name used to be easy– mothers would stick to the "approved list" of names like Jack, John, or Jessica, and the whole affair would be over pretty quickly. Times are changing, though.

In 2018, Kylie Jenner threw the world the biggest #Statement ever by calling her baby girl Stormi. Not long after, Cardi B called her baby girl Kulture. While Gwyneth Paltrow's Apple Martin and Angelina Jolie's Shiloh-Nouvel are a little more old-school, there's no denying that celebs have the upper hand with the "crazy" baby name trend.

Not every mother is willing to push the boat out that far, though. In the real world of small towns, regular schools, and trips to Walmart, pulling off a signature name isn't what it is in Hollywood. At the same time, mommies are bored of "standard" names.

Teen Mom stars themselves have interesting variations of common names– Kailyn Lowry, Jenelle Evans, Maci Bookout, and Briana DeJesus were named by regular moms themselves (who were likely already bored of Katie or Macy).

It's time for a roundup of the best list ever. For some moms, picking the baby name will always be a "when he or she comes" matter. Still, it doesn't hurt to browse the lists. Here are 25 stunning baby names that are guaranteed to make classmates jealous.

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It's almost impossible to think of the name Arya without making the Ariana Grande link. While variants of the Sweetener singer's name are popping up all over the place, it's the classic Arya that's standing out as the baby name of 2019. This gender-neutral name packs a ton of beauty into its four letters– the "y" ending adds the statement finish that will 100% turn heads. Game of Thrones spotted the beauty of this name, but while the show will end, the name lives on.


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It's when she walks into that classroom and the teacher calls out names that Esme starts to make sense. With two "e" letters beautifully sandwiching the soft consonants, Esme is the baby girl name that comes with Persian origins and a meaning of "beloved, esteemed, emerald." If she's beloved, held in high esteem, and she sparkles like a gem, Esme is the name to consider. The Twilight Saga, X-Men, and Degrassi: Next Class have all had a character named Esme.


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New mommies are all about the mighty, earthy names. Everest is the gender-neutral name that everyone will recognize (but no-one will actually have). The world's highest Everest mountain has long symbolized hope, achievement, and beauty. If something about the alpine air and the unknown inspires you, it's time to consider Everest. The "v" letter and simple ending give a green beauty to this name, although with that many feet above the air, Everest itself is well above the tree line. We love this name.


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Not many Victorian names fit a 2019-born baby. Dahlia is the indulgently elegant, slightly mysterious baby girl's name that comes with just the right balance of floral and classy. With Scandinavian origins and a 393rd slot as the most chosen baby girl's name of 2017, Dahlia isn't so popular that everyone else will have it (but at the same time, no-one will be questioning how to pronounce it). Nothing quite says: "sophisticated" like a silent "h." Name her Dahlia, and she'll thank you in years to come.


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Something about Russian names will forever have mommies gushing. Long, elegant, poised, and utterly unique, Svetlana is the Russian baby girl's name that mommies are picking up on– regardless of location. The name has long been associated with famous ballerinas: Svetlana Beriosova, Svetlana Lunkina, and Svetlana Zakharova all made dance their careers. This name means "star." It also shortens beautifully to Sveta. If you're on the fence, say it out loud. This name is one in a million, and it's simply exquisite.


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When Homeland producers were choosing names for their underdog hero, they went with Peter Quinn. Quinn is the gender-neutral name that's shooting up charts thanks to its crisp sound, unique ending, and one-of-a-kind "q" opener. Perfect for a baby boy or girl, Quinn actually means "descendant of Conn, chief leader, intelligence." If that baby has a bit of a leadership streak and seems like he or she could pull off Quinn, this name is absolutely one to consider. Quinn even comes with Irish origins.


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Margarita is the Italian girl's name that probably tops them all when it comes to perfectly placed "a" letters. With a meaning of "pearl" and all the European charm in the world, Margarita is so beautiful, it's inspired endless spin-offs– Marguerite, Margot, and the Margaret on which this name is based are all up for grabs. Margaret definitely sounds ordinary next to Margarita, so it's no surprise that new mothers are turning to this upbeat-yet-classic variant. Tom Hanks' wife is named Margarita.


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Fresh, fun, slightly floral, and definitely unusual, Freya is the baby girl's name that comes with the biggest #Trendsetter ever. This Norse-originated name out-does Fiona when it comes to names beginning with "f," but it won't be one of those names that people fumble on when trying to pronounce. "Eya" as an ending will always exude femininity. With its soft opening, "noble woman" meaning, and easy "Frey" nickname, this name is absolutely worth sticking on the list. This name is popular in the UK, but the US needs to catch up.


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It takes a lot of personality to pull off a Greek mythology name. Then again, personality is something that baby will be showing from day one. The boy's name of Apollo manages to pull off Greek classicism without sounding old-fashioned. In fact, with Gwen Stefani choosing this name for her son, Apollo sounds brand new. Apollo was chosen for NASA's space program in 1961, and look where it took them– to the moon! Apollo was the Greek god of the sun, prophecy, healing, and medicine.


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2019 is all about bold names. Xavier is the boy's name that comes with the statement opening, French "ier" ending, and all the swag in the world. With Basque and Arabic origins, Xavier spans European and Arabian continents, but it comes with a surprising meaning– "new house or bright" is the meaning of Xavier. Your baby boy might not have arrived into a new house, but he'll be representing the start of everything new (and everything bright). Xavier was already ranking 89th in 2017.


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From someone whose mother is called Stella, take it from us– this name is beyond on-trend. Stella means "star." With Latin origins and an Italian vibe, this girl's name flies the flag for classic elegance, plus it's got tons of swanky connections. The fashion designer, Stella McCartney has this name. Tori Spelling, Ellen Pompeo, Dean McDermott, and Dave Matthews have all chosen this name for their little girls. The name also features on How I Met Your Mother, Life Sentence, and Orange Is The New Black.


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Statement "z" letters are where it's at. Lazarus is the baby boy's name that has the perfect length, the perfect sound, and it 100% isn't going to be a "someone else in the class has this name" situation. With a meaning of "God is my helper," this Latinized Greek variant of the Hebrew Eleazar is making big waves. Biblical names can run the chance of sounding stuffy, but Lazarus has edgy power, links to saints, and pop culture references in the DC Universe.


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Doutzen wasn't a name that anyone had heard of until the Dutch supermodel Doutzen Kroes came along. Names that come with a "z" are often in need of soft letters to balance out the #Statement. With it's cooey "ou" sound and a grounded "d" opener, Doutzen in the baby girl's name that was designed to make everyone jealous. Kanye West has even used the name in his lyrics– "I wanna see Irina Shayk next to Doutzen" are the lyrics from "Christian Dior." Calling all fashionistas!


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Sometimes, an all-American, all-boyish name is just the ticket. Kourtney Kardashian picked the name Mason for her first-born son, and we can see why. While Mason is traditionally chosen for boys, the name is actually gender-neutral. "Worker in stone" is the origin of this Old English name, where imagery of rustic stone and the beating sun is vivid, but the Hollywood swag is there. Mason has appeared in Wizards of Waverly Place, Criminal Minds, and The Flash. Mase (or Mace) also makes for a great nickname with this one.


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Look up the name Harper, and you'll be flooded with articles on Victoria Beckham's super-stylish daughter. This beautiful, gender-neutral name might have its "harp player" meaning as a given, but something about this name is so extra. Harper has Old English origins, but everything from the sound to the spelling says: "2019." Once obscure and kind of bizarre, Harper is now at the forefront of trending baby names, but it still isn't one the other kids in class will have.


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Blake Lively spent most of 2018 correcting the world– her child isn't called Ines, it's Inez. This super-short, super-snappy girl's name has it all: fiery vibes, international links, and nothing wasted. When a name is only four letters, every letter counts. Not wasting a single one, Inez is the Spanish-originated name that comes with the most beautiful meaning– "pure." Inez is an alternate of Agnes. While Agnes is beautiful, Inez is much punchier. Rachel McAdams played an Inez in Midnight in Paris.


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While celebs go with Stormi or Rocket, there'll always be those mommas looking for something classic. Wholesome, Hebrew, and beyond beautiful, Eli is the boy's name that comes with a meaning we're still getting over. "Ascended, uplifted, high" is the meaning of this Biblical name. Enough of you chose Eli in 2017 to land the name a 57th ranking as the most chosen boy's name of 2017. Grey's Anatomy, Degrassi: The Next Generation, and Veronica Mars have all had an Eli.


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Something about a short, statement name is simply irresistible. Remy is the gender-neutral, 2019-ready baby name that doesn't need much justifying. You just need to say this name out loud to find the beauty. With those French and Latin origins, a Remy will be flying the flag for old-school classicism, but Remy couldn't be farther from old-fashioned. Modern-feeling, modern-sounding, and with prestigious links to The Da Vinci Code, Remy has the kinds of easy-going vibes that no mommy can turn down.


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Little girls will always want to be ballerinas. It's just part of being a girl. Odette is the good white swan that forms one half of the ballet, Swan Lake. While her alter ego, Odile comes as the evil black swan, it's Odette that stands out for good against evil, purity, and all the dainty connotations of ballerinas in white tutus. This girl's name has the signature, classy "ette" ending that exudes femininity, but the wide "o" opening keeps it light. The Avengers actor, Mark Ruffalo chose this name for his baby girl.


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It's when a British person (hi) looks at a name and goes: "Wow, I wish we had this in England," that you know a name is special. Skylar is the gender-neutral, airy name that shortens so beautifully to Sky. With Dutch origins, Skylar is also way more international than you'd think. Stylish, a little outdoorsy, and ultimately very cool, Skylar is a name we've seen across pop culture– hint, the best ones choose the best names. Breaking Bad and Good Will Hunting both had a Skylar.


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You can still pull off class, these days. While mommies have been picking short, snappy names in recent years, one long name has been defying them all. Genevieve is the baby girl's name that has elegance in every letter. The links for this name might date back to Medieval times, but the feel is modern. Something about Genevieve conjures up images of swanky European resorts and designer boutiques, but shorten it to Gen, and you've got your giggling little baby.


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So many names try and pull off being unusual and soft at once. Not many manage it. Tabitha is the adorable baby girl's name that comes with a meaning of "gazelle" and some pretty unexpected Aramaic origins. The Sex and the City star, Sarah Jessica-Parker chose Tabitha for one of her twins. Trust us, a little Tabitha will know her worth. It'll also turn super fun when you're reading her Beatrix Potter in bed– the iconic book series has a character named Tabitha.


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Mommies-to-be are eyeing up short, gender-neutral names more than ever. When Beyonce and Jay-Z chose Rumi for one of their twins, everyone woke up to this name. With a Japanese meaning of "beauty, flow, lapis lazuli," Rumi has all kinds of worldly swag, but the simple, cheerful sound is what's making it so popular. A 13th-century poet had this name (yup, Beyonce's favorite poet), but nobody will be looking Rumi up in history books. They'll be way too blown away by the name, alone.


Sometimes, a mommy-to-be just knows that a cheeky, girly name is where it's at. Khloe Kardashian is often nicknamed Koko, and a part of us is wondering if Kris Jenner regrets not having gone right for Koko. While this name is two syllables repeated, it's the punchy, sassy sound that brings out the sparkle– think about it, who else in the class will be named Koko? There's definitely a stylish vibe to Koko, so if she seems like she'll be eyeing up the pinks and Louis Vuitton, Koko is one to consider.


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Simple, but beyond powerful, North is the gender-neutral name that went from totally unknown to household name after Kim Kardashian and Kanye West picked it for their daughter. While North West is the most famous kid in Hollywood, she's also the kid with the most unique name. Kim explained to Kris Jenner that North was "their highest point together." It makes sense. North can be snowy or summery– the direction points to either. Kim loved this name, and we do, too.

Sources: Name Berry, The Daily Mail

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