25 Totally Sweet Baby Names That Warm Our Hearts

Most babies will warm that heart (before they even have a name). Pregnancy and labor might not be the easiest times in a woman's life, but the rewarding and totally beautiful result is that tiny baby. While some mommies-to-be wait to pick a name, many will make the most of the pregnancy months. What for? Well, lists like these, of course.

Baby names aren't all "sweet." The celebrity world has more than shown us that. There are the power names, like Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's baby, Chicago. DJ Khaled's son, Asahd has a meaning of "lion." Tyga called his son King Cairo. Other celebs have chosen more obscure names– first and middle. Knox is a name that Angelina Jolie chose. Cardi B chose Kulture. Beyonce picked Rumi and Sir for her twins.

"Regular" mommies might eye up celeb baby names, but the real world isn't always best-suited to statement names. Sometimes, simple and sweet is best. These names don't have to be old-fashioned or traditional. In fact, many of the sweetest baby names around are gender-neutral and #2019Ready.

This list is for any mommy-to-be who isn't too keen on overly "strong" or "sturdy" names. Strength? The baby will get plenty from nutrition (and those genes). Sturdiness? That's something the baby will probably manifest on their own the minute they start flinging the baby food. This one is for a #Sweet. Here are 25 sweet baby names that absolutely warm our hearts.

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Something about a little Pippa is just so adorable. Cute as a button, this name is perfect for a little girl who is 100% going to be a cutie. The meaning of Pippa is actually "lover of horses"– the name is a diminutive of Philippa. That's something that you can pay attention to (and embrace if you love horseback riding). Alternatively, you can completely ignore the meaning, go with the upbeat sound, and let little Pippa make up her own mind.


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Yes, we're still tearing our eyes away from that absolute bundle of cuteness. Oona is an unusual girl's name, but that "OO" opening sounds soothing, soft, and totally beautiful. Of course, Oona turns way cuter when you learn the meaning. This Irish name is the alternate spelling of Una. While Oona dates back to old Irish legends and the Middle Ages, the modern day has given us an Oona on Masterchef Junior and Ridley Scott's Legend.

Oona actually means "lamb." Eddie Murphy chose this name for his daughter.


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Alfie might sound like a boys-only name, but you might want to let your pregnant friends know that Alfie is gender-neutral. This English name is a diminutive of Alfred (so generally chosen for boys), but Alfie is officially also a girl's name. The meaning of "wise counselor" definitely adds depth to the bouncy sound, but mommies-to-be are eyeing up the trendy "IE" ending. In the UK, Alfie is a top 50 most-chosen name. The name features in Peaky Blinders, Stephen King novels, and Marvel comics.


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With its wide open vowels, cheerful sound, and Anglo-Saxon origins, Arlo is just one of those names– it's super old, but it sounds brand new. Gossip Girl's Leighton Meester named her daughter Arlo Day, but this name is actually gender-neutral. The meaning of Arlo is "army, fortified, hill," so expect some mighty strength from a baby Arlo. This name is also pretty high-profile in pop culture. The TV series, Justified had an Arlo. So does The Sims. Arlo–Four letters of total beauty.


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Those of you who've watched Friends might picture a Phoebe as being blonde and quirky– Phoebe Buffay was, indeed, both. Her name was likely chosen because it's unusual, but the producers didn't scrimp on the beauty. Phoebe is unique with its "OE" spelling, super-sophisticated opening, and still, it sounds easy-going. "Radiant, shining one" is the meaning of Phoebe, while the origins are Greek. If she's lying there in your arms and she is absolutely "the shining one," go with Phoebe.


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Matilda is a name that many of us grew up with– the quintessential smart kid in the movie, Matilda was based on the Roald Dahl novel. Turns out, this author had a way with words (and names). Matilda was perfect for his playful, cheerful, curious, and highly intelligent little girl. "Battle-mighty" is the meaning of Matilda, although this name is so sweet, you'd never guess. Donald Duck even had an aunt named Matilda.

Matilda turns even cuter when you shorten it to Tilly.


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Jasper is the kind of name that guarantees a smile. Snappy, and with an amazing meaning of "bringer of treasure," this name has been shooting up charts. Jasper currently ranks 185th for the most-chosen boy's name. With Persian origins, there's way more culture to this name than you might think. Once a posh British name, mommies are now going crazy for Jasper. The Twilight series had a Jasper. Meanwhile, we've also seen the name in The Simpsons and 101 Dalmations.


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If you're picturing wide open pastures, rolling green hills, and a Swiss girl with pigtails, you might be thinking of the book and movie, Heidi. This German-originated name might conjure up images of peasant girls, but the meaning is anything but basic. "Of noble birth" is the meaning of Heidi. This one is a vintage name that's taken its 1880s origins and gotten a brand-new spin. Heidi ranked 364th in 2017. Heidi Montag on The Hills added the Hollywood spin. Perfect for 2018 or 2019.

17  MIA

Mia is just one of those names– it's sweet from start to finish. With only three letters, this girl's name is perfect for a momma looking for a short baby name. With Italian and Scandivanian origins, this name is also super worldly. So many mommies picked Mia for its sweet sound, the name ranked 6th as the most chosen girl's name of 2017. Unfussy, gorgeous, and with a lot of famous links, Mia is a name we've seen in The Princess Diaries, Fast & Furious, and One Tree Hill.


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In 1940, Nancy was chosen for around 20,000 US-born baby girls. This stunning name fell off the radar for feeling a touch old-fashioned, but it's back for a reason. Millennials are all about picking out the best vintage names from hundreds that didn't make the cut, and Nancy is winning the race. This name is a diminutive of the Hebrew name, Ann. Nancy is somewhat more bouncy, though. With solid foundations thanks to its "grace" meaning, Nancy is really warming our hearts.


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Theo is the gender-neutral name that's making huge waves. "Divine gift" is the meaning of this simple, short, and ultimately very sweet name. Being gender-neutral, Theo works perfectly for a baby boy or girl. The longer version is Theodore for a boy (or Theodora for a girl). Dallas Bryce Howard chose this name for her son. The name has featured as a boy or girl's name in The Cosby Show, Children of Men, and Scary Movie 2. There's nothing scary about this name, though. It's sweet as they come.


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Libby is a name that's sweet on so many levels. The soft opening, light "Y" ending, and meaning of "pledged to God" all work to make this name perfect, although you'd never guess that it was the diminutive of Elizabeth. There's a bubbly feel to this name– precisely how you'd expect your little girl to be as she gets older and discovers the world. Sabrina The Teenage Witch had a character named Libby. The Scream Queens Libby even came with a Chanel #5 nickname. See? Libby can make anything sweet.


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Maybe it's because the poppy is a beautiful red flower. Maybe it's because those "P" letters are so perfectly placed before the bouncy ending. Either way, Poppy is the girl's name that's on this list for a reason. Floral, feminine, but not overly fussy, Poppy is a girl's name that ranks highly with mommies who took one look at their baby and thought: "This just feels so right."

Cara Delevingne's model sister is named Poppy. So was a character on Gossip Girl. 


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With the wild moors for its backdrop, the classic novel and movie, Wuthering Heights wasn't one to scrimp on powerful characters. This world-famous love story had Heathcliff as its main male character, and the meaning rings true to the name. "Cliff near a heath" is the meaning of Heathcliff. While the name is mighty, it's the tender love story that makes Heathcliff such a sweet name. Names with nature images are hugely popular now. Heathcliff is lesser-known. Pick it before it becomes too known!


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You'll be hard-pressed to find a little Cassie who doesn't warm your heart. If she's yours, that's a given. Cassie is the shorter, more light-hearted version of Cassandra, although you can equally opt for the full-length version. "Prophetess" is the meaning of this name (so expect wise things from her). Despite the name being a diminutive, Cassie has featured in a ton of movies and TV shows. Remember Ross' cousin on Friends? She was called Cassie. Ant-Man also has a Cassie.


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Milo is one of the cutest boy's names ever. This name was chosen for The Phantom Tollbooth's curious child, Milo, and this little boy wound up having wonderful adventures. With a meaning of "soldier or merciful" and Latin origins, Milo is a classic name that manages to sound like it was invented in 2018. Ricki Lake, Liv Tyler, and Alyssa Milano have all chosen this name for their baby boys. The pop culture references? They're huge. Gossip Girl, Disney, 24, and Alias have all chosen a Milo for their characters.


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It's the ultimate symbol of the South, right? Dixie is the girl's name that 100% stands for those warm and welcoming Southern vibes, although too many moms are missing out by not picking this name. Dixie was ranking super high in the 1930s. After a bit of a dip, it came back with full force in 2007. For a Southern Belle who will totally rock those cowboy boots, long summer days, and might just wind up a cowgirl, consider this super-sweet name.


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Ella couldn't be sweeter if it tried. This stunning girl's name has elegance, femininity, and a sweet meaning of "all, completely, fairy maiden." If she's your all, she completes you, and fairytale bedtime stories are on your horizon, you'll do great with an Ella. Following names like Bella and Isabella, Ella has risen as an A-List name in its own right. In the 1930s, jazz gave us Ella Fitzgerald. Now, we have Ella Enchanted, a Pretty Little Liars Ella, plus a ton of celebs picking this name for their daughters.


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Mommies-to-be expecting boys are often on the hunt for a strong name that's still sweet. Damian creates the perfect balance between the two. The opening is strong and sturdy, but there's nothing heavy about Damian. "To tame, subdue" is the meaning of this Greek-originated name, so consider Damian #Classic. At the same time, with the Homeland and Billions actor, Damian Lewis having this name, it's 2019-ready. Bob Marley even named his son Damian. Yup, this one's a totally sweet all-rounder.


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When people try and describe something sweet, they don't think twice before describing it as "rosy." Traditional as it may be, Rosie is still one of the sweetest, simplest, most beautiful names around. Rose? That can feel a touch old-school. Whack on the "IE" ending to this classic name, though, and the floral liveliness really comes alive. While Rosie was super popular in the 1940s, it's enjoying a massive comeback. Lord of the Rings had a Rosie. So did Under Milk Wood. If she's sweet as a rose, consider Rosie.


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How sweet the Garden of Eden was, we'll never know (although we'll assume it was a fairly nice place). Eden is the gender-neutral name that moms are beyond loving. It's got the millennial-loving "E" letters, exotic Hebrew origins, and both simplicity as well as depth. Eden means "place of pleasure" or "delight." While Eden used to be chosen as a name for its Biblical links, modern-day moms are picking it regardless of religious affiliation. A 16 and Pregnant mom chose this name in 2014.


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If a name that sounds French and has that feminine "ette" ending appeals to you, we're not surprised. French girl's names are some of the most beautiful around. Colette is a lesser-known one, but it's sweet as they come. With a meaning of "people of victory," there's a lot more strength to this name than the sound might suggest. Still, it's got European chic, delicate girly notes, and a high-profile feature in the movie, Ratatouille. Supernatural and The Sims also have a Colette.


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Given how much mothers are loving it, we're beginning to wonder if Remy may find itself in the top 10 baby names of 2019. Remy is short, interesting, unusual (for the moment), plus it works both for girls and boys. With French and Latin origins, this name means "oarsman." Whether it's a girl or a boy, you've now got another reason to expect a strong baby (inside and out).

Remy gets named-dropped by Travis Scott, Drake, X-Men, and New Girl. It's the perfect gender-neutral name.


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You only need to say Piper out loud to figure out why it's on a "sweet baby names" list. This gender-neutral name has a meaning of "pipe or flute player," although don't expect little Piper to be lulling himself (or herself) to sleep at the start. This Old English name is loved for its perky, upbeat sound, kind-hearted feel, and unusual vibe. At the same time, Piper isn't a name that anyone will ever find "wacky." Gillian Anderson and Cuba Gooding Jr. both named their daughters Piper.


Millennial moms are loving anything with an "IE" ending. So are the newest generation of moms. Delicate and dainty, Birdie has a meaning of "bird." If a tweeting bird flying between flowering trees is something that you totally associate with a sweet baby, this is the name to consider. Birdie used to have a bit of an old-fashioned feel. The comeback is here, though. Orange Is The New Black and Mad Men both have a Birdie.

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