25 Trending Girl Names Expected To Dominate The Next Decade

I have to say, baby girl names are pretty fun to sort through. There are so many good categories to choose from! The top trending baby names change every year. Of course, there have been pretty consistent ones like the Sophias, Olivias, and Charlottes that have been on top for quite a few years. There are, however, ones that are just at the brink of popularity and might just become new trends.

These are the names that we fully expect to dominate next decade. Parents are beginning to appreciate some really solid names like Evangeline and Ruby. They're reviving old fashioned names and dusting off some some classics that we haven't heard in a while. They're also adding some newbies like Rumi and Emery.

We've put together a list of names that are really beginning to take off. These names are beginning to pick up some traction from a variety of different types of parents ranging in categories like floral, old fashioned, classic, Bible and hipster.

This list of names are ones that we have high expectations for and though some of them have already entered the top 100, we fully expect them to move even closer to the top and dominate next decade!


25 Annabelle

Vintage names are a huge trend right now, and Annabelle is not different. This moniker was almost completely kicked out of the top 1000 by 1995, but then began a sudden trek upward and by 2014 hit #57. Though Annabelle has slipped to #104 in 2016, parents are still adoring this sweet name like they did in the good ole days.

Annabelle means "loving." It is considered either the combination of the names Anna and Belle or the French form of the name Amabel. It's on the rise, just like most other belle names like Isabel. Another spelling variation is Annabel, like Edgar Allen Poe's poem and young wife, Annabel Lee.

Annabelle is definitely being revamped and being considered stylish and slightly upscale. This name is one to keep an eye on as it tries to make waves like it did in the early 20th century.

24 Gemma


Gemma has made an unexpected break into the top 100 in 2017! This adorable moniker went from #247 in 2016 to #80 by 2017. Parents are loving this one, perhaps as a replacement for the overused Emma and Jenna?

Gemma is Italian for "precious stone." Gemma was extremely popular in 1980s England, but only entered the American list in 2008. Gemma was a 19th century saint and also the name of Dante's wife. It's the medieval nickname for a precious gem, making it a perfect baby girl name!

Gemma is a celebrity choice, being used by Catherine Bell as well as Kristen Davis for their daughters. Gemma is also a character on Sons of Anarchy. Gemma is already conquering baby name charts and will probably continue to do so!

23 Cora

Who could have guessed that this simple, yet elegant and Victorian style name would hit #2 in 2017? Cora was a top 100 name from 1880 through 1960 and then somehow dropped off until it almost left the top 1000. Cora didn't begin a comeback to the top 500 until 1999.

Cora is Greek for "maiden." Cora was also the daughter of Zeus. It was also a euphemistic name of the goddess of fertility and the underworld, Persephone. Cora Crawley was the Countess of Grantham on Downton Abbey, which may have helped in giving Cora a boost in popularity.

Cora is definitely a name that has made a huge comeback and we will most likely be seeing it around, if not in, the top ten for quite some time!

22 Rumi


New to the list this year, but this Japanese flower inspired name has made its way to the top 100! This unisex name went from being completely not ranked at all to the #11 spot. How did a name that didn't exist on American charts before break into the top 20 in one year?

Rumi is Japanese for "beauty, flow, lapis lazuli." Their was a male Rumi who was a 13th century Muslim mystic and poet. His most famous poem was The Diver's Clothes Lying Empty.

Rumi's sudden boost in popularity can probably be credited to Beyonce and Jay-Z choosing it for their little girl. There are also several famous Japanese women named Rumi, though none of them would be familiar in the U.S. Either way, Rumi is being loved by parents in the States!

21 Naomi

This classic moniker has a modern appeal and a timelessness that parents are beginning to appreciate again. Naomi reentered the top 100 in 2010 and has remained their since. It entered the charts in 1880 at #204 and has never been out of the top 500 since! This name definitely has something special.

Naomi is Hebrew for "pleasantness." This Old Testament name is finally beginning to take place of the forever popular Bible names like Sarah, Rachel, and Hannah. Parents who love this category are appreciating it for its fresher feel.

Naomi Campbell, Naomi Watts and Naomi Judd could be responsible for its modernization and new stylish appeal. Currently at #74, Naomi is on its way to making a huge comeback. Grab this one while you still can!

20 Emery


With popularity of El combined with names like Emma and Emily, which have never been out of style, why not add a name like Emery to the list? It's equally as cute, but adds a dose of more refreshing feel because it's not overused just yet.

Emery reached #131 on baby name charts last year and is set to get even closer to the top 100 this year. This German name means "industrious," making it the perfect name for baby girls of the next decade. Your little boss babe will love this name!

Emery is not only loved in the real world, but it's a celeb pick too. Angie Harmon and Jason Sehorn helped this unisex name get some added love on the girls side. It is now chosen eight times more for girls than for boys.

19 Genevieve

This saintly name has been trending since 2001 since it broke back into the top 500 after almost 50 years out of it. Genevieve was in the top 500 from 1880 through 1953, when somehow it began to fall out of favor. Though it never left the top 500, it did get as low as #684. Thankfully, this medieval name has reached #188 again!

Genevieve is French for "tribe woman." Saint Genevieve was the patroness of Paris. Through strategic thinking and courage, she defended Paris against Attila the Hun.

Last year Genevieve was at its highest spot since 1930 and this year is going to hit the #28 spot on baby name charts. If breaking into the top 30 isn't enough to convince you that this name is going to dominate the next decade!


18 June


June has not quite broken into the top 100 yet, but it's definitely starting a trend as the most popular seasonal name. From 1915 through 1942 June was in the top 100 baby names, but suddenly began to loose favor with parents. Hitting #268 last year, June spent several years almost out of the top 1000 completely.

June is the Latin month used for the goddess Juno. June is seeing a bit of a hipster revival making this old fashioned name sound new and refreshing. Famous name bearers include June Cleaver and June Allyson, though neither are super youthful anymore, they were during their prime.

June has a lot going for it in just four small letters. We fully expect to see June head toward the top 100!

17 Stella

Stella has been tagging along with sisters Isabella, Gabriella and all of the other popular Ella names and entered the top 100 in 2010, after it almost left the top 1000 by 1998.

Stella had a pretty good run from 1880 until about 1966 when it left the top 500 and almost hit rock bottom. Today, Stella is ranked #49, just a few spots behind where it landed in 2016 at #45.

Stella is Latin for "star." In 1590 it was coined by Sir Phillip Sydney and has since been a celebrity favorite. Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott, Molly Shannon, Ellen Pompeo, Gena Lee Nolan, Jennifer Grey and Dave Matthews all chose Stella for their daughters.

Stella is sweet, charming and somewhat poetic. For something even more rare try Estella from Charles Dicken's Great Expectations!

16 Harper


Ten years ago no one had heard of this name, but as of 2016, Harper just made the top ten. Harper entered the American list in 2004 at #884 and slowly made its way to the top 100 since. Harper began as a surname, than it became used for boys. However, this unisex name hasn't been seen used for boys since 1906.

Harper is English for "harp player." This moniker is another one that has been loved by celebs. Its recently been chosen by Ali Wentworth and George Stephanopoulis, Lisa Marie Presley, David Spade, Dave Grohl, Martie Maguire, Tiffani Thiessen, Bill Hader and Neil Patrick Harris for their baby girls.

It's no wonder Harper has hit the top ten! With all the celebrity love plus all of the love from us in the real world, Harper was bound to be a winner!

15 Elsie

I know what you're thinking, another "El" name, but while that trend is obviously not going anywhere anytime soon, let us help add some new options to the category! Elsie is definitely more rare than sisters Ella and Elsa, and offers a fresh take on the ones we hear far too often.

From 1880 through 1932 Elsie found a comfy spot in the top 100 baby girl names, then suddenly fell far out of favor and hit #931 by 1971. Elsie sat in the 900s until 2005, when suddenly parents began to resurrect. Last year Elsie hit #340.

Elsie is a Scottish variation of Elizabeth and Elspeth meaning "pledged to God." This moniker has never lost popularity in the U.K., it's currently #33 there. We should definitely be following their lead on this one!

14 Ruby


This color name is joining others on this list that are checking the boxes in a ton of categories for parents. Ruby is a vintage name that reentered the top 100 in 2013 and has remained there since. This moniker has never left the top 400 and held a spot in the top 50 from 1901 through 1936.

Ruby is a deep red precious stone. This moniker has been not only seeing success in the U.S., but has been an international success as well. It has been in the top 25 in Australia, England and Wales for the past few years.

Ruby is a classic name with rock 'n' roll roots. It's been featured in songs like Ruby Tuesday and Ruby Don't Take Your Love From Me. It's also been a character on movies like Cold Mountain.

13 Nora

This classic name has already begun its comeback. Parents are loving the timelessness and charm of a name that some how fell out of the top 500 by 2000. Nora didn't spend much time out of the top, though, as it quickly rose back to the top. Last year Nora reached the #36 spot, its highest ranking ever.

Nora entered charts in 1880 and spent most of the early 1900s in the top 100. It's another Irish name that Americans have been loving! Nora is the Irish diminutive of Honora, meaning "light."

Alternative spelling Norah is also doing quite well, currently sitting at #153. Norah Jones helped this spelling jump to up the charts. No matter how you spell it, Nora has already begin to dominate this decade!

12 Lucy


Another retro name that's climbing the charts is Lucy. Loved for its quaintness, simplicity, liveliness, and sense of humor, Lucy couldn't be a sweeter choice to dominate this decade and the next!

Lucy hit #55 in 2016 and is set to hit #32 in 2017. Since 1880 Lucy didn't leave the top 200 until 1954, but even then remained a contender in the top 600. In 1998 it started another hike to the top, where it hit an all time high last year. It's also a top 30 name in England and Wales.

Lucy is the English variation of Lucia meaning "light." This moniker has been used in music, books and tv. Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds, Lucy from Peanuts, and Lucille Ball from I Love Lucy are just a few famous Lucys that we all know and love.

11 Lydia

A few years ago Lydia seemed more for a grandmother than a baby, but Lydia has been resurrected and revived into such a pretty and sweet name for today's baby girl. Lydia has never been outside of the top 350, but it also hasn't been in the top 100 since 1900. Until today, that is. Lydia hit #42 last year after coming in at #80 in 2016.

Lydia is an ancient Greek place name that was used in the New Testament, has been used in literature like Pride and Prejudice and plays like The Rivals.

Today, Lydia is also in the top 100 in Germany and New Zealand, and not too far behind in England. Lydia is definitely a name to keep your eye on as it continues its climb to the top!

10 Phoebe


Parent's these days might just relate this name to the Friends character, which I'm not sure is good or bad, but if we move past that image, we are left with such a sweet baby name! And it looks as though parents in the U.S., England and Wales are all beginning to fall in love with Phoebe as it hit the top 100 last year.

Phoebe is Greek for "shining, radiant one." Phoebe was associated with the moon and the Oracle of Delphi. In the Bible, Phoebe was a New Testament church deaconess. Phoebe was also found in writings by Shakespeare and was a character in The Catcher and the Rye.

Phoebe's jump from #316 in 2016 to the #61 spot last year is enough to tell us that Phoebe is a rising star!

9 Evangeline

This classic old time name had a pretty rough start when it hit charts in 1881 all the way up until 1965. After that, it finally began to head toward the top 100, where it clearly belongs! Evangeline didn't reach #53 until just last year! I'm not sure how we let this one slip, but it is one of the best baby girl names we've heard!

Evangeline is Greek for "bearer of good news." It was brought to the English speaking world by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow in his popular poem Evangeline, a poem about tragic loss and devotion.

It was also used for a character in The Princess and the Frog and Nanny McPhee. It's already making a splash and will most likely do so for the next decade!

8 Claire


This beautiful and timeless French name is as simple as it is gorgeous. Claire is another old fashioned name that is seeking a major comeback these past few years. Claire hit #40 in 2016 and moved two more spaces to #38 in 2017. Claire has never left the top 600 baby names, though it has had its ups and downs. This one is one to watch!

Claire is French for "bright and clear." It's a form of the Clara. Claire and Clair are both French spellings, but Clare is seen as the English spelling. Claire is probably the prettiest and most interesting spelling of the name.

It doesn't matter how you spell it though, Claire is definitely becoming even more of a favorite that it already was. This one can be expected to keep up that trend into next decade.

7 Astrid

Out of all the names on this list, Astrid has made the most surprising and drastic leap up the charts. In 2016 Astrid was only ranked #776, but by 2017 it jumped more than 700 spots all the way to #44! Astrid is definitely making waves in the baby name game and we are sure to be hearing it well into next decade.

Astrid is a Scandinavian name that means "divinely beautiful." It was commonly used among Scandinavian royals since the tenth century. Despite its royal pedigree, Astrid entered American lists in 1905 and barely skimmed the top 1000 until this year.

There's no telling who's to blame for Astrid's recent success, but it hasn't only joined Scandinavian sisters like Ingrid, it's far surpassed them in popularity, and will continue to do so.

6 Elise


Another French variation that parents are loving, Elise, has also made its way into the top 100 this year! Elise went from #166 in 2016 all the way to #48 in 2017! Elise has been on a serious roller coaster ride since 1880, but its looking pretty firm in the top 100 these days.

Elise is the French variation of the name Elizabeth, which is means "pledged to God." Some may attribute Elise's recent success to that crazy El name trend, but Elise seems a little more serious and sophisticated than the other names we hear all to often in that category.

Fur Elise was one of Beethoven's most famous symphonies, making it perfect for musical parents, but musical or not, Elise is definitely one to consider.

5 Josephine

This classic Little Women name is making waves on baby name charts! Josephine had a pretty comfy seat in the top 100 from 1880 through 1942, but then began to fall slightly out of favor. Though it never left the top 500, it definitely had its ups and downs. Josephine hit #114 in 2016 and then went even further to #64 in 2017.

Josephine is the French feminine variation of the masculine name Joseph, which means "Jehovah increases." There have been several Josephines in literature, tv, movies and royalty. Despite this moniker's history, I think the best part about it is the nickname Jo, which couldn't be cuter for a baby girl.

Josephine is full of sophistication, class and charm. It's definitely a name that will grow with your baby girl into womanhood. This name is definitely set to dominate next decade!

4 Beatrice


This old fashioned name sat at the top of charts from 1880 until 1949, when it suddenly began to dip down. Sadly, by 2000 it was almost completely out of the top 1000 altogether. It wasn't until 2009 that Beatrice began its trek upward until it hit #67 by 2017.

This moniker is Latin for "she who brings happiness." Beatrice's meaning, alone, makes it absolutely perfect for today's baby girl, but if that's not enough to convince you, maybe its royal and literary history can help. Beatrice was used by Dante and Shakespeare and Queen Victoria chose it for her youngest daughter.

Beatrice is also loved by celebrities like Paul McCartney and Bryce Dallas. There's also the alternate spelling Beatrix and nickname Bea that make it even more appealing. Beatrice is set to do great things in the coming years!

3 Celeste

Another newbie to the top 100, Celeste has been doing some major traveling on baby name charts. This moniker was only ranked #495 in 2016, but raced to hit #74 by 2017. How did this pretty little name jump so many spots to get to the top in one year!?

Celeste is Latin for "heavenly." It spent most of the late 1800s and early 1900s at the bottom of charts, but 1950 started to get a decent amount of attention, but none like it did in 2017. The most famous Celeste is probably Oscar winner, Celeste Holm, but children may know the name from Queen Celeste in the Babar books.

Celeste is quaint and beautiful, and has a definite Victorian charm. There is nothing stopping this one from heading even closer to the top ten than it already has.

2 Daisy


Floral names are another huge trend right now, and Daisy might just be the best of them. Daisy has been a favorite of parents since it entered charts in 1880. Daisy stayed in the top 100 until 1963, but it was back in the top 200 by 1993. Today, Daisy is at #88 in the U.S. and is in the top 100 in England, Scotland, Ireland, New Zealand and Australia.

Daisy is a flower name that has been a hit in literature, music, tv and film. It was in The Great Gatsby, Driving in the Car with Miss Daisy, and Mystic Pizza. Daisy

Daisy is also a celebrity favorite, chosen by Meg Ryan and celebrity chef Jamie Oliver both chose Daisy for their daughters. Daisy is the perfect flower name to dominate the next decade!

1 Eleanor

Eleanor reentered the top 100 in 2014, landed at #41 last year and hit #16 in 2017. Eleanor is another vintage inspired name that parents are reviving again! Since it hit charts in 1880, Eleanor never saw a ranking outside of the top 200 until 1951, when it began to plummet to the high 600s.

Eleanor is the English variation of the French provincial Alienor, who's meaning is unknown. It was brought to the English speaking language from France by Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine. The most notable Eleanor is probably first lady Eleanor Roosevelt.

This moniker is even equipped with cute nicknames like Ellie and Nellie. Eleanor is following the lead of other vintage names that are making a comeback, but this one is headed toward the top ten slightly faster!

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