25 Trendy Baby Names That Are On Nobody's Radar

It's the biggest decision of all. Adjustable waistbands and Haagen-Dazs cravings might be the reality during pregnancy, but that's all temporary. The one thing that'll last forever? The name.

2019 is shaping up to be a pretty big challenge for new mothers. The hunt to pin down that perfect baby name generally means months of trawling the internet for inspiration– for the most part, those lists get read (but never used).

A "trendy" name is tricky. Celebrities can pull it off easily. Kylie Jenner went with Stormi. Cardi B went with Kulture. Whether it was Angelina Jolie naming her daughter Shiloh-Nouvel or Gwyneth Paltrow calling hers Apple Martin, the "Hollywood" baby name is alive and well. Kim Kardashian kept it up with North West, Saint, and Chicago (and we can't wait to find out what the fourth one will be).

Back in the real world? Not every kid wants to walk around that playground with a name like Blue Ivy. At the same time, mothers are growing tired of more traditional names.

This is the list that isn't going to end up wasted. Trendy baby names that are the right balance of edgy and "not too Hollywood" are out there. It's just a matter of finding them. Throwing mommies-to-be all the #Trendy in the world, here are 25 baby names that are spot-on (but amazingly, still on nobody's radar).

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Short, spunky, and gender-neutral, Arlo is the #2019Ready baby name that's set to shoot up charts. Something about wide, open vowels and simplicity is drawing new mommies more than ever– with names like Arlo up for grabs, we're not surprised. With Spanish origins (but a totally international feel), Arlo might have 16th-century origins, but this name feels brand new. Gossip Girl's Leighton Meester chose this for her girl. Elsewhere, we've seen the name in Justified and Brooklyn 99. Definitely one to stick on the list.


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From someone whose own mother is called Stella, trust us. "You have got to be kidding me, my name is trendy?" Yes, it is. Stella is one of those effortlessly elegant names. It's got a light-hearted feel, a meaning of "star," and that signature double "l" ending that adds a ton of class. Of course, the name has super-prestigious links. The celeb-loved designer, Stella McCartney has this name. Shorter than Estrella (and ever so slightly trendier), Stella is just perfect for a baby girl born in 2019.


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There's an outdoorsy, carefree feel to Piper. This gender-neutral name spent some time being #GirlsOnly, but we're way past gender barriers. This Old English name has an adorable meaning of "pipe or flute player"– handy for when lullaby time comes. Piper is just one of those names. You picture Piper and you see a big grin, hair billowing in the wind, and a touch of the unusual. Of course, being on this list, Piper is a trendy name that's not "wacky uncommon," but for some reason, it's still on nobody's radar.


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Having the same letter in the opening and closing? That's all kinds of unique. Esme is the ultra-classy baby girl's name that packs in a ton of beauty into its four letters. With a meaning of "esteemed, beloved, emerald," you've got triple the reasons to consider it. If she's going to be esteemed, going to be beloved (no-brainer), and she glows like a gem, Esme might just be her name. This Persian-originated name has historic Middle-Eastern links, a ton of originality, and it's trendy without even trying.


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We're looking at names that are on nobody's radar, here. Ellen might be one of the world's most popular girl's names, but whack on a "k" at the start, and you've got the world's trendiest boy's name. Take it from someone who was once a nanny to a baby Kellen– the other moms at playgroup couldn't get over this name. German origins and a meaning of "slender" give this name an unusual edge, but it's not like Kellen even needs it.


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With a meaning of "present" or "gift" in French, Cadeau is a word that'll send most little girls in France jumping up and down with glee. Not many moms have twigged, though. This stunning word is actually also a name. With that "eau" ending, you'll hear the unique, French-sounding swag from the get-go. Cadeau offers the whole package (literally). The opening "c" is crisp, the vowels are wide open, but there's one downside– you might find she gets extra demanding around the holidays!


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Floral names can be hit or miss these days. While Rosie or Petal were popular back in the day, they're starting to take a bit of a back seat. Nature is where mommies like Kylie Jenner and Gisele Bundchen have turned for inspiration, but neither went for this stunning name. Cherry brings up images of long summer days, the shade under fruit trees, plus those stunning Japanese cherry blossoms. Cherry is upbeat, unusual, super trendy, and still, not a #Pretentious in sight.


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This time ten years ago, nobody outside of Holland had even heard of the name Doutzen. Along came the Victoria's Secret Angel and model, Doutzen Kroes, and it's like the world woke up. Ironically, while this stunning girl spent her entire career showcasing the world's most stylish clothes, nobody considered her name. Doutzen is the Dutch girl's name that takes a soft "d" opener, follows it with two vowels, then throws in the biggest trendsetter there is– that "z." We love it.

17 PAX

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Angelina Jolie chose well– Pax is the name Ange chose for her son, and it's become pretty famous. At the same time, you just don't see kids in class named Pax. Short, statement-esque, but not overly complicated, Pax is the gender-neutral name that comes with a meaning of "peace." 100% feeling modern (but with Latin origins), Pax is one of the few trendy names that squeezes in classical charm with the freshest feel there is. You'll struggle to shorten this one for a nickname, but we think Pax is perfect.


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The smile just feels so fitting, right? Here's the thing. When you look at a baby name and you're immediately picturing that infectious smile, you're onto something. It's called the perfect baby name. Riley is the gender-neutral name that's got mommies-to-be fighting. With Irish origins and a meaning of "courageous," you're looking at a mighty meaning behind a name that sounds playful and upbeat. The Mindy Project and The Client List have girls named Riley, while we see it for boys in the Twilight series and Degrassi: The Next Generation.


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Those names that end in "i"– we're literally still getting over them. Lumi is the beautiful baby girl's name that has a meaning of "snow," a "LOO-me" pronunciation and let's face it, it's stunning. While Lumi is pretty common over in Finland, we've yet to see it work its way into other parts of the world. Something about this name just twinkles. It's like all the fairy lights in the world lit up at once. With a slight wintery feel (but so much luminosity), Lumi would be perfect for anyone due in colder months.


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Before you think that Kylie Jenner's baby Stormi has put this name on everyone's radar, remember that there's a distinct difference between Stormi and Storm. Also, hate to break it to you, but Kylie has trademarked Stormi. Weather and nature are now proving more inspirational to new mothers than ever. Christina Aguilera chose Rain and Summer. Megan Fox chose Journey River. Storm is the strong, bold, and powerful gender-neutral name that speaks for open skies, thunderstorms, and that fresh smell after rain. It's a winner.


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Wren is the bird-centric name that comes with an edge. Sure, there are names like Birdie, Robin, and Sparrow. With a silent "w" opening though, Wren is outdoing them all. This gender-neutral name is actually pretty rare. In 2012, only 250 girls in the US were named Wren. We'll assume the mommies who picked it had a second sense for trend-setting names. Pretty Little Liars might have a Wren, but for the most part, this boy or girl's name has stayed off the radar.


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There's something super sophisticated about names with accents. While the most common is the "é" you'll find in Khloé or José, the accent on this one just won't be something anyone has seen before. Sören is the Danish and Norwegian name that's a diminutive of Severus. Way less stern (although with a meaning of it), Sören has a soft sound, a simple ring, and links to a 19th-century philosopher. The name has featured in The Matrix Reloaded, Underworld, and Charlie and Lola.


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Feminine, fun, and simply stunning, Tabitha is the girl's name that shortens so beautifully to Tabby. "Gazelle" is the meaning of this Aramaic-originated name, although hearing it out loud, you'd never know that the origins are as exotic as the Middle East. Bewitched made Tabitha popular, but for the most part, the name is strictly off-the-radar. Soft sounds are what make Tabitha so beautiful, and the innocence of the name was enough for Beatrix Potter's Tabitha character. An absolute stunner of a name.


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Location baby names have been all the rage for a while. Victoria Beckham chose Brooklyn, the 2000s gave us Paris Hilton, and Kim and Kanye named their baby girl Chicago. What we see less of though, is London. Flying the flag for quintessential British elegance, London is the capital city that works great as a name for both boys and girls. You're more likely to see it with girls– including alternate spellings of Londyn, where the TV show, Flaked got its character. Chic, unusual, and oh-so-trendy.


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With Kate Upton picking this name for her girl, Genevieve is a little more on-the-radar than it used to be, but let's face it– your average mom still isn't choosing it. Longer girl's names can be tricky. Either they sound too long or the letters can feel cluttered. Genevieve is the French-originated name that takes soft sounds and spreads them out beautifully with feminine vowels. Something about this name has us picturing snowy Swiss resorts and chic Parisian streets. If she's going to be stylish, Genevieve might be just the ticket.


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There's a slight hipster feel to the name Otis. This boy's name still makes us think of Otis Redding's "Sitting on the dock of the bay," but Otis has moved on from its old-school blues origins. Otis disappeared off baby name charts in the 90s and 2000s, but it's making a slow comeback. With German origins, Otis manages to pull off being foreign (without the awkward "how do I pronounce this?"). Olivia Wilde picked Otis for her son, while we see the name in The Walking Dead.


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Nicki Minaj's Queen album has an entire track dedicated to Coco Chanel. The original French fashionista, Coco Chanel founded the luxury French fashion house. If you're wondering why the brand appeals to girls across the globe, it could have something to do with that name. Two super-short syllables do repeat each other here, but the effect is awesome. Coco is gender-neutral. Friends' Courteney Cox picked it for her baby girl, The Rugrats in Paris had a Coco, and now you can too.


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It's the highest mountain in the world. Climbing it has long been mankind's mission, biggest challenge, and biggest achievement. Everest might be a world-famous mountain, but when it comes to the name, it's like nobody has heard of it. Everest is the gender-neutral, mighty name that scoops up the beauty of nature's peaks with all the strength in the world. Lying there as a newborn, it's hard to picture your baby scaling cliff-faces, but if he or she has inherited your strength, this might just be a name to consider.


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If a location name like Paris or Brooklyn is a little too "Hollywood" for you, Adelaide is the one you just didn't see coming. This girl's name might be a sunny Australian city, but it's got the cred to back it up as a name. "Noble" is the meaning of this name, which is actually the way trendier variant of the German name, Adelheid. The Grey's Anatomy actress, Katherine Heigl chose this for her baby girl. The name features in The Sims, Guys & Dolls, plus The Aristocrats.


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Super-short with its three unusually-placed letters, Sia is the baby girl's name that could not be more on-trend for 2019. "Victory" is the meaning of this Old Norse name, so don't think it's all brand new. At the same time, with the singer, Sia, this name has a new-gen feel that's spot on for a baby born in 2019. Three-letter names are already popular. Ava and Mia top charts for baby girls, but Sia is the quiet trendsetter name that's managed to stay off-the-radar.


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Gwen Stefani zoomed in on this one for her baby boy. By and large, though, Nesta finds itself sitting in that pile of super-trendy names that nobody is really aware of (while we scratch our heads because of it). "Pure" is the meaning of Nesta. This gender-neutral name is the Welsh variation of Agnes. While Agnes is stunning, it does run the risk of sounding a tad old-fashioned. Nesta has a bountiful feel, a beyond-beautiful meaning, and the sound is just exquisite.


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For a name with just four letters, Anke is doing pretty good on the trendy front. It's got the wide, open vowels. It's got the statement "k." This girl's name definitely isn't one that the teachers in school will have heard before (unless you live in Germany). Anke is the variant of Agnes that gets its #2019 swag from the unexpected ending, two-syllable layout, and the fact that it's utterly unique. Fully off-the-radar, fully trendy, and beautiful in its own way, Anke is the underdog girl's name that's got a ton going for it.


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If any name out there gets both a #Trendy and #OffTheRadar, it's Harlow. This gender-neutral name has a meaning of "army," although with its easy flow and gentle sound, you'd never guess the power behind it. As an Old English name, Harlow also manages to pull off a touch of classic charm with a sound that's brand new. 1930s glam from Jean Harlow got this name on the Hollywood circle, but aside from Nicole Richie choosing it, the name has mostly stayed off-the-radar. It's quite simply adorable.

Sources: Nameberry

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