25 Trendy Baby Names That Will Stand The Test Of Time

The task of choosing a name for a son or daughter is not always an easy one. Some parents, of course, have to think very little about what to call their kid, because they have long decided on a family name or a favorite name for all time. Others struggle with such a monumental decision. After all, the name parents choose is going to be attached to the kid for his or her entire life. Name selection is not one of those things that parents want to mess up.

So when it comes to picking a name, should parents go vintage and classic and decide on a name that has stood the test of time. Do they choose a moniker that has proved itself sturdy for decades and centuries? Or do they go in the opposite direction and pick a name that is cool and trendy? Maybe mom wants something that screams for attention and praise. Showy names that make people say, "Hmmm, that's an interesting choice," might be what is wanted, then.

This list has some excellent choices, so moms don't have to have one or the other. Mom can have her cake and eat it, too when it comes to names that are both trendy and current, but also have that special staying power. Here are 25 names to consider if parents want the best of both worlds.

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25 Adele

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The name Adele is both trending in popularity and maintaining its staying power all at the same time. It's hard not to fall in love with this simple, classic and feminine name. This French moniker means "noble" or "nobility" making it a perfect fit for your little Queen. Adele saw a real spike in popularity back in the late 1800s and early 1900s and then pretty much plummeted to the ground in the 1960s as names like Debra and Barbara became the norm. The name started to spike back up in 2010 and has remained consistently cool ever since.

24 Audrey

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Thanks to iconic figures like the lovely Audrey Hepburn, this name will probably always be in fashion. The name Audrey was pretty trendy back in the first half of the 1900s, and then it experienced a bit of a lull. It proves that it has significant staying power, with its return to trendiness one hundred years after it initially became everyone's favorite girl name. The name Audrey might ebb and flow throughout the decades, but we doubt it will ever disappear for good. It's too fab to fall off the radar for very long..

23 Addison

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The name Addison started as a last name once derived from the masculine form of Adam. These days it has taken on a life of its own and has continued to prove its trendy powers over recent years. I will admit I am a bit partial to this name, especially the nickname Addy, as one of my children carries the name. In 2018, the name Addison was the #39 most popular girl name in America. Its popularity over the last decade seems to be a good gauge for how the name will fair in the future.

22 Nora

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Nora is one of the sweetest little girl names that you could give a child. Technically Nora is short for Honora, as well as Eleanora (which in Greek means "light.") Like many trendy names with significant staying power, Nora was the jam during the later part of the 1800s and then slipped off the charts as people became obsessed with names like Stephanie and Crystal. Because it is too beautiful to lie dormant for long, it made its comeback in the early 2000s and has only continued to climb the popularity charts since then. It is currently the 33rd most popular girl name in the U.S.

21 Scarlett

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If you choose to name your sweet little lady Scarlett, you will indeed not be birthing a wallflower. This name is meant to grace a baby full of light and life. The name signifies brightness and fiery and fierce colors. It's a beautiful name that can be both vintage and classic, especially for those Southern mamas, while at the same time being ultra-trendy and popular. Scarlett is the 19th most popular name this year here in the states. Your little trendsetter will be in good company with this title too. Scarlett Johansson and Scarlett O'Hara are famous Scarletts.

20 Amelia

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We could not love this name anymore. Amelia means industrious and striving in Latin; both are perfect qualities for your future feminist who will be ready to take on the world with this fab name. Amelia is not only very trendy this year, as well as recent years past, but it falls in the top ten list of most popular female names in America. Looking at name patterns, we don't expect it to drop out of favor anytime soon. We might be headed for a world full of Amelias, and we are cool with that.

19 Charlotte

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You can go with Charlotte or the nickname Charlie. Either way, this one is a win. Charlotte is no stranger to popularity. It has been common in the French and English culture for years, and many royals have carried this name proudly. While it has roots in royalty and British culture for decades, it's gained serious notoriety across the pond. Right now it sits comfortably at number eight on the trend-setting list for baby girl names. Charlotte is a name that can be trendy and classic simultaneously.

18 Lily

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Lily is nothing if not lovely for a little girl. It is a shortened version of both Lilian and Elizabeth, and those names are full of staying power and classic flair. Lily stands well on its own and is one of those names that can even get away with not having a middle name attached to it. Lily was the 23rd most popular name this past year, only seeing a small dip from 2017. This lovely name has been growing in popularity since the latter part of the 1970s and shows no sign of slowing down. People adore this French name.

17 Chloe

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Another French, female name that has enjoyed staying power throughout the years is Chloe. The origins of this name go way, way, waaaaay back to the days of the New Testament as well the early days of Greek mythology where the name signifies Demeter, the Goddess of Fertility. With famous celebrities like Khloe Kardashian running around these days, the name Chloe is only becoming more and more noticed by mamas-to-be. Chloe is trending in the baby name department, sitting firmly at number 24 with no end to its staying power on the horizon.

16 Maeve

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This elegant, simple name is my current obsession. Maeve is one of the twenty most-viewed baby names on the Nameberry website this year, and we can see why. Maeve is perfect for a little Irish or Gaelic baby due to join your crew. It has roots in Irish folklore and legend, making it one of those names that while trendy now, obviously dates way back to earlier days. It isn't as familiar as names like Amelia and Scarlett, but it has recently climbed the name popularity charts starting in the late 1980s and only moving up from there. The name Maeve is one to keep your eye on in years to come.

15 Eloise

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What a darling choice for a daughter. Eloise was also one of the twenty most searched baby names on the Nameberry website this last year. The name comes from English origins and later French culture. In the 1920s, Eloise peaked with 471 per one million babies having this name. After taking half a century rest in popularity, it's back on the radar and currently trending in the baby girl moniker world. It comes and goes over the years, but it always returns to popularity to remind us that it rocks.

14 Cora

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The name Cora is gaining major traction these days, and we are all about it. Cora is one of the trendiest baby girl names at the moment, and the reason is apparent. It's unique, but not so over the top strange that people raise their eyebrows at you when you tell them your child's name. Its climb in popularity has been a slow climb up the ranks, but at this rate, it's going to be a winner for quite some time. Pair it with the middle names Lee, Belle or Jean, and you have a real winner on your hands.

13 Elizabeth

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Talk about some serious staying power. The name Elizabeth is older than earth! Your Grandmother will cherish the fact that you named your child this and not something they can't wrap their heads around, like many of the trendier names these days. Elizabeth comes with a slew of nicknames, like Libby, Lizzie, Eliza, Betty, and Ellie. With so many cute options to call your child, Elizabeth is a great choice, especially for those moms who have a hard time making up their minds. After all this time, Elizabeth is still the thirtieth most popular name for little girls.

12 Owen

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Initially, a Welsh name meaning, "young warrior" "well-born" and "noble," the name Owen is a classic name as well as a trendy name. While it has been around for decades upon decades, it has surged in popularity since the year 2000. Favorite celebrities like Own Wilson, Clive Owen and that good looking army doctor on Grey's Anatomy, the name Owen will probably sit comfortably in the land of baby name popularity for many years to come. It has been the 28th most popular name for the last two years, with no drop from 2017 to 2018.

11 Ethan

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Ethan has Biblical roots and refers to being wise. This well-loved Hebrew name means strong, safe and firm. It's a solid choice for a sturdy little man who is bound to take the world by storm. Being Biblical, this name is, of course, time-tested, old and true, but was also one of the most famous names for baby boys in 2018. Will we ever see a day that mamas don't go gaga over the name Ethan? Probably not. That's okay though because we adore this one.

10 Oliver

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The name Oliver is on a lot of mothers' minds these days. It too was one of the most searched for names in the Nameberry database this year. That means a whole lot of parents-to-be are considering putting the name Oliver on their baby boy's birth certificate. Oliver, both an old Latin name as well as a French one, is the third most popular name right now for baby boys being born. If you pick this one, it will be trendy as well as vintage, but your kid will likely not be the only Oliver in his class.

9 Henry

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Go ahead and name your child after one of the world's most famous kings. This name has been around for hundreds of years. It doesn't seem possible that it will ever be a name that doesn't name a popularity list. Historical lovers can go with this name as well as trendsetters who appreciate a name that is sitting high on the favorites charts. Pretty much everybody can win with this name. It's rare to find a name that works for so many people. Henry has been the 26th most popular male baby name for the last two years.

8 Finn

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If you plan on birthing a little hipster baby, Finn is the name for you. The name is Irish in origin and refers to a mythical warrior and folklore hero. Lovers of literature will also gravitate to this name because of course author Mark Twain invented the classic character, Huckleberry Finn. This name has become increasingly popular because of its ability to attract so many diverse groups of people. Irish parents, cool hipster moms and dads and literary junkies will all fall head over heels for Finn.

7 Jack

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You can't NOT love the name, Jack. Jack is a gorgeous male name that has been around for ages. Sure it's an older name, but that doesn't mean it isn't cool and trendy too. It's hard to be both consistently, but if there ever was a male name that checked all the boxes, it's Jack. The more extended version of the name, Jackson, is the 12th most common name given to baby boys, seeing no change over the last few years in its popularity. It's destined to be a favorite name for years to come.

6 Levi

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When parents start scouring the internet for possible names to grace their new baby with, the name Levi come up enough times to make it one of the trendiest and most searched names of 2018. Actors like Matthew McConaughey and his wife Camilla named one of their children Levi as did singer-songwriter Sheryl Crow and actress Sara Gilbert. This name has staying power, considering its biblical roots, as well as trendsetting powers. It's currently ranked 31 on the name popularity charts.

5 Leo

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This particular name is one that will definitely stand the test of time and always be cool. I have a grandpa named Leo, and it was one of my top picks for a son at the same time. I never got to use it, considering my penchant for only creating beautiful, blonde females, but I'm super jealous of anyone who gets to use it. The name that means "little lion" is the 22nd most popular name this year for little boys, making a massive jump up the ranks from last year where it was ranked #32.

4 Asher

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Can we be frank? The name Asher is pretty cool, so it's no surprise that it is considered one of the trendiest names for a boy at the moment. What people don't realize is that the name Asher has been around for a long time. This Hebrew name means happy and blessed, and in the Old Testament, Asher was the name of Jacob's 8th son. If people tell you this name is one of those that will be cool for a minute and then be unheard of, go ahead and give them a little history lesson about the name's long-reaching roots.

3 Gabriel

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Gabe is going nowhere anytime soon. Biblically, the name means "devoted to God," and "God is my strength." Christians particularity hold this name close to their hearts as the angel Gabriel was the one who supposedly announced to Mary that she was going to bear the son of God. After thousands of years of being a good choice of a name for a boy, it's still holding steady at #27 on the trendsetting charts, seeing no dive in popularity over the last two years whatsoever. This name is here to stay.

2 Matthew

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Talk about tried and true. I bet you almost everybody knows at least three Matts at this point. This name has been around forever. Even though it's a name that has seen mad success year after year, it's still considered a trendy name. Matthew is still the 34th most popular name after all this time. It did see a dip in popularity from 2017 to 2018, falling ten spots in its trendy powers. Matthew is a solid choice for a son, no doubt.

1 Connor

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This name melts my heart, and clearly, I am not the only one with a soft spot for the name Connor. The Gaelic name is the 57th most popular name according to internet web searches. This name wasn't even on the radar until the 1980s, and since then it has been a go-to trending choice for parents looking for a cool name with some serious staying power. Connor can be cool while at the same time being classy and timeless, especially for Irish moms and dads who want to give their kiddo a name that reflects his heritage.

Sources: motherly.com, babycenter.com

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