25 Trendy Names That Are So Extra

Whatever name mom chooses to give her new bundle of joy, she likely wants it to pack a punch and have a lot of personality. Or, at least make some sort of statement that will make the child memorable for the rest of their life. If that's how mom feels, then chances are she's leaning towards baby names that are a bit more extra or dramatic than the common choices.

We’ve compiled a list of the most “extra” baby names we could find. When something is extra, it’s commonly understood as being excessive, over the top, or a bit too dramatic. So, names that we can classify as extra are those that are both unique and make an impression on anyone who hears them. Tons of celebrities (ahem- mainly the Kardashians) love choosing extra names for their babies, so readers will to see a lot of Hollywood-inspired monikers on this list. Likewise, these names are all sassy, bold, and are definitely memorable.

Remember, a child’s name doesn’t have to be bizarre or strange for it to be dramatic or impactful. We’re sure whatever baby name mom chooses will be the right one for her little one. We define our name, they don’t define us after all!

25 Seraphina

When we hear the name Seraphina, we instantly think of fairies and nymphs.

This stunning, feminine-sounding name has a distinct magical feel to it that would make it the perfect moniker for a mystical creature in a fantasy. That, and the perfect name for a beautiful, bubby baby girl, too. Seraphina originated in Hebrew, where it means ‘ardent’ or ‘fiery.’ You can be sure any little girl with this name is going to have a big personality!

Oh, it also helps that Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck’s second daughter was given this gorgeous name. And who doesn’t want to name their kid after Batman’s kid?

24 Floriana

It’s been trendy for a while to name baby girls particularly delicate, feminine names. But, because of it, many of the popular names seem over-used. Floriana is an awesome option if you want to give your little one a dramatic name that still leans on the girlier side of things.

Floriana is a Spanish name, and it translates to mean ‘flourishing.’ With such a beautiful meaning, you can be sure your daughter will be full of life and laughter with such a bold name. Floriana is also a variation of the more popular girl’s name Florence, which also means ‘flourishing’ or ‘prosperous.’

23 Margherita

Is it just us, or do you instantly think of margaritas when you hear this name?

Whether you’re a fan of the beverage or just love the sound of this uncommon moniker, Margherita is a stunning name option for your baby girl. This Spanish-originating name is a variation of the more commons names Margaret or Marguerite, both of which translate to mean ‘pearl’ and ‘daisy.’

This is definitely a feminine-sounding, delicate name with just a tad bit of spunk, so we think it’s a great option if you want your baby girl’s name to stand apart from the crowd without sacrificing its girliness.

22 Noble

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Nothing gets more extra than naming your baby after nobility!

There has been a trend going around that has people naming their children after aristocratic or royal words or saying. Noble is one name, in particular, that’s been gaining popularity, and is an awesome choice if you really want to make a statement with your baby’s name.

The meaning of Noble is obviously ‘nobility’ or ‘aristocratic,’ and is often used as a boy’s name. This name is awesome is your like the sound of popular royalty-inspired names, like Reign, but want something different.

21 CeCe

Repetitive, short names like CeCe instantly have a dramatic flare to them thanks to their connections to Queen B characters in pop culture. So you can be sure naming your daughter this fun, quirky name will be considered an extra move- in the best way possible, of course.

This traditionally female name is a short form of the Latin name Cecilia, and actually translates to mean ‘blind one.’ Famous characters who have sported this name include Jim and Pam’s baby in The Office, and the cunning CeCe Drake from Pretty Little Liars.

20 Salvatore

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If you’re looking to give your baby boy a sophisticated and charming name, then look nowhere further than Salvatore.

This was most famously the last name of the vampire brothers in the hit CW show The Vampire Diaries, but it has also previously been used as a first name. The elegant name comes from Italian, and translates to mean ‘saviour.’

With a name this important, you’re son is bound to be a hero of some sorts. Or, at the very least, will have a very bright future ahead.

19 Lulu

If you want to give your baby girl a name that’s short and sweet, look no further than this name- Lulu!

There are tons of cute ways to spell this name, from Lulu to Loulou to Looloo, or even the variation Lula. Traditionally, this moniker has been used as a nickname for longer names, including Lucy, Luella, and Luelie. Lulu originated in Arabic and translates to mean ‘Pearl.’

Lulu is also a name well-loved amongst celebs! Haylie Duff’s newest daughter is name Lulu, and model Heidi Klum’s youngest daughter is aptly named Lou.

18 Zuma

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Zuma is an exceptionally funky-sounding name, which is why you shouldn’t be surprised to learn that Gwen Stefani gave one of her three boys this unusual moniker as a first name.

While there is controversy over what the name means, experts have determined it’s an American-originating name that is synonymous for ‘peace.’ It also has musical roots thanks to the famous celebs who’ve come to love the name.

Californians might recognize Zuma as the popular beach of the same name. It’s also well known as the surname of a former South African President.


17 Magnus

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If you want a name that sounds mighty, strong, and has a commanding presence, then let us suggest the moniker Magnus. This name has a similar sound to classic names like Maxwell or Matthew, but offers a bit of a twist.

Magnus originated in Latin, and means ‘greatest’ or ‘magnificent.’ Anyone sporting this name is destined to pursue a successful career. It would be a waste of a good name if they didn’t!

Magnus has historical connotations, and celebs like Elizabeth Banks and Will Ferrell have been chosen this unique name for their own kids. Are you convinced yet?

16 Gigi

Thanks to the popularity of Gigi Hadid, this adorable 4-letter name has bee drastically increasing in popularity.

Most short, repetitive names like this one have an extra, dramatic flare to them that makes them perfect if you want your daughter’s name to make a statement. They’re also more memorable and easier to repeat than longer names.

Gigi originated in French, and is often used as shorthand for less common, longer names, including Georgina, Georgina, and Gabriella. Or, in the case of Gigi Hadid, Jelena!

15 Fabia

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You’ve likely heard the boy’s names Fabien and Fabio, but we doubt you’ve heard their female equivalent, Fabia.

This feminine-sounding name perfectly rolls off the tongue, yet still has an authoritative presence to it. It instantly has a ‘cool girl vibe’ that we know would make your little one the most hip kid in her class. This Latin name roughly translates to mean ‘bean grower,’ as does its male equivalents.

There are tons of female variations of this name, too, include Fabiana, Fabiola, or just Fab.

14 True

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Of course Khloe Kardashian would choose this extra first name for her first daughter, who was born this past April! You may be surprised to learn that Khloe didn’t start the trend of using the word True as a first name. It’s actually been used as a male and female name for several decades.

This elegant-sounding word name follows the recent millennial trend of using common words to inspire baby names (Kylie did the same thing by naming her baby Stormi!). You’ll definitely be well on trend if you opt for this feminine baby name- just be prepared to get a ton of Kardashian references.

13 Deandra

Deandra is a Latin-originating name that translates to mean ‘divine.’ It’s a mix of more classic-sounding names, like Leanne, Amanda, and Alexandra. You can be sure your baby girl will be absolutely precious with such a heavenly, feminine name.

Likewise you can be sure it will also stand out. Deandra is a pretty in common name, coming in at 14,579thmost popular name in America in 2018 Baby Centre Reports, meaning you’ll likely never meet a girl with this same name.

Then again, the name has gotten more popular thanks to It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia character Deandra “Dee” Reynolds, so don’t be surprised if the popularity of this name is on the rise.

12 Laszlo

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Laszlo is a highly uncommon name, which is why it appears to edgy and unique when you hear it for the first time- not to mention, it ends in an ‘o’ sound and features a ‘z’ in the middle, two rare features in names.

This unique boy’s name is Hungarian, and translates to mean ‘glorious ruler.’ Any boy with this fetching name is bound to have a bright, successful future ahead of them, no matter what field they go into.

Doesn’t Laszlo sound like the first name of the next Brad Pitt?

11 Sir

Of course we couldn’t make this list without including the name of Beyonce’s one and only son, Sir Carter! The R&B singer and her husband, rapper Jay-Z, are known for giving their kids very extra names- their daughters are named Blue Ivy and Rumi, after all.

But Sir is one of the most extra celebrity baby names we’ve ever heard! It definitely has a commanding presence, and regal air to it. Anyone with this name is instantly going to come across as wealthy and bad a$$. Then again, they may also get haters for how pompous this name might come across (hey- the same can be said about all those royalty names, too)!

10 Aerin

There’s nothing more extra than giving your child a perfectly traditional name, but spelling it in the most out-there way possible!

That’s what you’ll get if you choose to name your baby girl or boy Aerin. This name is pronounced exactly the same as the common names Aaron or Erin, just spelt with an edgy twist. If you’re a fan of unique spelling, then this is one name you should definitely consider.

Just like Aaron and Erin, Aerin translates to mean ‘peace’ and has origins in Irish. Would you spell your baby’s name so differently?

9 Iman

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When you hear this name, you probably immediately think of the stunning supermodel (who was also the wife of the late David Bowie) with the same unusual moniker.

Despite the popularity supermodel Iman, this name still remains a more uncommon, untraditional choice. This short name has a beautiful meaning, translating to mean ‘faith’ in Arabic. It’s the perfect choice for anyone who loves the first name Faith but still wants something different, and/ or wants to Honor their Arabic heritage.

8 Saint

Of course, if anyone in Hollywood is known for choosing an extra name for their offspring it’s definitely  Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. While all three of their children have unique names, it’s their son’s name, Saint, which is the most out-there. Side note- rocker Pete Wentz also chose this name for his second son!

Saint has not traditionally been used as a baby name. The name of course has religious implications, as there have been many Saints throughout history and mentioned in the bible. It also carries a distinct aristocratic flare, similar to royal names like King, Noble, and Rogue.

7 Mercedes

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Car-inspired names always have a bit of dramatic flare to them, so Mercedes is a great option if you want something extra that also acknowledges your love for cars (or just sounds cool, at least!).

This unique name obviously was inspired by the Mercedes Benz cars, which are still popular to this day. But Mercedes as a name also has origins in Spanish, where it can be translated to mean ‘gracious gifts’ or ‘benefits.’ This is totally an excellent meaning for your baby, since she’ll feel like a total gift when you meet her for the first time!

Other cool-sounding car names can include Porsche or Ford.

6 Duke

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Whether you love the movie The Dukes of Hazard or you just want something that sounds aristocratic, Duke is an awesome baby boy name that has a ton of personality.

Traditionally, the title of Duke has been used to signify high class or aristocracy, and translates to mean English rank of nobility. But, along with other royalty-inspired names, it’s quickly been taking off as a first name.

Tons of celebrities have been loving this name, too. TV couple Giuliana and Bill Rancic even named their son this unique baby name!

5 Kaius

Rachel Zoe named one of her sons Kaius, so you can be sure this is an extra name if we ever did see one (considering she’s the most extra celebrity stylist out there!).

Kaius is a very royal, noble sounding name that actually originates in Latin. It originally was spelt as Caius and means ‘rejoice,’ but is now more commonly spelt with a ‘K.’ Plus, this name has the perfect meaning for your new bundle of joy, since you’ll be rejoicing over the new addition to your family when the baby gets here.

4 Helena

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When you hear this name you probably think of wacky actress Helena Bonham Carter. But don’t let her bizarre reputation keep you from considering this potential baby name.

Thank to Bonham-Carter’s legacy, this name definitely has a bit of dramatic flare to it. Helena, which is the Latinate form of the Greek name Helen, translates to mean ‘bright, shining light.’

We’re pretty sure this beautiful meaning guarantees that your child will have a radiant personality if you go with this baby name. Plus, we can’t help but love how sophisticated and different but not uncanny this name sounds.

3 Kingston

On-trend with royalty names is this unusual boy’s moniker- Kingston. One of Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale’s other sons sports this commanding name, which has English roots and translates to mean ‘the King’s town.’

If you give your son this noble name, you can be sure he’s going to have a big personality (and maybe a cool ego). He’s definitely going to be one of the coolest kids on the block since everyone is going to be jealous of his suave first name. This is also a great name if you would love using the nickname King on your little guy.

Now we just need to start popularizing the name Queen!

2 Olympia

Considering that Olympia sounds like a Greek kingdom, we’d say this is an extra name if we ever did see one.

Olympia does in fact have Greek origins, where it translates to mean ‘from Mount Olympus, which was the home of the gods in Greek mythology. It’s often seen as a variation of the more common name Olivia. If you give your daughter the unique moniker Olivia, you can be sure she’ll have an athletic, goddess-like aura to her.

Other unconventional variations of this name include Olia, Olie, and Olympine.

1 Maximilian

Tons of people love the names Max of Maxwell, which is why these names have always been in the top 100-baby boy names for the past few decades. If you love the sound of Max names but want something a bit different, then Maximilian is your best bet.

This edgy-sounding name can totally be used with the nickname Max, or you can call your little boy by the full name to get the full effect. Maximilian means ‘greatest’ in Latin, so you can rest assured that your kid will have the greatest name on the playground with such a strong-sounding moniker.

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