25 Unexpected Baby Girl Names That Are Drop Dead Gorgeous

Welcome to the best list moms will ever find of unexpectedly gorgeous baby girl names! Pregnancy can be such a blessing for most women, but it can also be challenging at times and there are so many life-altering decisions to be made from the moment moms get that first positive pregnancy test! One of those big decisions – that your daughter will either loathe you over or thank you for – is what you choose to name her.

Your daughter deserves a name that will turn heads – in a very good way. Something that she will grow up to thank you for over and over again. Something that is unique in its own right – just like your little girl.

Choosing a name can sometimes be challenging, so we are here for you to help make this decision a little bit easier with this excellent list of girl names! You won’t regret checking them out! You may even find “The One” on this list.

Even if there isn’t a bun in the oven yet, this list may be beneficial to you in the future. If any of these names catch your attention, remember to bookmark this page for future use!

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25 Alazáe

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Alazáe is a very unique, beautiful and unexpected baby girl name. It is pronounced like Al-a-zay. I have only ever known and met one adorable little girl with this name. This year, this name is number 8,821 in the popularity charts – so far – in the United States. It dropped 1,557 points since 2017. Alazáe was at its highest in popularity in 2004 in the United States. In 2004, there were a total of 24 babies born with this name that were documented, according to Babycenter.com and Names.org.

According to Babynamescience.com, Alazáe made its grand appearance to the baby name charts for the first time in 1999 at position number 4288. If a mom would want to name her daughter something so stunning and pretty, this three-syllable name is definitely the way to go.

Alazáe is of English Origin. According to Names.org, the Social Security Administration reported that from 1880 to 2016, there were only 267 babies born that have been legally documented with this beautiful and unique name.

If you are looking for the perfect nickname for Alazáe, it would definitely have to be Ally – which is what we call my Goddaughter. She happens to really love her name, and she actually thanks her mom for it all the time. This name was chosen for her because her mom wanted something uncommon that was absolutely gorgeous!

24 Aria

Aria is a gorgeous name for a baby girl. It is pronounced ‘R-re-uh.’ It has the beautiful meanings of “air, song, or melody.” This would be the perfect name for artistic and creative parents to choose for their little girl. Aria entered the name charts list in 2000 and had since risen up to the top 25 baby girl names, according to Nameberry.com. It resides at number 11 on the popularity charts and has had no change since 2017, according to Babycenter.com.

Aria is of Italian origin. So, even people who aren’t of an artistic nature but happen to be Italian could use this name. Actually, this name is so beautiful that I recommend any mom or dad snatch up this name before their friends grab it first. Remember – finders keepers!

This name also happens to be found in the TV series Pretty Little Liars for Aria Montgomery and also on Grey’s Anatomy with Aria Torres. Believe it or not, there is also a company that uses ARIA as an acronym for the Australian Recording Industry Association.

Another way this name could be spelled is Arya. We can’t forget an adorable nickname which Ari (pronounced R-E) could potentially be.

23 Kali

Kali is pronounced like you were saying Cali, the abbreviation for California. Kali is a drop-dead gorgeous baby girl name with some dark – but pretty awesome – name meanings.

According to Babycenter.com, Kali means ‘energy’ and ‘dark goddess.’

But according to Nameberry.com, there is the very similar yet different meaning on ‘black one.’ Nameberry.com even gives off the warning that it is a very cute name but that people should be warned because, “Kali is the Hindu goddess of destruction, the fierce side of the goddess Devi.” I personally happen to adore this name. I know one beautiful young woman named Kali, and her name suits her because she is drop dead gorgeous just like a goddess!

The popularity for Kali, so far, in 2018 in the United States is at number 261 and has risen by 44 points since 2017 and, according to Babycenter.com, it spiked in popularity in the United States in 2014 with 704 babies per million who have been legally given this name. But with Babycenter.com users it had had its highest peak in 1996.

Kali is of Sanskrit origin. There are so many different ways you can spell this name such as Kaleigh, Cali, Callie, Kalii, Kaly, Kallie, and so many more. Some nicknames for this name could be Kal or even Ali or Ally. However, you would prefer to spell it!

22 Harmony

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Harmony is a beautiful name that any little girl will cherish as she grows up and gets older. It is pronounced like Har-mo-nee. It happens to be of Greek origin. It has a musical and spiritual theme to it. In the United States, according to Babycenter.com, it is at number 168 on the popularity charts for 2018 thus far. It has risen six points since 2017. The meaning of this name is beautifully and simply “a beautiful blending.” according to Babycenter.com.

Harmony had the highest popularity in the United States in 2017, and for every million babies that were given a name, 990 had Harmony as their name! And with Babycenter users, the peak of popularity was actually this year in 2018 with 898 babies per million! In Latin, Harmony happens to have the meaning as ‘unity, Concord,’ according to Nameberry.com.

This name was popularized after the TV series Buffy The Vampire Slayer came out with their character Harmony Kendall. Other shows that used this gorgeous name were Stargate: Atlantis and Parenthood. There is also a very popular American girl group, who almost everyone has heard of before with Harmony in the name called Fifth Harmony. They have that hit song titled, “Work From Home.”

21 Kiiara

Kiiara is a very beautiful name and a different spelling to the traditional Kiara. It is pronounced like kee-AHR-ah. The popularity of this name in 2017 was at number 13,325, and that was up 184 spots since 2016. Babycenter.com was able to get these stats from the Social Security Administration. So, if you are looking for a bit of a unique name, this gorgeous name is definitely the way to go!

There are so many different meanings for the name Kiiara. In Latin and Italian, it means ‘clear, bight, or famous.’ The famous part really does fit this name because of the “Gold” and “Feels” females singer who happens to be named Kiiara. In Celtic-Gaelic, it has the meaning of ‘small’ or ‘dark.’ It means ‘princess’ in Swahili, which is absolutely adorable for any little girl. In Irish and American it simply has the meaning of dark, according to Thenamemeaning.com.

According to Sheknows.com, “People with this name tend to be a powerful force to whose lives they touch. They are capable, charismatic leaders who often undertake large endeavors with great success. They value truth, justice, and discipline.” Sheknows.com also says that “People with this name have a deep inner desire to inspire others in a higher cause, and to [also] share their own strongly held views.”

20 Marina

Marina, which is pronounced Ma-REEN-ah, happens to be of Latin origin. This is actually a very beautiful and elegant name for a little girl. By reading it, it may not seem that way, but once you say it out loud a few times, you will be able to hear the beautiful ring to it. So, go ahead and try saying it out loud to yourself. Babycenter.com gives the meaning of this name as ‘sea maiden,’ and Nameberry.com give this name the meaning of ‘from the sea.’ Both meanings can equal the same thing because of the Shakespearean theme to it.

According to Nameberry.com, this gorgeous name “was used to dramatic effect by Shakespeare in his play Pericles for the virtuous princess who says she is 'call’d Marina, for I was born at sea.’”

In the United States, the name Marina is at number 606, so far, this year on the popularity charts and is down 68 spots since last year, 2017, according to Babycenter.com. Also, according to that site, Marina was at its peak in use in 1994 with 732 babies per million born in the United States who were given this name. And among the Babycenter.com users, this name was at its highest use in 1996 with 857 babies per million.

19 Octavia

Octavia is pronounced like Oc-tay-vee-a. It is a gorgeous baby girl name that dates back hundreds of years. Its popularity first spiked, since the United States started keeping a record, in the late 1800’s and then plummeted around the 1940’s. Then in the 2000’s, Octavia started to gain popularity once more. According to Babycenter.com, this name is at number 457 on the popularity charts and has gone up by 148 spots since 2017. So, this name is very good for any parents looking for something classic or on the rise. It’s also an unexpected name to use since it does not get used too often. This name is actually quite unique.

Octavia is of Latin origin and simply means ‘eighth’ because in the Victorian era this was what was common to name your eighth child. It is also a Roman name that was widely used within the Roman Imperial family, according to Nameberry.com.

This name returned to the spotlight when the actress Octavia Spencer won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for the amazing role she played in the movie The Help.

According to Sheknows.com, “People with this name are competent, practical and often obtain great power and wealth. They tend to be successful in business and commercial affairs and are able to achieve great material dreams. Because they often focus so strongly on business and achievement.”

18 Luna

Luna is a very cute name for a baby girl and is pronounced like Lu-na. This name has always made me think of a goddess when I hear it, or even a very beautiful, mysterious, and enchanting woman. It is of Latin and American origin, according to Sheknows.com. If you were to guess its meaning, you would probably be right because it simply means ‘moon.’ The name Luna is at number 18 on the popularity chart and has increased by five spots since 2017, according to Babycenter.com. It went from being almost nonexistent for a very long time to make it to the top 25 baby girl names chart.

Among the United States population, Luna was at its highest-ranking spot in 2017 with 3,108 babies per million who were born with this name, and among Babycenter.com users it was at its highest peak this year with 3,862 babies per million.

Luna seems to have skyrocketed in popularity from Harry Potter with the character Luna Lovegood. She must have been favored by Harry quite a bit because, according to Nameberry.com, he gave his own child the middle name of Luna. Plus, if you were looking for celebrities who choose this name for their daughter, there are two well-known couples – Chrissy Teigen and John Legend, and Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem.

An interesting tidbit of information about this name is that way back in 1881, Luna reached the popularity of number 403 from people all over, according to Nameberry.com. This could mean that if a mom was looking for an older, yet unique name, this could be the perfect fit.

17 Layla

Layla is a gorgeous name for a little girl. It is pronounced exactly how it is spelled, Lay-la. Some people may be familiar with this name from the 1970 Eric Clapton hit, “Layla.” While that song may be from a different generation, there are plenty of millennials who still know it today. It is of Arabic origin, and it holds the meaning of ‘night’ or ‘born at night’ in its Sanskrit.

Layla is at number 21 on the popularity chart for this year and has gone up by one spot since 2017.

According to Babycenter.com, who received their data from the US Social Security Administration, this name was at its highest point on the popularity charts in 2013 with 3,701 babies born per every million. But with their BabyCenter users, it was also at its highest in 2013 as well with 3,736 babies per million.

According to Sheknows.com, girls who were born with the name Layla have this inner burning desire for love – to love and to be loved, and for companionship. They tend to work with others to achieve peace and harmony. That would be ideal for any little girl. They also say that people with this name tend to be energetic, intelligent and that they make friends easily.

16 Kimbra

Kimbra is almost an unheard of name, so it definitely holds that title for something unexpected! It has this beautiful ring to it and appears to be short for Kimberly. It is an English name that happens to mean ‘The Royal fortress meadow.’ This name is pronounced like Kim-br-a.

The name Kimbra seems to have disappeared off the popularity charts, or even off charts in general, since 2015. So, we have to go back to 2014 when it was on the charts at number 15,589, which was decreased in popularity by 4,159 spots when it was at number 11,439 in 2013. This is a very rare and unique name.

The height of its popularity was back in 1961 with only 34 babies per million that had been born with this name in the United States, according to Babycenter.com – who gathered their data from the Social Security Administration. With Babycenter.com users, it was at its highest rank in 1997 with 17 babies per million who were born with the name Kimbra. According to this same site, there were no babies with this name who had been documented before 1951, and even that year there were only a mere two babies per million. This name may seem strange, but just try saying it out loud because it really is a gorgeous name.

15 Naya

Naya is a drop dead gorgeous name for any young diva. It is pronounced n-ah-uh, or you could even go by Ny-ah. It ranked in popularity at number 499 in 2018 and had gone up six spots since last year. According to Babycenter.com, via the Social Security Administration, Naya was most popularly used in the United States in 2014 with 203 babies per million who were given this name at birth. And among BabyCenter users, it was at its peak in 2016 with 368 babies per million.

While we could not find the actual meaning of Naya, we searched and were able to find information on the spelling variation of this name, which is Nia, and learned that it has the meaning of ‘resolve’ and ‘brilliance.’ Brilliance is the perfect meaning and fits for any brilliant little girl. We also couldn’t find the origin of Naya, so we thought you would also like to know the origin of the variation Nia which happens to be Swahili, according to Nameberry.com. You could honestly spell this beautiful name either way.

Two famous women with this name happen to be Naya Rivera, an American actress and singer who used to star in this hit musical TV series Glee, and just plain Naya, who is a Lebanese singer.

14 Sia

Sia is such an adorable name for a daughter. It is pronounced as SEE-uh. It is of Old Norse origin and happens to mean ‘victory,’ according to Nameberry.com.

With a meaning like that, you know your baby girl will grow up to be successful – and every parent wants that for their child.

On the popularity charts, this name falls in at number 518 this year and is up by 89 spots since last year. There is a major difference in the total popularity of this name between the Social Security Administration (SSA) records compared to the Babycenter.com user records. According to the SSA, via Babycenter.com, in the United States, Sia was at its height in popularity in 2017 with 79 babies per million who were born with this name. And with the BabyCenter users, who stretch out worldwide, it reached its highest peak, so far, just this year in 2018 with 317 babies per million. 79 to 317 is a major hike up from the U.S.

Famous people with this name include the well-known “Chandelier” and “Cheap Thrills” singer-songwriter Sia – who was born with the full name of Sia Kate Isobelle Furler – who is from Australia. Then there is the English actress named Sia Berkeley, and a novelist and poet by the name of Sia Figiel.

13 Azalea

Azalea is such a sweet and beautiful name for a precious little girl. It is named after a very beautiful flower. This name is pronounced like a-ZAY-lee-ah. It is of Latin, Greek, and Hebrew origin. In Latin it means ‘dry earth,’ in Greek it means ‘Dry. A Flower,’ and in Hebrew it simply means ‘flower,’ according to Nameberry.com.

In popularity, it is ranked at number 541 in popularity this year, and it has gone up 81 spots since 2017. Its highest peak in popularity among the United States, according to Babycenter.com via the Social Security Administration, was in 2104 with 328 babies born per year with this name, and among the BabyCenter users, worldwide, it was at its most popular in 2014 as well but with 357 babies per million. Believe it or not, but this name was finally added in by the Social Security Administration in 2012.

According to Sheknows.com, people with this name have this very strong desire to become successful in life. They want to be able to achieve great things. It also says that “People with this name tend to initiate events, to be leaders rather than followers, with powerful personalities. They tend to be focused on specific goals, experience a wealth of creative new ideas, and have the ability to implement these abilities with efficiency and determination. They tend to be courageous [and] unique, creative, individuals

12 Rayne

Rayne is a very beautiful name but, according to Sheknows.com, it is commonly associated with a baby boy’s name. However, we think it is better suited for an adorable, free-spirited, little girl. It is pronounced like r-AY-n, the same kind of rain that you would see on very cloudy days. Or if you prefer to see what it is rhymed with, it would be Wayne. It is of English and Scandinavian origin. In English, the name Rayne means ‘strong counselor,’ and in Scandinavian, it happens to mean the same thing.

In popularity, this name is ranked at number 759 this year and has actually gone up 17 spaces since last year, according to Babycenter.com. It also states that the peak of its popularity for the United States, via the Social Security Administration, was in 2011 with 191 babies per million who were given this name at birth, but according to the BabyCenter users, it ranked at its highest popularity in 2004 with 235 babies per million.

This name can be spelled multiple ways such as Rain, Rhain, Rayn or Rayne. It is all based on the newborn's parents’ preferences. Although, we happen to like the spelling Rayne the best. When spelled this way, it appears to be aimed more at little girls.

People with this name have a pulling desire to be in stable and loving families. They also want to feel loved and welcomed by their community. People with the name Rayne also tend to need to work with others to really feel appreciated, according to Sheknows.com. When you think about it, the name’s meaning really suits this statement.

11 Tegan

Tegan is a unisex baby name, but we absolutely find it stunning for baby girls. It is pronounced like tee-gan. It is of Welsh, English, and Irish origin. In Welsh it means ‘beautiful,’ and in English and Irish it means ‘good looking.’ This really has the perfect meaning for a little girl because they are all beautiful and grow up to be good looking! What do you think?

In the popularity list, it is ranked at number 912 this year and is up 284 spaces from last year.

In the United States, according to Babycenter.com, Tegan was at its highest rank in popularity in 2011 with 200 babies per million who are given this name at birth, but among the worldwide Babycenter.com users it was at its peak in 2011 as well, but with 253 babies per million.

I have personally never met anyone, girl or boy, with this name but I have countless books which use this name either spelled this way or spelled as Teagan, and I must say that I absolutely fell in love with it. It’s something different, and it obviously has a very ‘beautiful’ meaning to it.

According to Sheknows.com, this is also another name in which individuals with this name crave loving, caring, and stable homes. They would love it if their community and environment were the same way. People with this name would also make great teachers, mentors, or even counselors because they have the desire to want to help other people.

10 Serenity

Serenity is a cute and adorable name for moms and dads to gift to their newborn daughter. It is very tranquil and peaceful, but it also happens to have the meaning of ‘peaceful’ as well and is of Latin origin. It is pronounced like Sir-en-it-ee. Although, this is one of those unique baby girl names that almost everyone already knows how to say since it is an everyday, commonly used word. Perhaps if a mom were to name her baby girl this, her little one would be so peaceful that she would sleep through the night without any issues. We doubt it, but it would be nice, right? Anything is possible!

This name is placed in the top 100 baby names list for 2018 with its popularity ranking at number 93, although, it has dropped 22 spots since 2017. When it comes to Serenity’s peak in popularity in the United States population, according to Babycenter.com who got their stats from the Ssa.gov, it was at its highest peak in 2013 with 2,535 babies being born per every million babies who were given this name. But with the BabyCenter users, it happened to be in its glory in 2017 with 1,791 babies per million. This name seems to be becoming a bit more common now with a lot of parents wanting to name their child something uncommon, but it is still quite unique. Regardless of that, Serenity is still a very beautiful name. I know one person – personally – who choose this name for their adorable little girl.

9 Trinity

Trinity would be a gorgeous, unique name for any unique little girl. It is pronounced like Tr-in-it-ee. It is of American and Latin origin with ‘three in one’ as the meaning, according to Sheknows.com. This name may be perfect for any mom who may be expecting triplets or who is having her first child. None of which are actually a requirement. When I hear this name, I also seem to think back to when I first saw The Matrix movies since Trinity was one of the supporting characters.

This name is on the popularity list at number 174 and has climbed up five spots since last year. According to Babycenter.com, In the United States, via the Social Security Administration, Trinity was at its highest level of popularity in the year 2004. Keep in mind that it was just five years after The Matrix came out. Coincidence? We think not! – With 3,070 babies per every million babies born who had been given this name that year. Among the actual Babycenter.com users, Trinity also came in at its highest point in 2014 with 3,246 babies per million.

According to Sheknows.com, people with this name want to be able to serve humanity and to be able to give to others. It doesn’t really matter if it is their money, experience, knowledge, or their creative and artistic abilities that they are giving or sharing as long as they are giving something back.

8 True

True can either be a name for a baby boy or girl. As a lot of us now know, Khloé Kardashian and Tristan Thompson snatched this adorable name up recently for the first addition to their growing family. Despite that, True is a very unexpected and gorgeous name for a little girl. It is pronounced as Tr-ew, and it happens to rhyme with Drew and phew. True is an English baby name that simply means ‘loyal.’ Doesn’t every parent want to raise their child to be loyal? Well, with this name a mom and dad can be a step ahead because their baby girl would be destined to have this personality trait.

According to Sheknows.com, people with this name have the desire to achieve great things in their lifetime.

They pretty much want to be on top of the world! This name is on the popularity charts at number 3,070 this year. If you are looking for unique, this is definitely one for the choosing. True has skyrocketed in popularity since last year and is up by 2,369 spaces, according to Babycenter.com. Most likely with a little help from the most recent Kardashian to give birth – Khloé! You will be majorly surprised at what year this name spiked to the highest in popularity in the United States! It was in 1895 with 60 babies per every million who were born with this name. I could never have imagined that the name True went back that far! When it comes to highest peak among BabyCenter users, it was on 2018 with 29 babies per million.

7 Kaia

Kaia is such a lovely name for a newborn baby girl who will eventually blossom into a drop dead gorgeous woman. This name is pronounced like Ky-uh. This name sounds very beach like and tropical, or maybe more like the name of a little girl who was born in the summertime. Perhaps that has something to do with the fact that it has three origins and one of them happens to be Hawaiian, while the other two are American and Greek. In American and Hawaiian, Kaia means ‘the sea,’ and in Greek, it means ‘the earth,’ according to Sheknows.com.

The popularity of the name Kaia, this year, is ranked at number 221. It happens to have gone up 76 spots from last year. The height of popularity with this name in the United States, according to Babycenter.com via the Social Security Administration, was last year with 567 babies per million born who were given this name at birth. Even better than that is the worldwide BabyCenter users chart has it at its highest peak this year with 717 babies per every million.

People with this name want to be able to inspire others in a higher cause, something they really care about. They also want to be able to share their own beliefs and views with others, according to Sheknows.com.

6 Gia

Gia is a very elegant and gorgeous name for a daughter. It is pronounced like Gee-a. It is of Italian and American origin, and it has the spiritual meaning of ‘God is gracious.’ There was even a movie out, starring Angelina Jolie, about the true-life story of a supermodel named Gia Carangi who had gotten to the top before crashing down. While Gia’s story was ended sadly, she was an inspiration in the fashion industry.

The name Gia is at number 315 in popularity this year, and it also has not had any changes – up or down – since 2017. The last change was in 2016 when it crept up one spot. According to Babycenter.com – who gathered information from the Social Security Administration – this name peaked in popularity in the United States in 2011 when 602 babies per every million children born received the name Gia. It was much higher in popularity that same year among BabyCenter users with 758 babies born per million.

According to Sheknows.com, people with this name strive to be leaders and crave for personal independence. They are also usually very competent, practical, and seem to obtain great power and financial freedom. People with the name Gia also tend to be very successful in what they do, and they are usually able to obtain their materialistic dreams.

5 Gianna

Gianna is pronounced like Gee-On-Uh, and it is such an adorable name. I can see this name fitting a cute brunette little girl, for some reason, who is most likely Italian since that happens to be the place of origin for this name. It holds the meaning of ‘God is gracious,’ according to Sheknows.com, just like the diminutive version of this name happens to be Gia. Gianna happens to also be a diminutive of Giovanna. This name just keeps getting shorter and shorter, but it is elegant and beautiful no matter which name you choose. Personally, I prefer Gianna, but Gia is very close behind!

On the popularity list, Gianna is at number 84 this year and is only down to 11 spaces from last year.

This name was at its highest peak of use among the United States population, according to Babycenter.com, in 2011 with 2,315 babies per every million who were born with this name, but when it comes to the BabyCenter users, in that same year, there were 2,361 babies born per million reported to have this beautiful name. This name first appeared on the U.S. population list, according to Babycenter.com, until 1951 with only a mere two babies born per every million.

4 Willa

Willa is a bit of a unique and unexpected baby girl name, but it is still very gorgeous for a little one. Willa sounds like a child born with this nature-loving, adventure seeking attitude who would absolutely adore the outdoors. It sounds like a girl who wouldn’t be too overly worried about getting her nails dirty if she had too, as long as she can get a manicure in the future. After all, she would still hang on to her strong feminine side. This name would be a perfect balance! It is pronounced just like it’s spelled, Will-a.

Willa is of Teutonic origin, and it can hold the meaning of ‘resolute protection,’ but it is also the female variation of William. Another name similar to Willa that is just as adorable would be Willow. According to the Babycenter.com, with all of their worldwide users, this name ranks in at number 396 for their popularity charts. But according to Ssa.gov, Willa ranked in at number 454 in 2017 for the United States population, which was lowered by ten spots from 2016 when it ranked at 464.

In 2017, the number of births with the name Willa was calculated to be 691. This represented only 0.0037 percent of the total of females born in the United States for the same year. That is such a tiny percentage of the U.S. population.

3 Adriana

Adriana is pronounced like Aid-RE-ana. According to Sheknows.com, the name Adriana in many different languages means dark. Girls with the name Adriana enjoy being surrounded by beauty, and whether it is through singing, writing, speaking, or acting, these girls like to express themselves and often like to be the center of attention. I have a friend with a daughter who is named Adriana, and I know she really likes to try and steal your attention from everyone in the room.

According to Ssa.gov in 2017 the name Adriana ranked in at number 223 and ranked 106 in 2006. In 2017 there were 1,387 babies born with the name Adriana. There were 3,095 born with that name in 2006.

According to Babynameshub.com since the year 1880 in the United States alone there were 77,624 babies with this name.

Adriana is a very beautiful baby girls name that has been in its share of TV series and movies such as, Switched at Birth, Dark Angel, The Sopranos, and the daytime soap opera One Life to Live. This name also happens to be shared with a very drop dead gorgeous Brazilian supermodel named Adriana Lima, according to Nameberry.com.

2 Ivy

This is a strangely beautiful yet unexpected name. Ivy is pronounced like the I-vee, and its meaning is simply what it is – an ivy plant. This name is of Greek origin. It is a very short but gorgeous name that will be incredibly easy for any little girl to learn how to spell. On the popularity name chart for 2018, this very beautiful name was at number 96. It has moved up the list by 11 spaces from 2017, according to Babycenter.com. They also stated that in 2017, Ivy was ranked at its highest peak with 1,610 babies per million within the United States population. But with Babycenter users, their highest peak in popularity was in 2018 with 1,525 babies per million.

Even Jay-z and Beyoncé loved this name so much that they had to snatch it up and use it as part of their first-born daughter’s name - Blue Ivy.

A random piece of information about Ivy is that the ancient Greeks used to give newlyweds wreaths made of ivy as a symbol of fidelity. The reason they give ivies is that they signify faithfulness, according to Nameberry.com.

This name is highly well known all around the world as the gorgeous villain in Batman, Poison Ivy.

This name was also featured in a ton of other TV shows and movies such as Pokémon, Gilmore Girls, 90210, Gossip Girl, and even Once Upon A Time.

1 Aurora

The name Aurora can make any little girl feel like for princess, even as she grows older. It is of Latin origin, and it has the meaning of ‘dawn.’ Aurora also happened to be the mythical Roman goddess of the dawn, according to Sheknows.com. This name has two main themes going for it. The first one being that it is a name inspired by outer space, and the second is that it is Disney inspired.

This name skyrocketed in popularity after Charles Perrault wrote the fairy tale The Sleeping Beauty, according to Sheknows.com.

On the Babycenter.com popularity chart, for 2018, this gorgeous name Aurora is at number 36. It has climbed by 11 places since last year. According to the Ssa.gov, this name has reached its highest in popularity last year with 2,672 babies per every million who were born with this name. But according to the Babycenter.com users, which is global, it reached its peak this year with 2,952 babies per every million being born with this name.

A fun fact about this name is that Aurora also happens to be the scientific name for the beautiful Northern Lights, according to Nameberry.com. These are those magnificent lights that people will travel all over the world to see. This name is just surrounded by so much beauty.

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