25 Unexpected Baby Names So Cute, Even Grandma Will Fall In Love

It's time to choose a baby name for your impending arrival! Sure, this name will follow your precious little one everywhere she goes throughout her lifetime. She'll write it on countless school assignments, and doodle it in notebooks next to the names of her current crushes, but there's no need to feel any pressure.

On second thought, names appear on job applications, drivers licenses, marriage licenses, and may even be etched into the doors of fancy offices or onto stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. To put is simply, wherever your child ventures in life, her name will precede her.

As if parents-to-be don't experience enough stress as they pour over the seemingly endless baby name options that are available to them, they will probably get a little added input from Grandma. The woman who will someday be showering their impending arrival with kisses, candy and fun weekends at the zoo may feel she has a right to assert her valued opinion when it comes time to name the tiny tot.

Feel the need to include the woman who gave you life, and went through the arduous process of selecting the perfect name for you, in the selection of your baby-to-be's magnificent moniker? Consider choosing a name from the list below. All of them are gorgeous, timeless and sure to win Grandma's heart. We should warn you, however, that when it comes to making her happy with your parenting decisions from here on out...sorry, but you're on your own.

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25 Rebekah

Rebekah is a beautiful biblical name of Hebrew origin and means servant of God. It's a centuries-old favorite that Grandma will most definitely approve of, but still has a fresh, modern feel to it. It is a variation of the more often-used name Rebecca, which was a favorite of parents in the 80s and 90s. Rebekah is the spelling that appears in the authorized version of the Bible. It brings with it an air of maturity, grace and undeniable style.

Presently, it ranks as the 1,110th most popular name for girls in the United States, and it is currently the 584th most popular name for girls on Nameberry.com.

Becca, Becky, Beks, Reba, Beck and Bex are simply adorable shortenings of this classic choice that will have Grandma singing the praises of Mom and Dad.

Girls named Rebekah are known to be go-getters, and, once they begin a task, are sure to see it through to the end. They are tender-hearted, kind and give freely of their time, energy and talents. They are also sympathetic, understanding and tolerant. A little girl with this name is sure to lead an exciting, eventful life filled with adventure, dear friends and fun.

Love Rebekah? Similar names to consider include Rachel, Hannah and Naomi.

24 Crosby

Crosby is a charming name of Irish origin that means village with crosses or dweller near the town crossing. Crosby, Stills and Nash is a talented 70s band that features this stunning designation. It's likely that Grandma will give this name two thumbs up if she's a fan of '70s rock...and who isn't?

Crosby currently ranks as the 1,280th most popular name for boys in the United States. It entered the top 1,000 names for boys in 2011, and has since become a well-known favorite without becoming overused. Its use may have increased in recent years thanks to Crosby Braverman, the lovable character played by Dax Shepard on the television series Parenthood.

Boys named Crosby are friendly, cheerful and are known to wear their hearts on their sleeves. They are carefree and don't tend to sweat the small stuff too much. They are expressive and creative, but methodical when striving to complete an important task. A boy with this name will stand out in a crowd with his infectious personality and will be successful in life thanks to his drive, perseverance and confidence.

In love with the name Crosby? Similar names to consider include Hudson, Finn and Sawyer.

23 Matilda

Matilda is a vintage name with modern appeal that will make Grandma weak in the knees. It's an exquisite moniker of German origin that means battle-mighty or might, power.

Currently, Matilda ranks as the 327th most popular name for girls in the United States, and has risen an impressive 66 spots in popularity since 2017. At the present time, it ranks 27th in England and 18th in Australia. Matty, Tilda, Tilly and Maude are shortenings of this name that only add to its appeal. It's also a celeb favorite, and has been used in recent years by chef Gordon Ramsay and silver screen stars Michelle Williams and the late Heath Ledger.

Girls named Matilda are natural caretakers who spread joy wherever they go. They are thoughtful and logical, but have a strong-will and a stubborn streak. They are introverts who like security, but are bold and independent when going after what they want. They are comforting, affectionate and receptive to the needs of others. In short, girls with this name make the world a better place with their zest for life and innate abilities to spread happiness wherever they go.

Those in love with the name Matilda may wish to consider the similar names Violet, Penelope or Charlotte.

22 Keaton

Keaton is a top-notch name of English origin that means shed town. It is a surname that has become a popular first name in recent years.

It's one of those names that is unique and interesting without being over-the-top or strange. Grandma won't be able to resist it.

Presently, it ranks as the 563rd most popular name for boys in the United States, and has risen a whopping 84 spots in popularity since 2017. It's a fun twist on the more commonly-used name Kevin. Celebrities Michael Keaton and Diane Keaton have helped it shine for decades, and a little man with this name will undoubtedly continue its legacy of greatness. Keats is a possible nickname for Keaton that makes it even more of an irresistible choice.

Boys named Keaton are known to be wealthy, healthy and intuitive. They are often wildly successful in their pursuits, and benevolently spend their fortunes helping those in need. They are natural leaders who live exciting lives. They are outgoing, social, and can talk easily with people from all walks of life. To put it simply, little lads with this name are destined for greatness.

Those considering the name Keaton may also wish to put the similar names Grayson, Easton and Holden on their short lists.

21 Greer

Greer is a sophisticated and stylish name of Latin origin that means alert, watchful. It is also a Scottish contraction of the surname Gregor. Looking for a name that is fun, fabulous and slightly quirky in the best of ways? You've found what you've been searching for in the name Greer, and Grandma will most likely approve of your choice. Greer may be a bit unconventional, but it's easy to spell and say, making it difficult for your mother or mother-in-law to complain.

Greer is totally on-trend along with other one-syllable names like Wren and Quinn. At the present time, it ranks as the 3,626th name chosen for girls in the United States, making it a rare beauty that will help your little darling to stand out in the best of ways.

Girls named Greer are fearless and fiesty. They are also known to be analytical and opinionated, and are always ready to learn new things. They are social butterflies who reach for the highest stars when setting goals. They lead exciting lives full of fun and adventure and are open and honest with those around them.

Parents-to-be who love the name Greer may also wish to consider the similar names Reese, Piper or Harper.

20 Booker

Booker is an occupational surname of English origin that means scribe. It also has Anglo-Saxon origins and means Beech tree. Its links to the past and classic sound make it one Grandma will accept with open arms.

This name presently ranks as the 1,804th most popular name for boys in the United States, and currently ranks as the 650th most popular name for lads on Nameberry.com. At the height of its popularity in 1910, it was the 177th most popular name for boys. Booker T. Washington was a notable African-American scholar any little man would be lucky to emulate. Another man of note with this name is musician Booker T. Jones of the M.G.'s who was named after Washington.

Tiny gentlemen with this name are known to be outgoing, sentimental and hospitable. They are easy-going and full of life. They are goal-oriented and are good at getting things done. Boys with this name are also creative and, as natural performers, love to allow their talents shine brightly. They have a thirst for knowledge that can only be quenched by learning all they can about the world around them.

Fans of the name Booker may also wish to contemplate using the similar names Parker, Beckett or Knox.

19 Vera

Vera is timeless name of Russian and Latin origin that means faith or true. Grandma will love its simple, sweet sound and the fact that it pays homage to beautiful women from the past who were blessed enough to be given this exquisite designation.

Currently, Vera ranks as the 204th most popular name for girls in the United States, and is up 66 spots in popularity since 2017. It is also a popular choice in Europe and, at the present time, ranks as the 26th most popular name for girls in Sweden. Just like other old-fashioned names like Ada and Iris, Vera is making a major resurgence as of late, and ranks the highest it has since 1910, which was the last time it had a turn in the baby naming spotlight. Fashion designer Vera Wang and actress Vera Farmiga are two notable women with this lovely name.

Girls named Vera are opinionated, hard-working and loyal friends. They are practical and down-to-earth and keep things in perspective.

They are independent and love to do things their way, but are also hopelessly romantic and open to love whenever and wherever it finds them.

Love Vera? Similar names to consider include Hazel, Cora and Evelyn.

18 Rocco

Rocco is a friendly name of Italian origin that means rest. It may be a little too modern for Grandma at first, but we guarantee it won't be long before she falls for its quirky charm.

This edgy name currently ranks well within the top 1,000 names chosen for boys in the United States at 558th. Madonna most likely upped its cool factor when she and her ex-husband, Guy Ritchie selected it for their son. This light-hearted, effortlessly cool choice is similar in nature to the names Bruno and Hugo: two names that are getting a lot of love in the baby naming world right now.

Boys named Rocco are known for their sense of style, their warm hearts and their dependability. They are tolerant and accepting of others, and give freely of their time to those that may need a helping hand. They are natural leaders whose ability to inspire others is one of the reasons they go far in whatever it is they choose to pursue in life. They are bold and brave and are attracted to causes that will make a difference in the world around them.

Nico, Enzo and Luca are similar names that may appeal to those who have fallen head-over-heels in love with the name Rocco.

17 Loretta

Loretta is a captivating name of English origin that means bay laurel. It is an English variation of the Italian name Lauretta, which is a diminutive of the name Laura. Everything about this divine name will appeal to Grandma: it is filled with effortless charm, it has a vintage feel and it possesses the ability to be turned into a plethora of absolutely adorable nicknames. What's not to love?

At the present time, Loretta ranks as the 2,547th most popular name for girls in the United States. It ranked well within the top 500 names for girls in the late 1800s, but has since become a rarely used beauty. It was selected as a middle name for one of Sarah Jessica Parker's twin daughters, proving it's a stylish selection through and through. Etta, Laura, Lori, Etty, Lo and LoLo are possible to-die-for shortenings of this flawless, feminine choice.

Girls named Loretta are generous and intellectual. They are wise, practical and always think things through before acting. This makes them great leaders, a role they are naturals at filling. They are honest, balanced and appreciate the beauty in the world around them.

Can't get enough of the name Loretta? Similar names to consider include Josephine, Elizabeth and Amelia.

16 Drake

Drake is a dapper, devil-may-care name of English origin that means dragon. If Grandma is a fan of Game of Thrones or Fixer Upper, she'll instantly approve of this debonair choice. If she isn't a huge lover of mythical creatures or Chip and Joanna Gaines and the name they chose for their firstborn son, it's likely she'll still adore this name due to its vintage feel and undeniable sophistication.

Presently, Drake ranks as the 549th most popular name for boys in the United States, and is up 67 spots in popularity since 2017. It reached its height of popularity in 2010 when it was the 197th most popular choice. Use of this name may have fallen a bit in recent years, but rapper Drake has helped ensure it will always be in high demand, and filled with swagger and style.

Boys named Drake are charming, loyal and determined. They are responsible, hard-working and dependable, serious and self-disciplined, but also have an outgoing side.

Guys with this name know what they want, and go after it. They are creative and goal-oriented and aren't afraid to take risks.

Asher, Gavin and Liam are similar names those who adore the name Drake may also wish to consider.

15 Bridget

Bridget is the anglicized version of the Gaelic name Brighid and means strength or exalted one. It is the name of the Celtic goddess of wisdom: a sure-fire reason Grandma will love it. She won't be able to resist its lilting sound, inspiring background or how adorable it sounds when paired with nearly any middle and last name.

Presently, it ranks within the top 1000 as the 934th most popular name chosen for girls in the United States. It ranked 195th on Nameberry.com in 2017, and was the 783rd most popular name for girls in England in 2016. Irish variations of this lively name include Brighid, Brigid, Bridie, Biddy and Bedelia. Gigi and Giddy are two undeniably cute nicknames that are also worth considering.

Girls named Bridget are intuitive and creative. They love to be in the spotlight and often pursue careers in the performing arts. They are sensitive, sweet and nurturing. Little ladies named Bridget are also known to have the ability to see the silver lining in every situation. They are sentimental, hopeful and bring out the best in everyone they interact with.

Claire, Olivia and Audrey are similar monikers that those who adore the name Bridget may also wish to put on their short lists.

14 Malachi

Malachi is a beautiful, strong biblical name of Hebrew origin that means my messenger or my angel. Grandma will love its stunning sound almost as much as she loves its rich history. In the Bible, Malachi was a prophet who foretold the coming of Christ. Grandma will adore it even if she isn't religious simply because it's too gorgeous not to adore.

At the present time, Malachi ranks as the 178th most popular name for boys in the United States. It currently ranks 107th on Nameberry.com and 271st for young chaps in England.  Malachi first appeared on baby naming charts in 1987, and has been in the top 200 names for boys since 2003. The Irish version of the name, Malachy, is a jaunty variation that is also worth considering. Nicknames for Malachi include Mal, Kai and Al. It appears in Phineas Finn, a novel by Anthony Trollope and James Joyce's masterpiece, Ulysses.

Boys named Malachi are strong, kind and receptive to the needs of others. They are natural peacemakers who share strong relationships with those they know and love. They are inquisitive, positive and fun to be around.

Ezekiel, Noah and Ezra are similar names those who have fallen for the name Malachi may also wish to consider.

13 Arizona

Arizona is a place name from the Native American language Papago and means little springs.

Parents searching for a name that is unique and fun, but one that Grandma will still fall in love with, have found what they are looking for in this fun and flowing name.

Presently, Arizona ranks as the 1,643rd most popular name for girls in the United States, and has risen 62 spots in popularity since 2017. This name was a popular choice in the late nineteenth century, and reached its peak of use before Arizona was even a state in 1882 when it was ranked 510th. Its more recent rise in popularity is most likely thanks to the quirky Grey's Anatomy character Arizona Robbins, played by Jessica Capshaw, who first appeared on the series in 2009.

Girls named Arizona are known to be generous, and always give the best gifts. They are able to get along with anyone and everyone, and are usually musically or artistically inclined. They love to be outside and find peace and serenity when surrounded by the beauty of nature. They are natural leaders who excel at organization and appreciate the finer things in life.

Cheyenne, Dakota and Montana are similar names that may appeal to fans of the name Arizona.

12 Beck

Beck is a name of English origin that means one living beside a small stream. It has long been a popular nickname for the extremely popular names Beckham and Beckett, but has recently become a first name choice parents-to-be can't help but consider. It's strong, simple, charming, and a name that Grandma won't have any trouble spelling or pronouncing. She may think its a bit too modern at first, but give her some time, and she'll be Beck's biggest fan before long.

This understated and undeniably handsome name is currently the 2,255th most popular name for boys in the United States, making it an under-the-radar option that is far from overused. It's a one-syllable choice that ensures it will pair beautifully with nearly any surname out there. Bek is another variation of the name worth considering. Musician Beck Hansen gives this name a rock-and-roll edge that only makes it more appealing. What's not to love about this ultra-cool name?

Boys named Beck have sharp, active minds. They are great conversationalists and always have something interesting to say. They enjoy meeting new people and spontaneity. They are idealistic, sensitive and generous.

Adore the name Beck? Similar names to consider include Owen, Rhett and Jude.

11 Edie

Edie is an English diminutive of the name Edith and means rich gift. Grandma will go gaga for its sweet meaning and old-fashioned sound. She'll be crocheting it on a blanket with stars in her eyes before you can tell it to her twice.

At the present time, Edie is ranked as the 2,559th most popular name for girls in the United States. It was the 135th most popular name for girls in England in 2016 and ranked 257th on Nameberry.com in 2017. It puts a fresh twist on the wildly popular names Evie and Ellie. Keira Knightley chose it for her daughter in 2015, possibly helping increase its popularity. It was a popular choice for a few years in the 1960s, but has since become a virtually unheard of choice. It's a rare find any little girl would be lucky to be blessed with.

Girls named Edie are creative and imaginative. They love playing make believe, making up stories and escaping into other worlds by reading books filled with magic and wonder. They are naturally happy and positive and spread cheer and positivity everywhere they go. They are fiercely independent, and make their own paths in life.

Adore Edie? Similar names to consider include Eden, Eloise and Sadie.

10 Phillip

Phillip is a gorgeous name of Greek origin that means lover of horses or loving. Why will Grandma love this name? Well, it's classic, lovely, stately and sophisticated while still possessing the option of being shortened to the fun and friendly nickname, Phil. Enough said.

Presently, Phillip ranks as the 740th most popular name for boys in the United States. This princely title was used for the object of Aurora's affection in Disney's Sleeping Beauty. What's more appealing than a guy who slays dragons and fights walls of thorns with his trusty sword?

Any little guy would be lucky to be named after such a brave and distinguished cartoon character.

Boys named Phillip are sensitive and creative. They do best when they have the freedom to express themselves in some way, whether it be music, art or other tasks that require skill and focus like graphic design or architecture. They are natural leaders whose imaginations and abilities to see the big picture help them be successful in whatever they do. They take initiative in life and are always on the lookout for new opportunities and new adventures.

Those who love the name Phillip may also wish to consider the similar names Theodore, Henry, William or Thomas.

9 Lola

Lola is a Spanish diminutive of the name Dolores and means lady of sorrows or strong woman. The line from the musical Damn Yankees, "Whatever Lola wants, Lola gets," may make parents nervous, but it's a phrase that Grandma will most likely use as often as possible.

Presently, Lola is the 254th most popular name for girls in the United States. This name is beloved all over the world. In 2017, it was the 90th most popular name for girls in Scotland and the 156th most popular name on Nameberry.com. In 2016, it ranked 355th in Germany, 59th in Australia, 42nd in England and 27th in Spain. Lola is also a favorite among celebrities, and stars including Kelly Ripa, Chris Rock, Lisa Bonet, Denise Richards, Carnie Wilson and Annie Lennox have chosen it for their darling daughters. It's a popular choice for good reason. It's a fun, fresh choice full of panache and style.

Girls named Lola are clever, reserved, patient and inventive. They are quiet and introverted and love to be outdoors. They have great follow-through and finish everything they start while always paying attention to detail.

Lyla, Lily and Layla are similar names those who can't get enough of the name Lola may also wish to consider.

8 Milo

Milo is a magnificent name of Latin and Old German origin that means soldier or merciful. It is another vintage favorite that was popular in medieval Europe, and is a precursor to the name Miles. Simply put, it's a pretty sure bet that Grandma will approve of this one.

Presently, Milo ranks as the 168th most popular name for boys in the United States, and has risen 36 spots in popularity since 2017. It ranked 6th on Nameberry.com in 2017, and, in 2016, it ranked 124th in England, 104th in Germany and 68th in Sweden. This is Us star Milo Ventimiglia has helped bring recognition to this name over the past two years, and celebrities Ricki Lake, Camryn Manheim, Liv Tyler, Craig Ferguson and Alyssa Milano have all selected it for their adorable sons. This strong and appealing name was also assigned to a six-time Olympic champion in ancient Greece and a World War 2 RAF pilot.

Boys named Milo are known to be practical, logical and analytical. They are talented when it comes to anything mechanical or technical and always do their best. They are serious and introspective, have a great deal of patience, and are kind-hearted and soft spoken.

Adore Milo? Similar names to consider include Theo, Felix and Jasper.

7 Poppy

Poppy is a practically perfect Latin flower name that is sure to sweep Grandma right off of her feet. She won't be able to resist a name inspired by a vibrant, beautiful flower.

Poppy currently ranks as the 398th most popular name for girls in the United States, up 83 spots since 2017.

It has been in the top 1,000 names for girls since 2016, and is also a beloved choice in Europe. In 2017, it was the 29th most popular name in Scotland, and in 2016, it ranked 63rd in Australia and 13th in England. Celebrities Jamie Oliver, Jessica Capshaw, Anthony Edwards and Anna Paquin have chosen this spunky, sweet-smelling name for their daughters.

Girls name Poppy are known for their quick wit and clever minds. They are charismatic, love making new friends and are sensitive to the feelings of those they interact with. Their vibrant personalities shine, and make them the kind of people everyone wants to know. Little ladies named Poppy are also known to be incredibly intelligent and studious: qualities that make them star students from Kindergarten all the way up to their college classes.

Pippa, Piper, Polly, Pepper and Petal are similar names those who can't get enough of the name Poppy may want to contemplate using.

6 Ralph

Ralph is a name of German origin that means wolf counsel or wolf counselor. The meaning of this name alone is enough to win Grandma over, but it also has the added benefit of being a long-used and classic choice.

Currently, Ralph is the 1,124th most popular name chosen for boys in the United States. It was in the top 30 names for boys from the 1870s until the 1920s. It's growing in popularity, but is still a rare choice that is sure to make a little lad stand out in the best of ways. Poet Ralph Waldo Emerson and fashion designer Ralph Lauren are just two men of note with this name who have helped make it shine.

Boys named Ralph are known to be independent, self-confident, and full of initiative. They love being active and are all about doing things that challenge them physically. They are bold and honest, and not afraid to share their opinions or stand up for what they believe to be right. They are loyal friends who do not tolerate gossip. In short, a friend (or son) named Ralph is the kind of person you want by your side through thick and thin.

George, Walter and Edward are similarly sophisticated names that may appeal to fans of the name Ralph.

5 Tabitha

Tabitha is a sensational and sophisticated name of Aramaic origin that means gazelle. If Grandma is fan of the syndicated television program Bewitched, which most grandmas are, she'll approve of this name without hesitation.

At the present time, Tabitha ranks as the 1,076th most popular name for girls in the United States, and has risen 306 spots in popularity since 2017. Tibby, Thea and Tabea are three possible to-die-for shortenings for this terrific choice. Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick selected this magical name for one of their twin daughters, giving it a slight boost in popularity, but it's still rarely-used enough to be a stand-out moniker full of personality and pizazz.

Girls named Tabitha are idealistic and sensitive. They see the world through rose-colored glasses, and know how to find the best in every situation. They excel at math and other analytical activities and love problem-solving and making the world a better place. They are naturally calm and love to express themselves through writing or art. Girls named Tabitha are born to change the world in the best of ways.

Charlotte, Delilah and Penelope are similarly quirky choices that those loving the name Tabitha may also want to put on their lists of names to consider.

4 Victor

Victor is a name of Latin origin that means conqueror. Grandma won't be able to resist its strong sound and rich heritage.

Presently, it ranks as the 218th most popular name for boys in the United States and ranked 198th on Nameberry.com in 2017. It has held its spot in the top 200 names for boys since 1880, and is also a popular choice around the globe. It is often used in Denmark, Belgium and Spain, and the Italian version of the name, Vittorio is often selected for little men by parents in Italy. Vick is a shortening that is as friendly as it is fantastic. Notable men with this name include author Victor Hugo and the fictional character in Mary Shelley's classic novel, Victor Frankenstein.

Boys named Victor are known to be responsible, clever and good judges of character. They are serious, thoughtful and are often considered mature beyond their years.

They put a great deal of importance on home and family, and love spending time with those they love. They are reliable, hardworking and, when they give their word to do something, will always follow through.

Adore the name Victor? Other names to consider include James, Vincent and Collin.

3 Gisele

Giselle is a name of German origin that means a pledge. If Grandma loves ballet, high-end fashion, or simply stunning names, she'll have no problem giving this charming choice her blessing.

Giselle currently ranks as the 309th most popular name for girls in the United States, is up 46 spots in popularity since 2017, and ranked 316th on Nameberry.com in 2017.  Supermodel Gisele Bundchen has helped bring an effortlessly cool edge to this lovely name, and the ballet Giselle gives this designation an air of grace and sophistication. Amy Adams brought the name Giselle to life as the main character in the charming 2007 film, Enchanted. She played a lovable princess from Andalasia and undoubtedly helped give this name a boost in popularity. Gigi and Elle are two darling nickname options worth considering.

Girls named Giselle are bubbly, spontaneous and are known to be expressive and talkative. They are creative, artistic and have natural musical abilities. They love to do things impulsively without planning ahead, and are always up for an exciting adventure. They are fun to be around, and make life exhilarating and full of magic.

Genevieve, Gianna and Mila are similar names fans of the name Giselle may also wish to consider.

2 Wes

Wes is totally fresh and fun name that is the shortening of the names Weston, Wesley, Westcott or West. While it has long been used as a nickname, it has only recently become a name parents are turning to as a stand-alone first name. Grandma will love the fact that she doesn't need to wonder what to write on her little grandson's birthday card every year and won't need to worry about whether to call him by his given name or his nickname.

Presently, Wes ranks within the top 1,000 names for boys at 944th. This name is carefree, fearless and will fit a little lad born ready to take on the world perfectly. Need yet another reason to love the name Wes? It's another one-syllable choice that will fit perfectly with nearly any middle and last name.

Boys named Wes are known for their wonderful imaginations and creative minds. They possess a strong sense of wanderlust and love to travel and experience new places, new foods and new friends. They are talkative, outgoing and are natural performers.

Fans of the name Wes may also wish to consider the similar names Wyatt, Wynn or Wilder for their impending arrivals.

1 Haven

Haven is a word name of English origin that is defined as a place of safety or refuge. Grandma will love this name because it's breathtaking and beautiful. It's as simple as that.

At the present time, Haven ranks as the 341st most popular name for girls in the United States. It appeared for the first time on baby-naming charts in 1996 and reached its height of use in 2016 when it was the 294th most popular name for American girls. Jessica Alba chose this name for her second daughter, most likely helping to increase its popularity in recent years. Author Haven Kimmel and medal-winning skater Haven Denney are two other notable women who are lucky enough to have been given this winsome designation.

Girls named Haven are known to be self-confident, ambitious and driven. They love to express themselves in creative ways and thrive when given freedom.

They believe they have the ability to accomplish whatever they set their minds to, a quality that will help them achieve greatness in their lives. They bring harmony and peace to those around them with their positive attitudes and easy-going natures.

Adore the name Haven? Similar names to consider include Everly, Nova, and Hope.

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