25 Unexpected Boy Names That Are Strikingly Beautiful

Not too many parents would use the word "beautiful" to describe their little boys' names. It's not typically a word associated with boy names. Beautiful names and things in general are usually reserved for the girls of the world, but boys can be equally as beautiful. In fact, there is a world of beautiful boy names out there.

We're going to look at 25 of these strikingly beautiful baby boy names. While they may be called "baby boy names", these names belong to not only the baby boys but also the boys, the teens and eventually the adults and senior men. You may be surprised that some of these names are indeed boys names as some can be shared between both boys and girls alike.

Aside from that, you are simply going to be introduced to some boy names that you may not have realized are actually quite beautiful, or perhaps you will be turned around on the idea that some of these names which you may already know actually do have this quality of beauty to them as well. So, let's take a look at these 25 strikingly beautiful boy names.

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25 Aaron

Via: Fashion Diva Design

Aaron is traditionally a Hebrew name and is featured quite significantly in the Bible. That being said, I'm not going to waste your time telling Bible stories. Let's spend more time here talking about the name itself.

Aaron means "enlightened" (which is an obvious biblical meaning) and is a very airy sort of name (no pun intended). The way that the name flows makes it an easy and light sort of name for a boy and adds an element of beauty that one may not necessarily notice right away.

24 Declan


Well, I'm sure that you are not surprised to hear that this name has a bit of a religious connotation. Many names around the world have been based in a faith of some sort. Declan is a name that is Irish in origin. The name means "man of prayer" as well as "full of goodness". There is a place called Declan's Stone where miracles have allegedly taken place.

Regardless, I think there is a lyrical manner to this name that maybe fits the fact that it is Irish in origin.

23 Marcello

Via: Pinterest

Marcello is just clearly a beautiful name. If you had not already guessed, this name is Italian in origin. It just rolls so easily off the tongue that it is amazing that more people do not use this name. What is hilarious about this beautiful name though is that it is derived from a Latin name that means "hammer".

Such a lovely name with such a hard meaning. I would not have guessed that at all, but here's hoping I can guess that more people will now begin to use this name.

22 Dawson

Via: American Hairstyles Update

You may only know this name from the 90s show Dawson's Creek and this name is at least partially of American origin but it also belongs to the British in terms of origin as well. And we can assume that this name had some sort of religious reference to it since the meaning of it is "David's son". Perhaps this name is partially of Old English origin. Either way, I think Dawson is quite a pretty name but it definitely still says "I'm a man".

21 Zane

Via: Etsy

Here's the thing: you might very well think that Zane is some sort of hipster name that was taken from some video game or just made up during some wicked trip on something pretty exciting...but it's actually Hebrew in origin. That's right, that means it has some biblical roots, actually signifying "gift from God". That being said, this exceptional name does have some American roots for the hipster class as well, so don't worry! And come on...it is pretty cool.

20 Marek

Via: Pinterest

This name makes quite a shift from the names we have been previously looking at here. Marek is Polish and Czech in origin (with a deeper origin of Latin derivation). This name, while quite striking, is also a bit harsh which does work for its meaning.

Marek means "warlike" and this baby boy above seems to fully understand it as he makes his war cry. In all seriousness though, I know a family that goes by the name of Marek. They're pretty peaceful.

19 Canyon


Well, I don't think this name really needs much of a definition here. If you don't know what a canyon is then you have got to be unable to know how to use a computer. Both are pretty basic knowledge these days. Anyway, Canyon isn't something I would have thought to be used as a first name but here we are as it is quite a pretty name. And think of all the canyons that you know of that are, in fact, beautiful. Cosmo Canyon, The Grand Canyon, Copper Canyon...you get the idea.

18 Darrin

Via: Pinterest

Well, I think that Darrin is a pretty great name. No, seriously, the name Darrin actually means "great". This name is pulled from several places in terms of origin and given the places specified, I'd say that no one is really sure where it comes from. It apparently has roots in Greek, Gaelic, English and American. That is literally all over the map but that hardly matters. Darrin is still a pretty nice name all the same, so far as I think.

17 Elias


Elias has gone through the cultural wringer in a number of different ways. This name is of Hebrew, Greek, Spanish, and American origin. The way in which the American origin fits in there is unclear given how much older these other places of origin are in comparison to the States. Either way, Elias is a beautiful name. I've only ever had the chance to know one Elias in my life but he was a swell British chap. The name itself means "Jehova is God". I think the name is prettier than the meaning.

16 Emilio


This is a name I swore would have had some sort of origin in Italy but it turns out that Emilio is of Latin, Spanish and French origin. And much like this baby boy in the photo here, the name means "eager". I have to say that this is a pretty cool and beautiful name. It makes me think of Emilio Estevez. It also makes me think of some leading male character in some ridiculous romance novel where there is all sorts of intrigue and naughty times. Oh, Emilio!

15 Arlo


Arlo means "fortified hill", which doesn't really seem to fit the name at all. Arlo isn't exactly the name of someone I'd think of following into battle. I'm sure there have been some great Arlo officers out there but I would rather think of Arlo Guthrie and some of his beautiful music. And maybe that is where the beauty of this name really comes from. It is Latin, Spanish, Italian, and English in origin. But Arlo is also good, old-fashioned American in origin.

14 Aiden


Aiden is a pretty fiery name, I have to say. And I have to say that because Aiden actually means "fire". Even though its meaning is somewhat aggressive and the pronunciation is somewhat harsh, Aiden is still a rather pretty name. This is probably because it is of Celtic, Gaelic, Irish origins. There are so many beautiful names that come from that area of the world and Aiden is most certainly one of those names. And what more fun than to have a name that is both fiery and beautiful?

13 Basil


Basil is of Greek and English origin. I am not sure if that is because basil was an herb that was originally grown in one of these ethnic regions but the meaning of this name is far from the little green leaves that taste so good in so many dishes and drinks. Basil actually means "royal" and "kingly". I have to say that this is a very unexpected definition of the name Basil, especially given the infamous character of Basil Fawlty, played by the wonderful John Cleese.

12 Christensen


Christensen is typically seen as a surname but has most certainly been used as a first name. I must say that in terms of meaning, Christensen is a pretty boring name. It just means "son of Christen". That's not really an exciting meaning at all. I wouldn't want to be named simply as the son of my father. That being said, as boring as the meaning is, Christensen is quite a pretty name and that surely must make up for the lame meaning.

11 Cyril


It should be no surprise to anyone that Cyril is English in origin. It sounds like an unbearably British name. That being said, it is also partly Greek in origin, which I did not expect at all...but for the fact that English is heavily influenced by Greek.

Cyril means "master" or "lord". Sounds pretty proper and stiff-upper-lip to me. Do you not want your baby boy to grow up to be the master? Come on, it's a pretty name too.

10 Damian


Damian is of Greek, Spanish and American origin. It is a pretty interesting name for a couple of reasons. First of all, I can never stop thinking about The Omen when it comes to this name (though the spelling is somewhat different). Also, I find that the meaning is very interesting. Damian means "tame," but if you take the feminine version of the name, Damiana, it actually means "untamed". I don't know what the significance of this discrepancy is but I find it very interesting all the same.

9 Asher


Asher is a great name. It just sounds so pleasant and the boy in this photo looks pretty happy about it. And he should because Asher means "happiness". You can't get much better than that, can you? It might not shock you to hear that Asher is partly Hebrew in origin and has some roots in the Bible like so many other names that we use today. In spite of the religious connotation, I think this is a rather beautiful name for a beautiful baby boy.

8 Rayne

Via: MachoHairstyles

The "strong counselor" is what Rayne means. This name is of both English and Scandinavian origin. I have to tell you outright that this name has not had altered spelling for some sort of cool, hipster family. Rayne is actually the correct spelling of this name, as opposed to Rain who is the lead singer of Our Lady Peace. I believe it is the Scandinavian influence that lends this spelling to the name. Either way, I think Rayne is a pretty name...so long as people don't make too many November Rain jokes.

7 Zachariah


Zachariah sounds like a pretty biblical name to throw around, which might be because it absolutely is. This Hebrew name means "memory of the lord" and I think that is a pretty apt meaning for this name. Why? Because I cannot help but think about the Bible when this name comes up. In that sense, Zachariah truly is the memory of the lord. That aside though, it is quite a striking name and if you end up not liking the full name you can still call your little boy Zach.

6 Caspian


Caspian is just a really cool name; it's also very beautiful to say. I have only ever known one Caspian. He's a pretty good musician as it happens (extra beauty). The meaning of Caspian is actually "of the Sea" and it is of Iranian origin. It is named after the city Qazvin (so far as the best-educated people can guess) thanks to the ancient tribe of Cas that lived there. And who can forget that Caspian is also a pretty popular name in The Chronicles of Narnia?

5 Cecil


This is a pretty unfortunate name to have when it comes to the meaning of the name. Cecil means "blind" or "short-sighted". That is not exactly the most wonderful meaning you could have for your child's name. That being said, Cecil still is a lovely sounding name. This name seems to mainly be Latin in origin. Cecil is a pretty famous name too as one of the most famous filmmakers of all time was named Cecil (Cecil B. Demille).

4 Jayden


"Jehovah has heard" or at least that is what the name Jayden would have you believe. Of course, this spelling of Jayden is actually an altered version. The name is traditionally spelled Jaden. Given that this name is so biblical, you would be pretty right to assume that this name is Hebrew in origin. But that doesn't change the fact that Jayden is a rather pretty name. And there is no good reason why you can't have a boy with a pretty name. After all, there are 24 other names in this article that are quite beautiful.

3 Ashley

Via: Pinterest

Yes, I know, Ashley can also be a girl's name. You're right. But just think about the lead character of Pokemon. So many people love the show and the games and Ash as a character. You don't think that his full name is actually just Ash, do you? Ashley is actually of English origin and was once used predominantly as a surname. The name itself means "to live in the ash tree grove or meadow". I don't know about you, but that sounds pretty beautiful to me.

2 Jett

Via: Pinterest

Jett is a pretty great name but it has a pretty dark meaning. You might think that is a pun and I have to say that it absolutely is. The name is a reference to "jet black". I think that makes quite a bit of sense but I also think that is a pretty sad meaning for a name. Either way, Jett is still a pretty cool name. The name is of Latin origin and is found with some pretty famous people. Spelled differently, we have the awesome Jet Li!

1 Xavier

Little newborn baby boy, looking curiously at camera, lay dawn in bed

Before digging into the meaning or origin of this name, I have to start by saying that this is an awesome name for no other reason than Professor X from X-Men. His name, obviously, is Xavier. Also, this is really just a beautiful name. It is of Basque, Arabic and Spanish origins and it means "owning a new home". I'm not sure how that became the meaning of a name, but there we are. At least it is beautiful in spite of the meaning.

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