25 Unexpected Boy Names That Will Dominate The Next Decade

For parents expecting a baby boy in 2018, one of the most difficult, yet most fun tasks will be deciding his name! Finding that one name that will stand out from the rest is a daunting task.

Parents want a name that isn't overused, has a solid meaning and a rich history. They want something unique and creative, but not too risky. Does such a name even exist? A couple of decades ago names like John and William dominated baby name charts, and while they still rank pretty high, trendier names like Milo and Grayson seem to be pushing them out.

We've put together a list of baby boy names that are going to dominate the next decade! These are the names that expecting parents should be adding to their list! Classic names like Theodore and Levi and newer additions like Archer and Holden are replacing some of the old-fashioned and overused names we heard so often last decade.

Baby boy names don't have to be boring or traditional! This list definitely isn't and we fully expect this list of baby names to become the hottest names of next decade. Grab a pen and paper and jot these down!

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25 Theodore

In 2017, Theodore hit #4! This old fashioned name has been popular on the charts since 1880. It began as a top 100 name and saw a big boost in popularity when Theodore Roosevelt took office in 1901. This moniker has only ever been as low as #314, but the last couple of years have been extra successful for Theodore.

Theodore is Greek for "gift of God." The most famous name bearer is probably the President Theodore Roosevelt. Dr. Seuss' first name was spelled Theodor. Nicknames like Theo and Teddy give this one a ton of appeal.

Theodore was chosen by high profile celebrities like Ivanka Trump, Bryce Dallas Howard, Natascha McElhone, and Ali Larter. It was also the name of Christian and Ana's son in Fifty Shades of Grey. Theodore is set up perfectly to dominate the next decade!

24 Asher

Asher, though its a Bible name, it's a newer and more refreshing one than the usual John and Matthew. Asher has been in the high 900s since 1880, but in 1995, parents began to change their minds about this one. So much so, that it ended 2017 as the #2 baby boy name in the country!

Asher is Hebrew for "fortunate, blessed, happy one." In the Old Testament, Asher was one of Jacob's sons who's name would become one of the twelve tribes of Israel. The tribe of Asher was one of the most blessed of all the tribes, hence the name.

Asher was also used on the Gossip Girl series and Asher Roth is a rapper. Asher will definitely see more success in the future, though it can only move one spot to #1, we wouldn't be surprised if it did.

23 Bennett

Bennett has literally been up and down the charts since their beginning. It has never had the same ranking twice, or even been close in a consecutive year. It was even almost kicked out of the top 1000 in 1975, but the very next year it jumped 200 spots toward the top 500. Today, Bennett has reached #140, its highest ranking ever.

Bennett is English for "blessed." It is the medieval form of Benedict. Bennett is a popular surname as well. Elizabeth Bennett was the female lead in Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice and then there's the famed singer Tony Bennett as well.

Bennett is full of class and charm. It's basically a dressed up version of Benjamin. Both can use the nickname Ben, and both should! Bennett is masculine and charming, but it's adorable for a baby boy too!

22 Weston

Weston, surprisingly, has been around since 1882, but it seemed to be stuck in the high 8-900s. It wasn't until 1975 that it began to catch a break and get some recognition from parents. It broke into the top 500 in 1981 and the top 200 in 2011. Today, Weston is ranked #120.

Weston got its beginning as a surname in the Jane Austen novel, Emma. It is English for "from the western town." Nicolas Cage was ahead of the curve and chose Weston for his son in 1990, while Jenna Fischer chose it for hers more recently.

Though Weston has more of a cowboy feel than classic British surname one today, it has been doing quite well with a wide variety of parents. It definitely has the potential to dominate the next decade!

21 Levi

This top ten name has already begun its domination, but not just in the States, Levi is dominating on an international level! Levi reached the top 100 in 2009 and has been there ever since. It hit the top twenty in 2017, coming in at #16, after it was #42 in 2016. It's also in the top 100 in The Netherlands, Germany, New Zealand, and Australia.

Levi is a Bible name that is Hebrew for "joined, attached." Levi was the son of Rachel and Jacob. The tribe the Levites would descend from him. Levi was also used in the New Testament as the given name for the apostle Matthew.

This moniker was chosen by Matthew McConaughey, Sheryl Crow and Sara Gilbert for their sons, perhaps giving it even more of a boost in popularity.

20 Grayson

This moniker has hit the top 50 on the boy's side. It's actually a unisex name, and while it is used for girls, it hasn't even reached the charts yet. The spelling Greyson has also reached the top 100 last year, coming in right behind Grayson at #96.

Grayson is English for "the son of the bailiff." It, surprisingly, has been in the top 1000 since 1984, when it first entered the American list. Today, it sits at #37, and is a top 100 name in England and New Zealand as well.

Greyson is an alternative spelling that, I think, is even a little more masculine and for girls, parents are even opting for spellings like Gracen. Tyler Christopher used the kind of odd spelling Greysun for his son.

19 Luca

Luca is killing it across the board. It is one of the top names internationally, breaking into the top 100 in 12 countries! The U.S., however, hasn't caught on just yet. Luca has only reached #188 in 2017, but we have high hopes that it will catch up to the rest of the world soon.

Luca is Italian variation of Luke meaning "man from Lucania." Celebrities love this name. High profile stars like Colin Firth, Hilary Duff, Vincent d'Onofrio, Rebecca Minkoff, and Jacinda Barrett and Gabriel Mach all chose Luca for their sons.

Parents used to shy away from Luca because they thought it was slightly feminine sounding, but it looks like they're changing their minds, and fast! We fully expect Luca to keep rising in the charts and heading toward the top 100.

18 Milo

It looks like parents have forgotten about the dog name image that came with moniker, because they showed it a ton of love in 2017! Milo reached its highest ranking ever last year, breaking into the top ten at #8. It's also a top name in Germany, Sweden and England. Sadly, it's still #13 for dogs too.

Milo is Latin and Old German for "merciful or soldier." Milo has been a character in Catch 22 and The Phantom Tollbooth. It's also been used in the movies Milo and Otis, Heroes and Atlantis: The Lost Empire.

Milo has been chosen by Ricki Lake, Camryn Manheim, Sherry Stringfield, Liv Tyler, Craig Ferguson, and Alyssa Milano for each of their sons, maybe giving it even more of a boost in popularity.

17 Tobias

jesse baby boy name

Tobias is another name that's been getting a lot of love on an international level. Not only did it reach #41 in 2017 in the U.S., but it is also in the top 100 in England, The Netherlands, Germany, and Norway. Tobias spent most of its time on charts just barely in the top 1000, but parents are all of a sudden loving this one!

Tobias is Greek from Hebrew for "God is good." Authors have shared the same love of Tobias as parents have. Tobias was a character in Harry Potter and Tobias Eaton was the male lead in The Divergent series. Tobias Smollett was an 18th century Scottish author and Tobias Wolffe is a more current author.

Tobias is on the rise and doesn't have much further to go until it reaches the top ten and we see it heading there pretty quickly!

16 Oliver


Oliver is a timeless classic that is loved all over the world! This entered the top ten in the U.S. in 2017, reaching #7. It also is a 50 name in England, Scotland, Ireland, Sweden, Spain, Iceland, New Zealand, Australia, and Norway. It is truly an international sensation that is following its sister Olivia's lead.

Oliver is Latin for "olive tree." It fell out of favor during the reign of Oliver Cromwell, but that didn't last long. Oliver is another literary favorite. Charles Dickens used it in Oliver Twist and J.K Rowlings used it in Harry Potter.

Celebrities like Bridget Fonda, Fred Savage, Stephen Stills, and Taylor Hawkes have all chosen it for their sons. Notable Olivers are Oliver Wendell Holmes and Oliver Hardy. Oliver is a solid name with a deep rooted history!

15 Leo

Leo was just grazing the top ten at the end of 2017, coming in at #11. Leo is another name that is doing well world wide. It is a top 50 name in England, Scotland, Ireland, Germany, Sweden, Spain, France, Finland, New Zealand and Australia.

Leo is Latin for "lion." Leo was the name of 13 popes, including Pope Leo the Great. It was also the name of several saints, a famous baseball player, and then there's Leonardo Da Vinci. Leo has been loved throughout history! It was used for characters in The West Wing, Charmed, Seinfeld, and Grey's Anatomy.

Famous author, Leo Tolstoy and it's a nickname for star, Leonardo DiCaprio. Leo is historical, yet contemporary, thanks to Dicaprio. It's masculine and friendly and everything that would make it perfect to dominate the next decade!

14 Archer

Laughing Baby Boy Lying On Tummy At Home

Archer has been on the Social Security Administration list since 1880, but it has only just begun to receive much favor from parents. It reached #262 in 2016, its highest ranking ever, but then continued its jump in popularity all the way to the #59 spot by 2017.

Archer is English for "bowman." It's an old Anglo-Saxon surname used for skilled archers in the middles ages. It started being used as a first name in the early 19th century. Archer is an adult cartoon about spies and espionage, and The Company of Archers is a book series.

This occupational surname has been rising fast, and we fully expect it to keep that trend going into next decade. Archer has a masculine appeal, but a cheerful disposition that both moms and dads are loving!

13 Holden

Holden hasn't quite made it into the top 100 yet, but it's so close! We wouldn't be surprised if we see it there by next year. Holden reached #111 in 2017 after being just #271 the year before. This moniker wasn't even on charts until 1987. In 30 years parents have finally begun to see its charm!

Holden is English for "hollow valley." William Holden was a famous name bearer that is actually credited with part of the name's beginning. J.D. Salinger is said to have seen a poster for a movie Holden was in and decided to use the name in her famous novel, The Catcher in the Rye.

Holden is the perfect mix of masculinity and sensitivity, making it a perfect name to dominate the next decade!

12 Dean

This classic suave name has been reliving its glory days at #205, and we expect it will continue to do so, only at an even closer number to the top 100. Dean since 1888, Dean has only been as low as #384. It hasn't seen days in the bottom 500 in quite some time.

Dean is English for "church official." It used to be used often for monks. This moniker has been the name of several celebrities, beginning with, Dean Martin, Dean McDermott, Dean Cain, Dean Koontz, and, of course, James Dean. Dean has an undeniable retro feel, but, like Dean Martin, it is still masculine and smooth.

Dean also makes a great middle name. As a first name, Dean has all the potential it needs to start its domination.

11 Atticus

Sarah baby name

Atticus came out of nowhere into this insane popularity that it has never seen before! This trending ancient Roman name has actually been in the top 1000 since 1880, but it barely grazed it. Then, all of a sudden in 2005 it began to move toward the top 100 until it landed at #1 by 2017!

Atticus is Latin for "from Attica." Gregory Peck played Atticus Finch in the film version of the book To Kill a Mockingbird and it was revived again when the second book, Go Set A Watchman, was released in 2015.

Atticus was chosen by Casey Affleck and Summer Phoenix for their sons and Tom Dumont used it as a middle name. Daniel Baldwin and Isabella Hoffman chose it for theirs way back in 1996.

10 Ronan

American parents have been loving Irish baby names, and Ronan is no different! Ronan is an old Irish name that didn't make its way overseas to the States until 2001. It hit #315 in 2016, then entered the top 50 in 2017, coming in at #48, its highest ranking ever!

Ronan is Irish for "little seal." The Ronan saints were a group of Irish and Scottish Christians that are commemorated in the "Martyrology of Donegal." Daniel Day-Lewis and Rebecca Miller and Catherine Bell all chose Ronan for their sons, though Daniel Day-Lewis was ahead of the curve, choosing it in 1998.

Ronan has an ancient Roman warrior type of feel, but its Irish meaning and history softens it a little bit. Ronan's quick success is making it a sure fit on this list!

9 Dante

Dante was one of the most surprising names to break into the top 100 last year. This moniker went from #344 in 2016 to #56 in 2017. Though Dante has been in the top 500 1974, it pretty much stayed around the 400 range. It wasn't until last year that it broke the chain and reached its highest point ever.

Dante is the Latin diminutive of Durant, which means "enduring." The most famous name bearer is the poet from Florence, Dante Alighieri, but most of us know him as simply, Dante. There is also a famous British poet named Dante Gabriel Rosetti.

Dante is especially popular in the Latin American community, but it seems as though its multi-cultural appeal was appreciated by a wide variety of parents in the U.S. last year.

8 Ezra

Ezra is another ancient Bible name that has been getting a ton of love from a wide variety of parents! Ezra only spent a short time in the top 500, and then dropped significantly, all the way to the high 900s. It wasn't until 1998 that it entered the top 500 again, and has stayed there consecutively. Ezra is now at #50 in the country!

Ezra is Hebrew for "help." The Ezra in the Bible was known for his bravery. He led 15,000 Israelites out of slavery in Babylon and back to Jerusalem. Ezra Fitz is a character on Pretty Little Liars and Ezra Koenig is in the band, Vampire Weekend.

Ezra has already made a splash as one of the top trending baby boy names of the year, there's no reason why it won't continue this trend over the next decade!

7 Judah

Surprisingly, Judah only entered the top 1000 baby names in the U.S. until 1998, but it has been on a pretty steady pace toward the top 100. Judah hit #146 in 2017 after being #234 in 2016. Judah doesn't have too much further to go before reaching the top 100, and we think it's headed there soon!

Judah is Hebrew for "praised." Judah was also a son of Jacob and leader of one of the twelve tribes of Israel. Fun fact, the word "Jew" actually derives from Judah. Judah Maccabee is said to be the greatest warrior in Jewish history.

This Bible name is rising fast and becoming a new favorite of parents looking in that category and those looking for a solid name with a strong history and meaning.

6 Everett

Breaking into the top 100 last year, this classic name is truly on a roll! Everett spent almost 50 years in the top 150, dropped to #647 by 1995, but then began to climb back up again. It hit the top 200 in 2013, but didn't stop there. Today, Everett has broken into the top 100 once again, at #83.

Everett is the English variation of the German name Eberhard, which means "brave as a wild boar." What little boy wouldn't love that?! Dermot Mulroney played Everett Stone in The Family Stone. Isaac Hanson and John Irving both recently chose Everett for their sons as well.

Everett is full of class and sophistication, but its meaning indicates that it has a bit of a wild rugged side too. Everett is ready to dominate the next decade!

5 Arlo

Arlo is becoming an international sensation as it broke into the top 100 in Australia, New Zealand, Scotland and England. In the U.S., it hasn't quite made it that far, but it did reach #160 in 2017. That's not too shabby considering it was in the high 900s for over 60 years until 2011!

Arlo's origination is not completely known or decided. Edmund Spenser is recorded for using the name first back in the 16th century in his novel, Faerie Queen. It could be a diminutive of Carlo. It is also translated as the word "area" in Basque-speaking regions. It could also stem from the Celtic word Aherlow, which means "between the highlands."

Arlo Givens is a character on the show Justified and Arlo Guthrie is a singer. It was also chosen by Toni Colette for her son.

4 Declan

Declan is another Irish name that Americans are loving! It landed here in 1998, and is already ranked #13 on charts. After ranking #109 last year, it jumped almost 100 spaces to the top 15 baby names in the U.S. It isn't even in the top 100 in Ireland!

Declan is Irish for "man of prayer." Declan was first the name of an Irish saint. St. Declan of Ardmore was a missionary who actually preceeded St. Patrick. Declan Porter was a character on the tv show Revenge and Elvis Costello's real name is Declan. Cyndi Lauper changed up the spelling slightly to Declyn.

This strong moniker has broken into the top of the list joining other Irish imports that Americans have fallen in love with like Aidan and Liam.

3 Eli

Eli entered the top 100 in 2008 and entered the top 50 in 2012, where it's been since. Eli entered charts in 1880 and has always done very well, but for 30 years it struggled outside of the top 500.

Eli is another Bible name that parents have always favored, but it is slightly less traditional than others like Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Eli is Hebrew for "ascended, uplifted, high." Eli in the Old Testament was the last high priest and Judge of Israel who trained the prophet Samuel.

Eli came to be used as a given name first by the Puritans in the 17th century. Since then, parents of all walks of life have begun to fall in love with the name. Its recent success has made set it up perfectly to dominate the next decade!

2 Silas

Silas is another Bible name that has reached its highest ranking ever! This moniker broke into the top ten in 2017, coming in at #8! Silas has never had a ranking higher than #180 since 1880, until now. It was even almost completely kicked out of the top 1000 in 1970 and 1990. It reached #119 in 2016, and only went upward from there.

Silas is English from Latin meaning "wood, forest." It is associated with Sylvanus, the ancient Roman God of trees, historically used for people who live near the woods or who worked with wood.

With its strong, lumberjack sort of appeal, Silas has all of the potential in the world! This New Testament name is a refreshing take on the Bible name category that hasn't been overused yet.

1 Hugo

Hugo is on a roll, and not just in America! This adorable moniker has reached #62 in America and the top 100 in England, Ireland, The Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Spain, New Zealand, Australia and Portugal. Hugo is a cross-cultural sensation that has reached mass popularity around the globe.

Hugo is the Latinized form of Hugh, which means "mind, intellect." Hugo is a character in the Harry Potter novels and is one of the villains in the Batman comics. Real life name bearers are fashion guru, Hugo Boss, and President of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez.

Hugo is rich in history and style. It's rare "o" ending gives an added appeal to parents. Hugo has already begun its domination and we can't wait to see how much further up the ladder it goes!

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