25 Unexpected Girl Names Shooting Up The Charts In 2018

These rare baby names are exploding in popularity.

Every year, there are naming trends that start to emerge. Whether it’s trends for boys or girls, there are definitely names that will dominate the new generation of babies to come. When I was having my son, the names that were taking over were baby boy names that ended in -den. From Jayden and Kaden to Aiden Landen; it was endless. For every year, it is easy to think of the super popular names that dominate the classroom.

For baby girls, the trends moving into 2018 are going to be distinct, clear, and nothing like we have seen before. Some of the major trends that are going to dictate some of the most popular girl names is our obsession with pop culture. The names of superheroes, fictional characters, and our favorite celebs will be plucked out for baby girls everywhere. There will also be a resurgence of strong, classic names that are a bit more serious. This means names that our grandmothers will recognize and love.

When of the final trends will unisex names. Gone are the days of choosing from a shallow pool of names strictly created for girls versus boys. Hello, baby girls named Billie! Here are the most unexpected baby girl names for 2018!

25 Remington

Moving into 2018, you can expect names for baby girls that are a bit more masculine and strong. With the woman empowerment movement up and roaring, names of presidents, heroes, and grand leaders are going to take the lead. While the name Remington is not a name of a famous female leader, it is definitely a name that== is not as feminine as popular baby girl names of the past. Remington is a strong, interesting, and quite a unique name. In the past, the name was a popular name for baby boys but the tide has turned and Remington is becoming an option for moms that want a less than feminine name for their baby girl. Remington has an English background that was more popular in the 80’s; another time of change in the female empowerment movement. The name can be shortened into the nickname Remy if you’d like which still retains the strong, unisex feel.

24 Maeve

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While this is nowhere near a new name on the name charts, Maeve is certainly set to make a come back for 2018. It is spunky, fun, interesting with just a sprinkle of vintage intrigue. Maeve derives from the Irish culture and means she who intoxicates which makes it that much more mesmerizing. On top of the extra cool meaning and smooth, vintage sound; Maeve was the name of a well known ancient Irish queen. Maeve, while short, can be customized to make the perfect first or middle name. The name can be shortened as a nickname to Mae or stretched out to a longer name like Mavis. I love the name Maeve for a baby girl because it’s not too feminine or gender neutral. It falls somewhere in between. I absolutely adore the short and vintage feel of it as well.

23 Esme

This is a beautiful, feminine name that has a light sophistication about it that is perfect for a baby girl. Esme comes from the French origin and was made famous back in 1950 when the famed author JD Salinger used it for one of his characters in his story For Esme, With Love and Squalor. The name has a beautiful meaning of esteemed and beloved. Since this name comes from a French origin, the name can be spelled with an accent mark over the last e or without it. Esme is a soft and sweet sounding baby girl name that is perfect for someone that is in search of a name that is short, easy to pronounce, but still has a sense of foreign appeal. Esme sounds like a girly, Parisian exchange student that everyone wants to know.

22 Ada

Short, easy to spell and pronounce names are my absolute favorite. They hold so much character in such a small package which I love. Ada is one of those names. Even though the name is only 3 letters, it is still quite girly, sweet sounding, and perfect. Traditionally, the name is pronounced AH-da and comes from the German origin meaning noble or nobility. It is a classic name that was blazing the name charts before the internet kept track of those sorts of things. The name has been used in classic literature like the work by Charles Dickens Bleak House. Moving into 2018, baby girl names that start and end with the letter A are predicted to be some of the most popular. The short name Ada definitely fits the bill. It is feminine without being overpowering or sounding too youthful. It is classic but not to the point of it sounding old-fashioned. This name is a beautiful choice that we will see a lot more in 2018.

21 Ellie

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With the obsession with the royal family taking over the minds of everyone from there to across the pond in the US, British names are on absolute fire. Personally, I think British names have an appeal because many of them have a slight nostalgia about them but I’m not sure how since I’m not British. Many of the names are unique as they are not commonly used in the US. Now that the royal family is back in the modern spotlight, parents, and parents to be are going wild for their versions of royal sounding names. Ellie is a classic UK name meaning bright shining one. It is a nickname, more modern version of classic names like Eleanor. The name has been steadily climbing the name charts and is expected to be one of the top choices in 2018.

20 Hazel

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One of my absolute favorite names for a baby girl is predicted to climb up the charts in 2018. Another name deriving from the boom of UK love, Hazel has been a popular name for a while. Decades ago, the name was used for a maid cartoon that was not represented in the best light. As time has gone on, the name Hazel has taken on a new popularity. One of the first celebs to become famous for using it as a name for their kid was Julia Roberts. She used it as the name for one of her twins. Back then, the name was still seen as a wild choice but, fast forward to now and Hazel is looking like it is going to be popular once again in 2018. Hazel is a popular choice for baby girls because, despite its popularity, it still has a unique rareness about it that people love. It is not like the classic names but isn’t too far out there at the same time.

19 Isla

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Everyone knows the stunningly gorgeous actress, Isla Fisher, that carries this name with pride. To be honest, as soon as I heard the name I absolutely loved it. Some names look good on paper but don’t roll off of the tongue very well while other names look like a jumbled pile of letters but sound beautiful when pronounced. Isla is a name that checks off both boxes when it comes to looking as effortless as it sounds. It is short and sweet. Over the last few years, it has been one of the fastest growing names in the United States and 2018 will be the year for that this name hits the top of the popularity list. Isla has a dual origin coming from both a Scottish and Spanish background both of which means island. Baby girl names ending in the letter A are on the rise and Isla is leading the pack.

18 Mila

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Short, snappy baby girl names that have a sprinkle of fun about them are predicted to top the charts in 2018. The hilarious actress Mila Kunis is a well known celeb that has this name. Over the years, Mila has become more and more popular and has held on to it’s spot on the name charts. The thing that makes Mila a great choice is that it is a nickname that has become a popular choice as a formal first name. The formal version of the name is not really known so you can use it as a nickname for just about any longer, more formal name like Morgan. It is versatile and absolutely fun. When your baby girl isn’t so little anymore, she will be able to choose if she wants to go by her more formal name or her lighthearted nickname, Mila. It is also a perfect stand alone name as well.

17 Margaret

Now, this is definitely a name that is not new or innovative in the way that it is unique or rare. It’s not one of those millennial names that also sound like random household objects. It is far from a classic celeb choice when it comes to names as it’s not a color, direction, or thing you’d find in nature. Margaret is a classic, sturdy name that will continue to stand the test of time. The name Margaret has been used for saints and queens across history. Over time, nickname versions like Maggie have become popular over time. In 2018, the prediction is that there will be a lot more old fashioned, classic names being used for baby girls because they represent strong women throughout history. With all the happenings of 2017, these sorts of names will definitely take the lead.

16 Stella

The reason this name has shot to the top of the list is because it is the perfect blend of unique and interesting without being aggressively so. Stella is a name we’ve heard before with the designer Stella McCartney and the acting teacher Stella Adler. The name is comes from the Latin origin and means star. The meaning of the name is just as stunning as the actual name which I love. The feminine name type is definitely set to make the list on the top names in 2018. Over the last few years, Stella has been one of the top choices for baby girl names. It has held a firm top 100 spot without a doubt and it will continue to hold that spot. This name is the perfect choice for the mom to be that is searching for a baby girl name that is interesting, special but not too far out there.

15 Sage

A uniquely, one of a kind name choice, Sage is a unisex name that is on the rise for 2018. The name can be spelled the traditional way or spelled Saige to spice it up a bit. The name has been used for both baby girls and baby boys and honestly, when I hear it, I don’t immediately associate it with either gender. That makes it a great choice for moms that don’t want an overly feminine name for their little girls. When most hear the name Sage, they immediately think of the herb that is used in cooking as well as spiritual rituals. This is actually what makes this name one of the top choices for 2018. Sage is a popular herb among millennials that are all about spirituality and the hipster vibes. Names that are associated with that hipster, millennial culture are definitely predicted to be on the rise for this year.

14 Sloane

Originally, Sloane was a name that was used as a last name. It derives from the Irish culture and means raider which totally matches the strong vibe of the name. The sophisticated name is another unisex choice that totally goes along with the 2018 trend predictions. The strong, slightly masculine tone of the name is what makes it a great choice. Again, a part of the naming trend for baby girls in 2018 is choosing names that represent a stronger appeal and have a more masculine vibe. The name Sloane absolutely fits that bill. The name can be spelled with or without the E at the end. It’s totally about preference. Over the last 3 years, I have known several people that have chosen the name Sloane for their baby girl and I think it’s a great choice. It’s edgy, strong, and perfect for a baby girl.

13 Luna

Many of the new parents of the generation are within the older millennial age group. This means that the name trends are going to reflect the generation and the things that they love. For the millennial generation, they are obsessed with nature, spirituality, astrology, celeb trends, and the like. The name Luna fits right into there. Luna is a Latin word meaning moon, which is perfect for the new millennial parents looking for baby girl names that represent their love for nature. Over the last 5 years, the name Luna has grown incredibly in popularity immensely. The name has also been used quite a bit within television and movies that are major parts of pop culture like the Harry Potter series and True Blood. Luna is going to continue to rise to the top of the name popularity list for 2018.

12 Freya

The United States is a bit slow with this name as it has been popular in the UK for some time now, but Freya is finally being accepted across the pond. Names of strong female characters across literature, music, and history are predicted to be incredibly popular for 2018. One of those names is Freya. Freya is the name of the Norse goddess of beauty and fertility. Of course, a goddess is a strong female in history and a great representation to give to your baby girl. Over the last few years, Freya name popularity has grown and will continue to grow as moms to look for names that represent the strength that they want them to grow into. On top of that, Freya simply sounds beautiful. I love the way it sounds when pronounced and how beautiful it looks when written. Freya is a great choice.

11 Matilda

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To be completely honest, this name choice surprised me completely. But, according to the name trends, Matilda is on track to be one of the top baby girl name choices for 2018. Everyone remembers Matilda being the main character from the kid's movie from the 90’s that manifested her secret magic powers. The reason this name is on the rise for 2018 is because of it’s meaning more than the appeal of the actual name. Matilda is a German name that means battle-mighty. Names that represent strength are what moms to be are looking for when it comes to baby girl names. In European countries, the name has been one of the top 50 names for years and it’s looking like it’s making it's mark in the US as well. There are great nickname choices that can come from Matilda like Tilly, Tilda, and Maddie. The versatility is wonderful.

10 Snow

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Another surprising choice for rising names of 2018, Snow is going to be a recurring choice. The meaning is obvious, of course. Snow is the frigid precipitation that falls from the sky during the cold months. It is also a very magical and interesting name that is related to nature which is definitely popular among moms to be from the millennial generation. As more parents become health conscious by choosing to turn to veganism or vegetarianism, you will definitely notice nature-based names on the rise. While no one is likely to name their child rooster or hen, delicate odes to our bountiful planet like Snow will definitely be hitting the top of the popularity charts this year. Actor Evan Ross and his wife Ashley Simpson chose the name as the second half of their baby girl’s name Jagger Snow. The name is a beautiful blend of masculine vibes with delicate undertones.

9 Saskia

There is something so light and sweet sounding about the name Saskia. It is a name that is derived from the Dutch culture and has been quite popular across Europe for quite some time. Saskia is a beautiful name choice for a baby girl that is mature and light sounding which I love. The double S is usually a popular option among baby girl names as it is seen as more feminine. The name was popular back in the middle ages but is ready to make an ultimate comeback. Personally, what I love about the name is how effortless it sounds rolling off of the tongue. It’s one of those names that is so stunning as it is that I wouldn’t even attempt to shorten it to a nickname. It simply would not do it justice. There aren’t too many celebs or major people in the media with the name so if you choose it now, your baby girl may be one of the first in her class rocking the stunning, original name choice.

8 Juniper

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This baby girl name covers several 2018 name trends all at once. For starters, Juniper is the name of a tree which relates to the ever popular nature trends that will continue to be popular in 2018. It also is a unisex name showing a more masculine vibe which will be increasingly present moving forward. Lastly, the -er ending is all of the rage moving into the next year. Juniper has been on the rise for several years and seems like it is on track to continue into 2018. It is a fresh, old-school name that still has the ability to sound hip and cool today. Personally, I like the way Juniper sounds on its own and I absolutely adore that it’s not very feminine at all. If you are one for nicknames, Juniper can be shortened to Junie or June for a more feminine touch.

7 Aurora

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Most known this name as the beloved Disney princess Sleeping Beauty. Well, this beauty of a name is making a come back in a huge way in 2018. Among the top 10 names on some of the most well-respected name charts, Aurora is going to dominate in 2018. One of the trends that are being picked up on for naming baby girls is the superhero trend. Many moms are choosing strong female fictional characters to name the little girls after. I think it is a wonderful thing especially for a mom that really loves the hero culture. The name Aurora derives from the Latin language and means dawn. As far as notable superheroes, the name was used in the super popular X-Men series. It is, without a doubt, a strong name choice that packs a great meaning behind it.

6 Billie

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That totally looks like a baby boy name, right? Well, one of the trends for 2018 is traditional boy nicknames for baby girl stand alone names. So a name like Billie is a wonderful choice. Countless celebs have hopped on this trend already and chosen more masculine nicknames for their little girls and I think it is quite charming. The vintage feel of the name Billie is tangible and it has plenty of character. The name, while a name more commonly given to a baby boy, still has a unique unisex vibe about it that makes it a great choice for either gender. It can actually be considered a nickname for the much more intense name Wilhelmina or just given as a name all on its own. It’s an English name that means resolute protection which is perfect for it’s strong, unisex sound.

5 Ophelia

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This name, like so many others, has had a terrible stigma attached to it for what seems like forever because of the tragic character in Shakespeare's Hamlet. Most parents, even if they love the way that the name sounds, refuse to use it because of that. Well, this year is the year for this name to shoot to the top of the list. Other names that have been once banished, like Delilah and Romeo, because of their associations to fictional characters have since been accepted. It is now Ophelia’s chance. The name is quite similar to the ever-popular Olivia and has given parents that are looking for a more original option a choice of something that sounds similar but not quite. It comes from the Greek language meaning help. It is a graceful name that we will definitely see plenty of.

4 Arianna

Arianna is a name that fits two trends that parents will see plenty of going into 2018. For starters, it is the name of a pop culture singer that most people know quite well. Celeb names are trending and Arianna is certainly one of them. Secondly, it has been said that the double A is all the rage for baby girl names moving into this year. So an A at the beginning of the name and an A at the end of a sandwich is what people are loving for baby girl names. There are several ways to spell the name to fit just about any preference that a parent may have. The nickname Ari is also great for a more unisex name choice. Arianna on its own is mature and elegant at the same time. It’s not one of the classics but I can definitely see it being considered one in a decade or so.

3 Piper

One of my personal favorites, Piper is a delightful and melodic name that became popular when it was used for the character on the hit television series Charmed back in the late 90’s. As of late, the name Piper has been making its way on up the popularity list and will definitely be a continued hit in 2018. For starters, the -er ending is a trend that is going to be recurring throughout the year. It also has the 90’s nostalgia that has been trending in fashion, music, and media for the last couple of years. I think it is an excellent choice for a baby girl and if I had a little girl, it would have been one of my top choices for sure. It is fun, interesting, and sounds like plucking a rose from a bush when you say it out loud. I absolutely love it.

2 Saoirse

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I will not lie here. When I first saw this name, I was stumped and could not imagine how it was pronounced. Turns out, it is one of the most popular names moving into 2018. It has been made popular by the Irish actress Saoirse Ronan that has starred in movies like Lovely Bones and Atonement. The name, on paper is one of the most gorgeous names I’ve ever seen written down. There are 4 out of 5 of the possible vowels in this name alone which I think is incredible. The name has been popular in Ireland for quite a while but it is making it’s way over in the US rapidly. If you are looking for a name that is original, beautiful, and a conversation starter, this is it!

1 Meghan

A name that is definitely more on the classic end, the name Meghan with this particular spelling is becoming one of the standout names for 2018. It is a Welsh name that means pearl, which I really like. Meghan is becoming one of the major name choices for 2018 for a few reasons. For starters, strong, classic, more serious girls names are among some of the top choices. Meghan fits that perfectly. Secondly, everyone is obsessed with the Royal Wedding that is around the corner between Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. Meghan is an absolutely amazing woman and total inspiration which makes sense when it comes to why the name has become so popular. Moms are increasingly choosing names that are more than just a name. They represent something that the mom cares about and Meghan is just that.

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