25 Unique Baby Names Teachers Will Be Able To Pronounce

New parents are among the most excited people in the world. They are filled with the love and desire to care for their newborn child. Choosing a name for their little one is also done in quite a bedazzled state. This spellbound condition sometimes makes the parents choose a name that is hard to pronounce and easy to be misspelled.

Choosing a unique name is all well and good, but strange names can get a child negative attention if he stands out too much. Teachers also may avoid calling your child to take part in activities if they find his/her name too difficult to call out. Parents don't run such risks when they pick traditional or vintage names that are proven and popular. But, on the downside, there may be too many kids in the class answering to the same name.

Thankfully, there are many unique and beautiful names which get pronounced easily and are meaningful, too. Finding that perfect name for a child is a dream. Names like that are loved by teachers as well, and they will thank mom and dad for keeping a more realistic, easy to call out, but lovely name for their student.

Finding such a name is not a herculean task anymore. Below is a list of 25 amazing names for the expected baby, which will make their teachers fall in love with them. Choose what suits the baby best and let him/her stay carefree for life. Parents will save the child from the ordeal of correcting the people around them with a stern voice. Once parents pick from this list, they guarantee their child is going to be one of the teacher's favorite students.

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25 Rio

A simple, easy and classic name. It is also unisex, so it can be used for both baby boy and baby girl. Rio means ‘place of cherry blossoms’ in Japan and it also means ‘river’ in Spanish origin.

Actor Oliver Hudson’s daughter is named as Rio Laura Hudson. Also, Rio Ferdinand is a notable footballer. These two famous personalities prove that Rio is equally good for both the genders. Rio is also short for Rio de Janeiro, so parents who are interested in place names, nature names and unisex names, then Rio will be a perfect choice. Hey, it doesn’t even need a nickname!

24 Kofi

Kofi is a unique boy name that has originated from Africa, Ghana. Kofi means ‘born on Friday’ so if your bundle of joy greeted you on Friday then this will be an ultimate choice. Nobel prize winner Kofi Annan and actor Kofi Siriboe have contributed very well to add to the charm of the name.

Kofi is so effortless to pronounce but it is not completely without issue, although no name really is. At least the teachers of your kid will have a sigh of relief among the ocean of complicated names and unique spellings. This will be a bold choice and not for the submissive parents!

23 Peppa

Peppa is another bold choice in kids name and not for the faint hearted ones. Peppa is gathering lots of discussions around lately, as its related names Pepper and Pippa are way common now. Peppa is a Hebrew, Spanish name that means ‘Jehovah increases’, as revealed by bounty.com.

It has quite an obvious spelling and is a breeze to pronounce. The nicknames can be ‘Pep, Pepper, Peps’ etc. Do your research before going for this name as there are mixed opinions about this peppy name. Socialite Pippa Middleton is a famous personality but it's a variation of Peppa. You may want to think about Pippa too.

22 Petal

Petal is the most graceful flower name of its time. The name is of Greek origin and is very delicate for your elegant princess. One of the most loved chef Jamie Oliver’s baby girl was named as Petal Blossom Rainbow, thus proving the vogue of the name.

For parents who want a flower name for their daughter, that is not loud but still blossoms, Petal is a perfect choice. Go for this beautiful name for your lovely baby so that she remains colorful and spread the fragrance of happiness throughout her life. Think about this beautiful denomination!

21 Amara

emotions a little girl

Amara is another Latin name that means 'grace’ and 'Immortal’ in Sanskrit. Although some say that it means bitter too. The most common meaning of the name goes as Grace. Amara is quite stylish and bold name, no wonder it is on the 208 number in the US popularity list on Nameberry.

Who doesn't know the actress Amara Miller, well she carries the crown for making the name more famous than ever. Girls named Amara are quite witty and mystical in nature. They love to spend some quality time alone too. So are you in for the name Amara?

20 Quinn

Quinn is a unisex name that means ‘chief leader, intelligence’. It is a sharp name that creates a picture of a very intelligent kid with beautiful features. It is an Irish name which ranks on number 76 for girls and on number 369 for boys on Nameberry popularity meter.

Some of the most popular Quinns are actress Quinn Cummings, basketball player Quinn Cook, daughter of Tom Arnold, Quinn Sophie Arnold and NFL player Quinn Ojinnaka etc. People named Quinn are very creative, jolly, fun to be around and spontaneous in nature. They are also loving, caring and loyal towards family and friends.

19 Carson


Carson is an Irish name that means ‘son of Marsh-dwellers’, it also means ‘why’ in Scottish. It is a unisex name though the name has a clear word son in it, parents of little princesses don’t get intimidated by that word.

Novelist Carson McCullers has the credit to break the stereotype of the name, she is among the first famous Carson girls. Among the boy's names, Carson is climbing high on the popularity meter and is currently on position number 83, as per Nameberry. Football players Carson Wentz and Carson Palmer are some of the most loved Carson among male fraternity.

18 North

Who doesn’t know, the name of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s daughter North West! You don’t need to keep both the names as the direction names, but North is surely in vogue. People named North are cheerful, social, happy kids and dramatic as well.

North means ‘below, left and north direction’. It is not a very meaningful name but it doesn’t mean that it is not famous. Your baby will definitely get compliments from the Kardashian fans and many others too. So if you want this word name for your bundle of joy then sure go for it. You will be keeping up with the Kardashians then!

17 Blue

Blue is one of the coolest color names of its time. It came into the limelight when another very famous celeb couple chose this name for their daughter. Beyonce and Jay-Z chose the name Blue Ivy for their daughter and contributed towards its fame.

Singer Joe Nichols chose Blue as the middle name for his daughter and named her, Georgia Blue Nichols. So Blue sounds ravishing both ways, whether you choose it as a middle name or the first name. Teachers of your princess or young lad will thank you for such a cool and easy name. After all who can pronounce & spell Blue wrong?

16 Phoenix

Phoenix is a unisex child's name that is going very popular in the US and the UK. The Harry Potter series has a fair share of growing its popularity where a bird named Phoenix has amazing qualities and is immortal. Phoenix is a symbol of renewal and rebirth too.

The name Phoenix is uber and is of Greek origin which means ‘dark red’. The popularity position is 363 and 268 for females and males respectively on Nameberry. Children named Phoenix are independent, strong-willed and have immense mental energy that makes them win even the biggest challenges. This name is a pure gem and calling upon is just a breeze! Seriously!

15 Sahana

Sahana is a south Indian name that means ‘powerful, strong and patience’. It is another name for goddess Lakshmi, who is the goddess of money and wealth. Sahana will be a perfect choice for your baby girl if you love Asian and especially Indian names.

You also get fair choices for the nicknames as well, such as ‘Ahana, Anna, Saha and Sahina’ etc. Sahana Pradhan was a Nepalese figure who also served as minister of foreign affairs in Nepal. Sahana is graceful, elegant and humble at the same time. Go for it if you want your baby girl to take a long jump over the difficult names and receive compliments too.

14 Rohaan

Rohaan is an Arabic boy's name that means ‘happiness, fragrance and progressive’. Rohaan also means ‘a pure spirit’ as it is derived from Rooh which means spirit. Kids named Rohaan are fun loving, social, easy going and caring in nature.

The suggested nicknames for the name Rohaan are ‘Roo, Roh and Rohan’. The name is not that easy to vocalize as compared to others listed here, but this name is quite unique and deserves your serious thought about it. Such a cheerful and Godly name Rohaan is. Also, it is more popular in the  US than you think, people embrace this unique name with open arms and compliments. Are you still thinking?

13 Rocket

Rocket is not for everyone! It is certainly not the one for the super sensitive parents. This word name is more popular in the celeb universe than you might think. It is a supercharged up name that musician Beau Bokan gave to his daughter and named her Rocket Wild Bokan.

There are many other Rockets in the Hollywood industry, such as Rocket Zot Worthington, Rocket Williams and Rocket Rodriguez (son of Robert Rodriguez and Elizabeth Avellan) etc. So go for this if you want a sharp and loud name for your lass or lad who has infectious energy and will always be the star of the show!

12 Zola

Zola is another unisex name but it goes more with the female gender. Zola is trendy, cool and quirky at the same time. It is an African literary name as revealed by Nameberry. Zola means ‘earth’ in Latin.

Eddie Murphy gave this name to his fourth daughter, Zola Ivy Murphy and guitarist Dweezil Zappa also named his daughter Zola Frank Zappa, thus making the name quite popular. Zola will be a perfect choice for the parents who are fond of hipster names that are short & sweet too. Some cute nicknames will be ‘Zo Zo, Zee, Zolie and Zo’. Worth a thought!

11 River

River is a unisex nature name that is gaining popularity for both the genders. River is parent’s new favorite, be it for the boys or the girls. River rules all the water names, so if you want to keep a water name for your baby, then why not choose the one that triumphs all. River is on the number 201 and 274 on the Nameberry popularity meter in males and females respectively.

Singer Jackie Jackson named his son River Jackson and singer Joe Nichols named his daughter Dylan River Nichols. These are just a few examples of the many Rivers flowing around in the celebrity sphere. The people named River are independent, idealistic, and philanthropic in nature, just like their name.

10 Ishani

Ishani is an Indian baby girl name that means ‘wife of Lord Shiva, Parvati’. Girls named Ishani have leadership qualities and are freedom-lovers. They aim towards having balance in their lives and are very positive in nature.

It's a Hindu name and it denotes the consort of Shiva who is brave, powerful and loving and caring too. She has immense power within her and she is very close to God, Bachpan.com reveals. If you want a name that empowers your baby girl and bestows her with the blessings of a goddess, then Ishani is the name for you. Give it a devotional thought!

9 Bloom

Bloom was among the top choices of parents as a floral middle name but now it is making its way towards the front. Now, parents are choosing it as the first name for their baby. Bloom means ‘flower, floweret, and blossom’.

This gender neutral Christian name has English origin, Mamanames.com revealed. Although some people prefer it for boys, it goes very well with girls name as well. Author of Molly’s game, Molly Bloom is one of the most famous blooms but she has it as her last name. If you want to go for an unusual name from the flower family then you may want to think about Bloom too.

8 Suri

Suri is a Hebrew name that means ‘princess’. This name is quite unique and adored by all. When Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes chose it for their daughter, then Suri hit the popularity meters and is still a well-known name among the celeb fans.

Suri is also the Yiddish version of Sarah. This is a distinctive name for your little angel which you should consider in your final list of names. If you are a fan of quirky names that carry a royal meaning then Suri will a great choice for you. An added advantage will be it's easy spelling and ease to get vocalized.

7 Azari

Azari is a baby girl name which is a shorter version of Azaria. Azari is among the most unique female names and currently topping the list in Maryland. Azari has some roots in the Muslim religion as well which means ‘maiden’. Although it's variant Azaria means ‘help from God’. Both the variants bear very distinctive meanings, while Azari is less common and easier to call upon.

The babies named Azari are creative, emotional, strong and perfectionists in nature, as explained by Moonastro.com. Some suggestive nicknames for the name Azari are ‘Aza, Azar and Azaria’ etc. Azari is worth considering!

6 Arya

Arya is an Indian name that means ‘noble’. Arya is of Sanskrit origin. It is a gender neutral name which is popular for boys as well as girls. It has scored 135th position in the female names on the US popularity meter on Nameberry. So the female side is more popular than the male one.

Daughter of basketball player Marcel Jones is Arya Zones, thus giving you proof of its fame. Arya Stark is a very well known character in the epic Game of Thrones series. Arya is the shorter version of the name Aryan which means warrior. If you are fond of Asian names then Arya is a good choice and it has one of the most simple spellings in the world.

5 Farren

Farren is another striking, easy to call unisex name that never fails to impress. It has some variations in its spellings such as ‘Faren, Farryn and Farin’. Farren is an English origin name that means ‘Iron grey and adventurous’, Babynamewizard explains.

British Film director and scriptwriter Farren Blackburn and Australian rules footballer Farren Ray are some of the most noted Farrens. The people named Farren are loving in nature and also are family oriented. They believe in teamwork and feed on appreciation. They are amazing entrepreneurs and strive to be successful in life, Sheknows.com claims. Going to think about Farren?

4 Kayden

Kayden is the American modification of the name Caden, which means ‘battler, fighter’. It is a unisex name which goes very well with both boys and girls. The name for males is more popular than females thus making a position on the 98th number.

Daughter of rapper Chief Keef is named as Kayden Kash Cozart. Also, Angie Everhart loved this name for her daughter too, thus naming her Kayden Bobby Everhart. Boys named as Kayden are social and money magnets. They are nurturing, caring and loving people as explained by Ohbabynames.com. So go for this modernized name having its root in the Gaelic origin.

3 Bodhi

Bodhi is a highly spiritual baby boy name which has its origin from India and Sanskrit language. Bodhi is the name of the fig tree under which Buddha got the enlightenment and Buddhism started. So this is what has given meaning to the baby name Bodhi, which is ‘awakening, enlightenment, freedom from hatred’.

Bodhi is the perfect stage of achievement of nirvana. This meaningful name has so many admirers in the celebrity world and is on 303 number on Nameberry fame meter. Actor Bodhi Elfman is one example, recently actress Stacy Keibler named her son Bodhi Brooks Pobre too. The boys named Bodhi are the ultimate truth seekers and they have the power to become the spiritual teachers.

2 Ransom

Ransom is a boy’s name and it is of English origin. The name Ransom means ‘Shield’s son’. Also, Ransom in the old testament means an amount that is paid by the guilty to the innocent and not the other way round, Ohbabynames.com quotes. So it is the act of grace, contrary to today’s belief.

Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green named their son as Bodhi Ransom Green, thus using it as a middle name instead of first. Some first name holders are Ransom Riggs (novelist), Ransom Wilson (flutist) and Ransom Ashley (photographer, actor) etc. Choose this one if you want a strong and handsome name for your little man.

1 Maya

Maya is an Indian baby girl name that is gaining fame with a very fast pace the in the United States. Its position on number 61 proves its popularity. Maya means ‘Water’ and it also means ‘illusion’ in Sanskrit.

Author Maya Angelou and actress Maya Rudolph are some of the most famous Mayas in the Celebrity fraternity. Wonder Woman Gal Gadot named her second daughter as Maya Versano in March 2017. Girls named Maya are hard-working and they love to pay attention to the minute details so that the outcomes will be excellent, Ohbabynames.com explains. Maya is one of the most mystical names for your little angel.

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