25 Unique But Stylish Baby Girl Names No One Else Will Have

For moms' little girls, they want them to be cute with sassiness, looks and the attitude to match. Moms want them to be adorable babies who turn into smart little girls and strong-minded women with nerves of steel and determination.

After all, we know that research has shown over the years that there has been and will continue to be a trend of more baby boys born in populous countries than girls. As a result, we undoubtedly have fewer names to go around which gives them a better chance of being remembered centuries from now.

Thus, we will give her a regal name fit for a true leader in training or a famous fashion designer in the making. Or perhaps a tough name that she will hold her head high against all forms of adversity. But, whatever name we choose will stick with her for a lifetime and then some.

As Shakespeare said, “What’s in a name. That which we call a rose by any other name would smell just as sweet”. If we are in the mood to shake it up a bit, then you’ll definitely want to know these 25 unique but stylish girl names no one else has.

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25 Amiel–Full Of Ideas

Amiel is a child who exhibits patience in all that she does. She also has a one-track mind when completing projects. She is a child who enjoys the advances of technology and focuses on things of a mechanical nature. Her name mainly comes from Australia but has been widely popular among the Hebrew and French traditions as well. The translation of her name means "God of my people" and her name analysis says that she is ambitious and has a high overall energy, according to Babynology.

24 Anastasia–A Heart Of Gold

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Anastasia gets her name from several origins including Greek, Russian and Georgian tradition. It is a derivative of the name Anastasius. She shares her name with a saint that was martyred during the times of the Roman Empire. Her name is well known amongst the Eastern Orthodox religious sector of Christianity. She also shares her name with a with an English actress by the name of Anastasia Griffith, as well as an international supermodel known as Anastasia Berzukova, according to Babynology. As a wee one, she displays a lot of patience.

23 Amani–Ruler Of Her Heart

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Amani gets her name from the Persian tradition and has several meanings such as security and trust. Her name is a derived from the Arabic word mana, which translates as desire, as per Baby Name Wizard. Her name has also been popular in the African tradition. As a youngster, she has a very strong personality and may be seen as diplomatic when it comes to her peers. From an astrological standpoint, her ruling planet is the Moon and she shines brightest when accompanied by pearl, jade or moonstone.

22 Inaya–A Social Influencer

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Inaya has her name steeped in the African as well as Arabic traditions. In the African or Swahili tradition, her name means providence and in the Arabic tradition, it means concerned. From a numerological standpoint, she is a child who is successful in all that she does and has a visionary aspect about her. Her ruling planet is said to be Uranus, which makes her stand out when surrounded by sapphire. She will comfortable in a room with shades of blues and greys, according to The Meaning Of The Name.

21 Munira–Light Of The World

Munira gets her name from the Arabic tradition and her name means "luminous, illuminating and brilliant." It is widely popular among parents of the Muslim faith and is the derivative of the male equivalent of Munir. She gets her name from the Arabic word nawara, which is translated to illuminate. Some variations of her name include Munawara, Muneera, Muneirah, and Munyrah, according to Baby Names Pedia. Her name is very popular among Middle Eastern nations but has not been widely used in the states.

20 Na’ila–A Little Diva

Naila has a personality of one who appears to be charming by nature. She is also friendly to all whom she meets, which is due to her having a sociable demeanor. She thrives in situations that allow her to express her independence. However, she shies away from heavy responsibility and has a potential dislike for authority, according to Kabbalarians. Her name comes from the Arabic tradition and is a derivative of the word nayeela, which means achiever. Some variations include Nayla, Neila, and Nejla.

19 Raniya–A Rare Gem

Raniya is a name that comes from the Arabic tradition. According to her numerological interpretation, she is a child who has an adventurous spirit as she loves to live her life. She also has a penchant for talking a lot as she is very extroverted at times. There are only about 4300 people in the world with her name, according to The Meaning Of A Name. Her name means "to gaze and look at" and has recently become popular among baby name lists.

18 Azure–Destined To Soar

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Azure gets her name from the Latin tradition and it has a meaning of bluish or bluish in color. The word is said to describe the hue of the Earth on a day with a clear sky. Her name has recently gained popularity on the baby name lists but has yet to earn a spot on the U.S. names list. She also shares her name with a small butterfly having purple or bluish tones, according to Babynology. Her personality is of one who is kind among friends.

17 Brisaida–A Kindred Soul

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As a little one, she is one who will reach for the stars with her ambitious nature. She also has a very sensitive nature as she is emotional and in touch with her feelings. Brisaida has a sense of justice and will engage in endeavors that allow her to give back to humanity, as per Seven Reflections. She is known to be a child who is extremely intuitive and will pursue careers that give her a sense of purpose and helping others. Her name comes from Latin origins.

16 Chiar–Shining Bright

Chiari is a child who has a cheerful personality which gives her an optimistic outlook on life. She is also friendly towards others and often expresses her emotions. She thrives when she is in touch with her creative side while at the same time being outgoing and seeking appreciation from others, according to Seven Reflections. She is a talker and loves to learn new things. Chiari gets her name from the Italian and Latin origins and means "clear and luminous."

15 Devyn–A Storyteller

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Devyn gets her name from the Irish and Gaelic tradition and has a literal translation of poet or baird. Some variations of her name include Deven, Devin, and Devan. In her younger years, she is one who has a keen sense of responsibility and dedications while maintaining her down-to-Earth attitude. She is also extremely self-disciplined and loves to express her individuality, according to Seven Reflections. Devyn will love to make her own way in life and sing to her own tune.

14 Kosta–Full Of Enchantment

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Kosta gets her name from the ancient Slavic but has been extremely popular among those in the Bulgarian, Macedonian, Greek, Albanian, and Bosnian nations among others. It has been said to be a shorter version of the name Constantine, as per The Meaning Of A Name. As a child, she will be very creative in her endeavors as well as have a light-hearted personality. She shines brightest in colors such as lilac, purple and mauve, via Seven Reflections.

13 Janalynn – Lover Of Nature

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Janalynn is a child who displays brilliance at a young age and strives to be an inspiration to others around her. She has a heart of gold with courage, determination and has a natural sense of creativity. Janalynn also shows a strong sense of individuality and thrives when she can express her independence. She loves to study and will enjoy learning new things in school, as per Seven Reflections. Her name analysis says that she is jubilant and youthful.

12 Mariel–Water Lover

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Mariel has her name steeped in the Hebrew tradition and means bitter sea. It has gained in popularity among European and other countries such as Albania, the United Kingdom, and The Netherlands. Her name is a variation of the name Marielle. As a child, she is one who is practical and dependable which makes her adept at following directions. From a numerological aspect, her ruling planet is Uranus and she is comfortable in hues of blue and gray, according to Seven Reflections.

11 Omnia–An Avid Dreamer

Omnia is a child who knows what she wants in life and isn’t afraid to go for it as she is very strong willed in nature. She is also very inquisitive and curious as she tends to analyze things in life. Omnia is also in touch with her spiritual side and has a keen sense of intuition, according to Seven Reflections. Her name comes from the Arabic tradition and has the meaning of the word all in the Latin language.

10 Shadae–An Idealist At Heart

She gets her name from the Yoruban tradition and her name has a translation of honor confers a crown. Her name is a variation of the names Shardae and Sade, which originally meant "sweetly singing." As a young child, she is one who has a tendency to inspire others and has an intense sense of creativity about herself. She will also possess leadership capabilities from a young age which allow her to set herself apart from others in her peer groups, according to Seven Reflections.

9 Phaedra–A Knowledge Seeker

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Phaedra is a name that originally comes from the Greek tradition and it has a literal translation of glowing. She is a person who isn’t content with following others in life and will have no problems with taking the leadership role in any given situation. Since she also has a need to know all the things around her and a vivacious curiosity for which others may tout her as somewhat of a visionary. She is comfortable in colors such as blue and purple, according to The Meaning Of A Name.

8 Tyla–A Trusted Confidant

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Tyla is a name that originates from the United Kingdom and has a literal translation of "tile maker "or "a person who is good." It is the variant of the name Tyler. As a wee one, she is one who is seen as trustworthy by her friends and will seldom—if ever—let them down because she has a sense of dependability instilled in her. She also weighs her options before she takes chances or makes decisions due to her innate practical nature, The Meaning Of A Name notes.

7 Zanna–A Treasure To Behold

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Zanna gets her name from several different origins including the Armenian, Greek, as well as Azerbaijan origins. Her name means "God’s gift" and is represented by the lily. She is known to be a diplomatic person who caters to the needs of others. As a wee one, she is also in touch with her emotional side and tends to show a great deal of compassion when it comes to others needs and her own needs, according to Seven Reflections.

6 Ashling–A Beautiful Mind

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As a child, she is someone who has a never-ending supply of energy and often requires several different things to keep her attention, so that she can actively express herself to avoid getting bored or stagnant. She is also intuitive in nature which allows her to have a keen sense of what is going on in the world and be more adept at controlling her feelings when it comes to her interactions with her peers, according to Seven Reflections.

5 Daireann–A Bountiful Nature

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In her youth, Daireann can come off as being strong-minded or very strong-willed in nature, which makes her stubborn at times. She also takes on endeavors in life with a practical and steady approach which keys into her exceptional sense or reliability and responsibility. She is a person who loves to enjoy life and has a great social outlook while getting along with multiple personality types, according to Seven Reflections. Daireann gets her name from the Irish tradition and it means fruitful.

4 Neave– A Introverted Butterfly

Neave gets her name from Ireland and was anglicized as Niamh. Her name means radiance in the Gaelic community. She is also popular among Greek mythologists as she was the daughter of a god of the sea, according to Baby Names. As a child, she is one who is quiet and is often found deep in thought but has a tendency to let her imagination run wild. She thrives when she is in an atmosphere where she feels secure and is content with her emotions, as per Seven Reflections.

3 Ilva–A Blank Canvas

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Ilva is a name that has it’s origins deeply rooted in the Latvian tradition and is said to be a variant on the name Elva, which comes from the English tradition. As a little one, she is one who always keeps to herself but when she is among her peers she exudes an aura of mystery, via Baby Names Pedia. She has a humanitarian nature and always seeks to be involved with causes in which she can give back or contribute to society, according to Seven Reflections.

2 Katya–Full Of Mystery

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Katya has her roots in several origins including the Bulgarian, the Russian, and Ukranian traditions. Her name has several variants including Yekaterina, Katenka, Katia, and Katyusha, as per The Name Meaning. As a child, she is the one who tends to go to the extremes in life and is known for pushing boundaries which seem to have no limits. She is also very grounded in nature and does well in careers that allow her to put her best foot forward.

1 Nala–Life Energy

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Nala gets her name from the Hindu traditions and has a literal translation of stem in the Sanskrit language. Her name has also been used in the masculine form and has recently gained in popularity over the past few years or so, according to Behind The Name. In her youth, she is one who loves to be the center of attention as she is a lover of all people. She also has a creative imagination and is very sociable, via Seven Reflections.

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