25 Unlikely Names With The Most Beauty

Is mom looking for a beautiful name? If she is expecting a baby girl then she may well be. A gorgeous little girl does, after all, deserve a gorgeous name. She probably won’t find it difficult to come up with lists of lovely feminine names. She could choose from such classics as Charlotte, Elizabeth and Mary or more modern names such as Lola, Ella or Wren.

Even retro names are making a comeback with names such as Ethel, Doris and Norma becoming more popular again.

Moms could choose from the Victorian flower names which were all the rage at the end of the 1800s, such as Rose, Violet and Hyacinth.

But all of these names might just seem too ‘normal’ and missing that little bit of magic. Is mom looking for a name that has a little more pizazz? Something that she wouldn’t necessarily think of as a name? A name so unusual and daring that it makes other parents gasp when they hear it?

Try this list of 25 unlikely names. Although some may not instantly think of them as names, they all possess a rare beauty. Using music, seasons and even ancient myths as inspiration, these names will certainly make people stop and think.

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25 Lyric

Lyric quickly brings to mind music and singing. Lyric is named for the most ancient art of music and now means ‘the words to a song’. It was originally a French name meaning ‘song’ or ‘of the lyre’, reminding us of the ancient stringed instrument. Lyric enjoys order and discipline and this may at times make her seem overly cautious. Girls with this name like to serve others by sharing their knowledge and experiences. They are creative, artistic and highly practical.

24 Artemis

Artemis was the Greek Goddess of the Moon. She also dabbled in hunting, wilderness, animals, childbirth, and was known as a protector of young girls, so she had quite a wide remit. The twin sister of Apollo, her Roman equivalent is Diana. If you love the name but want something a little grander, you could try ‘Artemesia’.

The male version - Artemas - is famous in recent times for being one of the Three Musketeers.

Currently ranked at number 1,407, this is a stylish yet unusual name choice.

23 Winter

Nature names are very popular at the moment and it seems that it is now acceptable to name your child after any part of nature that you love. Winter is a beautiful name and perfect for those born in the dark months. Sometimes spelt more Old English style with a ‘y’, Wynter is a lovely alternative. Whilst in most languages Winter denotes the coldest months, in Native America and other parts of the world it actually looks forward to the renewal of spring.

22 Aria

The second of our names based on music, Aria is a beautiful name that rolls off the tongue. Aria is an Italian word meaning ‘gentle melody’ and is used in music for a solo, often virtuosic, song. In Greek Aria is short for Ariadne, who famously helped Theseus to escape from the Cretan labyrinth. Yet another translation is the American one of ‘intelligence of an eagle’.

Aria is a quiet, confident person who is entirely trustworthy. Aria makes an excellent diplomat or mediator.

21 Celestina

This French name comes from the Latin ‘caelestis’ meaning ‘heavenly’. If you prefer to avoid such obvious names as ‘Heaven’ or made up names such as its reverse ‘Nevaeh’, then this pretty version could be a great choice. It is a unisex name with a choice of pronunciations including the Spanish ‘the-les-TEE-na’, the Latin American ‘se-les-TEE-na’ or the Italian ‘che-le-STEE-na’.

As might be expected, heavenly Celestina craves peace and harmony and likes to live a life filled with love and companionship.

20 Melody

This lovely name is Greek and means ‘song-like’. The melody is the part of a song that everyone remembers, and that is just what you want for your little girl! Currently, at number 132 in the baby name charts, Melody could be abbreviated to Mel or even Ellie.

Melody is a highly imaginative and idealistic person who can inspire others easily. She is also quite spiritual and likes to seek out a higher cause. Melody is often highly opinionated and likes to share her views.

19 Athena

Athena makes a great alternative to ‘Whizdom’. Whilst that name may be a little unusual, Athena is a classical Greek name that has been in use for centuries. Meaning ‘the Goddess of Wisdom’, your little girl can still be wise without being too showy with this ancient name.

Also the mother of Ariel in ‘The Little Mermaid’, Athena is ranked at around number 127 so is unusual enough to be distinctive. If you’re still uncertain, try Athie, Atina, or Athenais instead.

18 Harmony

On average this name was only given to 4 babies per million every year until 1970. At this point, it suddenly shot to fame and now sits at number 164 in the baby name charts, with 990 babies being called Harmony every year.

Translating as ‘concord’, Harmony has a love of quiet, order and discipline. Girls with this name tend to value truth and justice and they are highly practical. Because of their slightly over-cautious nature, they are excellent at building material wealth.

17 Phila

Phila is a Greek name which translates as ‘loving’. The masculine version - Philo - is more widely used and was the name of a Biblical philosopher. Philo also appears in a Shakespeare play and as a Clint Eastwood character.

Phila possesses good leadership skills and has a strong personality. She is courageous but sometimes a little too assertive and resents authority. She is a highly creative girl who not only has lots of ideas but also makes them happen quickly and efficiently.

16 Autumn

The Latin word ‘autumnus’ literally means ‘fall’ or ‘autumn’ and this name has ranked among the top 100 names in the USA for girls for the past 10 years. If you are a fan of crisp, cool mornings and crunchy leaves, or if your daughter was born in those months, then why not name her after this fabulous season? Autumn tends to be passionate and romantic and will lean towards a career where she can help others. Her magnetic personality will draw others to her.

15 Song

Song is a popular Asian name that translates as several different things - ‘praise’, ‘pine tree’ and also ‘large mountain’. It is a common Chinese surname and was the name of a Chinese dynasty.

Commonly used for boys, it is so unusual as a first name that it is currently ranked at number 10,338. This, however, is up 8,000 places from the year before. For girls, it is becoming less popular, down 6,000 places to number 16,632.

Song is sometimes used as an abbreviation for the Native American name ‘Songaa’, meaning ‘strong’.

14 Madrigal

A madrigal is actually a type of song, so this makes a lovely name for any musical child. It was common in the 16th century when small choirs would sing these secular works. As a name, it is extremely rare and would make a nice variation from the much more common Madison, although it is also used for boys. The word comes from the Latin ‘matricalis’, meaning ‘invented’. There are two Spanish towns named Madrigal, which may account for the fact that most Madrigals are found in Spain.

13 Gaia

This pretty Greek name is used around Europe and offers you a choice of pronunciations. In the original Classical Greek, you would say ‘GIE-A’, whereas in Italian the pronunciation is ‘GA-ya’. The English language gives us either ‘GIE-ə’ or ‘GAY-ə’.

Once you have decided how to actually say it you will then probably have a lifelong struggle for others to spell it correctly. However, on the positive side, it comes from ancient Greece and denotes the mythological Goddess of Earth.

12 Spring

Renewal, rebirth, flowers blooming and warmer weather? Yes, it’s Springtime at last. However, whilst we all might think automatically of cute lambs and little chicks, the name ‘Spring’ isn’t necessarily tied to the season. ‘Spring’ is a Middle English word meaning ‘young wood’ and there is also evidence that it started life as a nickname for someone who was good at jumping. In German, it means ‘someone who lives by a well or spring’. Popular with the hippies, this name peaked in the 1970’s but hasn’t been seen much since.

11 Minerva

If you prefer Italy to Greece, then go for Minerva. She was the Roman Goddess of wisdom, Athena’s classical counterpart. As well as representing wisdom, Minerva was also interested in arts and crafts and even war at times.

Minerva likes to work with other people and to be appreciated for her efforts. She is stubborn and proud and resents authority figures. However, Minerva is also a very creative person who brings about change and excels in leadership.

Currently ranked in the top 500, Minerva is a beautiful but fairly rare choice.

10 Leontine

This rather pretty name has a lovely ring to it and is the feminine version of ‘Leo’. Meaning ‘lioness’, Leontine is not a girl to be messed around! Conservative in nature, girls with this name tend to be highly practical and able to gather material wealth. Leontine can be short-tempered with those who don’t fit her ideals of truth and justice.

Other versions of this name include Leola, Leona, Leontyne, Leona and Leontina. If you have a caring little lioness who sticks to her opinions fiercely, Leontine is a great choice for you.

9 Meadow

If you like nature names this could be a great choice for you. Meadow is very popular in North America and Australia and really came into use in the 1960’s with the hippie movement. It is the Old English word for a mown field and whilst it might make us think of a beautiful sea of long grass and wildflowers, it is actually traditionally a place to make hay.

Meadow didn’t reach the Top 1000 list until 2001 thanks to the TV series ‘The Sopranos’.

8 Summer

Along with many other nature-based names, this is a relatively new girl’s name, coming in to use in the 1960’s. It represents the season of summer with its warmth and happiness and is in the top 30 English names. In the US it has remained in the top 300 names since the 1960’s and was the 40th most popular Australian girl’s name.

Summer appears regularly in popular culture in programmes from ‘Baywatch’ to ‘School of Rock’ and is also a gold medal swimmer and a prima ballerina.

7 Raine

This name might trick us into thinking it is a nature name and is certainly sometimes spelt as ‘Rain’. However, it actually comes from the French word ‘reine’ meaning ‘queen’. In German, it translates as ‘mighty army’ or ‘counsel’. Princess Diana’s stepmother, Raine Spencer, is probably the most famous bearer of this name, which now also appears in a couple of video games such as ‘Tales of Symphonia’.

Variations of this pretty name include Reina, Rayne, Reine, Rane, Raina, Reyna and Rana.

6 Persephone

Pronounced ‘per-SEF-oh-nee’, this young lady was the daughter of Zeus and the Greek goddess of Springtime. Persephone has quite a sad story as she was stolen away by Hades, King of the Underworld and had to live with him for 6 months of the year. Her mother’s sorrow at losing her turns the earth to ice, then when she returns she warms it up again. This is the Greek origins of the seasons. Currently ranked at number 1,446, Persephone is a great alternative to Stephanie.

5 Juno

This name is thought to mean ‘youth’ and comes from a Latin word. In Roman mythology, Juno was Jupiter’s wife and as well as finance, oversaw marriage and women. For this reason, the month of June is now known as the bridal month. In Ireland, the name means ‘lamb’ whilst Shakespeare uses the name to represent a tempest.

Girls name Juno like to share their creative and artistic abilities with the world. They enjoy balance, peace and harmony and surround themselves with beautiful things.

4 Ryo

This unisex name comes from Japan and is sometimes spelt as Ryou, Ryoh, or Ryo. It is often pronounced in the West as ‘rye-oh’, but its original Japanese pronunciation is closer to ‘ree-uh’.

The meaning of this name depends on the Japanese character used to write it. Translations range from ‘cold’, ‘to burn’ and ‘goodness’, to ‘light’, ‘silk’ and ‘forgiveness’.

This name is extremely rare outside Japan, sitting at number 16,134 in the US baby name charts as a boy’s name.

3 Grande

Grande has a range of meanings depending on where in the world you are. In Italy, Portugal and Spain it is a nickname for someone who is large, either in character or physically. In German, it is a locational name for someone who comes from Grande in Holstein or Grand in Bavaria. It also comes from the Old Norse ‘grandi’, meaning ‘sandbank’.

As most people think of it as ‘large’ you should really think carefully about bestowing this on your baby. Consider your surname in particular. No one wants to be named ‘Large Brown’, for instance.

2 Orabelle

Having ‘belle’ in your name automatically suggests beauty and this gorgeous name is no exception. Orabelle means ‘beautiful seacoast’ so would be a suitable name for anyone living near the sea. Variations on this name include Arabelle and Ora.

Orabelle makes a great leader and is likely to achieve power, wealth and high status. They are excellent scholars and may decide on teaching or philosophy as a career. Quiet and solitary, Orabelle may seem a little too distant at times.

1 Whizdom

This shiny new girl’s name is sure to make other people look and gasp! This name is understandably extremely rare. A respelling of the virtue name ‘Wisdom’, this name does not particularly suit a little baby but is a name that you could grow into. Whizdom is a reliable and responsible person who does not give up on anything. Whizdom is great at setting herself goals and will do everything she can to achieve them. You would have to be a confident girl to pull this name off but it is certainly a funky respelling of an old name.

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