25 Unnecessary Things New Moms Obsess About The First Three Months

After giving birth, moms can relax in the hospital because doctors and nurses are there to assist with everything baby. They help feed, change, wash, and clothe the baby. The hospital staff is always ready to take care of any issues and concerns that the mom might have or raise. If there are no complications with the mother and her baby, the doctor can release both of them so that they can go home and begin their lives together.

When mom gets home, she realizes she has no manual or write-up on how to take care of her newborn baby. She has to survive on her instincts and whatever knowledge she has about taking care of babies. A new mom may enlist the support of close family and friends for the first few days after coming home from the hospital but they too will leave at some point. It will now be up to her to tend to the needs of her baby. When in doubt of something, the most she can do is seek advice from a close family member, friend, or her baby’s pediatrician; otherwise, she is the one to attend to her baby’s needs most of the time.

Newborn babies are a handful and new moms need all the strength they have to take care of them properly. However, moms need not worry about some of these unnecessary things.

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25 The Mommy Pouch

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When moms get pregnant, change is inevitable; because their bellies stretch out to accommodate the baby, moms normally end up with a mommy pouch after giving birth. Moms are not all the same, some will snap back to their original shape while others will have to struggle for a while to get back.

A mommy pouch is one of the things some moms obsess about which is unnecessary. They should not stress over it. They should focus on their new bundle of joy while they eat right. Once the mom has completely healed from giving birth, she can start some form of exercise to get back into shape.

24 Why Isn't My Baby Smiling?

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During the first three months, moms usually have to keep changing diapers, feeding the baby, and burping them. Getting enough sleep may be a luxury. They can do all these things for their baby but never get a smile back in return. It is unnecessary for moms to obsess over this.

Babies have no clue what smiling is and even if they smile this early, the smile is only a reflex, which is not intentional. They also cannot talk and say thank you. What moms need to understand is that their babies have loved them since they were in their wombs and that they are happy when they feel safe — even if they're not showing it.

23 Cute Outfits Are Not Mandatory For A Baby!

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Moms obsess over many unnecessary things, such as making sure that the baby has a cute outfit on. Some even go to the extent of getting accessories that match with their babies’ outfits. The list of things they want to put on their babies is endless; from hats to bows, headbands, cute sleeping outfits, and so much more.

Hardly do these things even matter to the baby. They do not care about what mom puts them in as long as they are warm and comfortable. If mom must buy these outfits then she can reserve them for baby’s day out.

22 Too Many Germs Around The Baby

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New moms obsess overexposing their babies to germs. They will insist that any guests who come over to visit the baby must wash or sanitize their hands constantly. These moms will also rarely take the baby out for some fresh air, afraid that their babies might catch something. Yes, babies are born with low immunity but that does not mean moms should be afraid to take them out.

The baby will be fine, as long as mom maintains good hygiene levels. Worrying about germs is okay but it is not necessary that moms obsess about it. If anything, exposing babies to a little grime is a way of boosting their immune system. Therefore, moms should get out of the house and take more walks with the baby.

21 Yo-Yo Food Fads Should Be Put On The Backburner

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During those first three months, some moms will obsess over what they are eating, which is unnecessary. This stems from the fact that their bodies have changed since giving birth; however, going on a strict food fad is one of the biggest mistakes new moms can make especially when breastfeeding.

When breastfeeding, moms need to eat well and frequently in order to maintain a constant milk supply. Even if the mother is not breastfeeding, she should maintain well-balanced meals because she needs to regain her energy and recover from giving birth. Moms should put those crazy food fads on the backburner until the baby is older and does not exclusively rely on them for food.

20 Going Out With The Baby Doesn't Need To Be Nerve-Wracking

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The first three months with the baby can be nerve-racking at times, especially for first-time mothers. They get to take care of their babies with no firsthand experience. Moms will always worry about the safety of their children, especially when they go out. They worry about putting them in a car seat and carrying them around strangers.

Moms should not obsess over such things — it's normal for moms to want to protect their babies at all times! A car seat is one of the safest ways to transport the baby when traveling; mothers should only worry about installing the seat correctly. They can also "wear" their babies while grocery shopping in safe baby carriers.

19 Is The Baby Growing Too Fast?

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When babies are a month old, they barely have control over their bodies. However, by month two, some can switch the position of their heads during tummy time. During this time, moms may obsess over the baby growing too fast, but it's not necessary.

Babies go through major growth spurts during the first few months and it will not be long before moms have to fold all the newborn clothes and keep them away. Moms always want their babies to stay babies forever, but that is something beyond their control. Moms can take photos to treasure and cherish the memories they had with their newborns; otherwise, they should look forward to many more 'first times.'

18 A Baby Oversleeping Doesn't Mean It's A Bad Thing

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It is typical for newborns to sleep throughout the day and night. Some only wake up to feed, get their diapers changed, bathe, and then they are back to sleep. Some moms obsess unnecessarily when their babies sleep for longer periods, though.

It's normal for new moms to panic when their babies oversleep, some will keep on checking on the baby to make sure they're still breathing. As long as a mom places the baby in the right position, there is no need overthink. If a baby sleeps for too long, moms can wake them up to feed, then put them back to sleep. When they grow up, mom will definitely wish for those days they used to sleep a lot.

17 Don't Overthink The Routine

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When babies are born, they hardly fall into routines, as they need time to adjust to the new world. They can sleep all day and be awake at night, or they may wake up every two hours of the night. When this happens, moms become obsessed with putting their babies on a routine, which is not necessary.

During the first three months, it may be difficult to get a newborn on a strict routine; their sleeping and feeding routines may change often. Babies can adapt to a routine once they get to about four months. However, moms should always feed their babies when they are hungry and not wait for feeding time, despite having a routine.

16 Getting Back To Their Normal Schedule

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Some moms legitimately obsess about their bodies getting back to normal post labor; they wish for stretch marks to disappear and for their bodies to shrink back. They should not obsess over this; instead, they should adjust to their new normal. After having a baby, a mother’s body changes a lot and moms often wonder how they will bounce back to their pre-pregnancy shape.

Moms should understand that their bodies are made to carry and birth a baby, and with time, it should somehow return to normal. When their doctors clear them, moms can engage in exercises that help them lose any pounds gained during pregnancy.

15 Don't Fret- You're Doing The Best You Can!

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Before mom and baby are acquainted with each other after they leave the hospital, moms can obsess about whether or not they are good moms to their new babies. Parenting is not a walk in the park. Newborn babies are also extra demanding. If moms are doing everything they can for their babies, then they are good moms.

During those first three months, babies need very little from their caregivers since they only need to feed them, clean them, and put them to sleep. Things can get challenging at times but moms should always remember that no mother is perfect. Nevertheless, babies love their moms and can barely tell if their moms are good or not.

14 A Baby’s Inconsistent Bowel Movement

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New moms can get obsessed with their inconsistent baby’s bowel movements, especially during those first three months. This is because it can come in different colors and consistencies yet the baby is only having one type of food: milk. Sometimes it might not come at all!

While it is good to monitor all these changes, moms should not obsess over them. A baby's digestive system may be contributing to these changes because it still not fully formed. The food that mom eats is also what makes breastmilk, which also affects the baby’s bowel movement. The frequency of their bowel movements depends on how much and how often babies feed.

13 Don't Be Shy To Ask For Help When You Need It


When moms give birth, they hardly do anything other than their duties at home and taking care of the baby. Moms can start questioning whether they are fit to handle life with a baby and in turn, go through all sorts of emotions. This is a result of hormonal imbalances and moms can really obsess over these feelings, which is not necessary.

Getting used to life after having a baby is a challenge for any new mom. If a new mother needs help and support, they should not be afraid to ask their partners or close friends and family. Emotional support from people around can have a great impact. Bottling up emotions and feelings can easily lead to postpartum depression.

12 Worrying About Their Baby’s Cry

Via: todaysparent.com

Babies cry all the time; this is the only way they know how to communicate to mom when they need something. Mothers are the most affected by their baby's cries and it is only natural for them to want to fix whatever is wrong so that they can stop crying. This does not mean that they should obsess over the cries.

Babies cry when they're hungry, sleepy, sick, wet, or want someone to hold them. That's their only form of communication, so, of course, they're going to cry! To make life easy, moms can spend the first three months with the baby learning their cues. With time, they are able to master which cry means what, attend to their needs, and stop them from crying.

11 Missing Their Old Life


Being a mother is tasking and there are days being a mom can seem harder especially during those first months. As mom's recovery from birth or a crying and fussy baby will force them to start missing and obsessing over their old life.

Obsessing over their past is not necessary; they now have their baby to think about. It is only a matter of time before moms adjust to motherhood. Some moms adjust right away while others take time. It's normal for this to happen and moms need not put pressure on themselves about getting everything right. Some moms need to take a glance at their little one, once they do so; they forget all that was wrong with their life.

10 Stop Comparing Your Baby To Others

Via: hellomagazine.com

Your baby may not grow up the same way as someone else's baby. There are loose guidelines on when babies should meet certain milestones. Some will achieve them earlier, while others will get there later than expected. When moms see their friends’ or families’ babies of the same age as theirs progressing faster, they can start obsessing.

Comparing your baby with others is not necessary. Babies develop at different paces; some do it faster than others do. Instead, moms can consult with their pediatrician when they have such concerns. They should also not compare themselves to other moms; everyone has his or her own way of parenting.

9 All That Baby Gear Is Cool But Not Mandatory

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It is very easy for moms to obsess about every new piece of baby gear that is out there. During those first three months, moms get preoccupied with their babies and recovering from giving birth that they forget to make use of most of the items that they had gotten. Therefore, they should not obsess about getting more baby gear.

Moms should only buy the essentials that a baby will use and save their money. Moms also do not need to buy all their baby items in one go. Some baby items can wait until the baby needs to use them.

8 Taking Photos

Via: vogue.com

Babies experience many first moments from the time they are born. Mom’s favorite first is probably their baby’s first smile, which happens at around the second month. Moms can focus too much on taking photos of these moments that they forget to be physically present and enjoy the moment with their child.

Obsessing over taking photos is not necessary. If a mom really wants her child's photo taken, or the moments between them snapped in a photograph, then she can hire a professional photographer. This way, it's not just the baby in the images, it's mommy and baby. It will be more special seeing the two of you together then snapping away on your phone. After a year or so, mom can create a scrapbook of the photos and show them to the baby when they are much older.

7 If The Baby Is Well Fed

Via: dailymail.co.uk

When moms give birth, they get to choose whether to bottlefeed or breastfeed their babies. It is difficult to tell how much a baby drinks when breastfeeding, and moms may start obsessing over how much milk the baby is getting. This feeling is, of course, normal.

There are a few ways mom can use to tell whether their baby is feeding enough or not. First, when babies are full they will stop sucking and latching. Secondly, a baby who has fed well will have at least eight to 10 wet diapers a day. Lastly, moms can monitor their baby's size throughout the weeks to come. On the other hand, moms should also be careful not to overfeed them as well.

6 Gas Is Normal!

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Babies swallow a lot of air when they are feeding hence the importance of burping them after every feed. At times, moms may not get all the air out. Babies can also have trouble digesting the milk, which in turn causes them to have gas. When gas gets stuck in their stomachs, babies can get really uncomfortable, making some moms obsess over this and get very worried.

Babies are born with an immature digestive system, which develops well over time, and the milk they drink might not settle well in their tummies. The only thing moms can do is to ensure that they burp their babies after feeds in order for them to release as much gas as possible. They can also rub their bellies or push their baby's legs in a cycling motion while they lie on their backs to help relieve the discomfort.

5 Whether The Baby Is Okay

Via: thebump.com

During the first three months, some moms may obsess over watching and checking on their baby all the time. We believe moms do it because they are partly scared that something may happen to their babies while they look away or engage in something else.

Having your baby lie on their back, being occupied by a toy or music is a great position for them, however. This position also ensures that they are safe. Babies below three months can hardly move themselves, so lying on their backs with you present is an easy move for parents. Instead of constantly holding the baby around the house, moms can take advantage of this free arm time and get some chores done.

4 Not Knowing What The Baby Wants

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A baby's needs are not that complicated. Food, sleep, and a clean diaper pretty much sums up their needs. Not knowing what a baby wants, and how much of it she wants, can be a challenge for any mom. New moms can sometimes obsess over not knowing what their babies want.

It is natural for moms to feel depressed when their babies cry and that they do not know what to do. Obsessing over it does not help the situation either, though. Instead, moms should try to eliminate hunger, wet diapers, and any other cause that can bring discomfort to a baby. They can also rock the baby to calm them down. Over time, mom will be able to read her baby’s cues.

3 Baby Hiccups Are Natural

Via: mazingram.com

Hiccups are very normal; babies start hiccupping while still in the womb. Hiccups are rarely a cause for concern and not something moms should spend time obsessing about. They do not make babies uncomfortable nor are they harmful to the little one.

Overfeeding, eating too quickly, or swallowing a lot of air during feeds can trigger hiccups, and when they occur, moms should allow the baby to suck on a pacifier, breastfeed, or bottlefeed. This helps to relax their tiny diaphragm, which is normally the cause. As they grow older, hiccups tend to occur less frequently.

2 There's No Such Thing As Perfect

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We have all heard this before: no one is perfect! Even the best of us make mistakes at some point. Therefore, moms should not obsess over being perfect all the time. It really is unnecessary. Moms should not waste precious time and energy trying to do everything nor should they beat themselves up when they do not get things right the first time. They have lots of room for improvement.

Moms should make a cautious effort not to put themselves down when they slip. They should stop comparing themselves to others, be patient and take their mistakes as learning opportunities. The first three months of having a baby are for moms to try her best, learn and bond with the baby.

1 Other People’s Advice May Cloud Your Mind

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During the first three months, new moms will get advice from left, right, and center. Some of it may be good advice but there are instances other people’s advice will make them doubt their abilities as mothers. New moms, especially, can obsess over listening to others instead of trusting their own instincts.

Moms should listen to people’s advice and read baby related material. However, they can choose what to take in and what to trash based on whatever parenting style they want to follow. After all, they are the ones who know their babies and are the ones to decide what is best for their babies.

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