25 Valentine's Day Crafts For Kids

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8 -Valentine's Day Crafts

Valentine's Day is the perfect time of the year to get creative with your little ones and help them express their love to friends and family. Take out of the craft box supplies and get messy with these adorable crafts you'll kids will have a blast making.

1. Valentine Heart Stamps

via rust & sunshine

2. 3D Paper Hearts

via hoosier homemade.

3. Sun Catchers

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7 -Valentine's Day Crafts

4. Crayon Hearts

via mom luck.

5. Tic-Tac-Toe Heart

via alpha mom.

6. Lovable Monster Box

via giggles galore.

6 -Valentine's Day Crafts

7. Candy Heart Art

via the decorated cookie.

8. Baby Feet Keepsake

via fun hand print art.

9.Heart Buttons

via hands on as we grow.

5 -Valentine's Day Crafts

10. Paper Hug

via no time for flash cards.

11. Lollipop Valentine's Day Cards

via inn trending.

12. Handprint Craft

via martha stewart.

4 -Valentine's Day Crafts 

13.Celery Flower Art

via woo home.

14. Potato Head Stamp

via no place like home.

15. Marshmellow Love Bugs

via extraordinary mommy.


3 -Valentine's Day Crafts

16. Valentine's Day Package For You

via fav crafts.

17. Valentine's Day Fortune Cookies

via she knows.

18. Valentine Kisses

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2 -Valentine's Day Crafts

19. Love Bots

via Pinterest.

20. Hanging Hearts

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21. Bee Mine

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1 -Valentine's Day Crafts

22. Valentine's Bookmarks

via Pinterest.

23. Love Wreath

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24. Candy Jar

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25. I Love You Bear

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