25 Baby Items On The Wish App You Have To Buy For $5 Or Less

If you don't have the Wish app downloaded already, go do it right now! This app gives you access to a marketplace of overseas sellers peddling products at hugely discounted prices. If you can think of it, you can probably find it on Wish. In fact, I've found things on Wish I didn't even know existed! Their baby section definitely has some stinkin' cute clothes, gear, and toys. Here's the catch with the Wish app: you must also pay to ship. I've ordered quite a few of these products to use myself, and I promise - these 25 must-have baby products are worth the long wait to ship overseas! And you won't spend more than $5 on any of them!

Knock-Off Baby Swaddles

These velcro swaddles look like great knock-offs of the more expensive SwaddleMe swaddle set I've used with both my newborns! Of course, the brand name version is about $25 for three. The prints are cute on the Wish version, too! Both the Wish version and the brand name work to soothe baby by swaddling

Baby Bath Cap

If you're a parent, you've seen this bath shower cap advertised on all the big baby sites. It claims to make shampooing easy by keeping water and suds out of baby's eyes and ears. My own kid seems to scream like a banshee if we pour water over his face, so I'd gladly spend $2 if it makes bathtime easier for all of us!

Pacifier Tether

If your baby takes a pacifier, trust me when I tell you to buy fifteen of these pacifier tethers. Okay, fifteen might be a bit much. At some point, your baby is going to think it's hilarious to throw their pacifier away - and then sob until you retrieve it. Save yourself the hassle and just tether the darn thing to your baby. Problem solved!

Organic Wooden Teething Toy

The variety of wood teething toys on Wish means there's something for everyone! I like these because they're "organic" wood - and that just makes me giggle.

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Adidas Look-Alike Baby Shoes

A fantastic shoe for pre-walkers, this Adidas look-alike baby sneaker is a classic for boys and girls alike. It's simple and comes in a huge variety of colors.

Pairs Of Scratch Mittens

Just like baby socks, scratch mittens are one of those baby items that seem to get lost in the wash. Stock up with more than you think you'll need with this super affordable set from Wish.

Divided Formula Container

Formula-feeding parents can tuck this divided container in their diaper bag with pre-portioned powder inside! Once kids graduate beyond formula, it doubles as a great snack

Jingle Bell Socks

Is there a point to these bell socks? No. You don't need them to keep track of your newborn - they aren't going anywhere. They're just fun! Babies can interact with them and develop an understanding of cause and effect.

Stroller Mosquito Net

This mosquito net for strollers is a standard for parents! It's not always necessary, but a net can come in really handy for hikes, days in the park, and summertime bug season.

Grayscale Beanie Hat

This simple beanie hat comes in a variety of super-cute patterns. The black/white/grey motif means these beanies can fit in any wardrobe and style for your baby!

Baby Food Mesh Feeder

This mesh feeding pouch makes the transition from baby purees to solid foods a breeze! Simply put ice, fruit, or steamed veggies in the mesh pouch and let baby chomp away!

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Diaper Bag Organizer

It's only $1 and it's going to transform your diaper bag organization. Go ahead and get three of them - one for the car, one for the diaper bag, and one for the nursery. Keep everything you need for baby at your fingertips!

Musical Rattle Ball

A sensory experience for babies from zero months and up, this musical rattle is easy to grasp and provides excellent sensory stimulation!

Stroller Rattle Bell Toy

Attach one of these cute rattles to your baby's stroller to keep them entertained while they're stuck in their seat. So cute, and you can choose from an animal fit for any kid!

Giraffe Tumbling Toy

This cute tumbling toy maintains its center of gravity even when baby tips it over. It makes music and provides a sensory experience for babies under the age of twelve months.

Geometric Wooden Puzzle

I cannot get over how cute these puzzles are! Part of me wants to buy one of each style, since they coordinate so well and seem perfect for my daughter. The basic colors and classic shapes make these wooden puzzles a keeper - and a cheap one at that!

Teething Gloves

When teething babies can't keep their hands out of their mouths, consider a teething glove! It protects their skin and nails and prevents the transfer of gross hand-bacteria to their mouth. What's not to love?

Plushie Animal With Pacifier

The brand name version of this toy is called a WubbaNub. Soft stuffed animals attached to pure silicone pacifiers have made a huge splash in the baby gear market. They're stinkin' cute, let's be real! This Wish version is 1/3 of the cost of the original.

Teething Giraffe Toy

A silicone giraffe in cute colors, this teething toy is a mere TWO dollars! Our children have been blessed with a Sophie The Giraffe teether from our French friends, but if I were spending my own cash, I'd try one of these Wish teethers first!

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Silicone Teething Bracelet

This silicone teething bracelet can be worn by babies six months and up. Cute colors, fun animal shapes, and geometric beads are all safe for chewing.

Bell Shaker Rattle

Look - it’s a bunch of jingle bells on a stick. It’s a great gift to give to the person who annoys you most! Make sure their toddler gets four of these bell shaker rattles.

Cloth Book

This cloth book is a great first book option for babies! Wish has loads of cloth book options - for $1 each, you can order as many as you want!

Musical Toy Variety

Make sweet music with your little one! These classic musical toys provide a great sensory experience for babies and toddlers. You can’t beat that $2 price tag!

Stacking Cups

This classic set of stacking cups come in a multicolor set with numbers and letter printed on the side. A fantastic tool for assessing and teaching motor skills, stacking cups grow with your baby as they advance into toddlerhood.

Flexible Baby Blocks

I can't get over how stinking cute this set of blocks would look in a nursery! A remarkable dupe of The Hungry Caterpillar, this set of blocks are connected to each other to give babies a unique sensory experience.

Foam Corner Pads

Better safe than sorry! These foam corner pads can cushion any furniture in your home. Protect toddlers from a sharp corner by covering the corners of coffee tables, cabinetry, and benches.

10 Cabinet Locks

These cabinet locks are super easy-to-use and install in seconds! I spent less than $10 (including shipping!) and was able to secure every cabinet in our old apartment.


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