26 Baby Shower Games

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6 -Baby Shower Games

1. Name The Baby

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2. Guess the number of candies in the baby bottle

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3.Baby Wish List

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4. Have everyone bring a baby photo of themselves and play a game figuring out who's who.

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5. Don't Say Baby Challenge.

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5 -Baby Shower Games

6. Trivia games to test how well guests know the momma to be.

7. Baby Shower Bingo

8. Guess The Baby Food

9. Design Onesies For The Baby Of Honor

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10. Baby Advice Scrapbook Pages

4 -Baby Shower Ideas

11. Baby Face

12.Measure Mom’s Belly

13. Celebrity Baby Name Game

14. The Price Is Right For Baby Products

15. Race To Water Break


2 -Baby Shower Games

16. Diaper Messages

17. Baby Word Scramble

18.Blindfold Diaper Change Challenge 

19. What's In Your Purse?

20. Baby Play Dough Challenge

1 -Baby Shower Games

21. Mad Lips

22. Guess The Birth Date

23. Personalized Baby Jeopardy 

24. Baby Pictionary

25. Diaper Raffle

26.Pin the Sperm on the Egg

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