26You Can Now Choose The Gender Of Your Child

Many people are shocked that such a technology exists at all to be able to choose whether your baby is a boy or a girl and others are shocked by the ethical implications of IVF (in virtro fertilization) procedure. Model, TV host and cookbook author Chrissy Teigen and her husband,

musician John Legend publicly shared that she and her musician husband, John Legend, chose the gender of their baby, Luna Simone, during in vitro fertilization (IVF) which caused a mini scandal, according to parents.com.

In 2012, 61,000 babies were conceived via IVF, according to the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology, which is just 1.5 percent of the 3.9 million births in the U.S. that year. Though not all clinics offer gender selection, the IVF was designed for parents who cannot conceive naturally.

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