26 Lovely Baby Girl Names That Will Remind Mom Of Paris

Names say everything about a person. Even if they do not like their first name, that is a giveaway as to what type of person one becomes.  Names can even tell a child about where they come from or the year they were born. That is just part of what makes given names so special. The other part is inspiration. When parents are inspired to create a given name so reflective of their lives, love, or experiences, it is truly special.

So when Mom decides that she wants to give her little girl a name that's inspired by one of the most romantic cities on the planet, we say... why not! For some, the best way to go about choosing a name that sounds like Paris is to scour the net and find out which ones work best, for others we've made it very simple. Just read this detailed article with some of the most popular names from the city of lights, that are bound to be crowd-pleasers and head-turners.

Want to know more? We even include English equivalents and phonetic pronunciations. For some of the best names that will definitely make everyone think of Paris, read on.

26 Manon

Manon is a very popular girl's name in France. The sound is very classic and can make any person who hears the charming name imagine the streets of Paris. The name Manon is a derivative of Madeline and a nickname for Marie, according to Baby Name Wizard. In both France and Belgium, the name Manon is ranked on the top 10 names for girls. This name is going to be perfect for an adorable and impressionable little one who has that wonderful air of fun playfulness and just a bit of sass. The only way Moms could get closer to having their little girl have a really great name from Paris is if they lived there themselves.

25 Ines

Believe it or not, this name is used all around Western Europe, not just in France. Little girls in Spain, Portugal, and France are called Ines, which is pronounced E-ness. The name holds a lot of religious contexts, Ines is a form of Agnes, the old Latin name. Ines is also the name of a saint, but the name itself means little lamb. How adorable! Back in ancient Roman times, Saint Agnes was prosecuted with a lot of the other believers. Today, little Ines is a great name for little believers and cute little lambs. If you want your daughter to wear the name of a Saint or just have a name that's really popular in France, Ines is the way to go.

24 Adalaide

Though this name is very popular in Paris, the name Adalaide is not at all popular in the United States. Adalaide has been decreasing in popularity in the United States since early 2000, but still remains one of the 100 most popular girls names in Paris, according to Baby Center. The name Adalaide means nobility or noble and kind. If you are looking for a little girls name that brings your daughter that extra added umph of a name from France and a name that will turn heads and establish greatness, then look no further than Adalaide. It is pronounced Ada-lay-e-d. Perfect, unique, and she will surely be the only one in class with it.

23 Elodie

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According to Nameberry.com Elodie is a French name meaning foreign riches. The name Elodie was also the name of a 9th century Saint. If you provide your little one with this name she will surely live up to it. It is foreign in the sense that in the United States the name is not very popular at all, it ranks in the thousands according to Nameberry. Though the name is everywhere on the streets of Paris. If you want an adorable little girls name that's as rich as its meaning, check out Elodie for a cute flare from Paris, France.

22 Babette

How cute! Babette, the name from Paris with all its charm is very popular around the country of France. Babette is actually the French equivalent to Barbara or Elisabeth. The name Babette actually means 'God is plentiful' according to the website Behind The Name. There is something about the 'ette' on the end of names that just makes them very adorable. Babette also inspires some really cute and trendy nicknames. Babette is not an all too common given name in the United States, though one may hear it more often than some other names on this list. If you're looking for a really unforgettable name that will make you think of Paris, check out Babette.

21 Chloe

Chloe... the name has been a perfume, actress name, characters in movies and novels, and it is from the city of lights. The now common Parisian name Chloe is soft and only one syllable, making it fun and easy to pronounce in multiple languages. Chloe is actually from the Greek name Khloe and dates back several centuries according to Baby Center. It was used to represent the Greek goddess Demeter, the fertility goddess, which is where the name Chloe gets is meaning, blooming or green and flourishing. The name has really grown in popularity since the early 90s in the United States and even more abroad.

20 Brielle

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Just like the names ending in ette, the names ending in elle and ille are some of the most adorable names in the French language. Brielle sounds so melodic, the name actually means 'of God' the name is a form of Gabrielle. If you want a beautiful name with a positive meaning that has tapered off in popularity over the past few years try Brielle. Since 2016 the name has decreased in popularity in the United States, making it the perfect name for the next generation. Your little one will surely be the only one in her class with the name when she gets older and relatives will surely awe at how cute her name is.

19 Camille

This unique C name is the perfect fit for a name from Paris. Camille is actually pronounced Cam-y. Camille means the perfect one and is often a very popular name in ceremonies. The name has a lot of variations in Arabic and Greek as well. For the version from France the name can either be masculine or feminine, making it the perfect name if you want to give your little one just a little bit of edge. Like many other names on this list, Camille sounds very melodic. You can enjoy the simplicity of the pronunciation and the uniqueness of the spelling. If you are planning on having a cute little girl with a fun name and even more fun personality, you may want to test out Camille.

18 Carine

One of many C names on this list, Carine is a joyful sounding name from France. The name means beloved and dates back to the Greek star constellations Carina, which is the brightest in the heavens, according to Baby Name Wizard. This fun and astrological name is the perfect name for a little explorer. Mom will not be disappointed with this fun loving name. Neither will the family, once they hear how adorable the name is to pronounce. For just a slight taste of Paris try out Carine, pronounced Ca-ri-ne and just sit and wait for the long list of compliments to flow in.

17 Clothilde

For a cute name that will make everyone think Paris first, the name Clothilde is just what the name fairy ordered. According to Nameberry Clothilde is a name of French and German origin that means famous in battle. If you have a feeling your little girl is going to be a bit scrappy as she gets older, Clothilde may be exactly the name for her. Pronounced klo-TEELD the name is unfortunately rarely used in the United States, despite its charm and obvious sophistication. Mothers who name their daughters Clothilde are bound to get a few comments on how unique the name is.

16 Eloise

Oh Eloise, how beautiful this name really is. Eloise is like the equivalent to Eliza or Elanore in France. The name comes from the French name Héloïse and is pronounced ay-lo-eez, according to Baby Name Wizard. The name means hail and healthy. Not to mention the way it's said. ay-lo-eez, there is something very 'je ne sais quoi' about it that will make anyone who hears it melt with wonder and admiration. This name is not common in the United States either though there are many with the name who live in France. The peak of its popularity was earlier than the year 2000, so it is about time for a comeback.

15 Francoise

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Francoise is the female version of the male name Francois. Francoise is from very ancient Franch. The name carries a high level of sophistication and will make others envision a time with kings and queens. Your little one will surely rule all the compliments with a name like Francoise for how classic and austere her name is. The name actually means 'from France and free man," according to Baby Name Wizard, though your little one needn't be from France in order to sport such a beautiful name. If you are wanting to think about Paris a few times a day consider choosing a name as classic as the city itself and go with Francoise.

14 Laure

During my time in Paris, this was quite possibly the most common female name I encountered. Laure is just like Laura, and equally as beautiful. One can also equate this to Laurell, another common name in the United States. For those parents who appreciate the English equivalent but are looking for something that is just a bit off the beaten path, consider this beautiful classic with a twist from Paris. Laure means evergreen wreath. So if you want a different kind of name with a charm that is just as long lasting as the sense of evergreen consider Laure for your baby girl.

13 Lucile

Lucile is the French equivalent to Lucy. This name was wildly popular in the United States in the early 1930s and became very famous thanks to the actress Lucille Ball, since then it has lost popularity and the ever common Lucy took the spotlight. The name in France is spelled with only one 'L' and really fits a precious little girl. There one can hear the name very often. The name Lucile means light, which is perfect for any tiny girl who will light up the room. No matter how parents choose to spell it, with one 'l' or two, Lucile is beautiful and is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

12 Maddie

Maddie is a really adorable nickname for the common French name Madeline. After it has grown in popularity Maddie has become a stand alone name like, John instead of Jonathon. This is a really adorable short and sweet name that is easy to pronounce in both English and French languages. This nickname turned French staple is just lovable. If you want a name that will still put images of the Champs Elysees in mind, but still be easy enough that you and your little one's teachers can still pronounce consider Maddie for your family's name option. We do not think you will regret it.

11 Magathe

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This may be the most unusual of all the names on this list, at least as far as pronunciation goes. What's more, according to names.org Magathe was not present out of over 5 million names listed by the Social Security Administration. Talk about unique, right? That means that if you choose this name your little one will be the only one for states with the name. Magathe is actually pronounced Ma-gat-te and according to the website the name means 'great'. If you are looking for a great little girls name that's as unique as she is sure to be considered Magathe for your family's newest addition.

10 Marjorie

Marjorie is such a special name for a very special girl.  Majorie comes from the name Margret and it means pearl. The name has a western European influence and is found all around Western Europe, though it is not as common in the United States. In the US Marjorie has increased in popularity since 2014 and become a name that has reached the top 5,000 girl names according to Baby Center. The name is very different and very unique compared to the typical 'Mary' that is a more common name. If you want something unique, cute, and fun that will make you think of Paris, Marjorie is a great choice.

9 Margot

One of the most common French girl names that you will hear in almost every song and film and read in every novel inspired by Paris is Margot. Pronounced Mar-go, Margot is a flirty name that will match any amazing little girl. And the older she gets the more she will appreciate her name. According to Baby Name Wizard Margot comes also from the name Marguerite and means pearl. With so many fun variations why not enjoy one or two. This interesting name will surely incite some interest from those around who will be surprised to have met a Margot in real life. Enjoy.

8 Nicolette

This oh so cute 'ette' name turns the traditional Nicole into something interesting and new. For a really French feel and a name that everyone from Paris will respect. Test out Nicolette, the name that means people of victory. For a rather victorious child try out this fun name perfect for any little girl, all that will be missing is her beret and croissant. Hurry though, this name is increasing in popularity. This name is used more and more in the United States thanks to celebrities and television shows that use the name. Not to fret though, if you do happen to choose this name, your little one will still be one of few.

7 Céleste

Celeste can be spelled one of two ways, Celeste or Soleste, either of which means heavenly. This is such a graceful name for a little bundle of joy with big eyes and a happy smile. This name is very popular in Paris and has a few lovers in the United States. Having such an etherial name can be nothing short of amazing. When someone hears that this is your little one's name, they will ooh and awe in amazement at how adorable and powerful the name is. Many parents will be jealous that they did not think of it first for their kids.

6 Amélie

Amelie is such an adorable little name for a really adorable little girl. The name is equivalent to the English Emily or the Italian Amelia, but when used with the accent and this spelling the name is very typical of names from France and will immediately make anyone think of Paris first. Amelie is such a beautiful name and fun to pronounce, too. Pronounced A-meh-lee, any little girl will be thrilled to call it her own. The name itself means hardworking, striving, and industrious, according to Nameberry, which is all anyone wants our little ones to grow up to be. For a name befitting for a queen think about Amelie for an option for your family.

5 Sylvie

Sylvie is a cool girl name coming directly from France. There are a few hundred thousand girls in France with the name, but not nearly as many in the United States. The name means 'from the forest.' So if you are looking for more of an earthy name that still calls back to the romance one can only hope to find in Paris, Sylvie may be the right match for you. The English equivalent to the name is Sylvia which is much more common. For more of a metropolitan air that is bound to turn heads, raise eyebrows, and make all those who meet your little girl say wow, consider Sylvie for a taste of something new.

4 Mathilde

Are you ready for a name that is unique and beautiful? Mathilde may just suit your query. Pronounced Mat-eel-d is such a fun name. Mathilde is the French variation of Matilda which is the same name in English. The name Mathilde means might or strength. What a treat for a name for a little girl. We all want our little girls to grow up to be strong women. Although if you do decide to go this route, your little one will probably not be the only one around with the name Matilda, but putting a little spin on a cute classic with this French spelling variation will surely make her stand out.

3 Deborha

If you speak English you have undoubtedly heard of the name Deborah. The French variant Deb-or-rah is just as simple and twice as beautiful. According to prenom.com, a French baby naming site, the name Deborha really hit its peak around 1996, so it is due time to give this name a comeback. The name Deborha means bee, and despite the difference in pronouncaition, your little one can still adopt the English sounding nicknames for the name, like Debbie, Debs, and Deb. If you are looking for a versatile name with a bit of a bite, look no further than the Paris calling, American known name Deborha.

2 Florence

Looking for a beautiful name in bloom? The name Florence means to blossom or to flower. It comes from the Latin meaning flourishing or prosperous, according to Nameberry.com. This flowery name has been blooming with popularity over the past decade. Last year alone the name made the most popular 1000 name list across several websites. If you are looking for a trendsetting name for your little one that will remind you of Paris and still over that softness that you wish for your little girl to have, Florence may be the way to go. Besides, with such a classic name it will be hard to disappoint.

1 Terèse

Terese is the beautiful France equivalent to the name Theresa. The name Terese is pretty much everywhere in France, especially Paris, and though there may be a few Theresa's in your neighborhood, finding a Terese is never too easy in the United States. For a dose of unique that does not require too much rolling of the mouth muscles, consider Terese for its beauty and poise. The name itself means harvester which is wonderful if you want your little one to understand growth and appreciate the bounty in life. Enjoy this beautiful name for it really is as wonderful as it sounds.

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