26 Magical 'Harry Potter' Baby Names All Muggle Moms Will Want To Steal

When it comes to baby names, a lot of the time parents love to choose names that are unique and have relations to something they like. Be it a movie, a band, a specific person, or maybe nature and animals.

Since the movie series Harry Potter hit the big screen, it has gained much popularity around the Muggle population; so much so, that it has been years since the last movie came out, and the series is still being broadcasted constantly on different networks. There's even new merchandise still being made for them and kids are still talking about Harry Potter and the gang.

We can’t forget about the Fantastic Beast movies either. Since being released. they have not only boosted and expanded the Harry Potter series even more but have brought fans back to relive a whole new adventure in J.K. Rowling’s world. New wizards, amazing new creatures, and wonderful backstories of some characters that were mentioned in Harry Potter, but we never got to fully learn.

For all those Muggles who are fans of the Wizarding World, what better choice would one have than to name their expecting child a name from their favorite movie?

Here is a list of some notable characters from the movie that will enrich anyone girl or boy’s life. One should be careful that their child does not cast a spell on them, though!

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26 Harry


In the movie, Harry Potter became famous in the Wizarding World when he was just a little baby for being The Boy Who Lived. Unfortunately for him, that came with great consequences. Not only did he lose his mom and dad to his enemy, but he spent his entire school years at Hogwarts battling him and trying to save everyone he loves and care about.

According to nameberry.com, the name Harry is a strong name from Germany that means “Estate Ruler.” Before Harry Potter made his way into all our hearts, the name was only just a common name. With the help from J.K Rowling though, and even the singer Harry Styles, the name became a new name sensation.

Fun fact: Harry is actually the Medieval name for the name Henry. Harry was the nickname for all eight King Henrys and even Princess Diana’s son.

25 Bellatrix


In the Harry Potter series, Bellatrix was a witch who worked for Harry’s enemy, Lord Voldemort. Along with being corrupt, she was also dastardly and a bit on the looney side, but that should never sway fans from using her name for a little girl. She was also beautiful, strong, and loyal.

According to nameberry.com, the name Bellatrix means “Female Warrior.”

Though the name has gained great popularity from the character of Bellatrix Lestrange, the name originally came from the star Bellatrix, which is the third-brightest star in the Orion constellation.

24 Ronald


Ronald, or Ron, was Harry’s best friend in the series and would later become Hermione’s future husband. Ron did not have much luck in the movies. He was known for being poor, not very brave, and could be a bit clumsy at times. He had his good points though. When push comes to shove, even if he didn’t think it was a good idea, he was there for his friends when they needed him.

According to nameberry.com, the name Ronald comes from Norway and means “Ruler’s Counselor.” The name sits now in the 400s when it comes to name popularity, but in the later 1930s to mid-1940s, it was in the top 10 for names.

The name has a few strong influences besides Ron Weasley. For example, a few presidents had Ron as a nickname. There is also the McDonald’s mascot and back in the day, Hollywood had a dashing matinée idol.

23 Ginny



Ginny was known in the series as Ron Weasley’s little sister. She had a big crush on Harry from the moment she saw him and would run away, be lost for words, or blush redder than her red hair whenever he was around. Her little girl crush blossomed though, and they would later marry and even have a couple of kids together.

According to nameberry.com, the name Ginny is from America and means “Virginal.” The name Ginny was made famous by the character in the Harry Potter series, but before the series, it had been a common name that even outdid the name Jenny and its other variants.

22 George


George was another sibling of Ronald Weasleys. He was older, a prankster, and was constantly coming with new inventions with his twin brother, Fred. Unlike Ron who graduates from Hogwarts, George and his brother Fred leave Hogwarts prior to graduation to open up their own joke shop called Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes in Diagon Alley.

According to nameberry.com, the name George comes from Greece, and means “Farmer.” It is a pretty popular name, coming in at number 124 on the popularity name chart. Throughout the years, it has gone up and down. From 1830 to 1950 it was in the top 10 for names, then it hit a decline. For the past few years though, it has been making another climb up the number charts.

21 Hermione

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Hermione was Ron and Harry’s friend. Probably the smartest witch at Hogwarts, she was constantly getting the boys out of some deep trouble with her quick thinking and incredible skill use in magic.

According to nameberry.com, the name Hermione comes from Greece and means “Messenger or Earthly.” The name is often found on lists of names for Old Lady Names. Though previously ignored in the past and not that popular, the name has become quite popular since being used in the Harry Potter movies for the character Hermione Granger, who was played by Emma Watson.

For those fans of mythology, the Spartan King Menelaus actually had a daughter named Hermione with his wife Helen.

20 Fred

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Fred Weasley was the twin of George Weasley and, like his brother George, left school prior to graduation to open up a joke shop in Diagon Alley with his brother. Also like his brother, Fred was a member of the Order of the Phoenix and fought in the battle at Hogwarts to finally stop Lord Voldemort. Unfortunately, Fred did not survive the battle. Fred was a funny, smart, loyal and brave person, making it the perfect name for a little boy.

According to nameberry.com, the name Fred comes from Germany and is usually used as a nickname for the names Fredrick or Alfred.

For the longest time, the name Fred was a pretty popular name, having stayed in the double digits from 1955 all the way up to the 2000s, then all of a sudden it dropped off the popularity list. There are a few loveable classics with the name Fred. Not only do we have Fred Weasley, but we also have the character Fred on Mad Men and let’s not forget about Fred Flintstone and Fred Munster.

19 Lily

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Lily was a character in the Harry Potter we did not see much, but we all knew and loved. She was Harry Potter’s mother who past away trying to save him. It was her love that allowed Harry to survive the curse that Voldemort cast on him.

According to nameberry.com, the name Lily comes from America and is quite popular as a name for little girls. Ranked in at number 33 on the popularity chart, the name is typically found on lists for baby names after gorgeous flowers.

There are a few celebrities that have used the name for their little girls, some being: Chris O’Donnell, Kate Beckinsale, Greg Kinnear, and Johnny Depp.

While the name Lilly has stood on its on for a long time, there are other variations that are making their rise up the popularity list, one being Lillian.

18 Hagrid

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Hagrid was the lovable half-giant in Harry Potter that lived on the outskirt of the school property near the Forbidden Forest. He took care of all the creatures, the grounds, and later became a teacher of his own class where he taught students about magical creatures.

There is not much about the name Hagrid. According to nameberry.com, the name is mainly for boys, not very popular and found on lists of boy names from the Harry Potter movie.

Where J.K. Rowling got the name, we are unsure, but there is an ancient mythological giant by the name of Hagrid Rubes. Maybe she used him as a reference, or maybe something else, either way, it is a cute and strong name for a little boy.

17 Narcissa

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Narcissa wasn’t one of the main characters of the Harry Potter series, but she was one character that popped up now again. She was Draco Malfoy’s mother and the wife of Lucius Malfoy.

According to nameberry.com, the name Narcissa comes from Greece and means “Daffodil.” For babies born in December, this would be a perfect name for a little girl. Each month has a flower that it is associated with. December’s flower is a Narcissa, making it perfect for a December baby girl.

16 Albus

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Albus was a main character in the Harry Potter series. His full name was Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore and he was the headmaster of Hogwarts, a very powerful wizard and the only one that Voldemort truly feared.

According to nameberry.com, the name Albus means “White or Bright.” To meanings that fit the character of the headmaster very well. The question is though, can the name Albus really work for a baby boy without the wand or beard?

Either way, the name holds a heavy mantel for any child that it is given to.

15 Myrtle

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Myrtle was another side character that popped up now and again through the series. She was a ghost of a student that had attended Hogwarts years ago and now haunted the girl’s bathroom. When the gang starts to use the bathroom as their hideout, that is when they officially meet Myrtle and she forms a crush on Harry.

According to nameberry.com, the name Myrtle comes from Greece and is actually the name of a plant that grows pink or white berries. The plant is associated with love, peace, fertility, and youth, all good characteristics for a baby girl to have.

Though the name isn’t as popular, there are a lot of literary references. For example, Thomas Hardy’s The Hand of Ethelberta, Theodore Dreiser’s The Genius, P.G. Wodehouse’s Meet Mr. Mulliner, and last but not least, The Great Gatsby.

14 Arthur

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Arthur, Ron Weasley’s father, was a wizard that was fascinated with the Muggle world and all their gadgets they used such as toasters, microwaves, and telephones.

According to nameberry.com, the name Arthur means “Bear.” When looking at names, it is mainly found on lists for old man names. Though not as popular, it does rank in at number 244 on the popularity chart and has been starting to emerge as a top contender, especially among royal names.

There are a few influences for the name beside Arthur Weasley. For example, there is King Arthur, the legendary British leader. The story behind King Arthur is a big debate. Some say that he led the defense of Britain against the Saxon invaders in the fifth and early sixth century, but some say that he is made up of folklore and just a literary invention.

13 Luna

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Luna was a loveable oddball that started Hogwarts during Harry and the gangs' second year of school. She was placed in House Ravenclaw and made fun of a lot because of how weird she was and for her love of creatures that many had no idea about. She became close with Harry and his friends, so much so that Harry and Ginny even named their daughter after her: Lily Luna Potter.

According to nameberry.com, the name Luna comes from Italy and means “Moon.” It is a pretty popular name for little girls, most likely thanks to the Harry Potter character Luna Lovegood, ranking in at number 37 on the popularity charts.

12 Cedric

Dean Boys

Cedric was a handsome character in the series that was played by the pre-Twilight actor Robert Pattinson. He was a few grades above Harry and was in the Hufflepuff House. During his sixth year at Hogwarts, the Triwizard Tournament comes to Hogwarts, along with young witches and wizards from other schools around the world. Cedric, along with Harry, was picked to participate during the tournament. Sadly, Cedric was captured, along with Harry, and did not make it thanks to Lord Voldemort.

According to nameberry.com, the name Cedric means “Bounty.” Though the character of Cedric Diggory boosted the name a bit, some would say that the real promoter is Cedric the Entertainer who has been propelling the name into the spotlight for years.

11 Fleur

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Fleur is one of the young ladies from Beauxbatons Academy of Magic who entered into the Triwizard Tournament during the fourth book/movie in the series and who later reappears after it is learned that she is dating Ron’s older brother, Bill, whom she later marries.

According to nameberry.com, the name Fleur is from France and means “Flower.” The name Fleur first entered the English-speaking world when John Galsworthy used the name for one of his characters in the Forsyte series back in the early 1900s.

10 James

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James was the name of Harry Potter’s father who also lost his life trying to protect his family during the first attack by Lord Voldemort when Harry was a baby. A member of the Order of the Phoenix, Sirius best friend and Lily’s husband, James was known in his younger days as a bit of a troublemaker who would pick on Snape, who was in love with James’s wife Lily.

According to nameberry.com, the name James is of English origin and means “Supplanter.” The name is quite popular as a name for little boys. Ranking in at number four for popular names and typically used for parents looking for Biblical names.

There are a few influences besides James Potter, there are the two apostles in the New Testament, the king of both England and Scotland and even some presidents such as James Garfield, James Buchanan, James Polk, James Monroe, and James Madison.

9 Millicent

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Millicent wasn’t a main character in the series, nor really a side character like Luna and Neville. For those who do not remember her, Millicent was the Slytherin girl that Hermione tried to turn into when Harry, Ron, and she wanted to sneak into the Slytherin house to see what Malfoy was up to.

To do this, they had to brew a Polyjuice Potion, a potion that requires the hair of the person that they wanted to turn into. Unfortunately for Hermione, the hair she grabbed off Millicent was one of her cats and she was unable to go due to transforming into a cat.

According to nameberry.com, the name Millicent comes from Germany and means “Strong in Work.” The name first became popular back in the 1920s, but later dropped off the popularity list around the '60s.

8 Sirius

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Sirius was a character that was introduced in the third book/movie. In the beginning, Harry believed Sirius was the one who sold out his parents to Voldemort, but after learning the full story and finding some evidence to back the story up, Sirius was cleared; well, in Harry and the gang’s eyes, and became an important figure in Harry’s life. James's best friend all through school and after, James and Lily named Sirius Harry’s Godfather after he was born.

According to nameberry.com, the name Sirius means “Burning.” Though not as popular as a first name, the name is mainly found on lists of middle names for boys.

For those parents who have a thing for astrology, the name Sirius is actually the name of the brightest star in the sky. There is one other influence besides the character Sirius Black, singer Erykah Badu used it as a middle name for her son Seven.

7 Minerva

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Minerva was the first name of Professor McGonagall in the series. She was a witch at Hogwarts who taught transfiguration, was Deputy Headmistress and who did not take crap from anyone.

According to nameberry.com, the name Minerva means “Of the Mind or Intellect,” two meanings a lot of fans would agree fit Professor McGonagall very well.

For those fans of Gods and Goddesses, the long forgotten Goddess of wisdom and invention and the arts and martial strength was named Minerva. Like the girl's name Millicent and Myrtle, Minerva is another name that is found on lists of Old Lady Names, that shouldn’t sway a parent though from giving it to their daughter.

6 Tom

Taurus mom son

Before Lord Voldemort became a corrupt wizard whose sole purpose was to take over the Wizarding World, rule over the Muggles, and to get rid of anyone who got in his way, he was a young orphan who went by the name of Tom Riddle. Tom was living in an orphanage at the time Dumbledore found him, having grown up the way he did, it was easy to tell that he had a lot of distaste in him, but no one could have predicted he would have turned out the way he did.

According to nameberry.com, the name Tom came from its longer version, Thomas and means “Twin.” Now, just because Lord Voldemort was a bad wizard, that should not sway a parent to name their child Tom. It is a good, simple name. Just like Sam, Ben, and Theo, Tom is a simple name that can stand on its own.

5 Petunia

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Petunia was Harry’s aunt in the series. She was the sister of Harry’s mom, Lily, and grew up being jealous of her sister due to all the attention she received from their parents when they learned she was a witch. After Harry is left an orphan, he is sent to his aunt Petunia’s house to live. Unfortunately, Petunia, her husband Vernon and their son Dudley, are not too thrilled about having such a monstrosity in their house and are not very kind to Harry.

According to nameberry.com, the name Petunia is from America and means “Trumpet-Shaped Flower.” When looking for the name, it is mostly found on the list like "Gorgeous Flower Names for Baby Girls."

For all those parents who grew up watching Loony Tunes, Porky Pig’s girlfriend was named Petunia.

4 Severus

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A lot of fans will agree that when it comes to Severus, it was hard to dislike him after we all learned the truth.

Severus Snape grew up secretly in love with his best-friend Lily, aka Harry’s mother. After Voldemort disappeared, Severus Snape left his band of merry men and took up work at Hogwarts as the potion’s professor. When Harry started school, he did not treat him kindly at all. In fact, the only students he did treat kindly is his house students, the Slytherins. In the end though, after years of Harry thinking that Severus disliked him, turns out that he was always trying to protect him. He cared for him because of Lily, even though he didn’t like to admit or show it. Harry even named one of his sons after him, Albus Severus Potter.

According to nameberry.com, the name Severus means “Stern,” one trait that fits Severus Snape perfectly.

Though J.K. Rowling used the name in her series, she is not the only one. Jane Austen also used the name in her book Mansfield Park.

3 Sybil


Sybil was the Divination teacher who some thought was a phony, along with Harry at one point, until she made a prediction about the future of Harry and Voldemort, which was the same prophecy Voldemort heard years ago, which is why he went after Harry.

According to nameberry.com, the name Sybil means “Prophetess,” which suits Professor Trelawney, seeing as she was the one who prophesized the feud with Harry and Voldemort.

The name was the most popular back in the 1920-1930s but dropped off the popularity list in 1966. Currently, the adorable name has found itself at number 253 on the list of popular baby girl names.

There are a few influences throughout the years that have given it popularity. Benjamin Disraeli once wrote a political novel called Sybil, which helped boost the name in Victorian times. There was a character on the British sitcom Fawlty Towers by the name Sybil, also there is a Sybil in Oscar Wilde’s The Picture of Dorian Gray and, of course, then there is Sybill Trelawney.

2 Neville

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Neville Longbottom was a clumsy, forgetful wizard who was constantly messing up with his spells and his classes, as well as constantly being picked on by others. Thing is, Neville proved to everyone that he was not so useless like some thought when he helped Harry and the gang a few times throughout their adventures, especially the ending battle at Hogwarts with Voldemort.

According to nameberry.com, the name Neville comes from France and means “New Town.” For those parents who are fans of Charles Dickens, Charles used the name Neville in his unfinished novel The Mystery of Edwin Drood.

1 Charity

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Charity was not a big character in the Harry Potter series. She was maybe mentioned once or twice, if that, but her name is so pretty it was difficult not to add it to a list for baby girl names.

Charity Burbage was a teacher at the school of Hogwarts where she taught Muggle Studies to students. Charity believed that muggles were not so different from witches and wizards, something that Voldemort did not agree on. It was after she wrote an article in the Daily Prophet that announced her views and how she felt about the Muggle world, that Voldemort sadly captured her, and she lost her life.

According to nameberry.com, the name Charity is from America and actually found on lists of middle names for baby girls.

Sources: nameberry.com

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