26 Phenomenal Baby Names Every Little Boy Wishes He Had

Boys equal mud and dirt and tons and tons of energy! To say "they are a handful" is an understatement. Boys may be messy, but they're a ton of fun.

When we first found out we were having a boy, I was almost disappointed, not because I didn't want a boy, but because I thought there weren't any good boy names out there. Oh boy, was I wrong! There are so many amazing boy names out there!

There are names that are rare and distinct and more common, but strong. Boy names can be as fun as little boys themselves! Finding a boy name with a great meaning isn't that difficult either. There are actually loads of names with strong meanings that he will definitely be proud to share.

Lucky for parents expecting a baby boy, we've put together the ultimate list of boy names he will be proud of! These are amazing names with even better meanings. Some of them you will find a little bit different and rare, and others are ones you may have heard of, but didn't know what they meant.

These names are bound to make an impact so without further ado, we give to you 25 baby boy names that he will be so proud to bear!

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26 Anders

This Scandinavian variation of the name Andrew landed itself on American shores in 2006. It never made it past the top 800 until last year when it reached #352. This moniker jumped over 500 spots to make it there so we fully expect it to head even closer to the top 100.

Anders is the Scandinavian version of the name Andrew, which means "strong and manly." It is the equivalent of the Greek, Andreas, which means "man." For parents looking for something with a masculine meaning, but want something a little more rare and fresh, Anders is it!

In Sweden, Anders has been one of the most common names for centuries, but here, it's just beginning to catch on. Anders is joining the trend with other surname names like Anderson at the top!

25 Easton


This directional name entered charts in 1995 and had a pretty steady race to the top 100. By 2012 Easton hit #96 and has remained in the top 100 since. Last year it came in as the 66th most popular baby boy name in the U.S., its highest ranking yet.

Easton is English for "east facing place." It was often used as an English surname and place name. It's actually been being used for both genders, though it isn't ranked for girls just yet. Easton is one of the newer names in the directional name trend, but is outperforming others like it like Weston.

We have no doubt we will be seeing more of Easton. Even though it's the opposite direction of its meaning, it has a rugged Western cowboy sort of feel that any boy would be proud of.

24 Wyatt

This top ten name hasn't always been as successful as it has in the past couple of years. Wyatt has been moving up and down the charts in one direction to the next since 1880. It didn't hold a spot in the top 500 for more than two years at a time until 1990 we it headed toward the top 100. It broke into the top 100 in 2004 and has been there since.

Wyatt is an English surname name that means "brave at war." Any boy, teenager, and man will totally appreciate the meaning of this name! Wyatt Goldie Hawn, Kurt Russell, Sheryl Crow and Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher all chose Wyatt for their sons.

Wyatt Earp is probably the most notable bearer of the name and the recent it has such a masculine cowboy charm that parents are loving today.

23 Aiden

Aiden is another Irish import that has basically dominated American charts since it crossed the ocean. Aiden was first seen on charts in the U.S. in 1995 at #935. By 2003 it broken into the top 100 at #73 and stayed there for almost 10 years. It entered the top twenty in 2008 and has been there ever since.

Aiden is Irish for "little and fiery." It's perfect for your fiery little guy! Aidan derives from the Celtic god of sun and fire called Aodh. Traditionally, Aiden is spelled Aidan in Ireland. Even the original spelling has a great success story here in the states.

Saint Aidan was known for devoting his life to spreading Christianity as well as kindness and generosity. Aiden was chosen by Rod Stewart and Tracy Gold for their sons, but credit for the import to America is probably given to actor Aiden Quinn.

22 Liam

Liam is an Irish import that has not only broken into the top 100 in the U.S., but all over the world. It's loved in almost too many countries to name. It reached the top 100 in 2006 and made it all the way to the #2 spot by 2016.

Though it dropped to #33 last year, it still has a firm place in the top 100 here and in Scotland, England, Ireland, The Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Spain, New Zealand and Australia! Liam is an international sensation!

Liam is the Irish short form of William, which means "resolute protector." Any little boy would be proud to be named a protector! Liam Neeson isn't a bad name bearer either. Liam has been chosen by Tori Spelling, Calista Flockhart, Rod Stewart, Kevin Costner and Craig Ferguson for their sons.

21 Barret

This German moniker has, surprisingly, been heard on U.S. soil since 1886. Though it didn't break into the top 500 until over a century later when it hit #435 in 2011. Last year Barrett hit its highest ranking ever, coming in as the 263 most popular boys name in America. That's even higher than it was in its home country!

The real reason that Barrett is on this list is its meaning. Barrett is German for "bear strength." Now, what little boy wouldn't love to have a name that means "bear strength? This name is definitely one he will brag about. You can just picture a little boy playing outside pretending to use his bear strength.

Barrett has been getting a little more respect from American parents over the last few years. It's definitely becoming a firm contender among baby boy names.

20 Grant

Grant has had a great success story in the U.S. since it first appeared on the Social Security Administration's baby name chart in 1880. It entered at #228 and never fell past #355. Somehow, Grant has never broken into the top 100, though it skimmed it for over a century. Today, Grant sits at the #171 spot.

Grant is Scottish from French for "large, big." It originated as a nickname for a person who is tall. Now, when he's older he might not appreciate being called big, but when he's a little boy, it will be the best thing ever. He'll get to tell of his friends that he's big and bigger than them, whether it's true or not.

Grant has always been a hit with parents, and doesn't seem to be going out of favor any time soon. Your little boy will love it too!

19 Rex


Rex has, surprisingly, done pretty well with parents since 1880. It didn't leave the top 500 until almost a century later. Rex hasn't strayed to far below the top 500 and it did reach #171 in 1951, but that was its highest point ever. Today, Rex still hasn't reentered the top 500, though it is close, coming in at #597.

Rex made list, not just because of the rare "x" ending, but because of its meaning. This regal moniker is Latin for "king." Rex is doubly cool because a boy will automatically associate it with a t-rex too!

Rex was chosen by Coldplay's Will Champion, Niki Taylor, and Natascha McElhone all recently chose Rex for their sons. Rex was the name of the dinosaur on Toy Story and Rex Harrison, though born Reginald, was the British actor from My Fair Lady.

18 William

William is a classic name with an undeniably strong meaning that a little boy would be so proud of! William didn't leave the top ten baby names from 1880 through 1974, and even then it didn't go far.

It has been in the top 20 for its entire existence on the charts and reentered the top ten in 2004, after a few years in the top 20. It has been second only to the name John over the past 400 years. William is German for "brave in war." It was introduced to the English speaking world by William the Conqueror and since has been the name of almost too many notable namesakes to list.

William is a long enduring classic that will most likely never leave the top 100. For parents who don't mind a ton of little Williams running around, then this one is a solid choice.

17 Vincent

Vincent is another classic that has barely left the top 300 in its time in America. It began in 1880 at #266 and only went up from there. It has spent over a century between the top 100 and top 150 baby names and is ranked #104 today.

Vincent is Latin for "conquering." A little boy will definitely grow to love the strong meaning of this name along with its history and deep roots. It was brought to England via the French during the Middle Ages. It has been the name of several saints, philanthropists, actors and tv characters. It's common to hear often in Italian Roman Catholic families.

Vincent is being revived as fashionable one more. The nickname Vince, Vin, or Vinny make the name even more approachable.

16 Duke

Duke entered the American list in 1880, but has basically hung around the bottom half of names since then. It's currently at its highest point ever, coming in at #450 last year, this may be in part because it's the 8th most popular name for dogs. Dog names like Max are a big trend right now, so why shouldn't Duke join the ranks?

Duke is an English rank of nobility. When Giuliana and Bill Rancic chose Duke for their son in 2013 it helped it become one of the fastest rising boy names of the year. Duke Ellington and John Wayne are two of the most popular name bearers and ones that any little boy would be proud of.

Duke's revival is well deserved and we fully expect to see it continue. We love this name as one that a little boy would be proud to bear and grow into as a man.

15 Ethan

Strong and sexy, Ethan, somehow had a rough start on the American list beginning in 1880. Though it did appear on it, it was in the high 900s until 1957. It didn't finally break into the top 100 until 1989, and, not surprisingly, has been there ever since. It entered the top ten in 2002 and didn't leave and still hasn't left.

The only thing better than Ethan's success is its meaning. This moniker is Hebrew for "strong, firm." Every little boy wants to be known as strong and you can give him a name that proves it!

Ethan Hawk, Ethan Allen and Ethan Frome are three of its most famous name bearers. Ethan is a top ten name in England, Wales, and Scotland as well as here. This name is getting some love around the globe!

14 Everett

Everett has been on the American list since 1888 and it wasn't long until it broke into the top 100 and stayed there for almost 30 years. It didn't leave the top 500 until 1984, but made its way right back in pretty quickly. Today, Everett has joined the top 100 once again, coming in at #83.

Everett is another name with a meaning that boys will love! It's German for "brave as a wild boar." Boars are not known for having any fear, and let's be honest, neither are most little boys. A little guy would be proud to basically be named fearless.

Despite Everett's rugged meaning, it actually sounds more like a name with a great pedigree. It's classy and masculine and it's meaning only makes it even better. Everett has always been a favorite of parents, and now we know why!

13 Sebastian

Sebastian has definitely had its ups and downs on the charts since it entered in 1881. Though it has broken into the top 500 once or twice, it has never done as well as it has today. Sebastian entered the top 100 in 2000 and has been there since. Seventeen years later, it's ranked #21.

Sebastian comes from the Latin name Sebastianus meaning 'from Sebaste'. It is translated as "person from the ancient city of Sebasa, derived from the Greek word sebastos, which means "awe, reverence, dread." Saint Sebastian was a 3rd century martyr who became a muse for several medieval artists. It was also used in two of Shakespeare's plays.

The nickname Bash is also definitely a perk of choosing this name. Sebastian is doing well globally. It comes in as a top 100 name in over 7 countries.

12 Evander

Another Scottish name has made our list and this one is just as good as the others. Evander is didn't make the American list until last year, coming in at a solid 276. This moniker has so much potential. It could be joining its friends Zander and Evan at the top sooner than we think.

Evander is Scottish for "bow warrior, strong man." In classic Roman and Greek mythology, Evander was an Arcadian hero who founded the Italian city before Rome. It also is Norse for "bow warrior." Virgil used Evander in Aenied and boxing champion Evander Holyfield is a more contemporary name bearer.

This moniker is becoming more and more common in the States like other Scottish and Irish imports. You better grab it while you can!

11 Barin

Harry Potter fans will appreciate the addition of Godric to our list. This moniker hasn't seen much success in the States, despite its use in the J.K. Rowling's series, but we think it's the perfect addition to this list.

Godric is an ancient Anglo-Saxon name that means "God's power." It was a popular name in the Middle Ages in England. It was used for several saints since the 11th century, like Saint Godric Finchale, who was known for his wisdom. In Harry Potter, Godric Gryffindor was an important figure in the series.

Goderick and Godrick are other spelling variations, all with the same meaning, but we prefer Godric to the rest. This strong yet subtle names is the perfect choice for parent's looking for a new sounding name with a ton of history.

10 Donovan

We've added another Irish name to our list. This classic one entered charts in 1900 and struggled to keep a spot in the top 900 until 1985 when it finally maintained a spot in the top 500. Though Donovan has never entered the top 100, it has kept a pretty secure spot in the top 300. Today, it sits at #306.

Donovan is Irish for "dark." Donovan is an old Irish surname that has successfully translated into a first name. One famous bearer of the name was the Scottish born singer songwriter that went solely by Donovan in the 1960s. Donovan McNabb is a famous NFL quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings.

Donovan has lost its surname sound and has definitely successfully stepped over to the first name side. This moniker is one that your little guy will love!

9 Griffin

This Welsh moniker has finally overcome some obstacles that it had on the charts since it entered in 1881, and made it to the top 100. Though it spent most of a century in the bottom 900, it broke into the top 300 in 1997 and has been there since.

Griffin is the Welsh variation of the name Griffin, which means "strong lord." It's another Celtic surname that has finally begun to hold its place at the top of the charts. Griffin is the mythological creature that was half eagle and half lion.

Celebrities Brendan Fraser, Teri Polo and Joey McIntyre all chosen Griffin for their sons. Griffin's spot on this list is well deserved. Its meaning and mythological being make it a name that any little boy would love.

8 Kalman


Kalman is a rare name that your boy might not fully appreciate until he's older, at least as far as its meaning is concerned. It sounds cool too, so he can take pride in that until he's older. Kalman has never been ranked on the American list, despite how old it actually is.

The Kalonymous family was a prominent Jewish family in Germany from the 9th through 14th centuries. Kalman comes from a 14th century Jewish scholar named Kalonymous. Kalonymous translated important texts from Arabic to English.

Kalman means "gracious, good reputation." It is also a derivative of the Hungary name, Colman, which dates back to a Hungarian king during the 12th century. This variation is translated as "dove." Kalman's contemporary sound almost makes it seem like a modern invention, but it's actually filled with history!

7 Drake


This simple name had a rough start when it entered charts in 1961, but the decided to change its course a bit by 1987. It made it all the way to #199 by 2007, but then slowly began to fall slightly out favor again, landing at #369 last year.

Drake is an English word name whose meaning your little boy is going to love! Drake is English for dragon, one of a boys favorite mythological creatures!  The name might have seen a boost in popularity when it did because of Nickelodeon's series Drake and Josh, then it might have begun to decline because the rapper Drake would be what people thought of when they heard the name.

Drake's meaning alone makes it a name boys would be proud of, and if the rapper is still around when he's older, he might even appreciate the name bearer!

6 Gavin

This top 100 name entered charts in 1954 and has been on a roller coaster ride ever since. It has never been completely out of parents favor, though it did take its time getting into the top 500. It entered the top 100 200 and has been there since. Last year it came in at #80.

Gavin is Celtic for "white hawk." Any name with a rugged animal meaning is definitely going to be a winner for a little boy. When he gets to school, your little boy will be so quick to tell everyone the meaning of his name.

Gavin Degraw and Bush's lead singer, Gavin Rossdale can be given some credit for the names success, especially in the 2000s. It was also used in novels like The Little Minister and The Snopes Family Trilogy by William Faulkner.

5 Alexander

Alexander is another enduring classic that has never seen numbers outside of the top 250 baby names in the U.S. After a bit of a hiatus outside of the top 100, it reentered in 1977 and has been there since. It spent 7 years in the top 10, until last year when it was booted out to #24.

Alexander is a name that is filled with history and has a great meaning. This moniker is Greek for "defending men." According to Greek legend, it was first used as a nickname for Alexander Paris who defended a shepherds flock against robbers. It was then used by the Famous Alexander III, aka Alexander the Great.

A battle strong name to the core, Alexander is perfect for parents looking for a classic name with a great meaning. Modern spin-offs Xander, Zane and Alex are other possible options.

4 Max

Max is another name that has become an overnight international sensation. It began its journey on American soil around 1880 at #230 and has never dropped below #402. By 2010 it broke back into the top 100, but left pretty quickly. It didn't go far though. Today, Max sits at #118.

Max made the list because of it's awesome meaning. It's an English and German diminutive of Maxwell and Maximilian meaning "greatest." Every little boy thinks he is the greatest, so why not give him a name that verifies he is?

Max is a top 50 name in England, Scotland, Ireland, The Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, New Zealand and Australia. Though it's never broken into the top 50 here, we think it might begin to follow the international trend soon.

3 Jack

Jack has had a great success story of its own since it entered charts in 1880! It began its journey in the top 100 and has never left the top 200. Jack reentered the top 100 in 1996, and today sits at #3. It's also in the top 10 in 5 other countries!

Jack became a generic term for a man in the Middle Ages. It began as a diminutive of John meaning "God is gracious." It's used in so many kids stories that it will be super familiar to them. It's in Jack and Jill, Jack and The Beanstalk, Jack Be Nimble. It was also in Lost, 24 and 30 Rock.

Jack is familiar, masculine, classic and apparently timeless. It was chosen by Matt Lauer, Luke Perry, Meg Ryan and Kirk Cameron for their sons.

2 Jedrek

Jedrek is every boy's dream name. Though it hasn't entered American lists just yet, Jedrek actually has had 14 occurrences in the U.S., putting it at the #6145 baby boy name. You can't get any more rare than that! Actually, that more than doubles the number of boys given the name the previous year.

Jedrek is Polish and means "strong, manly, and brave. From Greek it's translated as "man, warrior." Having a name with this moniker's meaning is a little boys dream!

Jedrek is a great choice for parents looking for a distinct and unique name that has a strong meaning that he is sure to be proud of. It's obvious why this one made the list, but we love it even more because it couldn't be more underused on American soil.

1 Brian

Via: cute baby boy clothes tumblr | Loving Baby lovingbaby.xyz

Brian is another Irish import, but this one has been even more successful than the others. Brian entered the U.S. charts in 1925. Though it took a few years, Brian entered the top 100 in 1947 and didn't leave until 2011. Today, Brian is ranked #137.

Brian is Irish for "strong, virtuous, honorable." Brian's most notable Irish name bearer was the warrior king Brian Boru. He was given credit for pushing the vikings out of Ireland. Not a bad name bearer for your little boy!

Alternative spelling, Bryan is another option, and not doing too badly on charts either. It's actually become more popular than the original in recent years. However you spell it, Brian would be a solid choice with a great meaning. You can't go wrong with this one!

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