26 Things No One Tells Women About Pregnancy

To anyone who thought pregnancy means always feeling like a goddess with a heavenly glow, and rocking chic maternity wear apparel with a perfect baby bump: think again. That nagging suspicion that there are some things left unsaid about being pregnant is completely correct.

Some days, being a pregnant mama will be relatively easy. But some days it will be filled with a roller coaster of emotions ranging from happy, anxious, sad, and then obsessing over eating some ice cream with a side of pickles and soda crackers. Cravings, yum.

Some moms may discover their bump takes on strange shapes that are more similar to a squash, watermelon, or shelf, than perfectly round. And sometimes former food favorites may cause a mom to suddenly want to run for cover.

And let’s not forget how the bladder will suddenly forget how to prevent making embarrassing leaks or cause a panicked mother to dash to the nearest bathroom as fast as her growing bump will allow her to.

Don’t get me wrong, pregnancy is an amazing life-changing event that gives women the gift of the most beautiful human being in the world, a child. However, it’s not all sunshine and flowers, and sometimes those flowers might make mom feel nauseated, congested, or both at the same time.

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26 You Will Need To Go Constantly, So Always Know Where The Bathroom Is

If a mother to be ever needed to keep an app handy for finding bathrooms, it’s because there will always be a need to go to the bathroom often when pregnant.

Thanks to hormonal changes, drinking water for the health of mom and baby, and the increasing pressure that the baby bump puts on mom’s bladder when mom has to go, she really has to go.

Ladies with a bun in the oven should stay prepared, and keep an extra change of clothes in their bag just in case of an accident, or consider using a pantiliner to help catch any unwanted leaks.

25 Loss Of Bladder Control Can Lead To Unseemly Accidents

A pregnant mom will soon learn how evil her bladder can really be. Whether it is letting out a sneeze, passing gas, or laughing at something funny, it will give the bladder an excuse to leak. And by a leak, I don’t mean a little spot or two between the legs.

Unfortunately, carrying around a baby bump entails also needing to carry around a change of clothes, an extra pair of undies, and worse case scenario, wrapping a hoodie or jacket around the wet mark that is giving away a mom’s position.

If mom makes sure to map out all bathroom locations whenever she goes out, accidents may be prevented.

24 There's Extra Saliva, So You May End Up Drooling More

Babies aren’t the only ones who are prone to drooling in life. Moms who are expecting will also learn to embrace regressing back to earlier years, as they too may experience an excess amount of drool.

Fall asleep at work? Passed out on the couch or bed? There is sure to be a wet sogginess to greet a mother on waking up, and hopefully, no one will be around to point things out. Moms can stay prepared by keeping wet wipes, facial wipes, or tissues handy, and a compact mirror to check for any missed spots.

Thankfully, after the baby finally arrives and the hormones begin to calm down, things will get back to normal.

23 You'll Develop Sensitive Gums

brushing teeth

Brushing teeth and flossing is essential to keeping up good health when pregnant, as proliferating bacteria in the mouth from food debris stuck in between teeth and plaque can trigger bad breath, and other health problems.

However, thanks to hormonal changes during pregnancy, a mother might notice that her gums are more prone to swelling and bleeding.

According to What to Expect, surging hormones, changing dietary choices and eating habits, and going through morning sickness can trigger sensitive gums that bleed.

Getting routine checkups with the dentist, rinsing the mouth out after vomiting, reducing consumption of sugary treats, and taking care of the teeth and gums can help make things easier during pregnancy.

22 You may get stuffed up

If a mama is feeling a little under the weather, there’s more than one reason why she may need a tissue or two.

When pregnant, a mother isn’t just subject to living with swelling legs and feet, puffy faces, and itchy skin. She may also develop some serious nasal congestion, as the body continually adjusts to supporting a new human being growing in the womb.

According to The Bump, pregnancy causes an increase in mucus production. Additionally, hormones can cause the nasal passages to swell, leading to feeling like a mom is experiencing a cold.

Mothers should look out for congestion caused by sinus infections or illness, as it may negatively affect the baby.

21 Your Baby Bump Shape Might Not Be Perfectly Round

If a mom has yet to develop a prominent baby bump, there is one thing that she definitely needs to mentally prepare herself for the possibility of experiencing.

Not all baby bumps are perfectly round. Some baby bumps may look more like a sideways watermelon or shelf, precariously protruding forward so mom can’t see her toes.

Most baby bumps advertised are nearly perfectly round bumps. But a baby’s development and genetics may throw mom for a loop, and she’ll find it challenging to sleep at night and finding maternity clothing that is flattering and fits well.

Thankfully, having an odd shaped baby bump is pretty rare, so moms should keep fingers crossed.

20 Skin May Become Itchy & Discolored (thank hormones)

Expectant mothers may feel an itch to reach for some foundation and concealer, as motherhood can bring on bodily changes like developing blotchy discolored skin.

Moms don’t just have to learn to live with developing varicose veins on legs, or stretchmarks around their hips and belly as the bump continues to grow. Nope, moms can also enjoy showing the entire world that they are clearly pregnant, thanks to a condition called

According to Mom.me, increased levels of estrogen because of pregnancy can lead to discoloration of the skin, such as intense redness. PUPP can cause itchiness and red patches to appear on the thighs and other areas. Plus, with a suppressed immune system, mom is more susceptible to viruses, bacteria, and rashes developing.

19 The Girls Will Get Larger But May Be Extra Sore

Forget getting a chest augmentation, women who wish to have an increased bust size might get their wish just by becoming pregnant.

Thanks to pregnancy, hormones like elastin, and developing breastmilk for the future, carrying a little one in the womb leads to going up one whole cup size or more. It’s no wonder that moms often rely on wearing nursing bras earlier, or run for maternity wear that allows for more stretch to feel comfortable.

Sometimes the girls will feel sore, tender, puffy, or simply engorged. To top things off, a mom’s significant other may think it’s a good time to stare, make comments, or get a little grabby.

18 Discharge May Change Unexpectedly

When a lady discovers she is pregnant, she might discover spotting in her undergarments as if her period might be coming.

As pregnancy progresses, it may behoove a mom to be aware of how her discharge from the V may change, just to make sure that she is healthy and everything is okay. After all, the V can be a strange but delicate flower, and any discharge coming from the body can be a scary thought if it comes as a surprise.

If a mom notices discharge that has an off yellow-green color or smells really putrid, she should consult her physician immediately. Infections during pregnancy can be risky for mom and baby.

17 Your Odors May Change

If mom thinks something is smelling a little strange or fishy, she might just be smelling herself.

Tough to deal with, but it’s totally true, as hormonal changes can lead to a woman’s body odor becoming stronger, off-putting to a nose sensitized by pregnancy, or triggering nausea.

Moms may want to change up their hygiene routine, wear stronger deodorants, or consider using body sprays or perfumes to mask their scent. Moms can look forward to dealing with changing body odor if they decide to breastfeed their little ones too.

Eventually, after delivering the baby and cessation of nursing naturally, a mother’s body odor issues may settle down and be less offensive.

16 Weird Intense Vivid Dreams May Happen

Pregnancy is definitely a time to keep a dream journal by then nightstand, as a mother to be may have some pretty intense realistic dreams that might get tongues wagging if she dares to share.

Something about being pregnant may lead a woman to dream about food cravings, being intimate with a friend or celebrity, or encounter weird dreams about being pregnant and giving birth. Having any feelings of anxiety that are left unsaid about childbirth fears, or eating strange things late at night might have an impact on what a mother dreams about.

There may not be a need for an expectant mother to go run to her nearest psychiatrist to get an evaluation for strange dreams, but it might help to journal about things.

15 Your Temperature Goes Haywire

Hot flashes and cold sweats are not solely the territory of menopausal women. Pregnant mothers can also experience fluctuating body temperature that can really seem out of control.

Mothers may want to be prepared by drinking water often, layering clothing, and being prepared to make a wardrobe change as necessary to get comfortable. It may be helpful for a mother to change her style of sheets on the bed, grab a personal fan, or wear looser clothing that lets her skin breathe.

According to Modern Mom, women who are pregnant can reduce the chances of feeling flushed and hot by drinking more water, avoiding spicy foods and hot beverages.

Caution should be taken if mom has a fever, as overheating can be dangerous for the baby.

14 Restless Legs Anyone?

32487626 - home cozy portrait of pregnant woman resting at home and reading book

The baby bump will not be the only reason that a mother may have trouble getting restful sleep at night. Even during the daytime, experiencing restless leg syndrome can make sitting down for long periods awkward.

According to Everyday Health, Restless Leg Syndrome or RLS, affects around 10% of women. But around 40% of pregnant women may experience RLS.

Feeling intense crawling sensations in the legs, the desire to move the legs uncontrollably and an inability to get comfortable because of this neurological condition might drive a pregnant mama a bit crazy. However, there are solutions.

Taking enough iron, folic acid, and prenatal vitamins can help reduce the chance of developing RLS, or soften symptoms. Additionally, moms may want to maintain a healthy pregnancy weight and get exercise.

13 People Will Try To Touch Your Bump Without Asking

The miracle of life still manages to maintain its magnetism qualities, as an expectant mother should be prepared for complete strangers thinking it’s totally okay to touch the baby bump, and without asking.

Pregnancy is not a spectator sport, and a mother has all the right to protect herself, her personal space, and her child from any sense of danger or threat. Pressuring a mother to let someone touch her baby bump is an assault on a lady’s sense of autonomy and right to her body and baby.

Yes, being pregnant is a really amazing thing, and it is wonderful that there is a new life soon to arrive in the world. However, reaching out to touch the baby bump leads to spiked levels of stress, uneasiness, and can make a mom feel like she needs a bodyguard when she goes out about her business.

Hands off the bump!

12 Being Pregnant Doesn’t Feel Awesome All The Time, Sometimes It The Worst

pregnancy glow goddess

Mother’s should not believe the hype. Pregnancy is not always going to be this amazing OMG experience of bliss, glowing skin, and everyone treating you like you are a goddess.

Sometimes, pregnancy can be really tough. Mothers may experience constant morning sickness all day long, fatigue, aches and pains, or skin that does not look selfie-perfect. Thank goodness for filters though, right?

Expecting mothers should permit themselves to embrace their feelings, and be okay with not always feeling beautiful, full of energy, or super upbeat about being pregnant. Pregnancy is tough, but moms are tougher and will survive. Things will pass.

11 Sometimes You Won’t Quite Fit Into Normal Clothes Or Maternity Clothes

All mothers do not need to run out and buy a completely new wardrobe full of maternity clothes. Sometimes, certain forms of non-maternity clothes, like wrap skirts, shirt dresses, and yoga pants are capable of comfortably fitting an expectant mama.

At some points during pregnancy, a mother may find it challenging to get the right look and fit when wearing normal clothes or maternity clothes. When it’s hard to find clothes that are flattering to a mom’s changing body, it’s time to get creative with draping accessories, and flexible clothing.

Pregnancy is a time for a mother to let her inner fashion designer shine. Get creative!

10 If You Have An Innie, Your Belly Button Might Pop Out

If a mother is obsessive about having an innie for a belly button, she might want to sit down for this bit of secret pregnancy information.

Pregnancy can cause an innie to turn into an outie. If it wasn’t enough for a mom to develop stretch marks, pain in the abdomen, and a linea nigra down the middle of her baby bump, a popped out belly button might be the final straw.

The good news is this, after delivering the baby, most popped out navels return to their former state. Sometimes mom might need to help things along by wearing a wrap or corset around her middle after delivery, and get postnatal massages.

9 When The Baby Kicks It Might Be Painful, Weird, Or Make You Happy

There’s this sci-fi film called Alien, which spawned a series of films. If you are unfamiliar with these films, one of them involved some creepy looking extraterrestrial popping out of a human’s abdomen.

If anyone wants to know what it feels like when the baby finally makes a noticeable kick or movement, it can feel a little bit like that scary scene in that movie. Seriously. And also, no offense to babies.

Getting used to feeling a tiny human swimming around in the womb, stretching out as the delivery date nears, or getting kicked in the ribs as a mom can be a heart-stopping moment. There will be moments when mom will feel elated about the baby kicking, weirded out, or wincing in pain.

8 You Will Spend A Lot of Time Crying

No one better dare to call a pregnant mother overly sensitive, super-hormonal, or over reacting during her nine months of living for two or more.

Being pregnant can lead to crying, a lot. Moms will cry over cute baby clothes, photos that trigger a nostalgia moment, a sad song or story, or for no reason other than crying is something that happens when you are pregnant.

Anyone who is not pregnant needs to be more sensitive, give a mom a shoulder to cry on and a listening ear and pass the box of tissues, not judgments.

Mothers should learn to respect and try to get in tune with their emotions, as depression while pregnant can happen. It’s not easy carrying around a baby bump and living with hormones on a roller coaster path of unpredictability. Things will get better.

7 Once You're Pregnant, You See Baby Bumps Everywhere

If a mom thinks everyone around her is pregnant at the same time she is carrying her baby, she migiht not be completely out of her mind.

There’s this weird scientific phenomenon called frequency illusion. Basically, this means that when a person, such as a pregnant lady, is mentally involved in something very personal and active in her life, she may have heightened awareness of similarities in other people.

Hence, an expectant mother may be having a bit of the baby fever and will notice pregnant women, pregnant couples, baby bumps, and all things baby related during her nine months of keeping a bun in the oven.

Madness? No, it’s just pregnancy!

6 You May Get Sick Because Of Sensitivity To Smells

It can be hard passing up on a dish that used to be a mother’s favorite food to nom on, until she became pregnant.

Yes, pregnancy can lead to hypersensitivity for the sense of smell. When a mother smells something that can trigger a gag reflex, or send her running to the bathroom to vomit in a panic, it can be challenging dealing with the not so glamorous side of being pregnant.

When a mom is feeling a little bit queasy, it may help to keep some soda crackers or ginger ale on hand to settle her stomach. Mothers may also want to make sure wherever they are is ventilated, so smells dissipate quickly.

5 Seriously, Don’t Eat For Two

Although some say pregnancy is about eating for two, mothers should be mindful not to take their pregnancy and cravings as an excuse to pig out.

According to the Cleveland Clinic, most mothers only need to eat an extra 500 calories to provide enough energy to fuel baby and themselves.

If a mother becomes overweight during pregnancy, she may have an increased chance of developing gestational diabetes and may pass on health problems to her unborn child. Also, whatever weight a mother puts on will take some time to take off after delivering the baby, so moms may want to be more cautious about what they put on their plate.

4 You Will Be Tired All The Time, Yet Have Trouble Sleeping

Pregnancy is such an exciting time, and may cause a mother to have difficulty sleeping as she lays awake in excitement and curiousity about life with her new baby after the delivery day.

However, according to Healthline, mothers often experience fatigue throughout the day, leaving them utterly exhausted but dealing with insomnia at night.

Typically, the first trimester its easier for an expectant mama to get enough sleep, but during the third trimester, the pressure of baby’s arrival, hormones, and exhaustion can allow sleepless nights to reign. Also, the quality of sleep can go down during pregnancy too.

Moms can fight back against insomnia by getting comfortable before bedtime, using relaxation techniques, drinking enough water, and staying away from caffeine.

3 You Will Miss Sleeping On Your Tummy

Expectant mamas who love to sleep on their stomach may soon have to learn to get used to sleeping on their side. Not only is sleeping on the baby bump extremely difficult and probably uncomfortable, it really isn’t healthy for mom or baby.

Snagging a plush body pillow to place between the legs, or to hug at night may make getting a good night’s rest while pregnant more comfortable.

According to Baby Center, sleeping on the tummy or baby bump is not good because it sharply decreases blood flow, can lead to dizziness, and shortness of breath. Plus, sleeping on the baby bump can’t be all that comfortable, and puts pressure on the baby.

2 The Second Trimester May Be The Easiest

Those pictures of mothers who are holding their baby bump in perfect bliss, smiling with perfect tresses, and healthy glowing skin? They are most likely in their second trimester.

The first trimester was probably the hardest, as a mother has to get used to feeling morning sickness all day long, dealing with constipation, gas, bloating, and aversions to specific foods and smells. The third trimester is also challenging, as a mother may realize how long this whole ordeal of carrying a baby for nearly a year can be tiring and seem to take forever.

The second trimester is that sweet spot of pregnancy. Mothers should enjoy every moment of the second trimester because it will probably be the only cakewalk in motherhood for a while.

1 Shaving May Be Impossible With Baby Bump In The Way

Shaving is nearly an impossible feat to take care of by oneself when pregnant with a sizable baby bump. Shaving was hard enough, but when a mom really can’t risk being in the bathtub or shower to remove body hair, and depilatories are off the table, what to do?

Some moms may choose to enlist their spouse to help out with shaving, while other moms may brave getting one of this extender devices for razors.

Some mothers may choose to go au natural for a while and be a hippy or may set an appointment with an esthetician to get waxed. Whatever a mom chooses to do is a personal thing, as having a baby bump to contend with is never easy.

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