27 Gorgeous Girl Names That Have Never Been Used Before

Some women name their children before they're even pregnant. They either have a family name on reserve or they heard a name once that never left them, but those women are few.

Most of us mamas search our entire pregnancies for the name we feel will fit our unborn child best, but it's just so difficult to name a child who hasn't been born yet. Will they be spunky? or reserved? Some believe names are self fulfilling prophecies. (So if you want a introvert, name her... Susan?)

Girls are harder to name than boys, and some girl names have just been recycled too many times. (I mean, how many Ashleys do you know?)

I've put together a list of extremely unique yet classic baby girl names to help you expecting mamas with your search. There's a high possibility that the name you've been waiting for is in this list.

Congratulations on your new bundle of joy. May your mind be put to ease as the right name hits your heart.

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27 Stassi


Origin: Italian 

The name Stassi is so rare that it doesn't even have a documented meaning. You can create a meaning for the name yourself as you get to know your baby girl. There have been less than 100 documentations of girls with the first name of Stassi since the 1800s! That's rare!

There might not be a definition, but there have been a couple recorded descriptions of the name Stassi. People have described girls with this name as self-disciplined, talkative, admirable, sensible, soft-spoken and impulsive.

I feel these are all create qualities, yes, even impulsive behavior. That will make for some fun parenting!

This name has hardly been used. Finding a good name that the rest of the world doesn't know about is like finding a hidden treasure! Snatch it up while you can, mom, and birth a beautiful, sassy Stassi.

26 Wynter


Origin: English

Wynter is just a much more adorable spelling of the name Winter. As common as you might think this name is, it's really not. Since the 1800s, only about 4, 000 babies have been born with this name. That's nothing in scope of population.

The name Wynter means, "born in winter." So this name is perfect for you mamas expecting a winter baby, and how cute would that be?

Girls with this name are described as strong, happy and graceful. Those are three beautiful attributes to wish for your baby girl. They also have a deep inner desire for travel and adventure, and they want to take life at their own pace instead of letting tradition dictate them. Sounds like a world-changer to me.

If you're due this holiday season, consider the name Wynter.

25 Briella


Origin: Latin

Gabrielle and Brielle are both popular names, but Briella is not. The "a" added to the end changes the name completely and rolls off the tongue so beautifully. Only about 6,000 baby girls have ever been born with this name.

Briella means Goddess but some parents choose to view it as a spin-off of Gabriel, the angel in the Bible who appeared to Mary to announce her pregnancy. Those people believe Briella means "God is my strength."

Either way you choose to view the name, both meanings convey the same message, this little one will be fierce, possessing wisdom that most others do not. Girls with this name have been described as quick witted and very persuasive, the kind of people to really impact the lives of those around them.

Briella is a beautiful name to consider.

24 Francee


Origin: Latin

Only 87 babies have ever been born with this name. Lots of parents choose the name Franceen, but no one seems to consider Francee. This baffles me. I personally think it's a much more beautiful name.

The name Francee is a more common in Europe. The actual meaning of the name is "France." People with this name have been described as creative and idealistic, and usually have a life focused around literature, visual arts or writing. People named Francee are usually shy and like to avoid conflict. They have a strong desire for harmony and strive to maintain it.

Francee is a beautiful name to consider for your baby girl, and if you're an artist or creator, there's a high possibility your little one will be too. Why not give her a name to match.

23 Marjorie


Origin: English

Marjorie was once popular in the early 1990s, but not so much anymore. It's a variant of Margery that is of Scottish origin. The English adopted the name and tweaked the spelling to show more elegance. It's an old-school name but it's beauty is timeless.

The name Marjorie means "pearl." (Fitting for the era the name was most used.) Individuals with this name tend to love being around people and have a passion for music and theatre. They are described as "burden carriers," meaning, they feel the weight of what those around them are going through and they deeply care. They are also described as "dreamers," known to pursue things that seem impossible.

Marjorie is a lovely name. It's time this classical name be reintroduced and add inspiration to the world through the daughters that carry it.

22 Amara


Origin: Sanskrit

Amara is an Indian name that has never been popular in the United States. Expecting parents started to take notice of the name in 2016 and it's just now being added to the lists of names that parents browse on major databases.

The name Amara means "eternal." Girls with this name are described as "the life of the party," but at the same time are truly known by few. They don't live their lives as open books, but wait for the right people to come along whom they can trust and love.

They're described as wise and beautiful, powerful and complete. These women are independent and intuitive and usually become strong leaders.

Amara is a great name choice for your future world-changer, and is simply a breath-taking name.

21 Rosalind

Origin: English

About 25,000 girls have been named Rosalind, and most all of them were born in the early 1900s. Fun fact: there have only been 29 people in the history of California with this name.

The name lost its popularity by the turning of the century, but since we are now seeing a return to the classics, Rosalind is being reborn.

The name Rosalind means, "pretty rose." Girls born with this name have been described as romantic and poetic with a strong passion for expression through writing and the arts. If you are a Rosalind, you are kind and gentle and most likely a book worm. You desire law and order and despise everything chaotic. (Mom, a little less chaos would be nice.)

Rosalind is the perfect name for your beautiful, blooming rose.

20 Willow


Origin: English

Willow is another surprisingly uncommon name, and a name worth considering. The name was nonexistant until about a decade ago.

The name Willow means, "from the willow grove." Willow trees are peaceful and beautiful, but girls with this name tend to be technical and methodical and even rebellious when pressured.

Girls named Willow are known to be responsible and very family focused. If something's not right at home, they make it right. They've been described as "the glue of the family." Willows have great persistence in the face of adversity.

Willow is a another great choice for your baby girl. If you like the name, you can tweak the spelling to make it even more unique; try Wyllow. No matter what you decide to go with, Willow is a sound, beautiful name.

19 Zinnia


Origin: Latin

Zinnia is a very unique name. Only about 1,000 children have ever been born with this name in the U.S. Fun fact: parents on the East Coast never choose this name. Maybe the fast paced life is incompatible with the essence of Zinnia.

Zinnia means, "flower." Girls with this name are known to be non-conventional thinkers who work with their hands, and who are resourceful and innovative. Girls named Zinnia love the outdoors and are described as very loyal friends. They are mediators and mentors. They are good at conflict resolution and always offer hope and guidance to those around them who need to aim higher.

If you have a hippie lifestyle and are in search of a name that will fit your family, Zinnia is the perfect choice.

18 Mila


Origin: Slavic 

Mila is the sweetest name for a baby girl. It's fairly uncommon, though families living in Idaho seem to really love it.

The name Mila means, "highly favored," and most little girls with that name become just that. They are described as highly ambitious but deal well with failures. They are extremely driven and usually seek positions of authority. Many become their own bosses.

Milas are stable and capable and financially really smart. Yes, Milas are hard-working, but they can be stubborn because of their strong will. This is a good trait to have though, mom. Having a naturally driven child makes your job easier.

If you're looking for something beautiful, unique and true to the type of girl you want to raise, Mila is a great choice--unless of course, you live in Idaho.

17 Evie


Origin: English

The names Eve and Eva are common, but Evie is not. Only a few hundred girls in the entire country have been born with this name in the past decade.

The name Evie means, "life; living; lively." Girls with this name have been described as "carriers of joy" who are always ready to take on new adventures. Individuals named Evie give their all to everything they do--even the smaller things. They tend to be emotional and known to have emotional breakdowns or outbursts, but it's nothing a mother can't handle.

Freedom is a necessity for girls named Evie. They hate to feel caged in and they find it hard to settle down later in life. They are known as free-spirits.

If you come from a long line of lively women, Evie is the perfect name for the little princess soon to join your crew.

16 Adalee


Origins: English, Germanic 

Adalee is a variant of Adalia, which is Old German. There have only ever been about 1,800 Adalees born in the United States. When you think about how many people are living in your town alone, that's nothing. The name Ada is more commonly used.

There are two meanings for Adalee: "God is my refuge" and "noble one." Girls with the name Adalee are described as confident, relaxed and harmonious. (Wouldn't that be nice as a parent?)

Adalees are inclined to speak their mind, but with a softness and in compassion. They are known to have many close friends and they don't tend to make enemies.

The name Adalee sounds like a song being sung. The pronunciation is beautiful and the meaning just the same.

Think it over. Maybe Adalee is the right name for your precious girl.

15 Lorene


Origin: Latin

The name Lorene is more common in southern states than the rest of the United States. As a whole, it's a very unique name. Lorena and Laura are its go-to sister names.

The name Lorene has a beautiful meaning, "sweet bay tree, symbolic of honor and victory." Girls with this name tend to be scholarly and philosophical. They are inward thinkers. When they do speak, their words hold weight.

Individuals named Lorene are emotionally sound. A commonality among people with this name is an intense desire to be quiet in nature. This could be why the name is more common in areas with far more open spaces.

You'll know right away if this name is perfect for your little one. Lorene is a rich name; a great choice!

14 Clara


Origin: Latin

The name Clara was most common in the 1920s, but not nearly as common as the names Clarabelle and Clarabella. Fun fact: the name Clara is most popular in Kansas.

Though it's a throwback name, it's a unique and vibrant name to consider.

Clara means "clear; bright; famous." Girls with this name are described as affectionate and discerning, with a preference to experience all things in community instead of alone. Individuals with this name depend on others for support and encouragement, and draw most meaning in life from their time spent in community with others.

Though Clara means "famous," there have only been five really famous women with this name and they lived many years ago.

It's time to make Clara famous again. This name is a beautiful choice for your future affectionate, people-loving sweetie pie.

13 Harper

Newborn baby girl portrait

Origin: English

Harper wasn't a name you'd find before a decade ago. It's starting to gain traction and rightfully so. It's a beautiful choice for a name and can be used for both girls and boys, but is mostly commonly used for girls.

The name Harper means, "the harp player." Though the name doesn't have a very rich meaning, it does have a consensus of attributes. Girls with this name are known to be expressive and "never at a loss for words." They are out-going, confident, spontaneous and well-liked. They are sympathetic to the causes of others and likely to stand with them when called upon.

People with the name Harper are seen as generally happy people with contagious smiles. More the reason to reserve it for your beautiful baby girl.

12 Yazmin


Origin: Persian, Iranian 

There have only been about 8,000 girls named Yazmin who have lived in the United States since the 1800s, but the name is gaining popularity.

Yazmin means, "Jasmine," and Jasmine means, "a flower in the olive family." Girls named Yazmin are known to enjoy the little things in life. They are easy to please and easy to love. They enjoy dance and song, and spending time outdoors. They are good communicators and known to be refreshingly honest.

Individuals with the name Yazmin hate bondage in an form. They are true liberators, first for themselves and then for others. They are generally free-spirited and seekers of truth and justice.

Yazmin is a unique, beautiful name with a rich history. It is definitely one to consider for your little cutie.

11 Everly


Origin: English

The name Everly has been chosen by parents about 8,000 times in the United States. Parents more commonly go while Evelyn.

The name Everly means "boar of meadow," or, "grazing meadow." Not a very interesting definition, but the characteristics attributed to the name say much more. Girls with the name Everly are described as perfectionists who are direct and straight to the point. (She will make a good businesswoman one day, mom.)

They tend to bottle up feelings, so they need someone alongside them who can draw their deeper thoughts out. Girls with the name Everly love hard and are deeply committed. As long as they choose people opposite of them to do life with, they make the greatest companions.

Everly is a beautiful potential name for your daughter, who will also be your best friend.

10 Stella

Origins: Greek, Latin

Stella is such a cool name. It was popular in the early 1900s and is starting to become popular again.

Stella means, "star," which is already a nickname most parents reserve for their children, so it works. Girls with this name are known for their clear minds and good judgment calls. They are serious, responsible and mature from a young age.

Home and family mean a great deal to them and they desire secure and peaceful environments. Whatever they set out to accomplish, becomes reality. Girls with the name Stella tend to have very close relationships with their parents. (I know you like the sound of that, mom.)

Stella is a good name choice for your little shining star. You might have to get creative with the middle name though. I believe in you.

9 Astoria


Origin: English

Astoria is one of the rarest names there is. As of last year, there have only ever been 236 Astorias listed in the United States. (I have that many people in my family alone!) So if you want your baby's name to be unique, this name is as unique as they come.

Astoria means, "like a hawk," which is fitting for how girls with this name are described. Astorias are good visionaries that seem to sense how others feel. They care about making good impressions and their discernment is as sharp as a hawk's eye. They are not builders, but planners, and do really well in public relations.

For some mother out there, this name is going to leap out as the obvious choice for her child. It's an all-around cool name with some pretty amazing noted attributes.

8 Scarlett


Origin: English

Scarlett is a common name among the rich and famous, but uncommon as a whole. The name started to become more attractive to parents in the early 2000s and is now starting to climb.

Scarlett means, "red." Girls with this name are prosperous, determined, and dominant, sometimes not wanting to relinquish control. Though forceful at times, they get everything they want out of life, but by their own hard work.

They can be intense, but it's what attracts others to them. Many girls with the name Scarlett are also redheads, which is really cool since the name literally means, "red." The attributes definitely align with ginger code as well.

Yet another great name for you to consider, mom, and if the chances are high that you'll have a redhead, this seems to be an obvious name choice.

7 Cora


Origin: Greek

The name Cora is a beautiful one. It was popular in the 1920s and started spiking again around the year 2014.

The name Cora means, "heart; maiden, " which is fitting, since girls with this name have been documented as heart throbs with a sense of mystery and a passion for discovery. Coras are known to be "too positive." They rarely have a negative thing to say about anything. That would be nice, huh? I definitely wouldn't find that annoying in my child.

Girls named Cora are lovers of nature and beautiful things in general. Most people don't realize how deep they are because they have such bubbly personalities. They are cheery and friendly and just the type of person you always want to be around.

Consider the name Cora for a bright and cheery little girl.

6 Cassia


Origin: Greek 

Cassia is a rare name with a really awesome meaning. There have been less than 1,500 girls born with this name in the U.S. since 1880. That's rare!

Cassia means, "champion." How cool is that? The Greek spelling (Kassia) ties the name to Saint Kassiani, who was a feminist heroine, just as your little princess will be. Some people say the name means "cinnamon." I'd take all of those meanings as good signs.

Girls with this name are said to desire harmony and refinement. They are calm and wise and care very deeply about people and the world around them. They tend to be artistic across the board, choosing art as their form of expression.

Cassia is an all-around great name for you to consider for your soon-to-be little heroine.

5 Lyric


Origin: English

Parents didn't start naming their daughters Lyric until the late 1980s, and since then, it's grown slowly in popularity. Melody and Harmony are similar names that are more often chosen. Fun fact: the name Lyric is most common in the District of Columbia.

Lyric means, "words of song." Girls with this name are known to lead lives of services. They are motivated to help others beyond what's expected and are naturally patient and honest people. Girls named Lyric are neat and tidy (that's a plus, mom) and are thorough and ambitious. They are said to be extra sensitive, but you'll navigate that well.

Lyric is a beautiful name that more mothers should consider when naming their daughters. It's a name that no one who encounters them will forget!

4 Nova


Origin: Latin

Like some of our other names, it wasn't until the year 2014 that parents started to consider the name Nova. It's soared over 300 spots since then.

The name Nova means, "new." This name is especially fitting for a first child. Girls with the name Nova are known to be quick and analytical and best express themselves through writing instead of verbal communication. They value poetry and literature and have a great sense of self worth. They tend to have vivid imaginations and spend much time reflecting.

Girls named Nova usually grow up to become scientists, studying animal and plant life. They are introverts and tend to make extroverts their best friends.

Nova is a great name for to consider as you continue on your quest. It might just be the perfect name for your baby girl.

3 Peggy


Origin: Greek

The name Peggy was really popular between the 1940s and the 1970s, but parents stopped naming their daughters Peggy in the 21st century. Fun fact: in the year of 1958, 10,029 Peggys were born. It isn't a likely choice these days. All the more reason to choose it for your unique little girl.

The name Peggy means, "pearl." Girls with this name are known to be active and restless. They love new challenges and adventures. They are versatile and have a considerable amount of vision for their life. Girls named Peggy are highly adaptable and at times, overly confident (but is that really a thing?)

They sometimes have a hard time seeing in black and white. Most of life is gray area to them. This can be a good thing. You want an independent thinker, mom.

Add Peggy to the list of names to run by your partner. It's a worthy choice.

2 Lillian


Origins: English, Hebrew, Latin

In the 1920s and 1930s, this name was wildly popular. It's elegance is timeless and mothers have started to pick the name back up again. Lily is the much more popular name to choose.

The Hebrew version of Lillian means, "My God is a vow." The English meaning is, "Lily," which means "symbol of purity, innocence and beauty," and aligns with the Latin meaning.

Girls born with this name tend to be perfectionists who work independently and have high goals for themselves. They are moral and balanced, honest and intellectual and have high standards for themselves and for everyone else they do life with.

Lillian is gorgeous name that should never be discontinued. Keep it in the forefront of your mind as you browse other names. You'll likely return to it. It's too perfect.

1 Natalia


Origin: Italian

Natalia is a rare name that just started surfacing in the early 2000s. Most parents go with Natalie instead. Hundreds of thousands of baby girls are given the name Natalie, but Natalia has only be used a few thousand times.

Natalia means, "born on Christmas day," or, "gift from God." (I like the latter.) Girls with this name tend to be spontaneous and natural, feeling the need to express themselves at all times.

Girls named Natalia are very social and love change. They rarely settle into professions that don't allow travel or flexibility. They're more often authors and artists.

Natalia is a pretty name to consider giving your baby girl. I guarantee you she'll absolutely love it growing up, because no one around her will have it.

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