Origin: Italian 

The name Stassi is so rare that it doesn't even have a documented meaning. You can create a meaning for the name yourself as you get to know your baby girl. There have been less than 100 documentations of girls with the first name of Stassi since the

1800s! That's rare!

There might not be a definition, but there have been a couple recorded descriptions of the name Stassi. People have described girls with this name as self-disciplined, talkative, admirable, sensible, soft-spoken and impulsive.

I feel these are all create qualities, yes, even impulsive behavior. That will make for some fun parenting!

This name has hardly been used. Finding a good name that the rest of the world doesn't know about is like finding a hidden treasure! Snatch it up while you can, mom, and birth a beautiful, sassy Stassi.

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