28 Baby Names Inspired By 2019 Pop Culture

Every year, fans can expect a wild ride when it comes to pop culture. From incredible emerging talent to entirely new categories of music and film, we never quite know what to expect with Hollywood. With new celebrities making waves comes new inspiration for names, through new characters, stage names, real names, and more.

In 2018, we saw Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson fall both in and out of love. The Kardashians welcomed three new babies, including Kylie’s Stormi (which she kept hush-hush), Khloe’s baby boy True, and Kim’s third baby with husband Kanye West, Chicago.

When it comes to pop culture inspiration, 2019 is here and it’s going to be a good one. Looking at celebrity babies alone, there is a long list of A-list celebrities ready to give birth this year. The list includes Jessica Simpson, Carrie Underwood, Amy Schumer, Lily Aldridge, and Claire Holt to name a few.

If events are what fans are into, Luke Bryan is bringing country music to Mexico with an all-inclusive concert, Maroon 5 performed at the Super Bowl, and artists like Ariana Grande and Shawn Mendes prepare for their world tours.

Whether one is into pop culture or not, the good news is it can always be a source for creative baby names.

28 Aubrey


When the name first came around, it was only seen among boy babies. Meaning “elf king” or “ruler of elves”, Aubrey was a gentle approach to a masculine meaning. Since then, Aubrey has transitioned to a name more commonly seen among females.

In 2019, it’s time for men to take it back. Did you know Aubrey is actually the real first name of a mega-famous rapper and artist? Drake left the name Aubrey behind when he was deciding on a stage name, and instead opted for his middle name, “Drake”.

The world wasn’t ready for an Aubrey when Drake first launched his career, but it’s definitely a powerful name for the new man in your life.

27 Storm

From colours to inanimate objects, using nouns as names is growing trend and not as bad as it once was. When the trend first started, it was names like “Apple” but now these noun-based names have found their place.

Inspired by American actress Storm Reid who has been crushing it at just 15 years old, Storm is perfect for the child who’s ready to take their own path. It’s the perfect balance of strong, independent and just plain adorable.

Not far off from Kylie Jenner’s baby name “Stormi”, we are totally loving Storm in 2019.

26 Jessie


Toronto-born Jessie Reyez is going to be taking over the music scene this year. She’s unapologetically herself and not afraid to stand up for issues that are important to her.

As Jessie told I-D, she started writing when she was just seven months old. “Someone shoved a notebook and a pencil into my mom and I came out with a book of heartbreak, agony, and Jameson," says Jessie.

Naming your baby girl Jessie may not guarantee the same wild sense of creativity, but there’s a good chance there’s something special in the name. Jessie, formerly only used as a nickname for names like Janet and Jean, is now considered a feminine form of Jesse, meaning “gift”.

25 Blake


As the number of gender-neutral names continue to grow, there are more options for your baby girl or baby boy than ever before.

When it comes to Blake in 2019, we’ve got two catching our eye: American actress Blake Lively and Detroit Pistons’ Power Forward Blake Griffin. As a new mom of two, Blake Lively has been taking a break from the spotlight and her hubby Ryan Reynolds has been crushing it. Luckily, that means we still get to see Blake make an appearance at shows looking as stunning as humanly possible.

Blake Griffin is an NBA superstar and sponsorship target this year. Already recognized as an All-Star athlete, he’s partnered with brands like Red Bull and Nike’s Jordan brand to grow his fortune. Always ready for the next thing, he’s now diving into Hollywood with his own production company. There’s no doubt in our mind that a baby named Blake knows how to get work done.

24 Monáe


For this name, we were inspired by current up-and-coming American singer, songwriter, actress, and producer Janelle Monáe Robinson.

A creative take on “Monet”, meaning “to be heard”, Monáe is surprisingly easy to pronounce phonetically. It’s an awesome unique name with a beautiful meaning, but your child won’t be stuck correcting the pronunciation every time they meet someone new.

One of the things we love about this name is that it’s relevant to today’s culture but still unique in 2019. According to BabyCenter, the name peaked from 1995 to 1999 and slowed down since then.

23 Ari


Who says nicknames can’t become first names? It happened with Jessie, and we think it should happen with Ari.

Ari is superstar Ariana Grande’s self-proclaimed nickname. Ending 2018 with her smash hit “thank u, next”, she had us all thinking about Ari and self love.

According to SheKnows, the name Ari is of Greek descent and means “best of thinkers” or “superior”. It also means “lion” in Hebrew, “visible and clear” in Maori, and “eagle” in Norse. Filled with a powerful punch of meaning, Ari is guaranteed to suit your little wild but methodical child.

22 India

Social media is changing the world, and we’re overdue to see the impact of it in 2019. It has brought us a new category of “influencers”, and these individuals have started crossing over into Hollywood with a massive following to kick it off. India Love started her career by posting photos on Instagram, and is now signed as a musical artist by Will.I.Am.

We’re inspired by her hustle, but more anything we can’t get over her name. Believe it or not, India Love is her real name.

India is a simple yet beautiful name for your next little girl. Its rooted in a culture and country with endless passion and energy.

21 Hennessy

It wouldn’t be 2019 pop culture without a mention of Cardi B. Cardi B is making it big and she’s doing it her own way. By her side, you’ll find her equally-talented and next-level supportive sister Hennessy.

Hennessy has traditionally been recognized as the well-branded Cognac recognized by several rappers in their lyrics. Despite its alcoholic roots, the name Hennessy rolls off the tongue with ease and is undeniably beautiful. We can’t guarantee it will mean fame for your own Hennessy’s sister, but we can guarantee they will be the best of friends for the rest of their lives.

20 Daisy

As you probably guessed it, the name Daisy comes from the name of the flower. The flower’s name originates from Old English and means “day’s eye”, perfect for that little one who’s going to be the apple of your eye every day to follow.

Daisy can also be a nickname for Margaret, but we’ve included it thanks to Daisy Ridley. Daisy is a British actress who is most well-known for playing the character Rey in Star Wars. Her talents range from voicing anime characters to successfully avoiding the temptation of social media.

According to FTD by Design, daisies symbolize innocence, purity, and new beginnings.

19 Kane


In 2019, short names are getting right to the point, skipping nicknames and sticking to simplicity. Simple but full of meaning, the name Kane falls of Scottish or Gaelic descent. According to SheKnows the name means “warrior”, making it a great choice for the new baby boy coming into your life.

Where have you seen it before? At 25 years old, Kane Brown is one of the most unique artists in country music. According to Taste of Country, he overcame a tough childhood which included physical abuse, homelessness, and racism as a child with a white mother and a black father. With a sleeve of tattoos less common in the musical genre, Kane is doing just about everything his own way and it’s one of the greatest things to happen to country music.

18 Carly


It’s been nearly four years now since Carly Rae Jepsen has released an album. With some amazing collaborations lined up, she plans to release a new album this year and the buzz has already started.

If you’re looking for a feminine name with the same powerful meaning as Kane, Carly is commonly meant to mean “small champion”. This is a totally cute name for any baby that has experienced some struggles early on: from pregnancy troubles to a tiny birthweight or long hours in labour.

17 Tove


Derived from the Old Norse name Tófa, Tove means “beautiful Thor” or “peace of Thor”. We first came across it thanks to Ebba Elsa Nilsson, a singer and songwriter from Sweden commonly known by her stage name Tove Lo. She’s brought her unique Swedish roots to her music, and American culture is eating it up.

Tove is the perfect name for the newborn that feels like they’re going to do things their own way. While Tove is more traditionally a female name, we love the idea of neutralizing it and using it for a little baby boy.

16 Lilo


For some, Lilo may be a throwback to the adorable Hawaii-originated girl from the 2002 Disney film "Lilo & Stitch." If you’ve seen the film, it would be no surprise to find out the name Lilo means “generous one” the way we see Lilo take alien creature Stitch under her wing.

But why is Lilo making a comeback in 2019? According to Vogue, Lindsay Lohan is coming back to the scene with a new reality show following her nightclubs in Greece. Nicknamed “Lilo”, you don’t have to be a fan of Lindsay to fall for the name Lilo.

15 Alastair


If we’re going to talk pop culture, there’s no leaving behind YouTube Nation. Known by his online alias Ali-A, Alastair Aiken is a Britain-originated YouTuber with more than 15 million channel subscribers. He’s best known for Call of Duty, Fortnite commentaries, and vlogs and his videos collectively exceed 4 billion views.

Alastair is a Greek-inspired name meaning “protector of mankind”. A heavy name meaning for any child to bear, we’re confident your little Alastair will live up to the name’s reputation.

14 Normani


According to BabyCenter, Normani was only 8,286th on the list of most popular baby names in 2018, but an impressive increase of 4,292 from 2017. The name is said to be  descended from France and means “goddess” or “queen”.

Recognize it from your favourite girl group? Normani is one of the members of X-Factor success Fifth Harmony. Born Normani Kordei Hamilton, the singer chooses to perform under her first name alone. She recently started producing music on her own and is the second member of the girl group to reach the top 40 on her own according to Forbes Magazine.

13 Zazie


According to Nameberry, Zazie is considered a jazzy French-diminutive of Isabelle. Though it can be considered a nickname for Elizabeth or Susannah, the name Zazie was made famous as the lead character in the novel Zazie, later adapted into a film in 1960.

The name has seen a resurgence ever since Zazie Beetz has stepped into Hollywood. Zazie is a German-born actress best known for her role in the FX series Atlanta and her stint in Netflix’s own series Easy.

If you’re hesitant to dive in with Zazie, try Elizabeth as a legal name and let your daughter choose if she prefers Elizabeth or Zazie.

12 Mikaela


At just 23 years old, Mikaela Shiffrin has won three world championships and two Olympic gold medals for her alpine skiing on Team USA. She is an ambitious and driven athlete, and has won the slalom season title in five of the last six years. According to Forbes Magazine, her first year winning in 2003 made her the youngest skier to ever win.

Similar to Michelle, Mikaela is considered a feminine version of the name Micheal and means “gift from God”. It can also be spelled Michaela, but we love the skier-inspired variation of a classic.

11 Andi


American actress Andi Matichak is on just about every up-and-coming list in Hollywood after her performance in “Halloween”. Before acting, she was busy scoring goals for the St. Francis soccer team. Combining the best of both worlds, Andi’s got an unstoppable sense of athleticism and a talent made for the stage.

When it comes to the name Andi itself, the English name means valiant or courageous. Andi has become a gender-neutral name and can also be a nickname to names like Andrea or Andrew.

10 Brie


Single-syllable names are growing in popularity and not stopping in 2019. The France-originated name Brie is said to mean “marshland”, and has had several spikes in popularity ever since the seventies. According to Nameberry, Brie is also a popular Libra name.

Where will you see it today? American actress and filmmaker Brianne Sidonie Desaulniers is more commonly known as her Hollywood name Brie Larson. She’s starred in a variety of film from the drama Room to action thrillers Captain Marvel and Avengers: Endgame.

9 Spencer


Throwing it back to the early 2000s in 2019, MTV’s The Hills announced at the 2018 MTV VMAs they are planning a reunion show to debut this year. It wouldn’t be The Hills without infamous Spencer Pratt.

Although most viewers had an up and down relationship with Spencer, we can’t deny it’s a classic name worth bringing back. With English heritage, the name Spencer means “keeper of provisions”.

Other names we love inspired from The Hills include Scheana, Audrina, and Justin Bobby.

8 Emilia


The name Emilia Clarke may not be familiar to you, but chances are Daenerys Targaryen may ring a bell. Emilia famously plays the character of Daenerys on one of America’s favourite shows, Game of Thrones. Born Emilia Isabelle Euphemia Rose Clarke, the actress chose to stick to Emilia Clarke in Hollywood and quickly became the fifth highest paid TV star on a network primetime show.

The name itself is a feminine derivative of the Latin word Aemilius. Emilia means “to rival, excel or emulate”, perfect for your very own baby princess warrior.

7 Letitia


According to Behind The Name, Letitia comes from the Late Latin name Laetitia which meant “joy” or “happiness”. Commonly used in the early days of Spain, England also adopted the name during the Middle Ages under the spelling Lettice.

The name was later revived in the 18th century, and now has actress Letitia Wright to thank for its 2019 rebirth. Letitia is a British-Guyanese actress best known for her roles in Black Panther and Avengers: Infinity War, and there’s no doubt her name will continue to grow in recognition in 2019.

Although Letitia is beautiful on its own, we also love the nickname options of “Letty” and “Tisha”.

6 Camila


Camila is our second Fifth Harmony-inspired name. With a group of incredibly strong and independent women, it’s hard not to fall in love with them all. Camila Cabello was the first girl group member to head out on her own individual career. Billboard.com has even called her 2018’s biggest pop breakthrough, and you can guarantee she’s got big plans for 2019.

According to SheKnows, the name Camila is based off a French baby name, Camile. In French, the meaning of the name Camile is “free-born” or “noble”. It’s also said that those with the name Camila have a deeper inner desire for a stable, loving family and a need to work with others.

5 Taron


Taron is one of our favourite gender-neutral names. More commonly used as a boy’s name, Taron was 4,136th on the list of popular baby names for 2018, a 4,227 increase from 2017 according to BabyCenter. Its popularity is growing quickly, and we’re not surprised.

The name derived from Terran, meaning “Earthman”, has been brought to light recently by British actor and singer Taron Egerton. You may recognize him from his leading role in the Kingsmen movie series. He’s got an accent you could listen to all day long and a smile that will melt your heart. It’s no wonder the name Taron is on the rise in 2019.

4 Billie

Pop singer Billie Eilish has been making waves in 2018, and she has no plan to stop in 2019. Born Billie Eilish Pirate Baird O'Connell, the American singer and songwriter released a viral debut single that accumulated over 194 million streams on Spotify.

Not only is she getting people to listen to her music, but she’s bringing back the popularity of Billie, commonly associated with the famous Billie Jean. The English name Billie means “determination” or “strength”, and is often a nickname for William.

3 Maurice


Traditionally, the Moors were a group of mixed Arab and Berber descent, according to Baby Name Wizard. Because of this, the Latin word “Moorish” was developed to mean “dark” or “swarthy” in reference to their coloring. Today, the Latin word has morphed to become Maurice, an adorable name for the artistic little dude in your life.

Based off the rising R&B star Maurice Moore, we are loving this name for 2019. The Canadian-born singer and songwriter can soothe just about everyone with his songs and will have you smiling in no time. With a name like Maurice, your baby is sure to have the same effect.

2 Constance


If any movie were to be considered a staple of 2018 pop culture, it would be "Crazy Rich Asians". Most memorable for her rebellious and strong role, Constance Tianmin Wu played the role of Rachel Chu. She has also been recognized for her role in ABC’s comedy series Fresh Off the Boat.

Constance has focused on roles that bring attention to Asian culture that has otherwise been left unexplored by Hollywood, and we love her for it.

According to Baby Name Wizard, Constance is derived from the Latin word constans, meaning “standing together” or “constancy”.

1 Khalid


The Arabic name Khalid offers two pronunciations, kah-lid and ku-leed, and is said to mean “eternal”.

The singer and songwriter Khalid has been catching attention over the last two years and is set to take over the music scene in 2019. His first single, “Location”, was released in August 2016 at just 18 years old and became an instant hit. According to Capital Xtra, the talented songwriter said it was only the sixth song he had ever written and he did so to try and impress a girl.

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