29-Year Old Stella Maeve Is Expecting First Child With Her 19-Year Old Fiancée

Magicians star, Stella Maeve, is pregnant and expecting her first baby!

Stella Maeve, 29, and her fiance, Benjamin Wadsworth, 19, are expecting their first child together. Wadsworth shared that his fiance is pregnant and said that the couple had some exciting news to share. Wadsworth shared on Instagram a picture of Maeve wearing a black bra and underwear and a 12-week sticker was attached to her baby bump. Maeve had a huge surprised look on her face while pointing to the sticker.

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The couple got engaged on May 10. The couple shared their engagement by posting a picture on Instagram announcing their big news. The couple obviously understands that there is a 10 year age gap between the two. It is a little uneasy for people to understand why a 29 year old woman would be interested in 19 year old, so they have received a lot of criticism from some haters. When the couple announced that they were engaged Wadsworth was accused of rushing into things and not truly understanding what he is "getting himself into." Wadsworth said, “Yeah but my dog, you don’t know me. You don’t know my relationship. I’m living a great life. Now I get to live it forever with my beautiful fiancée.”

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So we have some news!

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The couple seems to be very in love and excited about starting their life together. Although they have received some criticism for their age difference they do not care. They are in love and they are going to ignore all of the critics and continue living the best life. He said in one of Instagram posts that he is so in love with Maeve and that he will never get tired of her and that he will love her forever. We hope that they continue to grow as a couple and that they are strong enough to raise a baby together! Taking care of a baby is certainly no easy task and can cause stress on any relationship. But we are sure they can do it because they love each other so much!

Congratulations you two on the upcoming baby and we hope that Maeve has a healthy and happy 9 months!

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