3 Women Shoplift Stroller From New Jersey Store, But Leave Baby Behind

It's a hard truth to accept, but it's very much true: baby products can be super expensive. For some moms, the high price tags are no big deal. But for many others, it can be a tough pill to swallow. It can even lead to a few moms taking drastic action- whether it's out of desperation or to get a nice product for free.

In Middleton, New Jersey, three women were caught on surveillance cameras inside of Bambi Baby, a store full of baby products. Unfortunately for the store, they were up to no go. The three ladies, with an infant in tow, took a stroller from the store. Well, the infant wasn't exactly in tow- the poor little one ended up being left behind at Bambi Baby!

Luckily for the baby, it wasn't left alone for too long. According to the store's owner, Enelio Ortega, one of the women came back about six minutes later to retrieve the abandoned baby. You could very well argue that that was the smartest move made by these women.

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On one hand, it's hard to not sympathize with a woman having to steal a stroller she needs for her baby. But in this situation, that's not the case whatever. Ortega revealed that the stolen stroller in question was an English one. Given the fact that at least two of the women are from England, it's easy to see why they'd want one. But Ortega also pointed out that this particular stroller would most likely be cheaper across the pond. It makes these women's theft seem completely pointless!

As of right now, two of the three women who took part in stealing the stroller have been arrested by Middleton police. As mentioned before, they're both from England, and they're also in their early 20s. The two women have been charged with shoplifting and conspiracy charges.

The third woman who participated in the theft remains at large as of now. If you have any information on the matter, it's best to contact the Middleton police department to pass it along.

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