3 Yr Old Cancer Patient Becomes America's Youngest Sheriff!

For those who wish to break the law.... Beware!!! We have a new sheriff in town and he is only three years old. 

3 year old Wyatt Schmaltz was sworn in as an official sheriff deputy this week. The celebration was held at the Riley Hospital for Children in Indianapolis. Wyatt is also currently battling stage 4 neuroblastoma since April. Wyatt received this honor because as a tribute to the courage he has demonstrated throughout his battle with an aggressive cancer," according to a press release. We have given Wyatt all the powers of a real sheriff deputy, which are to carry out the orders of the sheriff," Stoffel said to Wyatt's friends and family. "Right now, his only orders are to get better."

Way to go Wyatt! We also send lots of positive thoughts to this little hero and his family! Get better soon! 

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