30 Adorable Baby Girl Names That Will Make Grandma Say Awwww

Let's admit it, all parents have their own opinions and choosing a baby name is no cake walk as one might think. One of the most precious and everlasting gifts moms can give their child is its name. Her parents leave no stone unturned in choosing the best name for her. There are inputs from so many sources including near and dear ones as well as the social media which plays an extremely crucial role in choosing the name for your child.

Pregnancy is the best way to get your partner and you close - until it is time to choose a name. This gives the would be parents the chance to work through disagreements, listening to each other, remembering that both are on the same team thereby deciding on a name both of them eventually like.

There is no laid down rules in naming your child. The most important consideration is to choose the one you both love. There are about as many ways to pick a name as there are names themselves. Certain factors to be considered while naming your child are - How does the name sound, initials, the meaning, possible nicknames... and the list goes on... Don't worry, we'll make it easier for you. Here are 30 adorable girl names with great meanings that any girl will be proud to bear.

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30 Callie

Callie, diminutive of Caroline, is a feminine name of Greek origin and it means 'beautiful'. In English and American, Callie also means Lark, whereas the Gaelic and Irish meaning for Callie is 'from the forest'. She was always high on the popularity except for a short while in the mid-nineteenth century when it dipped. She has been on a roll ever since and currently ranked 148.

As per behindthename.com, her related variants are Cari, Carol, Carrie, Cary, Caryl and so on. The character analysis of Callie is explained in detail in whatisthemeaningofname.com as being a very homely person desiring the security of a settled peaceful home enjoying the company of family and friends.

She tends to take everything very seriously and had mature interests compared to her peers. Once given a word, she rarely goes back on her word. Being highly responsible, she is likely to experience mental turmoil and worry. She is highly opinionated and makes her our own choices. She owns a clever mind and has good business judgment and appreciates finer things of life. The name numerology number of Callie is 42, her destiny number is 6 and its analysis shows her to be blessed with three virtues. She is wise, firm and financially stable.

29 Arya

Nameberry.com and behindthename.com points out that 'Arya' can be both Masculine and feminine, it has its origins from Sanskrit and that means honourable, noble, noble goddess and so on. It has more Indian meanings as described in moonastro.com like a king, one who hails from a noble family, well mannered, civilized and so on.

Experts point out that Arya is an unusual and exotic name which is on the rise, thanks to a popular book - A song of fire and Ice and a television series - Game of Thrones. Arya entered the popularity charts in 2010 and has been having a roller-coaster ride upwards ever since. She is ranked 135 in the popularity charts and is a permanent entrant to lists for Baby girl names moving up fast and the likes.

Whatisthemeaningof name.com analyses the characteristics of Arya and describes her as expressive and creative in arts, music or drama. Disturbing thoughts and nervous breakdown could affect her concentration and memory.

She can be extremely moody and fluid function disorder could affect her. Her generous and friendly nature is often taken for granted and capitalized. She is not inclined to business and practical matters and hence could miss out on attaining financial success. She has a name numerology number 45 and destination number 9.

28 Daphne

According to whatisthemeaningofname.com, Daphne means 'Laurel' in Greek and according to mythology, she was a nymph turned into a laurel tree by her father to escape Apollo's pursuit. This is a small evergreen shrub with sweet-scented flowers.

In Hebrew, Daphne means "Victory." According to moonastro.com, the name Daphne is very significant.

People whose names that start with the letter "D" will be successful people. They are very responsible for their work and keep up with their social responsibility. She is very emotional by nature and has a philosophical mind and heart as well.

It is exclusively feminine and is represented by colors Blue and Pink. Currently ranked 367, she gained popularity in the middle of the nineteenth century, had a downward trend for a while and on a climb as of now as indicated in babycenter.com. A famous bearer was the English writer Daphne Du Maurier, the author of "My Cousin Rachel" and "Rebecca".

Her name numerology number is 38 and the destiny number is 3 indicating that she needs to be sympathized and comforted with in case of an injury. She hardly sticks to the advice that is offered, does not get bogged down when a situation arises and bounces back strongly.

27 Tessa

Over the years the name Tessa has gained popularity as per Babycenter.com and is currently ranked 316. Sheknows.com states that 'Tessa' is a baby girl name and the English and American meaning harvester and is an abbreviation of Theresa. The origins of this name is Greek and it means 'born forth' and also 'reaper'. The colour of this name denotes blue and pink.

As detailed in whatisthemeaningofname.com the name numerology number of 'Tessa' is 64 and the Destiny number is 1. The detailed characteristics of 'Tessa' indicate self-assurance, independent and confident. Although she is good natured and never intend offense, her blunt, straight forward and candid manner of expression creates a strained relationship. Although she is intolerant to others meddling in her affairs, this characteristic does not prevent her from interfering in others affairs. Often worry some, she finds it difficult to submit to others directing her.

Her love of challenging others concepts ultimately leads her to create her own ideas and different thought process. As per the letter analysis of this name, 'T' indicates non communicative because of difficulty in expression. 'E' is an emotional word and she can be either happy or sad at the same time, 'S' indicates an imaginative mind and 'A' shows that she is a reasonable person.

26 Freya

Ohbabynames.com describes an interesting Etymology and Historical origin on the name 'Freya'. It has a rare Nordic/Scandinavian origin and she is the Goddess of Love, Fertility, and beauty. The name simply means 'Lady' and is derived from the proto-Germanic root. Pronounced as 'Freyja', she is one of the preeminent deities of the Norse mythology and often depicted as the 'party girl' of ancient Scandinavia. Freya was a beautiful and sexually liberated goddess and her exploits have been listed in detail.

Freya is extremely popular in North Europe and is one of the top 20 names. Babycenter.com shows that even in US, this name is gaining popularity in the last decade or so and she can certainly be considered for Americans with Scandinavian ancestry.

The name 'Freya' is definitely feminine and according to moonastro.com, she starts with the letter 'F' which is astrologically significant.

They are normally considered to be benevolent and help the poor and needy unconditionally. Professionally they are likely to choose the sports and entertainment industry. They are naturally truthful and honest and could fall easy prey to conspirators, hence they will have to exhibit caution while choosing friends. Freya's personality is that of a strong and competitive leader who is willing to take risks and initiate action.

25 Gemma

The name Gemma (also spelt as Jemma) is a girl's name of Italian origin meaning " gem or precious stone". According to behindthename.com, the word "gemma" is ancient Greek, from the words "ge"-earth and "ma", the archaic type for "meter", mother. "Gema" means "mother earth" in archaic Greek. Gemma is Latin for both 'bud' and 'gem'.

In Hebrew, Jemma is a diminutive of Jemima and means "dove or little dove."

It generally means peace or peaceful. In the old testament, Jemima was one of the three daughters of Job. The other two were Keziah and Keren says allparenting.com

Gemma was very popular name in 1980s in England, but then it saw a decline. It has re-entered the list of popular names in 2008, and is already at Number 247 this year. Coming from a medieval Italian nickname for a precious gem, Gemma was the name of the 13th-century Italian poet Dante Alighieri's wife and was borne by a nineteenth century Italian mystic Maria Gemma Umberta Galgani who was venerated as St. Gemma Galagani in 1940. Actresses Kristen Davis and Catherine Bell both have a daughter called Gemma. This name is often added to lists like "Cool Girl Names From Around the World".

24 Melody

Thenamemeaning.com informs us that the name 'Melody' which means 'to sing', has Greek and English origins, having more than one root and is mostly used in the English speaking countries. As per Babycenter.com, 'Melody' is an extremely popular feminine name having a current ranking of 131. Almost unheard of till the 1940's, 'Melody' started gaining popularity since then and has been quite popular, especially in the English speaking countries.

First-names-meanings.com gives us a more detailed insight into this name. With two masters, she is deeply humane with a powerful personality and is extremely sensitive. These traits incite her to be caring towards the underprivileged. As a little girl, Melody is endearing, adorable and eager to please. She is receptive towards her family environment and parents have to respect her fragile nature. She is quite fond of traveling and is curious to know more about culture, mystery, spirituality and the unknown.

Having a soft heart, she treats music as a welcome distraction and is a highly romantic individual. Success comes to her naturally and she seems to have an inclination towards education, counseling, sociology, psychology, music and other artistic activities. Her numerological number is 2 indicating they happen to be great friends and is very particular about a partner in life as she is highly emotional and sensitive.

23 Gia

Gia – short for Gianna is a baby girl name. It comes from an Italian origin. In Italian, the meaning of the name means is: “God is gracious” or “God’s gracious gift”. It is the Italian equivalent of John. It is one of the most popular Italian names in the United States.

Girls with the name Gia are usually authoritative, powerful, tenacious and tough; they are achievers and problem solvers.

Numerologically, this name adds up to number 8. According to ohbabynames.com, this person has been blessed on the material plane, but their authoritative and problem-solving traits provide evidence that their good fortunes are not just the luck of the lottery. They are well earned. This is the personality of CEOs and high-ranking military personnel. Eights are intensely active, hard-driving individuals.

Success is only meaningful to them after a job well-done. They are remarkable in their ability to see the larger picture right down to the smallest details and organize a strategy around success. They then have the ability to direct a group around them toward any goal and realize the individual potential to get the most out of their team. Actor Matt Damon and TV Presenter Mario Lopez both chose the name Gia for their daughters. This increased the popularity of this name and was one of the highest ranking names in the year 2011.

22 Penny

Penny is the English pet form for the feminine name Penelope. Penelope is a name with Greek origin meaning “unweave a piece of woven cloth”. Penelope was first used in England in the 16th Century and its diminutive “Penny” soon followed. Penny is also a unit of the English currency and so, from a financial perspective, the word “penny” actually dates back to 8th century. The character of Penelope in Greek Mythology is also synonymous with being a patient and faithful wife.

According to ohbabynames.com, girls with the name Penny are inspirational, highly intuitive, extremely bright, truth seekers and spiritual. Numerologically, the name adds up to 11 and the number 11 is a Master Number, and embodies heightened traits of the Two. This personality is on a life journey to find spiritual truth. They are extremely idealistic and intuitive.

Elevens have a rare and exceptional spiritual energy that brings a sense of obligation to illuminate the world around them.

It's a very powerful responsibility, but these people have far more potential than they know. It's important that they surrender to higher ideals. They have the capacity to see the bigger picture, and they possess the skills to inspire others spiritually. Elevens have strong diplomatic skills and can become great peacemakers. Master numbers can be both a blessing and a curse, as they walk the fine line between greatness and the potential for self-destruction.

21 Gwen

Gwen is a Welsh feminine given name meaning "white, holy". It can be a shortened form of Gwenhwÿfar (Guinevere), Gwendolen, Gwenllian and many other names that start with Gwen. There are many ways to spell this name like Gwynne, Gwyn etc. This name is not very popular in the United States though.

Ohbabynames.com had some very interesting information regarding women who bore the name Gwen or its augmentative forms. Gwendolyn is a Celtic-derived name primarily used in Wales, Cornwall and Brittany. The name comes from the Bythonic branch of the Celtic languages, from the words “Gwyn” meaning ‘fair, holy, pure’ and “dolyn” meaning either ‘ring’ or ‘brow, hair’. Queen Gwendolyn was a fictionalized queen and warrior woman of ancient Briton, immortalized by Geoffrey of Monmouth in the Middle Ages (the same Welsh cleric who popularized the tales of King Arthur).

After her husband, King Locrinus, leaves her for a German Princess, Gwendolyn built up an army in Cornwall and defeated her unfaithful husband. She then goes onto rule herself (peacefully) until she abdicates in favor of her son. Saint Gwen is a 6th century saint; a Breton woman who was supposedly given a third breast from God as a gift for her fruitfulness (ability to reproduce). This is obviously folklore, but Saint Gwen is invoked for women's fertility.

20 Evelyn

Evelyn is a name in the English language, where it can be used as a first name or a surname. It comes from an English surname which was derived from the given name AVELINE. In the 17th century when it was first used as a given name it was more common for boys, but it is now regarded as mainly feminine due to association with the related name Evelina. As a first name, it can refer to persons of either sex, although it is more commonly borne by females.

Depending on the variant form, this name has a different meaning in different languages. According to Wikipedia, Evelyn is also sometimes used as an Anglicisation of the Irish name Aibhilín and Éibhleann, which means "radiance", "beauty. Another school of thought is that the name "Evelyn" means "hazelnut". The German meaning of the name Evelyn is “little bird”, similar to the English meaning of “beautiful bird”. In Hebrew, Evelyn means “Life”.

Among English speaking nations, Evelyn is currently most popular in the United States, followed by Canada, Australia and England. The name Evelyn has experienced a real revival in the past 10 years and today, it is one of the top 25 girl baby names in the United States.

19 Rianna

Borrowed from the Welsh, Rhiannon is an ancient Celtic name of uncertain derivation. Some believe it to be derived from the Old Celtic Rigantona (great queen). According to babynamewizard.com the name, which is borne in Celtic Mythology by a goddess of fertility, was not used as a given name until the 20th century.

It is used in more than one country and different languages of the world, especially English speaking countries, Welsh speaking countries among others. Other forms of this name are Reanna, Rhianna, Riana, Rihanna, Ryanna. Rianna name meanings is “The little ruler, little king”. In some languages, it also means “Sweet Basil, Virtuous”.

Some famous personalities who carry this name are Rianna Scipio, British TV journalist , Rianna Loving, American actress and esthetician, Rianna Mizzen, Australian gymnast.

This name is not popular in the US, according to Social Security Administration, as there are no popularity data for the name.

This doesn't mean that the name Rianna is not popular in other countries all over the world. The name might be popular in other countries, in different languages, or even in a different alphabet, as we use the characters from the Latin alphabet to display the data. A derivative of the name might also be popular in US.

18 Yazmin

This girl baby name Yazmin is a “jazzy” update to Yasmīn, an Arabic female name derived from the Old Persian “yasamin”, according to ohbabynames.com Yasamin referred to a perfume the Persian people produced from a specific flowering plant of the olive genus native to the warm temperate regions of the Old World (i.e., Afro-Eurasia). Jasmine – especially in the form of Yasmīn – has long been a popular female name in the Arab and Persian worlds.

In the United States, the English equivalent, Jasmine, has been in circulation since the turn of the 20th century when naming girls after flowering plants and trees was in style.

The name’s increasing popularity in more recent years, however, owes much to the lovely Princess Jasmine, a character in Walt Disney’s animated feature film, Aladdin (1992). The jasmine flower symbolizes elegance and grace, and is known for its intoxicating fragrance.

The spelling of Yazmin is considered a modern Americanized rendition of Jasmine.

Swapping the “s” for a “z” is supposed to add some flavor to an otherwise quasi-trendy name. Girls who carry this name are usually mystical, wise and intuitive. They are also known to be imaginative, eccentric and philosophical. Numerologically, the name adds up to number seven. The love outdoors and are fed by nature. Names are used differently and have different meanings based on its origin, culture or languages. It has to be carefully chosen to obtain the best results.

17 Maple

Maple also called Mae is one of the names inspired by nature. In most countries all over the world, the name Maple is a unisex name, used as a boy name and a girl name. The name Maple is of English origin, and is used mostly in English speaking countries but also in a few other countries and languages of the world.

According to appellationamountain.net Maple comes from the Old English mapultreow, which translates to a maple tree. Some suggest that it links back to a word for knob or offshoot. Unlike many a nature name, a maple is just a maple. By the early 1700s, the maple leaf had been adopted as an emblem by the French Canadians. The maple leaf eventually became the national symbol with the introduction of the Canadian flag in 1965, which uses an eleven-pointed maple leaf.

American actor, director, and producer Jason Bateman named his daughter Maple Sylvie Bateman in 2012. Maple feels like a popular choice as a middle name, and has a strong possibility as a given name, too. It is truly a gender neutral name, still under consideration by parents seeking an unexpected nature name for a son. It is featured in many categories like Earthy Names, English Names, Floral Names, Green Names, Nature Names and Unisex Names.

16 Lucy

According to inputs from nameberry.com Lucy is a feminine name of English/Latin origin meaning 'Light'. She is ranked highly at 52 in the global popularity charts and is undoubtedly one of the most popular names starting with 'L'. A heroine of several great novels, a Saint's name, Lucy is both saucy and solid and she started gaining popularity initially in England and Wales and then branched out to all corners of the globe.

The astrological meaning of Lucy is highlighted in moonastro.com which indicates that she has power and authority and financially. Her name comes under number 13 which astrologically is not so great, and may lead to instability and destruction.

They would prefer to be left alone. Lucy's name numerology number is 61 and destiny number is 7 as per whatisthemeaningofname.com and its analysis which shows that she likes to demonstrate her emotions, temperament and impatience. She would land up in trouble because of her impulsive and casual nature.

She also likes to be in the thick of things. The letter analysis of the name details 'L' stands for owning a talented personality in arts, sports or education, 'U' owns a calm nature, 'C' being a very emotional person who is interested in fine arts and 'Y' shows that you stand vindicated.

15 Tiana

Sheknows.com is probably the only site that says Tiana is a name given to boys. Most of the other popular sites like babycenter.com, nameberry.com and behindthename.com indicates that Tiana is a feminine name, having Greek, Latin and Slavic origin depending on its origin it means 'to be loved/liked', fairy queen, princess, follower of Christ and so on.

An additional information from the experts states that she gained a lot of popularity after Disney used this pretty name upon its first African American princess. Tiana is quite active as a name in the US when it started gaining popularity from the mid-70s onwards. With a current ranking of 565, she is mainly showing her presence in UK, Germany, Australia besides the US.

Characteristics of the name Tiana shows us that she is expressive and creative in arts, music or drama.

Disturbing thoughts or a nervous breakdown may affect her concentration and memory. Tiana could exhibit mood swings, show temper tantrums and fluid function disorder could affect her. Her generous and friendly nature is often taken for granted and capitalized. She is deeply sensitive, idealistic and intuitive. After analyzing the letters in this name, one can sum her up to be uncommunicative, emotional and reasonable.

14 Alice

Alice has English, German, French, Italian and Portuguese origins and she means noble and kind and purely feminine. Her name is quite ancient but immensely popular through the ages and across nations. Interestingly, today it is most popular in Sweden and Italy where it is among the top 10. It is also a popular choice in France and England followed closely by Australia and Scotland. She is currently enjoying a renaissance of sorts. It's a perfect little girl's name that ages quite gracefully.

Ohbabynames.com describes her as having a charming, witty and a happy personality and seem to live in a bright and unbreakable aura that draws others to them. She is considered to be lucky, deeply loyal and loving to their friends. Alice also has an artistic flair and possess strong communication skills making them natural entertainers.

The Astrological importance as shown in moonastro.com highlights that her name starts with the letter 'A' denoting her passionately creative talent. Her other qualities worth mentioning are determination and perfection towards their profession, loving and caring towards friends and family. Alice has 30 as her name numerology number and 3 as her destiny number. The close variants of Alice include Alisha, Alease, Alecia, Alys, Elicia.

13 Flora

Flora is a feminine name of Scottish and Latin origin which means flower as per nameberry.com. The experts also states that Flora is the Roman goddess of flowers and spring who enjoyed eternal youth and has cousins named Cora and Dora. Scotts prefer this name as their young heroine Flora who helped Bonnie Prince Charlie to escape to France. It has been used as a given name since the Renaissance starting in France. 'Florence', which has its origins in English, French and Latin and 'Finola' having Celtic, Gaelic and Irish origins are the noted variations of Flora.

As for popularity, according to ohbabynames.com Flora has seen success in the US about a century ago. While she did not make it to the top 100, Flora was able to get its maximum ratings at the turn of the 20th century. She would soon see a steady decline as decades went by until this pretty little flower disappeared from the charts altogether. She has not made an entry ever since and therefore currently quite unique.

Flora has a number seven personality which is deeply mystical and spiritual. They love the outdoors and embrace nature. These individuals are constantly trying to understand human nature and our rightful place here in this universe. She has a mystical character which makes her imaginative, philosophical and a little bit eccentric.

12 Erin

Most of the sites including babycenter.com indicate that Erin is a name mostly given to girls, but whatisthemeaningofname.com points out that it is unisex.

Erin has an Irish origin and it means 'from the island to the west' and peace. 

Buzzfeed.com gave some interesting information on Erin and she comes from the Gaelic word 'Eirinn' which means Ireland.

In America, she is also a symbol of peace. As compared to others, United States had more of 'her' in 1983 when 14826 babies were given this name. Over 305,000 girls have been given the name Erin in the US since 1880. This is not the case with the rest of the world. While it is traditionally Irish, you will rarely encounter it in Ireland, whereas it is immensely popular in the US because of the large immigrant population who were feeling nostalgic about their own country. The colours denoted to this name are Blue and Pink.

Having two syllables, the name numerology number is 46 and Destiny number is 1.

Erin's destiny analysis indicates that she has a great respect for her parents and that dotes on her children. Home and family life is extremely important to her. Letter analysis of her name tells us that 'E' denotes emotion - can be happy or sad at the same time, 'R' shows your indecisiveness and hesitant nature, 'I' shows that she is a sensitive and emotional person and 'N' denotes superior ability and common sense.

11 Robin

Before transforming into a gender neutral name, Robin started off as masculine and short for Robert. Robin features predominantly in English folklore and she has generally been considered a masculine name in Europe, whereas in the US, she always remained feminine. For boys, Robin does quite well in France, Belgium and Netherlands as mentioned in ohbabynames.com. Robin sounded bright and chirpy in the 50s, she held a prominent place till 1980 but beyond that, she has lost much of her charm. Robin has English and Italian origins and she means blooming and bright fame.

Robin holds the number four personality that is conservative by nature and characterized by stability and discipline. Methodical in their approach, the fours possess abundant earth energy and don't believe in short cuts. They have a trustworthy and straight forward personality that embodies dedication and organization. Playing a pivotal role they lead their careers, relationships and communities.

The characteristic traits of Robin include dependable, solid, practical, conservative, industrious, studious and hardworking. Moonastro.com brings to light on the astrological importance of Robin which starts with the letter 'R' and that these people are generally loved/liked by their family and colleagues. They have a focus in life and hence they are successful in whatever they venture out to do.

10 Lily

Lily is the most popular and delicate century old flower names now making a return, thanks to its many irresistible attributes like a cool elegance, a lovely sound, symbol of purity and innocence. Lily is purely feminine and has English, Latin and Greek origin and is a symbol of purity and innocence.

Ohbabynames.com lists out on her moderate popularity in the US at the turn of the 20th century. She began to lose out her status on the charts starting by 1920s and almost disappeared by the 1960s. By the mid 70s, she reinvented herself back on the charts and her true success came in the 21st century. 2002 and 2009 has been exceptionally great for her breaking into the top 100 and eventually the top 20 sought after baby girl names. Her two syllable charming delicate sound is music to the ears and provides the end result which is an ultra fine feminine name.

Her different variants include Lillie, Lilly, Lillian and is strategically paired with other names like Lily-Ann, Lily-May, Lily-Rose which makes it very catchy. It is to be noted that Lillian and Lillie is diminutive of Elizabeth. In addition, Lily could also be a popular choice for girls born in May as Lily is the flower of May. Popular characteristics of Lily includes Master Builder, Leader, Organization, Confidence and Discipline.

9 Bonnie

As per Namemeaningsdictionary.com, the name 'Bonnie' is predominantly used for girls and is rarely used for boys. It has its origin as American, Christian, French, Greek, Indian and Latin. While Bonnie broadly means Fair; Lovely and Beautiful, the individual letters of the name 'Bonnie' has its own meanings as per the quoted site - 'B' indicates a temperamental and meditative attitude, 'O' shows deep in thought, well disciplined, down in the dumps and caring, 'N' displays confidence and intellectual curiosity, 'I' indicates concern, kind and responsive and 'E' indicates a willingness to learn, think broadly and more vigorous in understanding.

For those who are inclined towards Numerology and Astrology, 'Bonnie has a life path 5 and its associated numbers are (5, 14/5, 23/5, 32/5). Five is a circular number representing the universe signifying balance, nonattachment, resourcefulness, and harmony which is characteristic of human beings. Spiritually the number '5' symbolizes meditation, religion, and versatility.

Numerology plays its role in different cultures - in Graeco Roman culture, '5' represents love and union, in Aeppli, this number represents life and nature, whereas in Hebrew, five means seizure and contraction.

According to popular site Babycenter.com, the name 'Bonnie' gained its maximum popularity in the mid ninety's and is currently ranked at 714.

8 Roxie

Babycenter.com highlights the name 'Roxie' is unpopular these days. Ranked 3148 currently, 'Roxie' was quite popular in the late eighteenth century. The characteristics and popularity of 'Roxie' as described in ohbabynames.com shows her as being stable, disciplined and is conservative by nature.

Having her feet firmly on the ground, she chooses to build things methodically on firm foundations without cutting corners. They have the number '4' personality you can rely on and not in favour of rushing things. Naturally hardworking, they are tidy, punctual and full of integrity playing a pivotal role in their community, career and relationships.

Roxie is a girl name all over the world and has a English, Greek and Persian-Iranian origin having more than one root and is used more in English speaking countries. Thenamemeaning.com defines Roxie as star, bright, dawn and has different meanings in different countries and cultures and recommends one to take special note on its meaning and history as this plays a big role on the personality of the child.

Astrologically, with a life path 8, namemeaningsdictionary.com describes it as the highest feminine number and represents a symbol of harmony and balance with a great ability of decision making. Individual alphabets of this name has its own meaning depending its shape and placement.

7 Clover

The United States Social Security Administration data shows that 'Clover' is used as a girl's name 99% of the time. Based on the inputs from whatisthemeaningofname.com, 'Clover' has English origins and the colours associated with her are blue and pink. The definition of 'Clover' is from the English word for the wildflower, ultimately deriving from Old English Clafre. 'Clover' is a baby name inspired by nature, spring and St. Patrick's day. Almost nonexistent in the nineteenth century, she started gaining popularity in the last decade and has a current ranking of 1290 as per Babycenter.com

An interesting fact pointed out in babynamescience.com was that 'Clover' is currently a very unique female name and this was determined by the analysis of the number of births and frequency of this name. She also had 2 syllables as this makes the name sound good and have a nice rhythm. A simple rule is to avoid having the same number of syllables in your first, middle and last name.

The character analysis of 'Clover' describes her as having a routine and systematic life. Physically she could be subjected to skin disorders, swelling of the lower limbs, fluid function disorders or weakness affecting back. Her name numerology number is 75 and destiny number is 3. Its analysis points out that she needs to be comforted and sympathized when she is injured and hardly pays heed to advice.

6 Liana

instagram post the biggs sisters taylensmom babies girl Baby Girl Hairstyles - American Hairstyles Trend

Liana is a feminine name and has a Hebrew origin. It means "my God has answered". It is a short form of the name Eliana. In French, Liana means "a type of vine that grows in the jungle" or "climb like a vine". This particular flowering tropical vine has its roots firmly fixed on the ground and uses the surrounding trees, trunks, branches or anything that will help it to climb up vertically till it reaches the clearing above all trees and gets direct sunlight.

The Latin meaning of this name is "Youthful". According to behindthename.com, Liana also has a Persian-Iranian origin, which means "eye of the light" or "glowing lady".

As per numerology, people with this name have a deep inner desire to inspire others in a higher cause, and to share their own strongly held views on spiritual matters. People with this name, tend to initiate events, to be leaders with powerful personalities rather than followers.

They tend to be focused on specific goals, experience a wealth of creative new ideas, and have the ability to implement these ideas with efficiency and determination. They are courageous and sometimes aggressive. As unique, creative individuals, they resent authority, and are sometimes stubborn, proud, and impatient - says sheknows.com.

5 Cookie

The meaning of the name Cookie is “One who is cute; sweet biscuit”. The origin of the name Cookie is English. It is rarely used as a given name, usually a nickname or pet name for baby girls. According to allbabynames.com, people with the name Cookie have a deep inner desire to lead, organize, supervise, and to achieve status, power and wealth. They tend to be orderly and dedicated to building their lives on a solid foundation of order and service.

They value truth, justice, and discipline, and may be quick-tempered. Their practical nature makes them good at managing and saving money, and at building things in the material world. Because of their focus on order and practicality, they may seem overly cautious and conservative at times.

As per babynamescience.com, the name Cookie has two syllables. Syllables in a name are extremely important because it can make the name sound good and have a nice rhythm. A general rule is to have less number of syllables which makes the name attractive, especially a baby girl name.

An expert comment as per this site is that, Cookie is a very unique female name, and this was determined by analyzing the number of births and frequency of this name. Numerologically, the name adds up to number 7. One of the famous personalities who had this name was Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother.

4 Matilda

'Matilda - A very unique female name having three syllables' says babynamescience.com and she means 'Battle mighty'. Britishbabynames.com shows us about its origin and most of all, historical usage. She has her origins in the medieval Latin form of the old Germanic name 'Mathildis' composed of elements 'might and battle'. Historically she was famously known as England's smallest queen, 'Matilda of Flanders was an ideal mother and wife who discharged her duties faithfully.

There was an unbroken line of successors of Queens named Matilda and the list actually goes on to the most popular of them - Matilda of Tuscany, famous for her military exploits. Over the years, these women would have been known as Mahalt, Mahaud, Mahaut, Mald, Malt and so on until its steep decline from the 15th century onwards till the late 18th century till it was reinvented and currently she is in her second revival.

A couple of interesting facts was pointed out about 'Matilda' in waltzingmorethanmatilda.com. There was this beautiful and virtuous Saint Matilda who was the wife of King Henry 1 of Germany famous for her devotion to prayer and charity. There is also a hybrid rose in France named Rosa 'Matilda'.

Statistically and as per Mynamestats.com she is in the 99th percentile which means that the first names are more popular and there are 4.19 Matilda's for every 100,000 Americans and as per the SSA data over the last 100 years there are roughly 10,000 registered Matilda's.

3 Leona

The name Leona is a girl's name of Latin origin meaning "lioness". It is the feminine equivalent of Leo. It is also the female equivalent of Leon in Greek. The name Leon has been common among Jewish people.

According to the Bible, in the Old Testament, when prior to his death, Jacob gathers his twelve sons for their final blessing and foretells their respective futures- to his fourth son Judah he said: “Judah is a lion’s cub; from the prey, my son, you have gone up.”

The Kingdom of Judah became one of the two Jewish states (the other being the Kingdom of Israel) around the 10th century B.C. and is where the royal line of David ruled. The lion therefore became an important symbol to the Jews. Leona is most popular in the nation of Croatia and France. The lion is a powerful and regal animal - a symbol of courage - so it is not a surprise that many people of different languages have adopted this name readily.

People with the name Leona are usually cooperative, considerate, nurturing and sensitive. They are compassionate, loving, gracious and kind. They are peace lovers and will go to any length to keep up the harmony.

2 Aislinn

A variant of the Irish feminine name Aisling, which means “vision” or “dream”. The type of dream is specific to a vision of a beautiful woman from the spirit world. Once dreamt, the dreamer can no longer be content again.

It was a concept developed by Irish language poets in the 17th and 18th centuries, as per ohbabynames.com.

According to Wikipedia, Aisling was not used as a given name until the 20th century. It is one of the most popular names in Ireland.

Girls with this name are characterized by their compassionate, sensitive, humanitarian nature. They are usually, family oriented, affectionate, loving and community minded girls. According to numerology, Aislinn adds up to the number 6 – a number associated with nurturing, loving, and caring energy and with their magnetic personalities, they easily draw people toward them.

They seek balance and harmony in their life and the world at large. They are conscientious and service-oriented. These personalities naturally attract money, but their human relationships are always primary. They thrive in giving back to others rather than being motivated by their own desires. This is when they achieve great things. They grow up to be great teachers, ministers and counselors. They are amazing motivators.

1 Alysha

The meaning of the name “Alysha” is different in several languages, countries and cultures and has more than one possibly same or different meaning. In German and French it means “Noble kind or Noble one”. In Arabic, it means “protected by God”.

According to sheknows.com, People with this name have a deep inner desire for love and companionship, and want to work with others to achieve peace and harmony. They tend to be creative and excellent at expressing themselves. They are drawn to the arts, and often enjoy life immensely. They are often the center of attention and enjoy careers that put them in the limelight.

They tend to become involved in many different activities and are sometimes reckless with both their energies and with money. The names analysis website whatisthemeaningofthename.com says people with the name Alysha are optimistic. They always bounce back for new and fresh challenges. They are very generous with rewards.

Being delightful hosts, they go all-out to see that the guests have a good time. They are an intense individual, especially when upset and angry, but they are famous for your ability in influencing others and swaying crowds. They have the most talented person and can be talented in so many different areas like art, sports and education.

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